"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Ten

10x01 "City at Sea"Title: "City at Sea"
Series: FRVS - Episode #193
Written by: Kristi
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Air Date: 5 September 2009
Rating: PG

Date: 6-8 August 2009
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Spoilers: None, we try to create our own stuff... but remember sometimes we have to refer to happenings in the actual show "The X-Files".

Disclaimer: "The X-Files" and its characters belong to 20th Century FOX Broadcasting. If you recognize it, it's not our own creation. Original characters belong to Cassie and Kristi (FRVS).

Author's Note: Sometimes the actions of these characters are cartoonish in nature. If you actually think that following their horrible example is a good thing to do, we are not responsible for your lack of common sense. The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor.

Summary: It is five years after our heroes battled the Alien Colonists and life has changed dramatically. Now living at sea on the aircraft carrier, "The Pequod", the gang has adapted to life. Yet still lurking are the dangers that still threaten them and a race to find a cure is of the essence.



JANUARY 8, 2012

The cold wind howls in the darkness as thick snow falls from the dark sky. Four figures trudge across the frozen land, feeling the crunch of the snow beneath their feet with each step. Their feet are frozen to the bone, as the cold penetrates through the thick soles of their boots. They continue on, not feeling their feet, but only feeling the pain from the cold.

They take a few more steps ahead, reaching the base of a large dune of packed snow that rises well above them. The lights from the other side signal their destination as it glows and floods the black night sky.

With rifles in hand and rucksacks on their backs, the four climb the dune. The tallest man, Knowle Rohrer, leads the way. Through the chilling wind he hears the smallest of the four slip directly behind him. He looks back, offering his hand to Monica Reyes, who re-finds her footing. Behind her John Doggett and Charles Scully watch on, making sure she’s able to finish the climb.

The top of the snow dune overlooks a massive facility, partially buried underneath the snow. The white floodlights are blinding against the blackness of the night and the pureness of the snow. The four crouch down in their white camouflage to survey the area.

Knowle looks to Monica.

What’s your feeling?

We’re good to go.

Then lets get Operation Helmet
underway and get the hell out of here.

All right. Here’s what we do.

Knowle looks to Doggett and Charles.

Dog Patch, AWOL. You guys head in
through the south entrance. Mon’
and I will go in on this side.
Maintain radio silence. If you
find him first, let us know through
Morse Code. When we’re done we meet the
White Elephant back at the Cave.
(beat) Remember to watch your six. Let’s move.


Doggett and Charles rise to their feet and carefully sneak down towards the facility. Knowle and Monica watch on, ready to give cover fire if need be. They watch until Doggett and Charles are out of sight. Knowle looks to Monica and she nods her head ready to go.



White light slices the darkness of the hallway through tiny slit windows covered in protective wire. The double doors at the end of the hallway open with a clank and slowly creak as Knowle peers into the emptiness. The hallway is still with silence. A lump rises into Knowle’s throat. Monica watches behind him, feeling his uneasiness. Knowle’s eyes scan the area. His heart pounds in his chest, sounding like loud drum beats in his ears. Monica reaches out and takes hold of his free hand to calm him, letting him know that she is not sensing anyone down this hallway.

He doesn’t look back at her as he walks through the doors, keeping an eye at the various doors that are shut down the hallway. His footsteps are thunderous with each step even though they would be mere whispers anywhere else. Monica follows behind him, closing the door quietly as she enters the hallway. She is careful not to allow the loud clasp of the latch to make a sound.

This mission is one of great danger, and especially to Monica. Entering a breeding colony is a danger to any man, but to a woman the danger is much more. The mere sight of a woman will rage the most rabid men into a violence that few have lived to witness. The most vicious murders and rapes happen in hundreds of places just like this facility around the world. The end of mankind is happening within the very walls of this facility, and with no cure in sight, the continued deterioration of the men who live here – if one can call it living - is a danger that grows with each passing day.

As they walk down the hallway, quiet clicking comes from the two-way radio. Knowle stops to listen to the Morse Code coming in. He looks back at Monica.

They found him.

He responds back, then waits as they respond to him. He looks up at Monica.

We have to make it all the way
across the facility. They’re not
going to make a move until we get there.

Monica nods her head. Knowle carefully leads the way with swift, light footsteps. Monica keeps close as Knowle relies on her senses to alert him of any danger that may be ahead.

Minutes later they reach the other side of the facility and they stop quick, both hearing the sound of footsteps near them. With their backs up against the wall they listen intensely.

(nearly inaudible whisper)
If they’re not here soon, we need
to get him out of there...

Knowle peers around the corner and sees Doggett and Charles.

Psst, guys.

They look over at him as Knowle and Monica enter their view.

What took you so long?

Had to be careful. Where is he?

Doesn’t look good. Whatever
they did to him...

Doggett shakes his head. After what he just saw he’s not even sure extracting him from this facility is the smartest thing to do.

He’s one of our own. We don’t
leave him behind. (beat) What’s
the threat assessment.

He’s in a room with others.

How many?

Charles looks to Doggett and shrugs his shoulders, unsure of the exact amount.

I’d say thirty to fifty.

It’s bad, Knowle.

Stop telling me that it’s bad
and start telling me how bad it is.

Doggett senses Knowle’s patience and he nods his head.

Thousand yard stare. Seemingly unaffected
by the violence that surrounds him.

Infected or not?

Won’t know until we get in there.

Then let’s go. We get him out, and
if he’s infected we have Dana look him over.

He’s this way.

Charles leads them down another hallway. The same light cutting through the darkness and the further down the hall they go the more they start to hear the sound of the men who occupy this facility. Their sounds are muffled through a heavy outer door. Their screams of madness, rage and violence send chills down the spine of everyone. With each step the screams get louder, haunting the soul of everyone. As if coming across a haunted dungeon reliving the nightmares of tortures from centuries ago.

Charles points to a door down the hallway, the obvious source of the madness. Knowle nods his head and carefully moves forward to peer through a tiny square window.

He scans the room, counting thirty-four occupants, among them the source of their mission, “Helmet”, better known as Walter Skinner. From where Knowle is standing he sees that Skinner is dead inside. He stares forward, at nothing – a thousand yard stare. He is completely surrounded by the men who have been occupying this facility for years. There is no way of telling how long they have been here, but everyone is infected from the Hybrid Breeding Project brought on by the Alien Colonists during Colonization five years ago.

A fight breaks out in the room in front of Skinner. He doesn’t even move, nor does he acknowledge the commotion. He stares blankly and that is all.

Knowle looks away from the room. Over the past few years they have been working to understand and find a cure for what has happened to these men when they were held by the Colonists for their Breeding Project. From what they have been able to gather, there are five stages to the virus.

The first happens immediately after the injection of the substance - the virus for the Breeding Project which has been named Furiae virus. In stage one, the man is injected and becomes very calm and tranquil. As the virus worms its way through the body stage two takes affect and thoughts are jumbled, unorganized and the man is in a state of confusion. He may not even know what is going on around him. Stage three is the first of the red zone stages. In the third stage the man will experience violent outbursts that he may or may not be able to control depending on the severity of the stage. Stage four is when the man is unable to control his sexual urges and is when rape will happen when in the presence of a woman. This stage is completely out of the man’s control. Even if he were to have rational thought against what he is doing, he will not be able to control what happens. Stage five is the final stage where the virus has infected the entire body, especially the brain. Loss of any remaining rational thought is gone and madness occurs.

The five stages occur gradually. The amount of time between the stages varies from each individual male and can also depend on how much of the virus was injected into the body. However, it is not possible for a man injected to go from stage one to stage four or five in a matter of hours. This transfer of stages could happen within a few days or even weeks.

To be infected via blood transfer – as would be the case with Skinner since he was never held in a Breeding Camp – the amount of time between the stages could take longer than a few days. Most likely the time between stages one and two would be about two weeks, give or take. Then it would depend on the rapid growth of the virus once it gets comfortable inside the host body.

The best way to handle Skinner now is to consider him infected, even though the Breeding Camps have been obsolete after the freeze happened five years ago. It has been theorized that a man could be infected by blood transfer. If Skinner got into a fight with one or any number of these men, then it is possible that he could be infected.

What is known is that this virus is not airborne.

Doggett comes up to him.

What’s your call?

We go in there and get him out.

Doggett peeks into the room, seeing the fight that broke out.

Fight broke out. Perfect opportunity.

Knowle nods in agreement.

You stay here with Monica. AWOL
and I will go in.

I thought I was going in.

You have a little girl back home.
And I want you and Monica to hang
back out here. If we need you-

-Knowle, I-

-I’m not going to argue
my commands, General. I
value your opinions, but
I need you where I need you.

He signals to Charles to come over and gives Doggett a look telling him to hang back with Monica.

I helped plan this operation
as well, General.

Charles watches, knowing they are about to butt heads. Both men are stubborn when it comes to a disagreement in an operation.

Gentlemen... really... Is now
the time to be fighting?

You’re a Major-

-And your brother-in-law.

He gives him a look of warning that if he doesn’t hang back with Monica and give up the risk of his life, he’ll do something about it.

I don’t need my sister to be a
widow. And I don’t want my niece
to be without her daddy. (beat) We clear?

Reluctantly, Doggett agrees, knowing deep in his heart this is the right thing to do for Dana and his daughter, Katherine. When he’s on a mission, the last thing he wants to do is let go of his Marine mentality. He makes his way back to Monica, knowing that Knowle and Charles probably discussed this matter without including him.

Knowle cautiously unlatches the door, his grip is tight on the handle. He thinks for a brief moment the consequences if any of these men got out of this room. He looks in Monica’s direction and regains his focus. No mistakes. No slip ups and everything will be fine. He looks at Charles, who nods his head, ready to go. Knowle nods back and counts down from three with his fingers.



Deep breath.


Knowle and Charles enter the room, leaving the door open a small crack to make sure they aren’t trapped in with the violence. The room is in chaos as the fight between a few men grows more and more violent. More men join the fight. The violence is savage and will end in death.

Knowle gives Charles a look of warning that is fully understood: do not get any of their blood on you. The only way that this primitive violence and deterioration of the mind is contagious is with contact of blood.

The two Marines stay out of the way of the fight, their backs against the wall as they move towards Skinner. They reach him unnoticed by the others. Knowle places a careful hand on Skinner’s shoulder, turning his thousand yard stare on Knowle. His eyes are lifeless and Knowle’s not even sure Skinner recognizes him. Skinner’s cold, dead stare pierces into Knowle’s heart, and he can only wonder what has happened to him.

Walter, it’s Knowle Rohrer. (beat)
We’re going to get you out of here.

Skinner rises to his feet in an eerie fashion, and other than his movement, he is non-responsive.

The fight continues and the violence spreads like a plague throughout the men in the room.

If they don’t get out now, they might not get out at all.

The three men swiftly leave the room and Charles locks and secures the door behind them. Knowle keeps a close eye on Skinner. If he makes one move towards Monica, he’ll take him down. He’s ready to defend everyone on this mission, but especially her. He knows the risk in bringing Monica on this mission, but her senses are needed, and it was how they found out which facility Skinner was trapped in.

Let’s get out of here.

He can sense how Knowle is feeling and would rather get Skinner in an area where they can control him without risk of being killed by others in a worse stage than Skinner.



Knowle’s flashlight barely lights the black ice cave as they make their way through the slippery darkness. Charles and Doggett hang behind with Skinner as Knowle and Monica lead the way to a small establishment of rooms made of ice. Sitting at one of the desks in this ice cave is none other than Ray Douglas. He sits with his feet up on the desk, picking his teeth with a sharp hunting knife. He’s happy as a tart. Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” softly plays from a small record player.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t
dentist usually encourage you not
to put sharp objects in you mouth?

Ray looks up and smiles.

Hey, you’re back. Did you find him?

We did. John and Charles are right
behind me with him. (beat) It’s not
good. I can’t say that he’ll be
returning here to work with you and the
others. I want to bring him back to the Pequod.

Ray nods, understanding. He looks behind Knowle and Monica at John, Charles and Skinner. In better light he can see that Skinner hasn’t had much sleep or anything to eat in a long time.

(quietly to Knowle)
That’s what two weeks with those
things will do to ya, huh?

Knowle doesn’t comment back. He’d rather get Skinner under a doctor’s care as soon as possible.

Can you radio the Pequod and let
them know we’re coming back tonight.
Tell them to get the lab prepped.

Ray nods and goes over to the radio. Knowle turns to look at the others. John and Charles help Skinner sit down. Charles puts a blanket around to warm him up a bit.

Knowle turns his attention to Monica.

Hey uh... I don’t want you
to go near him, all right?

Monica looks behind him at Skinner and nods her head.

I know.

Can you tell if he’s been...?

Monica looks at him and her eyes tell him all he needs to know. Skinner has been infected. His state of mind right now is not the cause of PTSD. He’s going to end up just like the rest of them.

Is it safe to bring him to the ship?

If there is a cure to what has
happened to these men, he’s the
best subject we have to study.

A drop of blood trickles from her nose. Knowle pulls a tissue out of one of his pockets.

Sweetheart, you’ve got...

He wipes the blood from her nose. She takes the tissue in her own hand. His eyes look on her with concern. In the past month Monica has been getting nosebleeds similar to the one’s Scully had when her cancer came out of remission years ago. The same cancer that Monica took away from her when she healed her of all her wounds years ago. This same cancer has been lying dormant all these years until just last month. No one but the two of them is aware the cancer is in her. It would shatter John and Dana, who are so grateful that Monica healed Scully from certain death, healed all her scars and even made it possible for her to conceive a child.

The moment the first nosebleed happened, Knowle took Monica to the medical ward and ran a scan on her himself. The result came back that the cancer she took from Scully is now inside of her.

Are you all right? Any headaches? Fatigue?

No headaches. And yes, I’m tired, but from
all that we did today. I think the cold
aggravated it.

She finishes dabbing the blood away.

I shouldn’t have allowed you
to come on this mission.

I’m fine, Knowle.

Yeah, but prolonged exposure to
the cold always...

He trails off when he sees her look. No matter what he has to say, whatever excuse he comes up with, she would have helped out with this mission anyway.

I haven’t lost my strength, Knowle.

She looks him deep in the eye and he knows that he is her strength.

I know. I just...

He takes hold of her cold hands and gently runs his thumb over a gold ring on her hand. It breaks his heart knowing that she is going to die from this cancer in the manner that Scully was dying before she was healed. No one is here to heal Monica.

His one fear is losing her.

She moves one hand to his face and smiles at him.

I’m here with you, always.

She smiles and moves gently to kiss him just as Doggett comes up to them.

If we’re ready to head back, Ray says
the Pequod knows we’re coming. All is
prepared on board.

Doggett realizes he interrupted something.

Everything all right?

He looks to Monica, seeing a trace of dried blood under her nose. He motions to his own face to draw her attention to it.

Mon’, you got a little...

It’s just the cold. Sometimes I get
a nosebleed. (beat) I’m fine.

She smiles at him and he nods.

Well if you guys are
ready, they’re waiting for us.

Yeah, we’re right behind you.
Have Ray help pack our supplies
in the Snow Trac. I’ll get us all
something warm to drink for the trip back.

Doggett nods and leaves to find Ray.



A hot light beams down on Mulder and Krycek. They are tied in two chairs with their backs up against one another. Tears are streaming down Krycek’s face.

I’m tellin’ ya! I don’t know!

Yeah! Let us go!

I promise I’ll do whatever you
want! Just don’t hurt me anymore!

Mulder looks back at Krycek the best he can.

You haven’t been hurt you big baby!

How do you know?! I bruise like a peach!

You are a peach!

I am not!

You are to!


I’m not falling for the whole R2-D2
thing any more! You’re a fruitcake!

Yeah, well, you’re... you’re... a... a-

I’m a what?

A punk! Yeah! You’re a punk!

That’s right I am! I’m da hunky punk!

Krycek’s eyes bug widely! His mouth pops open in utter shock that Mulder just called himself “da hunky punk”! Everyone who’s anyone knows that Alexander Sergeiovich Krycek II Jr. is Da Hunky Punk!

Mulder sees his shock.

(egging him on)
Come to think of it... I believe
I’m even... da man!

Krycek’s eyes manage to widen even more!

Why you! How could! YOU SUCK!


Mulder and Krycek look over to see a small red-headed girl. She stands with her hands on her hips and a scolding look on her face. She is about four years old. Her name is Katherine Doggett, better known as Katie, and is the young daughter of John and Dana.

Katie, forgive my buddy here.
He knows not what he says.

She gives them her best imitation of her mother’s scolding look, raising just her right eyebrow.

I will not tolerate this behavior!


No “buts” about it! Now I want
my little stuffed dog back, and
I want it back now!

He took it!

I did not!

Until one of you fesses up and
starts spilling the beans, there
will be no dessert tonight!

She comes up to them confidently for a four year old girl. She leans in and gives them her best stink eye.

(after a brief dramatic beat)
And I hear Uncle Knowle is making
his famous white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

Mulder and Krycek’s eyes bug at the fearful thought that they could miss out on a cheesecake!


He tries to hit Krycek with his head.

It’s in the locker under my bed.
(beat; smiles) Can we have cheesecake now?

Not until I know for sure you’re
not lying to me. (beat) I’ll retrieve
the stolen property and then come back
once Johnny my dog is safe!

She gives them one more stink eye then marches out of the room, leaving them all alone and tied up.

Mulder looks over his shoulder at Krycek.

You better be telling the truth
because if I miss out on Knowle’s
cheesecake, you’re a dead man.



Dana Scully sits comfortably on the living room couch reading “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. Though she lives on an aircraft carrier, their living quarters are hardly up to par with Naval standards in how they should be kept. There is a mess of crayons and coloring books spread about the living room floor. Pictures are hung on the wall of her’s and John’s family. Buddy, their dog, has chew toys spread about as he lays comfortably in his bed next to the small television set. Over the years, the residents of The Pequod have made this ship their home.

Katie opens the door and marches into the living room. She is on a mission and her mother hardly seems to notice as she passes by her.

(turning the page)
Hey shortcake.

Hi mommy.

Katie leaves the living room for a few moments as Scully continues to read. A thudding noise is heard from one of the other rooms.

I hear Daddy should be home soon.

That’s great! Can we go to
Uncle Knowle’s restaurant? I
hear it’s cheesecake night!

That’s hard to pass up.

She turns another page in her book.

Can I go up on the flight deck
to welcome Daddy home?

I don’t want you up there
alone and unsupervised.

Katie comes out into the living room.

You can come with me.

Scully looks up from her book.

I’m sorry, but mommy is needed
in the lab tonight. I have to
be there soon to get things prepped.


You can be with Uncles Fox and Alex.
(beat) Come to think of it, weren’t
they watching you?

Yep. They still are. I just wanted
to get some toys from my room.

All right. Need help?

Yeah. Where’s a screwdriver?

Daddy keeps it in our
closet in our room. Left
side on the floor.


She runs off into her parent’s bedroom as Scully turns her attention back to her book, not even giving a second thought to why her four year old child would need a screwdriver.

A moment later Katie walks by her, heading for the door, dragging a pillowcase on the ground behind her. It thuds on the ground.

Bye mommy.

Bye sweetie. Have fun.

And the door shuts. Scully’s head turns to the other side of the book she is fully engrossed in.



Captain Scully Sr. watches the approaching helicopter as it carefully descends onto the flight deck of the Pequod in blizzard conditions. It safely touches down and Charles and Doggett are the first out, helping Skinner as Knowle shuts down the chopper. Captain Scully meets them halfway.

(shouting over helicopter)
We’ve got the lab ready for him.

Dana’s there?

She wants to be. Dr. Montgomery
is already in there.

Charles moves ahead of them with Skinner. Doggett stops his father-in-law.

I don’t want Dana in there.

She’s stubborn, but go ahead
and talk to her about it.

Is she in the lab?

As far as I know, yes.


He runs off and Captain Scully turns to face Knowle and Monica as they exit the helicopter. They approach him.

Will Mr. Douglas need another man?

He didn’t mention it to me, and if
he didn’t mention it when he radioed
in, then probably not. The man knows
how to hold his own. (beat) Though he
was very thankful for the supplies we
gave to him this trip.

The man is crazy, but he’s good
at what he does.

Knowle laughs in agreement as they enter the interior of the ship.

Now there’s been a rumor spreading
like wild fires around here that
tonight’s dessert at Knowle’s Cafe
is your famous white chocolate cheesecake.

Don’t forget the raspberry part of that.

She smiles.

This is true. Have I been missed that much?

My granddaughter, little Katie, she’s
been so excited about it. Talked about
it all day. You ask me, I think she
started this rumor.

Well I better get there and apologize
for our late return.

Knowle smiles and pats him on the back.

I’ll see you there, right?

He smiles as he and Monica walk off.

You can count on it.



John Doggett walks down the hallway where the majority of the living quarters are. He’s on his way to find Scully to tell her he’s not thrilled with the idea of her working on Skinner before they know whether or not he’s been infected. Though telling a scientist, like her, not to do this is almost pointless. But he’ll give it his best shot.

He stops in the hallway upon hearing a loud hammering noise, followed by the sound of a saw coming from Mulder and Krycek’s bunk. Doggett looks over at the hatch – that happens to have the numbers “4” and “2” hung on the door.

He cautiously opens the door, wondering what the hell they are doing. He prepares himself to scold, but stops short when he sees his little girl sawing at Krycek’s locker that he usually keeps under his bed.

The boys’ bunk is small. Two bunk beds, space pictures on the wall, a “Star Wars” poster on another wall, a small TV. Even a couch that looks similar to Mulder’s old one that he had while living in Apartment 42.

Mulder’s bunk is on the top. Taped to the surrounding walls of his bunk space are pictures of him and his buddies and a picture of Samantha from before she died five years ago. Krycek’s bunk is on the bottom, and taped to the bottom of Mulder’s bunk are pictures of Marita. The walls surrounding his bunk, are also pictures of Marita, and an old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar from 2005.

Katherine Isabella Doggett, what
in the world are you doing to your
Uncle Alex’s locker?

Katie looks up and smiles at her dad.

Hi daddy!

She stands to her feet and runs at her dad, wrapping her arms around his legs in a big hug.

Did you have fun on your trip?

(still scolding)
Katherine, you haven’t answered me.

Katie’s childish smile leaves her face, realizing her dad is serious with his disapproval of her actions.

Uncle Alex stole Johnny the dog and
locked him in his locker (starts to cry)
and I can’t get him out!

She bawls.

And why not get him to open
the locker? Why did you decided
to try to break it open?

Because I didn’t have a key and
I’ve always seen you pick locks
and stuff.

She sniffles pathetically and looks up at her daddy with puppy dog eyes.

Doggett kneels down in front of his daughter. If Dana were to hear about this and her reasoning being because of what she’s seen him do, he’d be in big trouble.

All right shortcake, but you really
shouldn’t do that, all right?

But I wanted my doggy.

I’ll help you get it, all right?

She nods her head and wipes the tears from her eyes.

But you’ve got to promise me that
this is our secret. If mommy finds
out we’ll both be in trouble.

And then we won’t get any cheesecake.

That’s right.

Ok, daddy.

Doggett stands up and goes over to the locker, picks up the screwdriver and pries it open. And there, placed right on top of Krycek’s “Star Wars” DVD collection is Johnny the dog, a ragged little worn out puppy that looks too old to be first loved by Katie.


She squeals with excitement as her dad hands the stuffed dog to her.

I’ve missed you so much!

She gives the stuffed toy a hug and a kiss.

Now, let’s get you to Knowle's
Cafe to have some dinner.

Katie smiles as Doggett picks her up and carries her out of Mulder and Krycek’s bunk.



Dr. John Montgomery looks through the observation window of the laboratory at Skinner. All his life he has been a cold-hearted scientist, always putting personal feelings aside. However, today he looks into the laboratory at a friend, a man he’s gotten to know very well over these past few years. Living life outside of the Syndicate has softened his hardened heart.

His and Scully’s work to find a cure for this maddening virus has been unsuccessful. Every case they’ve been able to study was a failure. Now this is so much more than just a case study. Skinner is a friend, not just a test subject. They are in a race against time to save his life.

The door opens and Scully enters wearing blue scrubs, a contrast to Montgomery’s white lab coat.

How’s he doing?

She stands next to Montgomery and looks in at Skinner. He is strapped onto the exam table as a precaution.

He hasn’t said anything nor has
he moved. I’m hoping this is just PTSD.

Only one way to tell. (beat)
If he is infected I’d say he
looks like he’s at an early stage two.

Possibly. How long was he missing?

Two weeks, but we don’t know
if he was infected right away.
(beat) I’ll do the blood test.

Montgomery nods his head as she walks over to the closet where they keep the Hazmat suits. She pulls out the smallest suit and gets herself into it. Montgomery comes over to help make sure that she is sealed tight.

Do you want me in there?

Is he strapped tightly?


I think I’ll be all right then.

Montgomery looks into the room at Skinner. His mind thinks about what the virus does to men and the danger Scully could be in if he were to break out. He looks back at Scully.

I’ll get suited up too.

Scully nods appreciatively. The last thing she wants to do is go through what she went through when she was held at one of the Breeding Facilities years ago.



Scully is now out of her Hazmat suit and has been running Skinner’s blood and the tests are ready to be analyzed. She goes over to the observation window and taps on it to get Montgomery’s attention. He looks up from examining Skinner and nods his head.

A moment later Montgomery comes into the laboratory, Hazmat suit removed, and goes over to where Scully has been working.


Scully looks up at him, trying her best to swallow the lump that has formed in her throat. She takes a deep breath to regain her doctor mode.

He’s infected.

Montgomery listens intently.

Given the amount found in the
blood sample he’s mid stage two.
Given the amount of progression the
virus has done and the amount of time
he has been infected, I’d say he’ll
be reaching stage three in about two weeks.

You’re keeping in mind that he
was not infected directly by injection?

Yes, and once he reaches stage
three, this virus will be unpredictable,
just like the others. (beat) John, we
have to find this cure now, before
the virus becomes too strong.

She looks through the glass at Skinner.

We’ve never had someone in
stage two before. Maybe there
is something in the weaker strain,
before the virus fully adapts to
it’s host, that can give us a clue
to a cure. (beat) We need to work
around the clock on this. If my
calculations are correct, we only
have two weeks to beat this thing.

Montgomery nods his head.

I’m going run a cat scan on
him to see how this virus takes
over the brain.

That’s a good idea. I’m going to
order that we have some people
watching this room, just incase.

I already called that in before
you got here. (beat) I also think
you should go be with your family.

What about our work-

I’ve got it covered. Don’t worry.
And the reinforcements are coming.
(beat) Go be with them. Katie told
me today that Knowle was going to
be making some famous cheesecake and
she’s been excited about that.

I know, she woke me up this morning
telling me about it. (beat) She’s
quite the rumor starter.

Montgomery smiles.

If you need me, don’t hesitate.

I know. Now go on and be with your family.

Scully smiles. It’s amazing what not working for the Syndicate has done for him the past few years. Back in the days of the Syndicate, there was never any time for family, nor did anyone care more about their family than the research.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Bright and early.


Scully leaves the lab, shutting the door behind her. Coming down the hallway are the reinforcement security Montgomery ordered for the lab. They salute her and she smiles at them. She’s tried over and over again to try to make them understand that they don’t have to salute her, but they’ve always insisted on it since she is the daughter of the ship’s Captain, the wife of one of the Generals on board, and the sister of a Major.

She makes her way down the hallway and turns a corner almost running into John.

Oh hey. I was just on my way up.

I don’t feel comfortable with you
working on Skinner. We don’t know
what kind of outrage he could have,
and I don’t want to see you get hurt.

She can’t help but smile at him.

John, I’ve already done the blood
work on him, which allows us to determine
the speed of growth the virus has.

So is he infected?


She looks down, not happy with the results.

John and I were hoping his current
state was a case of PTSD. (beat) He’s
in stage two. I’d say mid-way. He’s not
violent yet, but I predict he will be
in about two weeks.

Doggett’s not sure what to say to the bad news. There really is nothing they can do to help Skinner except to find a cure.

(changing subject)
What’s Katie been up to?

We had dinner at Knowle’s restaurant.
She enjoyed her cheesecake.

Did she behave herself for the boys?

Actually, I caught her breaking into
Alex’s locker with a hammer and saw.

Scully’s eyes bug with a little realization.

(to herself)
The screwdriver... (looks up at John)
A saw? What in the world was she doing
with a saw? You know John, this kind of
behavior comes from you. She sees you
breaking into things, picking locks and
she thinks she can do it.

I scolded her.

Then gave her cheesecake?

He sees his mistake and can’t think of any excuse.

Why was she breaking into his locker?

He stole her stuffed dog.

(rolling eyes)
Those boys! Why do they do that to her?
Have you had a talk with them?

Haven’t been able to find them.

Ooh those sneaks! They’re hiding
from me, I know it. When they’ve
done wrong, they are no better than
dogs hiding after they’ve pooped all
over the place. (beat) I bet they’re
enjoying some of that cheesecake right now.
Well, I’ll have a talk with them.

She marches down the hallway with a determined paced to find them and scold them. Sometimes it feels like she has three children, and sometimes it feels like she has four.



Knowle’s Cafe is Knowle’s pride and joy. A vision of a restaurant he had in mind since his college days. Somehow, through out the Colonization, he managed to keep the ideas save and secure. His vision of a restaurant came true in a place he never thought it would: an aircraft carrier. The walls of the restaurant are made of dark wood. The lights are dim, the bar is polished and photographs from around the world (taken by Knowle himself, and some from Monica) decorate the walls. Outside of the restaurant is a menu with the current days specials for passer-bys looking for something good to eat. The current special of the day is: Homemade Chicken & Noodle Soup with a slice of fresh out of the oven French Bread. The Dessert of the Day is: White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.

Knowle is behind the bar re-stocking his supply of wine - that yes, he and Monica have figured out how to supply right here on the Pequod.

Scully storms in and goes straight to the bar.


He turns around, not expecting her to be so mad at him.

If this is about how quickly
the cheesecake sold out and
how you didn’t get any... don’t
worry. We saved you a piece.

He smiles to her and retrieves a plate with a fresh slice of his famous White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. He places it in front of her. She looks down at it and smiles, then shakes her head. She’s not going to let this delicious slice of heaven get her side tracked.

Thank you. But that’s not why I’m
here. (mad again) Have you seen the boys?

Surprisingly no. I thought they’d
be the first in line to get in tonight
ever since Katie went around saying that
tonight was cheesecake night. (beat) Why?

It’s too much to get into right now, but
from here on out you will only serve them
Brussels sprouts, sauerkraut and broccoli.

Knowle wrinkles his eyebrows.

God lord, what have they done?

Encouraged my daughter to
play with a saw and potentially
have her lose a limb.

Knowle looks at her with surprise. The boys would do that? Somehow he doubts that, but then again it is Mulder and Krycek.

Oh, and add John to that list.

What’s your husband gone
and done now?

Encourages her to break into things
with saws, hammers, and screwdrivers.

Her tone turns to distress and she takes a seat on the bar stool and moves the plate with the cheesecake over to her. Knowle hands her a fork.

Knowle... she was sawing into
Alex’s locker with a saw. A saw!

She takes a bite of cheesecake and temporarily forgets her distress. She looks up at him.

(mouth full of food)
This is delicious!

Knowle nods his head in appreciation and she continues.

Alex stole her little puppy dog
that I gave her when she was just
a baby. You know the one that I had
when I was a kid that Mulder somehow
found whenever he found it.

The one named Johnny.

Yeah, that’s the one.

I know him well. She brings him
by all the time and says he really
wants some of the mint candies I make.

Why do they do that to her? Why
does Alex feel this need to steal
from her? She’s only a child.

Knowle leans on the bar.

Here’s what I think. You ready?

She nods and takes another bite of the cheesecake.

He feels at competition with her.
He’s a very needy fellow and when
he sees her getting all the love
and affection from you and others,
he feels that he isn’t the center
of attention. So he steals from her
to get attention from you.

So what should I do? Ignore that
he did this and encouraged my daughter
to saw his locker? And did I mention
she was using a saw?

You mentioned that. (beat) Don’t let
him get away with the way he’s been
acting, but don’t give him the kind
of attention he wants to have. That
will only reinforce the behavior.

Scully thinks for a moment.

So when I find the little twerp I
should not yell and scream at him?

Knowle nods.

You’re right. He’d hate that, the
little drama whore. He wants me to
get all worked up and scream at him.
Well I won’t give him the satisfaction!

She smiles, finally content with what to do when she finds those bozos.

Can I get the rest of this to go?


He takes her plate and walks to the back to box it up for her.

Scully smiles to herself.




Mulder and Krycek are still tied up, despite Katie’s promise to let them go once she found her stuffed puppy dog. The boys squirm and wiggle trying to get lose from the rope they are tied in.

I don’t think the wiggling is helping!

Well if you didn’t tie this knot
so damn well we wouldn’t still be
here and we’d be eating cheesecake!

Well if you never stole Katie’s
stuffed dog I never would have
been tricked into tying us up!

Both men wiggle and squirm for a few minutes with no success of loosening the knot.

(huffing and puffing)
Just had to tie one of those
“impressive” Mulder Knots, didntcha?

Mulder looks back at him and glares.

It’s not my fault I paid close attention
to Chuck-E-Cheese’s lesson on tying knots
on a big boat. You know, maybe you should
have paid attention to how to get out of them!

He never taught that class!

They both wiggle and spazz again.


Alexander, stop using such fowl words.

Shut it.

No, you shut it!

No, you shut it!

Stop mimicking what I say!

Stop mimicking what I say!

Alex, stop!

Alex, stop!

Mulder remains silent, catching on to Krycek’s immature game of mimicking him. Krycek looks back at him expecting the game to continue.

Dammit Mulder, say something!

Dammit Mulder, say something!



(menacing like)
Well lookie what we have here...

Shannon laughs and the boys snap their heads in her direction. Shannon McMahon emerges from the darkest corner of the brig.

(purposefully scaring them)
What naughty crime did you two
boys do to get tied up in my brig?

She stands closely in front of them and both Mulder and Krycek lean away from her in fear of what she will do to them.

Krycek... he-he-he s-s-s-stole
K-k-katie’s s-s-stuffed dog.

(looking over his shoulder)
Why are you stuttering? You don’t stutter.

Mulder looks back at Krycek.

Because she likes it when people
are scared of her so I’m playing it up.

Oh. I thought you were really scared.

I’m not like you Alex.

I’m not scared.

Yes you are. You’re a scardy cat.

I am not!

You are too!

Am not!



Their fight continues and Shannon rolls her eyes and walks away from them. As she leaves the brig she make sure to shut off all the lights and leaves them alone in the dark.

Pitch black.

Did we just give up any chance
of getting rescued out of this knot?

I think so.

(after a small beat)
Is that bad?



But we’ll be all right, right?

Oh yeah! Most definitely. I’ve
got Mulder Luck.

That’s true, you do!


But you don’t.


You don’t have Mulder Luck.
Only I do.

What does that mean for me?

You’ll probably die.

But I don’t wanna die!

Dying is part of the circle of life.
You know, like what Elton John sang
about in “The Lion King”.

(now happy)
I love Elton John!

Yeah, especially “Crocodile Rock”!


Brief moment of silence before...

(singing in the pitch black)
I remember when rock was young
Me and Suzie had so much fun
Holding hands and skimming stones
Had an old gold Chevy and a place of my own
But the biggest kick I ever got
was doing a thing called the Crocodile Rock
While the other kids were Rocking Round the Clock
we were hopping and bopping to the Crocodile Rock

And as they continue to sing “Crocodile Rock”, we...




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