"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Save The Future

10x00 "Save The Future: Whitefall"

Title: "Save The Future: Whitefall"
Series: FRVS - Episode #192c
Written by: Kristi & Cassie
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Air Date: 31 July 2009
Rating: R

Date: 4-5, 11-12, 29 July 2009
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Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.

Disclaimer: "The X-Files" and its characters belong to 20th Century FOX Broadcasting. If you recognize it, it's not our own creation. Original characters belong to Cassie and Kristi (FRVS).

Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.

Summary: The conclusion of "Save The Future".






The room is lit dimly with a cold, gray light. Monica Reyes is in a chair; her arms, legs and head strapped tightly preventing her from moving. Her eyes are forced open and she lets out a terrified scream. Her eyes don’t focus on anything in the room despite being open. Instead, she is forced to stare into a blinding bright light.


A sharp object is violently slammed into her forehead. She screams, this time in pain.

Her mind is unable to form words as it is being tormented with the unearthly language of the aliens who are holding her captive. Their clicking and other strange noises do not make sense to her, which further worsens her situation. Not knowing what is being said only enhances her fear. The unknown is always the most terrifying.

In her head she can hear the screams of the other psychics who were being held in this building. She hears their screams of suffering even after the aliens have killed them.

Why don’t they kill her? Why are they torturing her? What are they doing to her?

Another pointed object is slammed into the back of both her elbows, causing her more pain. And as this happens, the object in her forehead begins to twist. She screams again as tears stream down her face.

From outside the room, there is a loud explosion! The aliens in the room with Monica look to one another, their dialogue unspoken yet she can still hear it, but not understand it. One of the aliens goes to the door, opens it and is immediately killed by another explosion, which is followed by a BRIGHT LIGHT.

Another alien enters the room, washing a sense of peace and calmness over Monica. Her pain diminishes in this alien’s presence. The alien approaches her, looking into her eyes and as it reaches out for her...



Monica is now laying on a pristine white exam table. Her entire surroundings are white. Bright white walls and light surround her, calming her. Her eyes open and she feels no pain, hears only silence. Her forehead bleeds red, slowly flowing down the side of her head.

An alien enters her view, but she feels no threat. In fact, she can hear the alien speaking to her and she understands what it is saying.

Do not be afraid. We will not harm you.

The alien places it’s unearthly hand on her forehead and a wave of euphoria engulfs her body and she relaxes further, closing her eyes. A moment later the alien removes its hand from her forehead and her blood is gone, leaving no trace of a puncture wound. The puncture wound given to her by the bad aliens.

Monica’s eyes open again and she looks up at the creature.

We will help you learn and understand your abilities.

(not afraid)
Where am I?

The creature looks at her once again.

We will return you when you have your health back. It will not be long. You are safe here.

Monica nods her head, somehow understanding all that is being said.

Just relax and go to sleep. You will be returned soon.

She shuts her eyes and can feel her body relax even more. And as she drifts off to sleep...





MAY 23, 2007

The echo of an alien spacecraft leaving Earth’s atmosphere fades and the first sound heard is that of a gentle rain that further calms our senses. Following the rain is the tranquil sound of ocean waves gently washing up on the shore.

Monica’s body lies on the ground. Drops of rain falling onto her bare body. Her eyes flutter open and in the dim night sky she looks up at the clouds above.

She is calm now, and with a sense of renewal.

She slowly sits up, becoming aware that she is without clothing. Yet, she isn’t bothered by it. The rain feels refreshing on her skin. She looks around in all directions and is alone, yet doesn’t feel completely alone. A sense she has never felt washes over her, as if feeling the presences of something she hasn’t felt in a long time. The feeling is comforting.

Monica attempts to stand, but finds her legs are weak from being exposed to antigravity for a long period of time. She looks up to the sky, wondering how long she was there, when in time is she now? She decides to sit and gather herself before attempting to stand and walk around.

She relaxes and looks out at the ocean, realizing for the first time that she does not hear the unearthly dialect of the aliens that were holding her captive at the Pentagon. The dialect that has been haunting her head since the artifact Grandmama gave her was taken from her. She no longer hears their noises. Nor can she hear anyone else.

She looks down at her arm, twisting to see the back of her elbow. No sign of a puncture wound. She gently touches her forehead and can feel no remnants of a wound there either.

She looks up at the sky and smiles, feeling free from the torment that her Gift brought to her. No more voices, no more visions. It seems like she is back to the way she used to be before she was taken to the Strughold Facility.

Yet still... she feels this comforting sense she has not felt in a long time. Her mind searches... remembering to the creature that took her. The words “we will help you learn and understand your abilities” come to her mind. Perhaps her Gift hasn’t been taken away. Perhaps, with no current recollection, they helped her tame the Gift. Perhaps over time she will learn what happened to her while in their care.

Her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of voices – not in her head this time – coming towards her from down the beach. She looks in that direction and can see two people making their way towards her.

She starts to sense if they are friendly or not. She feels nervous tension, but that they are not a threat to her.

(calling out to them)
I’m over here!

The two people stop running to listen again.

Did you hear that?

Came from over there.

They start to make their way to Monica’s location.

I’m here.

Shannon stops in her tracks, never again expecting to see Monica Reyes. Skinner continues over to her.

NO! Wait!

Walter stops and looks back at Shannon.

Could be a trick. We just
can’t trust this bitch.

Why does everything have to
be a “bitch” to you?

Shannon moves in, passing Skinner, not responding to his question. She looks down at Monica, untrusting.

Why are you out here? Where
did you come from, and how come
you don’t have any clothes?

It’s hard to explain without
you wanting to blast the hell
out of me, Shan’.

Monica notices Shannon’s machine gun at the ready. Her eyes drift to Skinner, who is armed with his weapon of choice, the bazooka. She senses he is more stable, more likely to listen and understand what she has to say.

Then how do you expect us
to trust you? Huh? I hear
these aliens can shape-shift,
so who’s to say you’re not one of them?

I can only assure that I am not.

Mulder would probably be able to
tell. He’s worked these kinds of
x-file cases before.

Shannon glares down at Monica, she’ll be untrusting until proven otherwise.

Get on your feet.

Monica, feeling a little uncertain, decides to give it a try. No need to piss off Shannon while she has a machine gun. She slowly rises to her feet, her balance is off and she struggles.

What the fuck is the matter with you?

I think I just experienced missing time.

Aliens took you?

She looks at him, he doesn’t sound angry and ready to kill.

Yeah. Saved me actually.

Now what the fuck-

-Shannon, enough.

He looks at her sternly and turns his attention back to Monica so she can continue.

They were good, helped me get
away from the aliens who have
been attacking us. (beat) They...
It’s hard to explain, but... they
healed me.

Shannon slightly lowers her weapon, remembering back to when she and Doggett were on the run after being attacked by crazed human forces and he was injured, close to death. An alien came and saved him, healed his wounds. He has no recollection of the event, but she remembers it quite clearly.

(to Skinner)
We should get her back to camp.
Have the doc check her over. Let
him deem whether she’s human or not.

Shannon starts to head back, marching her way quickly through the sand. Skinner takes off his jacket and gives it to Monica.

Thank you.



Shannon enters the campsite and goes over to where John Montgomery is sleeping. She nudges him awake with her foot. He opens his eyes and looks up at her.

What is it?

Ran into someone who needs
to be looked over by you. I
want to make sure she is what
she claims she is and not one
of these shape-shifting fuckers.

All right. Where is she?

He gets to his feet and goes over to his bag, pulling out a medical kit.

Skinner’s bringing her back.

They hear Skinner and Monica arriving at the campsite.

Where did you find her?

Don’t know if you heard that loud
boom or not, but Helmet and I went
down the beach from where we thought
we heard it and we found her just
sitting there. (beat) She believes
she’s been abducted by aliens that
saved her and healed her.

Montgomery nods his head and goes over to her, noticing that she doesn’t have a single scratch on her body.

I just need to take a blood sample.

Monica nods her head as she watches him extract a needle from his medical kit.

Can you tell me about what happened to you?

He wipes her arm with rubbing alcohol and pierces her vein, drawing her blood.

I’m not sure where to begin, but...

Mulder and Samantha emerge from their tent having heard all the commotion outside.

I was taken by the aliens – the one’s
that are invading our planet. They took
me to their headquarters. They’ve taken
over the Pentagon. Transformed it completely.
Washington has been demolished.

Montgomery removes the needle from her arm and continues his work to test her blood. Everyone standing by listens on as she tells her story. Shannon is still on edge, ready to pounce her if Montgomery receives negative results on Monica’s blood.

I don’t know how long I was there
but I wasn’t alone.

Mulder moves closer to her with interest.

Who else is there?

There were others. Like me. Psychics.
They were holding us. I don’t know
why, but one of them told me it was because
we were a threat to them. (beat) The
aliens killed them all, but not me.

Why not you?

She remains untrusting until she receives good news from Montgomery.

I don’t know. I couldn’t understand
them when they communicated to each other.
(beat) They did horrible things to me.

Samantha comes up to her and places a blanket around her shoulders.

Thank you.

Like what? What did they do?

Monica looks at Mulder.

I think they were doing tests on me.
Keeping my eyes open, bright lights, pain.

But you have no scars. How is that possible?

There was a second alien.

Montgomery looks up at Shannon and Skinner, giving them a nod to let them know she is human.

A second alien?

Yes. There were two explosions and
that is when this alien took
me. Saved me from what the others were
doing to me.

(highly interested)
And then what?

I don’t really remember... I remember
feeling safe. I didn’t feel pain, they
took it away. Took the voices and the
visions too. They said that I shouldn’t
be afraid. I wasn’t afraid.

It was bright, wasn’t it?

Monica looks to her and nods her head.

When they would touch you, it
felt like a wave of euphoria
moving through your whole body.

Yes. How did you-

They took me too. It was a long
time ago. Do you have any implants?

I-I don’t know. I don’t even know
for sure where I am, or when.

May 23... or is it 24? If
it’s after midnight, it’s the 24th.

In the year 2007.

Are you feeling the affects of
prolonged exposure to antigravity?
Weightlessness? Disoriented?

A little.

Are you experiencing the feeling of missing time?

Mulder, let’s not overwhelm her, all right?

Sorry. I just get... well you know,
they called me Spooky for a reason.

Yeah, you were a damn good profiler
at the FBI, not because of all the
“spooky” things you believe in.

Mulder smiles.

How about we all get back to sleep.

He specifically looks to Mulder and Samantha who could get a little too carried away with alien abduction stories.

That’s a good idea. Nighty-night everyone!

They leave, going back to their tent to sleep for the rest of the night. Montgomery looks to Skinner.

I’m going to do a physical exam
to make sure she’s all right.

Skinner nods his head.

I’m fine. I don’t think it
is necessary.

I would feel better knowing you
are all right. If these aliens
that took you were really bad, they
may have placed a tracking-

-If they were bad and dropped me
off down the beach, don’t you think
we’d be under attack by now?

Skinner smiles.

I guess you do have a point there.
(beat) But if you have any concerns
I want you to come to me immediately.

I will.

Montgomery nods his head and goes back to his makeshift tent.

Sorry I was all... you know.

I understand.

I have some clothing you can
borrow since you don’t have any.

Thank you.

Shannon leaves, heading towards her duffle bag.

Monica turns to Skinner.

Is Knowle with you guys?

Not at the moment, but on a usual
day he is. (beat) He went on a
mission to get somebody. I uh...

His eyes glance over at John and Dana’s tent, then back to Monica.

I know you’re a psychic and all, so
I don’t know how much you know... but...

There’s something wrong with Dana.


I can feel it.



MAY 24, 2007

The campfire has died out and the beach is gray with early morning light before the sun rises. Monica stares up at the sky, now clearing of clouds. She listens to the waves crashing on the shore, and in this tranquil place she still feels that something is wrong. Her senses draw her to John and Dana’s tent. She can’t shake the feeling that she has to go in there and see Dana.

She stands up, walking right past Skinner and Shannon who should be awake on guard duty. She quietly goes over to John and Dana’s tent and enters.


John is sleeping, though she feels he is not soundly asleep. Dana is asleep. The sight of her takes Monica’s breath away. She’s frail, weak, pale and suffering from malnutrition. Her loss of weight is frightening. The skin on her hands clings desperately to her bones. Monica reaches out with a gentle hand to move a strand of hair when suddenly John grabs her by the wrist with a strong, hard grip. She looks over at him, shocked to see him awake.

Doggett looks pissed at her. He hasn’t seen her in over a year, but that doesn’t matter to him. He can’t trust her. She hasn’t been here this entire time. Who’s to say she’s really Monica Reyes anyway?

(hushed anger)
Don’t you dare touch her.

He stands up, still holding onto Monica’s wrist, pulling her to her feet and away from Dana’s side. Monica can feel the strength of his anger.

John, I-

He drags her right out of the tent so he doesn’t disturb Dana as she sleeps. She needs all the rest she can get.

I don’t want to hear it.
I don’t care who you say you are,
you’re not going in there.

I can heal her.

She looks at him with all seriousness. Anger grows inside him.

NO! She’s dying and I don’t
need any of your mumbo-

I’m not crazy John. I can feel it.
Somehow, I know I can help her.
Just let me help her John.


He grabs her by both shoulders and she can see just how angry he is at the world that he isn’t of sound mind.

You have NO idea what she is
going through. You haven’t been
here, so just leave her the hell
alone and let her die in peace!

But John-

The anger in his glare silences her.

(after an intense beat)
If you so much as go near her,
look at her, so help me God.

His anger frightens her. He looks into her eyes. His rational thinking is gone. All he cares about his protecting Dana from those he deems as a threat – from anyone except himself. After another beat of glaring into her eyes, he pushes her away from him by the shoulders and reenters his tent.

Monica is speechless. She thought for sure he would want her help. She can’t shake this overwhelming feeling that she can save her, stop this nightmare from happening. She can feel the sensation flowing through her. If only John could understand.

A thunderous sound comes from the ocean. The stillness of the early morning being broken, just as the sun starts to crack on the horizon. Monica turns towards the sound, seeing the water level rise, as if being pushed up from something underneath.

Her stomach turns and she runs over to Skinner, who is still asleep. She kneels down and shakes him awake.

Walter, wake up!

Skinner twitches and opens his eyes.

Wha-? What? I wasn’t sleeping.

Something’s happening.

Skinner doesn’t question any further as he hears the thunderous rise of the water and he focuses his eyes to the ocean. Yes, the water level is rising, being pushed up from something underneath. He swallows his fear, knowing it can be only one thing: the alien craft that crashed Flight 194 into the Atlantic.

(fear, amazement and awe)
My god...

The top of the alien craft has appeared and the ocean water starts to fall, raining down on the campsite as the craft emerges higher and higher above the ocean.


Skinner and Monica quickly turn to see Shannon, having fired a shot at the craft with Skinner’s bazooka.

Are you crazy?!

He rushes over to Shannon and grabs the bazooka out of her grip.

We have to take these mother fuckers out!
If we don’t then we’re all going to die!

By alerting them that we’re here?
We don’t have the manpower or the
training to handle hand-to-hand
combat with these things! Or the
size of that craft!

He motions with his hand to the alien craft that has risen out of the Atlantic Ocean. Its size is monstrous. There’s no knowing how many smaller alien crafts are hidden inside of it. There’s no knowing how many individual aliens are waiting inside to attack.

He feels responsible for everyone here, especially Dana. He walks away from Shannon and sees the campsite, completely unprepared and engulfed in chaos.

EVERYONE! Remain calm! We need to
evacuate in an orderly fashion!

Everyone listens to him as Shannon takes her machine gun and fires at the alien craft again.

(to Shannon)

He grabs her machine gun and she punches him.

(to Shannon, angry yet calm)
We’re not fighting each other. Our
first line of duty is to secure those
who cannot fight. (beat; to everyone else)
I want everyone to get into the
Hummer. If you’re not armed, arm
yourself. (beat) Let’s move!

As he shouts out these orders, John makes his way out of his tent. He’s put Dana’s arm over his shoulder to assist her as they make their way to Knowle’s Hummer. He helps her into the passenger seat and buckles her in. She touches his arm and looks at him, her mouth moves, wanting to say something, but no words come out. Her eyes plead not to leave everyone else behind. Though she may not remember them, her heart knows that leaving them behind is the wrong thing.

John shuts the passenger side door and goes around the front of the vehicle and gets in the driver’s seat. He slams the door shut and buckles himself in. He turns the key in the ignition and starts pulling away, leaving the rest of the group behind. To him, this is a matter of life and death. So long as Dana is in no condition to fight in a battle, he will not leave her side, even if that means leaving the others behind.

Outside the Hummer, Samantha runs towards it, a duffel bag thrown over her shoulder. She points at the Hummer.

They’re leaving without us!

Skinner looks in the direction that Samantha is pointing, and watches as Doggett hauls ass out of there. He can’t believe his eyes. Never in a million years would he expect a man – a Marine – like John Doggett to leave everyone behind. Shannon’s machine gun is snatched out of Skinner’s hand as Shannon takes hold of it, aims, and fires at the Hummer.

Bullets pound the vehicle, but do not break the bulletproof glass, nor do they penetrate the rest of the exterior. She lets out an irritated breath and aims at the tires, shooting them out, bringing the Hummer to a halt. Shannon glares at the Hummer, now feeling that John Doggett is a liability to her and her safety.

You just shot out our getaway!

Better that, then him takin’ off with it.

She walks away from Skinner, heading right for the Hummer. Skinner, unsure of what to do next, wishes Knowle were here to help bring order to this chaos.

Doggett gets out of the Hummer, his small hand gun is all he has to arm himself. He aims it at Shannon as she approaches with her machine gun ready to go.

Stay the fuck away, Shannon!

Looks to me like you’re the fuckin’
liability around here too! What the
fuck were you doing, asshole?!

It’s not safe here!

So you just thought you’d
leave the rest of us behind?
I oughtta shoot you right here!
Her too! Especially her. She
confuses you, makes you stupid!

Don’t take another step, Shan’!

Both better their aims with their weapons at each other, only Shannon is more likely to pull the trigger. Just as she’s about to, darkness swallows lightness and several small alien crafts emerge from the larger craft that came from the ocean. The smaller crafts move in on the campsite.

Mulder runs up to Samantha and grabs hold of her hand to get her into the Hummer as soon as possible. She’s not trained for this, has no weapons training whatsoever.

The crafts move in above them, and a smaller craft shoots down at the group.

The first shot fired kills Samantha. Rips right through her body.

She falls to the ground, having been instantly killed by the alien weapon. Her blood pours out of her, pooling at Mulder’s feet.

Mulder stops, stunned by what just happened as he watches her lifeless body bleed dark red onto the white sand. It happened so quickly, yet time seems to stop. Not just for Mulder, but for everyone else. The universe is silent, grieving the loss of a kind soul.

Another shot fires down at them, hitting Mulder in the shoulder. This snaps everyone out of their shock of Samantha Mulder’s death.


Skinner pushes Monica towards the Hummer as he takes aim with his bazooka, aiming up at the craft that shot Samantha. He fires, hitting the craft, damaging it as it starts to fall to the sandy ground beneath it.

Shannon fires her machine gun, not aiming, just hoping to shoot one of those mother fuckers out of the sky.

Doggett helps Mulder into the Hummer, seeing that his mind is elsewhere. He smacks him hard across the face, forcing Mulder to make eye contact with him.


Mulder blinks, trying to clear his mind of the image of his sister dying. Tears have not come yet, he is in shock. He can’t believe that she is gone forever now.

(quieter, looking into Mulder’s eyes)
We need you on this, Mulder.

Mulder nods his head.

You here?

(forcing his words)
Yeah, I’m here.

Doggett looks into his eyes for a short beat.

I need you to watch her. Protect her.

Mulder nods his head and makes his way towards Scully.

Doggett checks how many rounds he has in his weapon, then heads away from the Hummer. The first life was taken, and he knows it could have been prevented if only he hadn’t been selfish in saving just himself and Dana. With the sound of machine gun fire deafening his ears, he heads out into the fight, not going to let his fellow Marines down. Not going to let Dana down. The image of her eyes pleading him not to leave the rest drives him into battle. Semper Fi... always faithful... to serve and protect.

The alien craft falls to the ground with an ear-shattering crack.

Everyone falls back towards the Hummer, seeking shelter from it’s bulletproof exterior. Mulder and Scully stay inside, as they are either mentally or physically too weak to fight this battle.

Montgomery’s eyes turn to the sky, then to the crashed craft that settles into the sand. Inevitably, hand-to-hand combat is going to ensue and no one – not even himself – can fight this enemy. No one is properly trained. He looks at the stiletto, hoping to do all that he can with it.

Monica kneels next to him, she eyes the stiletto.

Know how to use that thing?

Stab the base of their neck.

Yeah, but to get close... that takes
a certain amount of talent.

I have no choice, do I?

Perhaps you do.

She looks at him with a knowing twinkle in her eye. Once again, another feeling consumes her. She takes the stiletto out of his hand and walks away from the protection of the Hummer.


Shannon blasts her machine gun up to the sky, uselessly hitting some of the crafts as they fly over head.



And Shannon blasts at everything and anything that moves.

Mulder exits the Hummer. He must avenge his sister’s death. He helps to give Monica cover in whatever crazy adventure she is up to by going out into the battlefield. She must be crazy to head straight for the fallen craft, which has two aliens emerging from the inside.

The aliens start to charge her, yet she doesn’t turn around and run the other way. Instead, she stands her ground, taking a defensive position, waiting for them to be the first to strike. Like the others, she doesn’t understand why she has no fear, why she feels no threat from them.

And as they attack her, she fights them back with extraordinary grace and precision. Swiftly she strikes both aliens down - using the stiletto – piercing the base of their necks. She does this effortlessly.

Shannon gives Montgomery a look, now convinced his blood test to clear her of any alien DNA is a load of B.S. Montgomery’s jaw is dropped. He cleared her DNA test. He knows that she is Monica Reyes, human being, but this... this. He looks at Shannon, reading her expression.

Yeah, but she’s fighting them.
She’s fighting with us.

More alien crafts leave the larger craft, heading right for the battle. As if knowing that Monica is down there and that she can kill them. This battle is not like the others across the world. Important people are within this group, and the aliens can sense this.

The first wave of alien forces have safely landed on the beach, surrounding our brave heroes. The second wave moves in, keeping their position in the air.

Inside the Hummer, Scully watches on. Though she is weak and her mind slipping, she feels the need to be out there helping. She can’t sit there and watch helplessly as those she loves die. She opens the glove box and retrieves a handgun, checks to see if it is loaded, and makes her way out of the vehicle.

No one notices that Scully has left the vehicle, they are all preoccupied with their attackers, who now move in on foot and by air.

Scully joins Doggett in battle. An alien is fighting him, hand-to-hand combat, and Doggett seems to be the losing hand. Scully takes aim with the handgun and shoots the alien in the back of the neck. It recoils upon being hit, but does not die. Only the stiletto that Monica has will kill the aliens. Doggett struggles to find his footing and ignores his own injuries to help her. She takes aim again at the alien and fires, missing it this time.

Realizing that she may not be as big a threat as it thought, the alien turns and charges at she and John. John grabs the handgun from her, pushes her behind him and steadies his feet, holds the gun with both hands and takes aim. He fires seven rounds into the neck of the alien.

The alien stops in its tracks and tilts its head at John, looking at him.

John aims again and fires the remaining rounds into the alien.


This does nothing. The alien continues to stand there looking at them.

Scully moves to stand next to Doggett, resting her hand on his arm which is covered in his blood. The injury is nothing fatal, just minor cuts and scrapes from the fight.

SUDDENLY! The alien returns the fire, sending the bullets shot into itself back towards Doggett and Scully.

John does his best to cover Dana from the fire. He throws himself in front of her. He’d rather take a bullet than have one take her life.

This battle is hopeless to win. They are out-numbered, and there is only so much Monica can do on her own in hand-to-hand combat. Firing weapons doesn’t seem to help, and shooting down any craft will only put more foot soldiers on the ground.

And their means to escape has been shot out from Shannon’s rage at John and Dana.

All seems hopeless to them, until one of the alien crafts is blown out of the sky by a squadron familiar to human eyes. Aircraft – human forces this time – coming in from the Atlantic. Twenty fighter jets at least.

The aircraft fly low to the ground, firing down at the alien foot soldiers, dropping them.

Another squadron fires at another alien formation in the sky, bringing down several crafts at a time. Blowing their crafts apart before they have time to crash to the ground in one piece.

Monica looks up through the dust and chaos, sensing a familiar presence. She smiles, knowing who is fighting with them in the sky. Then, another sense falls upon her and she turns around to see John, holding Dana in his arms. She has been shot, bleeding terribly. He holds onto her desperately, tears streaming from his eyes. She appears to be dead except for the faint rise and fall of her chest as she breathes in and out the last breaths of her life. John pulls her closer to him, most of her body now lying in his lap. He kisses the top of her head and rests his chin against her.

Calmly, Monica makes her way through the gunfire and chaos, as if she is immune to the fighting, moving unnoticed towards John and Dana.

Monica kneels down in front of him. He looks up at her. His eyes pleading for her to do anything, even though he believes it to be helpless. Dana is going to die, right here, right now, in his arms.

Monica reaches out with her hand, a sensation running through her veins as she gently places a hand on Scully’s wound. Instantly the wound heals, leaving behind only blood-stained clothing.

Monica closes her eyes and gently places a hand on Scully’s forehead, specifically over the area where the cancer is invading her body, slowly killing her. As time passes color re-appears in Dana’s complexion. Her skin looks healthier, no longer clinging onto her bones. She no longer looks as if she is dying. Old scars and fresh ones disappear.

Doggett watches on, unsure of what his eyes are seeing. He looks down at Dana and sees that she is breathing more easily. Her eyes slowly start to open. He looks up at Monica. Her eyes are shut, as if allowing the sensation she has to flow freely from her into Dana.

Scully’s eyes open and she breaths in the air around her.

Monica opens her eyes and removes her hand from Dana. Doggett looks down at Scully. He can’t believe his eyes. She looks healthy, as if she never had cancer, as if she’s never been hurt or touched in a harmful way. How can this be?

Scully sits up. She’s unaware of what has just happened to her. She looks at John, sees the tears in his eyes.

Johnny, what is it?

He’s at a loss for words. He just shakes his head and pulls her into a hug. He whispers “I love you” into her ear. The power of his emotion effects Dana and tears well up in her eyes.

Monica watches, knowing he wants to be with her, but now is not the time. They are still under attack and need to get to safety.


Her tone is strong and stern enough to grab his attention. He looks over at her.

Let’s not forget where we are.

Doggett, looks around and nods his head. If he’s going to protect her, he can’t let down his guard, especially now. He almost lost Dana forever and he won’t risk that again. He rises to his feet and helps Dana up, not letting go of his protective hold on her.

Do you have a gun?

He reaches down and picks up the gun she brought with her to help him only moments ago. There’s no ammunition left. He reaches down and grabs a fully loaded gun from an ankle holster he prepared before leaving their tent.

This is all I’ve got.
You and Monica stay with
me. I’ll protect you.

Dana nods her head.

He looks at her, wondering if she remembers that just a moment ago she was dying.

In the air...


Charles is shooting in what would seem like the careless manner of Shannon McMahon.


He blasts some more aliens to pieces.

(filtered through radio)

This is AWOL, what’s up?

(filtered through radio)
Let’s try and remember that there
are people down there as well.

You think I don’t know that?

(filtered through radio)
Just checking to make sure
you’re not going Section 8 on me.

I know what I’m shootin’ at.

(filtered through radio)
Your sister is down there.

Charles’s focuses changes to be a little more serious and determined.

Copy that.

He shoots at more enemy alien crafts in the air.

Oh, and Knowle...

(filtered through radio)

Watch your six. You’ve got
one right on your tail, man.

(filtered through radio
How long has that been there?

A while man. Been shootin’
and missin’. Lucky for you, huh?

There is moment’s pause from Knowle’s end of the radio. A blast in the air tells us the alien craft following Knowle has just been shot out of the sky.

(filtered through radio)
Hey AWOL...


(filtered through radio)
Next time there’s something behind
me that’s trying to kill me and you
know about... can you tell me first?

Yeah, sure.

(filtered through radio)
Oh and by the way...


There is a moment of silence from Knowle’s end of the radio as a loud explosion is heard right behind Charles’s aircraft.

(filtered through the radio)
Watch your six. I just blew
one of them right off your ass.

Charles checks around him.

Uh... thanks.

(filtered through radio)
This is the Pequod to Squad leaders.
(beat) Let’s stop the chatter and
focus on the task at hand, please.

(filtered through radio)
Yes, captain.

Sorry, dad.

There is a moment of awkward silence on the other end. Should he really be addressing his father, in a moment like this, as “dad”?

(filtered through radio; more stern)

Yeah, Ahab?

(filtered through radio; stern)
You will address me as Captain.

Ok... Captain Dad. Captain Daddy-o.

Charles smirks at his “humor”.

(filtered through radio; stern)

Suddenly, Charles’s wing is clipped by enemy fire.

Shit. (beat) Hm. That’s not good.
(beat) Uh... I’ve been hit and I’m
going down fast, guys.

(filtered through radio)
Level up, don’t allow it to nose dive.

Yeah, and hopefully I can keep
this thing from spiraling.

(filtered through radio)
Just remain calm.

(a little too calm)
Yeah, yeah... I know... (beat)
I’ll make sure not to hit anyone either.

He concentrates on his task, aiming right for an empty stretch of highway.



Krycek is driving the car, Comer is next to him in the passenger seat, while Marita watches – horrified – from the back seat as both men sing “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

'Cause I'm long, and I'm strong
And I'm down to get the friction on
So, ladies!

They point back at Marita, who they want to have help sing the song by saying “Yeah!”.

Uh, guys...

Her eyes are looking out the front window at the sky.


They point back at her again, expecting her to say “Yeah” with the song.



(should being saying “Yeah”)
Hey guys!

If you wanna roll in my Mercedes
Then turn around! Stick it out!
Even white boys got to shout
Baby got back!

Marita is the only one watching out the front window, seeing an aircraft falling from the sky, attempting to land on the very highway they are traveling on.

Krycek and Comer continue singing “Baby Got Back”.

Uh, guys... there is a plane-

So your girlfriend rolls a Honda,
playin' workout tapes by Fonda
But Fonda ain't got a motor in the back of her Honda


Krycek looks back at her:

(singing, smiling, oblivious)
My anaconda don't want none
Unless you've got buns, hun!

(screaming at him)

Krycek quickly looks forward, and both he and Comer SCREAM! Krycek has to quickly swerve off the highway to avoid being crashed on by Charles Scully’s aircraft.

BAM! Charles crashes onto the highway, just missing the ’75 Firebird.


Charles is fine, but the plane isn’t.

This is AWOL. I’m all right.
I’ll be on foot, helping ground forces.

(filtered through radio)
We’ll continue our air cover. Over.

Thanks, man. Over and out.

Charles grabs his weapon and leaves his aircraft to help those on the ground. He looks over at the Firebird on the side of the road. He goes over to them.

(as if he was never in a plane crash)
Dude! What an awesome piece of shit
car! It’s a ’75 isn’t it? Dude! I totally
love this car! How awesome!

All three passengers look at him like he’s nuts! Did he already forget he crashed an airplane?

Charles realizes who’s driving the car.

(big grin)
Hey! Pee-wee!

A frown forms on Krycek’s face.

(then remembering, annoyed)
Hey, if it isn’t Chuck E. Cheese!

Charles’s smile disappears at the memory of the horrid nickname Mulder and Krycek gave to him when he was a kid – a kid younger than M & K.

Ok, Alex. Move over. I’m driving.

Charles’s authority makes Krycek wiggle his way into the backseat to sit next to Marita. Charles gets in the car, turns off the tape playing “Baby Got Back”, and speeds off, heading back to the action on the beach.



Black smoke has filled the sky from the attack. Alien crafts have crashed on the beach, along with human aircrafts. Some pilots lie dead in the sand as the battle continues around them. Little human forces remain in the sky – just two: Knowle Rohrer and Ray Douglas.

Below the fight in the sky, the gang has had to seek shelter in what remains of the Hummer. Scully is right up front, fighting beside John, Skinner and Shannon. Her health is astonishing to those who did not witness what happened to her when Monica healed her. Those who did not witness it do not question, that is something to wait for another time.

(shooting at an alien)
We’re not going to make it...

With the odds stacked against them, he can’t help but feel this is the end. He spoke, but not to anyone in particular, mainly to himself.

He watches as one of the aircrafts in the sky is shot down, black smoke coming from the rear of the plane. He shuts his eyes, not wanting to see their end.

The plane crashes, no explosion – lucky bastard.

Doggett eyes the plane, seeing Knowle inside. Scully looks over at John, sensing he wants to go out there and help Knowle get out of the plane. She places a hand on John’s arm and he looks at her. She nods her head, telling him she’ll go with him.

Let’s go.

Doggett nods, looks both ways before heading out, and they both sprint out to Knowle’s plane. They hear the sound of Shannon’s machine gun and her war cry as she provides cover fire.

Knowle struggles to get out of his cockpit as Doggett and Scully approach him. Scully shoots at an approaching alien, hitting it straight through the neck, instantly wounding it, and slowing it down. Doggett shoots at Knowle’s cockpit to pry it open and practically drags him out.

Scully remains shooting at anything that comes near them as Doggett drags Knowle, not even allowing him to get to his own feet.

Knowle’s aircraft blows up a moment later.

You ok?

(a little confused)
Yeah. Is she...?

He looks at Scully, last remembering her as dying.

I’m all right.

They get Knowle back to “safety” by the Hummer. He glances over the group quickly, then looks to Doggett.


You can’t tell?

Where’s Samantha?

Mulder chokes back tears. Knowle looks at him and no one needs to explain to him what happened.

(to Mulder; deeply sorry)
I’m sorry, Fox...

Mulder nods his head, afraid to talk for fear his words will come out as a flood of tears. Knowle gives Mulder a squeeze on the shoulder.

She’s been our only casualty.
We’ve got wounded though, nothing fatal.

Not that we can tell right now anyway.

Knowle nods and Mulder leans in to whisper in Knowle’s ear.

(whispering, crying)
Monica’s back... Sammy and I once
found her note to you in your pocket
and... well, I just thought I’d let you know.

Tears stream down Mulder’s face. Knowle looks around the Hummer with urgency, but he cannot find her.

Where’s Monica?

Out fighting.

Shannon points out at the beach where Monica is fighting hand-to-hand combat with a few aliens.

Without cover fire? What the hell?!

(very matter of fact)
Look for yourself. The girl
can take care of herself.

Knowle does not approve of anyone going out there alone without cover fire, nonetheless to fight hand-to-hand combat with a group of aliens alone.

Cover me. I’m going out there.

And who’s going to stop him? He’s out the door and the sound of Shannon’s machine gun rips through the air, followed by her war cry.

He approaches Monica’s fight with five aliens. He is taken back, stunned to see that she is fighting them with such ease. He forces himself back to his mission to get her out of harm’s way. Even with the ease she has at fighting them, there are still too many even for her to safely get away from.

Knowle pulls a stiletto out of one of his pockets and jabs it into the base of the neck of the closest alien to him. Monica quickly turns to him, about to kick him right across the face, but she stops when she sees him. She turns away from him to continue the fight. There is no need to be distracted in a time like this. They both know that.

Above them, another alien craft hovers, preparing to drop more ground forces on top of them.

A bazooka is heard firing off in their direction.

Knowle looks up at the alien craft, looks back at Skinner who has smoke coming from his bazooka. No doubt, the alien craft will fall on them.

(to Monica)

He grabs her by the arm and pulls her away from the fight. She tosses her stiletto at an alien chasing them. Tosses it like a professional knife thrower, puncturing the alien in the neck and killing it.

The alien craft above crashes down where they used to be, killing the other aliens they were fighting.

As they haul ass out of there and back to the Hummer, the Firebird pulls up to the battle scene. Charles is the first one out, as he is the one who knew what they’d be driving into.

Krycek. Marita – get in the Hummer!

He’s quick to observe the “safe zone” of this battle. He looks to Comer, who is already locked and loaded, and hands Krycek his bag. Krycek takes it as he and Marita hurry to the safety the Hummer provides.

SUDDENLY, the artifact in Comer’s backpack flies out, ripping the bag! Krycek stops in his tracks, pushing Marita behind him, unsure of what the hell just happened. The artifact flies through the air, meeting halfway with a much larger grouping of artifacts that came from John Montgomery’s bag. The two artifacts collide together! They start to glow and everyone steps back, moving away, except Montgomery, who has been waiting to see what would happen when all the pieces finally came together.

The light from the artifact starts to increase, pulsating... and suddenly... the air around it begins to chill, becoming very, very cold.

Knowle and Monica arrive to the scene. He stops when he sees it, but she continues forward... in awe of what is happening, remembering her grandmother told her it was very important.

The battle has come to a halt, as even the aliens look on at what is happening as the air begins to chill.

What the hell...

Monica smiles.

(realizing her visions)
They’re weaker in the cold.

Marita looks around, seeing that people who were dead in the future, when this happened, are here now. She smiles.

We made it, Sasha.

Everyone starts to see their breath. Marita takes notice that she is the only one with winter clothing on. Everyone else will likely freeze.

We have to get out of here! Get
somewhere warm and safe.

You know what this is?

It’s a long, long story, but yes.
The world is going to go into a
massive freeze and if we don’t get
inside, we’ll freeze to death.

Anyone got a radio?

In the Hummer.

Charles makes his way over the Hummer.

My dad is out at sea, not too far.
I’m sure he can pick us up.

What about these alien fuckers?

Blast them, Shan’. They’re
weaker in the cold. “Mortal”, if you will.

Shannon smiles; she likes the sound of this. She leaves the group with her machine gun and starts to blast the hell out of the aliens around them. Each of them drop at the first impact of a bullet, dying.

Eat my lead alien assholes!

The other crafts still in the air start to leave, heading back to the larger craft that came from the ocean. It too starts to leave.

They’re leaving!

He points to the sky as the alien crafts start to leave the Earth. Snow begins to fall.

Everyone huddles into what is left of the Hummer as Shannon finishes blasting anything alien that she can. Once finished, she heads into the warmth. Knowle stays outside, just to make sure the area is secure.


Krycek and Marita sit on either side of Mulder. His eyes are red from crying. Instinctively, Alex puts his arm around Mulder to comfort him. Mulder starts to cry even more.


Marita leans on him to comfort him too.

I found her, even got to know her.
Spend time with her. (he bawls)
She died today.

Krycek and Marita both wrap their arms around Mulder to comfort him.

We had so much in common. “Plan 9”.
“Star Wars”, getting into things. It
was almost too good to be true.

But you knew her. She knew you, knew
how much you love and care for her.

Mulder sniffles, then looks at Marita.

I... I thought that... that... you...

There were good aliens that took
me to a horrible future where everyone
was dead and the aliens won. (beat)
But I’m back now.

She hugs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Mulder looks to Krycek.

And you... you... I thought that...

The aliens made us believe I killed
her. Then they gave me amnesia and
everything was terrible. But I’m
remembering things better now.

I had amnesia too. Sammy helped me
remember who I was. (beat) She
remembered me... from before she was taken.

He looks back at Marita.

She was taken by good aliens too.

Marita smiles.

That’s comforting to know, Fox.
I never saw the aliens that took
me, but they must’ve been good.
Why else did all of this happen?

Because love and friendship conquers all.

Yes it does, Fox, yes it does.

They all cuddle in the cold together as Skinner tosses them a blanket to wrap themselves in.

Sitting in the seat in front of them is Monica. She watches Knowle out the window as he checks to make sure the location is secure for when the Pequod comes to pick them up.

Skinner gives her a blanket.

This is the best we can do to
keep warm until we go.


Skinner makes his way to the front of the Hummer, where John and Dana are. He checks to make sure that they are warm enough and to make sure that neither of them has wounds that need immediate medical attention.

Monica takes the blanket and leaves the Hummer, quickly shutting the door to keep the warmer air in. She goes up to Knowle and places the blanket around him.

You look cold out here, Knowle.

Just makin’ sure we’re safe.

He smiles at her.

(assuring him)
We are.

I’ll trust you on that.

He looks back at the Hummer.

Everyone warm enough inside?

As warm as we can be. (beat)
You look tired...

You know me... not one to sleep
when things are going wrong and I worry.

He looks into her eyes, wanting to say so much to her, but not even knowing where to begin.

I uh... (beat) It’s been hell
without you here, Mon’. Feels
like it’s been a life time. Always
being the one they look up to, making
the decisions, sacrificing everything
for everyone else except myself. The
nightmares I’d have – hiding those because
I feel I can’t show them weakness...

She wraps her arms around him and rests her head on his chest.

Without you there I felt I lost
everything in the world, and I
felt I couldn’t even deal with any
of it because they all needed something
from me, and... (beat) Here I go
thinking of myself... I don’t even know...

Nothing’s been easy for anyone, Knowle.

He pulls away from her, looks her over and sees no scars or traces of any wounds on her.

Are you all right?

He wants to know what happened to her. How she’s able to fight the aliens the way she did... he has so many questions.

I’m all right, but there are things
that happened to me that I can’t explain.
Things I feel will lead the others to
wonder if I can even be trusted.

What do you mean?

I cured Dana of her cancer.
Of all her wounds, old and new.

She expected him to look at her stunned, but he doesn’t.

Go on.

I don’t know how to explain it, but...
I was taken by... well, they must
have been good aliens. (beat) I don’t
even know where to begin this story, Knowle.
I was held by aliens who were torturing me,
doing things to me and I don’t know why. But
I was saved by good aliens, who once they returned
me to Earth, I felt... I felt just like I used to
be, before the Facility, before my Gift became too much.

And you came back with an ability to heal Dana?

It sounds crazy but... yes. (beat) But
there is something else. Something that
I can’t explain... I don’t know what it
is, Knowle, but I feel... I don’t know...
I feel... different. Like something inside
of me has changed. Something different from
when I came back.

Knowle reads into the worry in her eyes.

Something bad?

I don’t know. (beat) When I was returned
I felt renewed, free... but now... after
taking away her cancer, I...

Are you saying that when you took away
her cancer that it went inside you?

She looks up at him with tears in her eyes, as if feeling that his words are true.

(frightened by the thought)
I don’t know...

Knowle pulls her closer to him, afraid that this is true.

In the distance the Pequod appears out of the cold blizzard, appearing like a ghost ship. It drops anchor.

Whatever happens Monica, I love you.

She wipes a warm salty tear from her face.

I love you too.

He lifts her chin to face him, and gives her a gentle kiss.



Gray clouds cover the sky as snow continues to fall onto the salted flight deck of the Pequod. Several coffins are lined up, each covered with the flag of the occupant’s country. Mulder stands in front of one, Samantha’s. On each side of him is Scully and Krycek as they comfort him through the service. His eyes are red from tears and Scully rubs his back. Captain Scully is in front of the entire crew, and the new occupants of the Pequod giving the ceremony.



JUNE 2, 2007

Captain Scully is at the front of the room, addressing all the new occupants of the Pequod: Doggett, Scully, Krycek, Mulder, Marita, Knowle, Monica, Comer, Skinner, Shannon, Ray Douglas, Alex McCord, and Montgomery. Even little Buddy is there, sitting in Doggett’s lap. Buddy just stares up at him, happy to have his pet back.

Thank you all for coming.

Mulder raises his hand, stopping Captain Scully from continuing. He looks to Mulder, not shocked that he’s the first to raise his hand as if he were in school.

Yes Fox?

Uh... call me Mulder, please.

Krycek rolls his eyes.

Yeah, he even made his parents
call him Mulder.

My apology. What is it, Mulder?

Well, you know, it’s been a week
now that we’ve been living on the
boat and... well, I feel the need
to really help out and do something,
you know? I was thinking maybe, oh gee,
I don’t know. I always wanted to be
a Postman.

Well... Mulder... that is what
this gathering is about actually.

Oh goodie.

You all have been living on this vessel
for a week now, and since we have taken
to it as our new home since the freeze
happened, I thought it best to have a
debrief on everything that went down
ashore and to assign everyone something
to do aboard the Pequod. (beat) Has everyone
settled in to their cabins?

Everyone has a positive response.

That’s good. (beat) Let’s start with
a debrief of a few concerns that have
been brought to my attention.

He looks to Doggett.


Doggett stands.

I wanted to bring up a concern
of mine... Umm... it’s about
Monica actually.

(being loud to bring attention to himself)
GO FIGURE! Blame Monica Syndrome.

Captain Scully gives him a look. He shuts his mouth.

We all know Dana was dying of cancer and
during the battle she got shot.
Monica came over and...

He looks around the room, knowing how crazy he will sound to everyone listening to Mr. Skeptic.

She healed Dana of her cancer. (beat)
It is gone. Completely, not even a trace.
I had Dr. Montgomery check her over and...

He swooshes his hands as if to say “the rest is history...”

What concerns me is that she didn’t
use any medical instruments, no medication.
(beat) She touched her with her hand and
brought her back to life.

He glances at Knowle before saying his next comment.

I guess what I’m worried about
is Monica not being the Monica
that we all knew from before.

John... if I may?

Doggett nods his head to Montgomery.

When Monica first came to us, I did
a test on her. Her blood and DNA came
back normal. She is in fact human.

Then how do you explain what happened?

I don’t know, John. But she is
who she is. I can assure you of that.

But to touch someone and heal them...
As a scientist – as a doctor who worked
with her... how can that be human?

Are you saying Monica is an alien?

I think it’s something we should look
at. I mean, I’ve heard about the alien
that weaseled it’s way into the group
before Shan’ and I came and-

Shannon calmly stands up.

I don’t think she is a threat.

Everyone turns to look at her.

I think that what she did is a
miracle and not something we should
be worried about.

Doggett can’t believe he’s hearing this come out of Shannon, of all people.

Shan’... you of all-

-Please John, allow me to finish. (beat)
A few months ago, John was fatally wounded
and this alien came and healed him. (beat)
I felt no threat, and it had a different skin
tone than the one’s that have been attacking us.

And that was an alien, not a human.

John, she was taken by these aliens and
maybe they blessed her with a gift to
save Dana. I hardly think this is something
to be worrying about. She’s not a threat to us.

She looks him in the eyes, meaning every word of what she says.

We all know the story of Marita. How
she traveled through time and things
changed for the better. Those were the
aliens that took Monica and gave her that gift.

There are good aliens who have been
helping us. They were at our facility
in Antarctica. (beat) Now, I’m not going
to single out anyone and put them under
watch because they had an extraordinary
gift – though John, I do understand your
concern. (beat) She is human, by blood
and by DNA. (beat) She can be trusted.

Krycek stands up.

There is a threat still out there, though.

Everyone looks at him.

Robert and I – even Monica for a time -
we were all held at this place run by
humans. They were mad, out of their minds.

They were probably held in one of the
alien hybrid breeding colonies.

A what?

The men at these places were mad, out
of their minds. Would kill savagely. Rape.
It was terrible. (hesitant beat) When one of these
men was a threat to their breeding of new
alien-human hybrids, they would release them.
(beat) Whatever they were injected with would
make them out of their own control.

So there are these crazed men out there
and these alien-human hybrids. (beat)
Do we know if the hybrids can survive in the cold?

It’s likely. Though there is no way for us
to know. The group I worked for never foresaw
a human-alien hybridization plan forming by the
alien enemies.

Is there a way to test everyone for this, doctor?

I can run tests on all the men here.
If there are any abnormalities... then we’ll know.

I put you in charge of that then.

Yes, captain.

Is there a cure for the men who
were held in the breeding camps?

I won’t be able to know until
we can capture one of these
Breeders and conduct tests and
research. Once I know more about
what has happened to them, then
I can start developing a cure, if
there is one.

Are there any other issues?

Shannon raises her hand and he nods at her.

How safe are we on this ship?

Well we are ready with some of the best
pilots. We have an Mk. 29-

-I’m not talking about weapons. (beat)
The aliens that attacked us came out
of the ocean. I don’t know if that crossed
the mind of anyone else, but it’s got me
worried. The size of that craft... if there
were to be one right now to rise out of the
ocean we’d for sure be done for.

We have technology that can sense them.
That’s how we knew to hang back as far
as we did when their attack broke out.

Sonar or something?

Yes, highly upgraded too. Part
of a development our alien friends
in Antarctica gave to us. (beat)
Anything else?

The fighter jets... they were able
to shoot at and kill the aliens. I
was under the impression that only
the stiletto could successfully kill
those things.

I worked with the aliens in Antarctica
and our weapons developer on creating
ammunition based on the stiletto so that
our pilots would be able to attack them
with success. I would expect that these would
also be successfully used against the hybrids.

Anything else?

Yeah, I’d like to be the Postman.

Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postman
Wait, wait mister postman
Mister postman look and see
If there's a letter in your bag for me-

Krycek looks up, realizing he just had an outburst of song.

(clears throat)

Captain Scully shakes his head... never in his life did he think he’d be living on the same vessel as Mulder and Krycek...




Scully carefully makes her way down the narrow hallways of the Pequod’s lower decks, stepping over boxes of items others have brought on board, bedding and other bric-a-brac. She reaches a narrow stairwell where Knowle and Monica are making their way up. Knowle has some books in his hands – he obviously found the ship’s library.

I seriously thought you read
every book there was to read, Knowle.

Apparently I haven’t.

Knowle looks down and sees Scully.


Don’t worry, I’m not going to bump
my head on your bum.

I hate when Krycek does that.

Oh you know he does that because
he’s got a crush on you.

At least he stopped dressing like me.

Or drawing in a fake goatee.

Monica laughs as she reaches the top. Knowle stands up straight and hits his head. Scully can’t help but laugh at him. He rubs his head and gives her a look.

Sorry... it’s just... you’re too
tall to be a sailor.

Yeah, well Charles is about my
height and he doesn’t have this problem.

Maybe because he remembers to duck.

Scully shakes her head and continues down another hallway, reaching the hatch of her father’s quarters. She stops and takes a deep breath. Neither she nor he have had much time, since the May 24th battle, to talk to each other at length. The butterflies flutter in her stomach, she’s anxious to speak to him and despite her hesitancy to knock on his cabin door, she looks forward to this. She knocks three times and after a few seconds he opens the door and smiles at her. She smiles back at him and decides to kick things off with some small talk.

I was just about to come find you, Starbuck.

Oh? I was just coming to invite
you to Mulder’s picnic. He wants
to have it on the flight deck.

Isn’t it a bit cold for that?

You know Mulder...

Her father nods his head, understanding.

What is it you want to find me for?

How about you come in.

He steps aside and allows her to enter his cabin.


His cabin is large, a few rooms and she stands in what could be a dining room, or a living room that has a couch with a table. Family photographs are hung on the walls, including pictures of her as a child, and another of a woman who reminds Scully a lot of herself, which could only be her biological mother, Katherine. The woman she saw in her dreams around the time she discovered that she had cancer.

There’s something I wanted to give
to you. Something to keep in the family.
This is something your mother would
have wanted you to have.



John Doggett stands alone, away from the other men and women who are hanging around the flight deck of the Pequod. He leans against the rail, looking over the freezing waters of the ocean. Land is in sight but far enough away to be perceived as a mirage against the frozen world.

John sighs. His breath chills in the air. Never in his life would he have expected to see the things he has seen in the past few days. Never in his life would he have expected to believe in the things he’s now seen with his own eyes. Aliens from another world come to kill them all. His friend, Monica Reyes, healing not only Dana’s cancer, but also healing every fresh wound and scar on her body.

The freezing cold temperature of his planet may have weakened and allowed survivors to kill most of the enemy alien colonists, but what of the hybrids created by those colonists? What of the men that have become known as the breeders?

The colonists are no longer the main threat to human survivors of the invasion. They are gone. Those colonists who survived the battle have left the planet. In regard to defeating the colonists they have won. However the battle for control of the planet has yet to begin. Will the human race prevail against the hybrids left behind? Or will the hybrids gain control due to having been genetically altered to hold within them the strongest traits of both races, alien and human?

Will the arctic temperatures prove to be the undoing of them all and life on this planet will no longer exist?

How long will this freeze last? A month? A year? Ten years? Forever?

What does the future hold for him? What will become of he and Dana? What will become of them all?

Will this air craft carrier be his home until his last dying breath? What new responsibilities will he undertake? Will life as he once knew it ever be restored?

These thoughts and many others fill John’s mind. He hears someone clear their throat behind him and he turns his head and sees Dana. She stands only a few feet from him. From the looks of it she’s stood there watching him for some time.

His eyes meet hers and she walks toward him. She stops at the railing and says nothing. She places her hand on his and looks out at the setting sun.

I talked with my dad.

John looks at her, knowing how she wasn’t sure how to speak with him earlier when she first found out he was still alive.

Are you ok?

He’s my father. He did what
he had to do. (beat) I’m good.

She squeezes John’s hand to assure him that she’s all right. With her other hand she reaches into her coat pocket. She turns to face John and takes his hand, opens his palm and places something in it. She closes his fingers around it.

He gave me those.

John opens his fist and sees two silver rings sitting in the middle of his hand. One with a small, but beautiful, sparkling diamond.

They were his and my biological mother’s.

A single tear rolls down her cheek.

He said that he wants us to have them.

She pauses and looks John in the eyes and gives him a grin.

That we have his blessing.

She wipes her tear with the back of her hand and reaches out and touches John’s arm.

Johnny, we’ve been together-

- Shh...

The tenderness in his voice silences her. He leans down and places a small kiss on her cheek.

Dana... we’ve been a couple for
over two years now, but in love
with each other for even more. (beat)
A part of me died when I lost Luke.
A part of me that I thought I’d never
find again... until I met you.

He takes firm hold of her hands and pulls her closer to him.

I almost lost you and...

He does his best to hold back his own tears and keep his emotions in check.

(almost a whisper)
I promise to love you, protect
you, and be your family from now
until the day I die. (beat) I place
this ring on your finger as a symbol
of my love and faithfulness to you.

He takes one of the rings and places it on her finger.

Let it remind you that I am always
by your side. I choose you to be my wife
this day and forever.

He kisses the top of her hand and smiles at her.

For the longest time you’ve been
my only family. When I felt my own
had abandoned me, you were there,
supporting me, protecting me, making
me feel loved. (beat) I promise to be there
for you, to stand by your side and
support you and protect you, and most
importantly, love you until death do us part.

She takes the other ring from his hand and places it on his finger.

I commit my heart and soul to you.
A ring has no end and neither shall
my love for you. I choose you to be
my husband (she smiles) this day and forever.

He rests his forehead on hers and pulls her close to him, wrapping his arms around her.

He pulls away from her ever so slightly and holds her face in his hands and kisses her. It’s a slow, long, passionate kiss that signifies the end of one chapter in their life together and the beginning of a new one.

As they continue kissing, the sunset providing a romantic backdrop to their private wedding on the flight deck of the Pequod, we PULL AWAY from them and move towards a fighter jet near the bow of the ship.

Mulder is sitting in the pilot’s seat. He’s gazing at John and Dana with a happy grin in his eyes. Outside of the jet, Krycek stands, looking up at Mulder, shaking his head. There’s no reason whatsoever for Mulder to be sitting in this thing. As he climbs up the ladder to get into the jet with Mulder, he also takes notice of John and Dana. Krycek gets in and sits behind Mulder. Mulder looks back at him and smiles.

Ten bucks says he just proposed to her.

Nah, they haven’t been together very
long for that to happen.

Mulder, quickly turns around to face Krycek, his elbow flipping a switch on the control panel of the jet. Neither he nor Krycek notices this... yet.

Yes they have.

No they haven’t.




No. (beat) Remember she once
told us that she would consider
marriage only after being with
someone for four years? Well, she
and John have only been together
for about two years and most of this
past year they’ve been apart, right?


So... it’s like they’ve only
been a couple for one year, dork.

Mulder turns back around to pout, but his eyes BUG WIDE OPEN when he realizes that this fighter jet is picking up speed, roaring down the runway of the aircraft carrier. Heading closer and closer to the stern of the ship where the jet will either 1) plunge overboard because he hasn’t given it enough juice to take off or 2) because of “Mulder Luck” the jet will coast smoothly off the deck into flight.

Mulder! Stop this thing!

Um, sure.

The fighter jet starts picking up speed, barreling down the flight deck. John and Dana part from their kiss just as the boys ZOOM right past them. Inside the cockpit they see Mulder waving at them, a carefree grin on his face. Krycek looks less than amused and seems to be trying to convince Mulder to stop the jet from leaving the ship’s flight deck.

Inside the cockpit Captain Scully’s voice comes over the radio communication system.

(on radio)
What do you two think you’re
doing?! You’re supposed to be-

Mulder turns off the radio just as the fighter jet reaches the end of the flight deck. It takes off into the sky. No longer afraid of takeoff, both Mulder and Krycek look around them in amazement. Mulder turns the jet to fly by the ship. They can see for miles and miles. And as our boys fly off into the sunset...



We hope you enjoyed the ride! See you on September 5, 2009 for the 10 year anniversary of “Fox & Rat” Virtual Series and for the premiere of our 10th and final season!

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