"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Ten

10x04 "Mulder Luck"Title: "Mulder Luck"
Series: FRVS - Episode #196
Written by: Cassie
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Air Date: 26 September 2009
Rating: PG-13

Date Written: 17-18 August; 3-4 September 2009
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Spoilers: None, we try to create our own stuff... but remember sometimes we have to refer to happenings in the actual show "The X-Files".

Disclaimer: "The X-Files" and its characters belong to 20th Century FOX Broadcasting. If you recognize it, it's not our own creation. Original characters belong to Cassie and Kristi (FRVS).

Author's Note: Sometimes the actions of these characters are cartoonish in nature. If you actually think that following their horrible example is a good thing to do, we are not responsible for your lack of common sense. The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor.

Summary: It's Valentine's Day aboard the Pequod and Mulder's got a few surprises up his sleeve, that doesn't stop at the ship's Talent Show.



Mulder is humming the tune to “The Pink Panther”, he sounds sneaky, yet cautious. We hear the sound of what seems to be pots and pans clanging against each other.


Mulder turns on a flashlight and aims it down at the floor of the room that he’s in. A skillet and a frying pan lie at his feet. His foot pushes it out of the way. He needs to be more careful. Any loud noise may alert the Breeders or the Hybrids that he’s in the area.

He aims the flashlight ahead of him and this is when we realize that we are not aboard the Pequod, but rather we are inside Mulder and Krycek’s apartment in Alexandria, Virginia. Icicles hang from the window sill and from the bookshelf in the living room.

The beam from the flashlight stops on the framed picture of young Samantha that lies on the broken coffee table. Mulder picks up the picture and carefully places it inside a burlap bag that he’s carrying with him.

He makes his way to the old desk in front of the window and sits down in the chair. He places the flashlight down on the desk. He leans back, resting his hands on the back of his head. He looks around. He hasn’t been back inside this apartment since the day in 2006 – six years ago – when Krycek accidentally activated the lock on the bunker he made within the walls of the FBI basement, locking them inside the basement of the FBI, along with Marita, for months, all the while the alien forces invaded the planet.

Their apartment, apartment number 42, looks as if it’s been ransacked. He figures back when the aliens first came to colonize that his neighbors may have tried to salvage supplies from the apartment. He looks at the broken window and sees claw marks on the window ledge. Or maybe people took cover in here during colonization and were found by the enemy. He’s almost afraid to look any closer for fear of discovering blood stains or human remains on the apartment floor.

Mulder JUMPS out of his seat and pulls out a handgun as the last leg of the coffee table buckles underneath its own weight and CRASHES to the floor behind him.

He raises his eyes to look above, thankful it was only the table that made the noise.

He shouldn’t be here right now. No one knows he snuck off the Pequod to go salvage what he could of his belongings and some of the belongings of his friends.

The first time he did this, four years ago, soon after the birth of John and Dana’s daughter, Katie. At that time there were no other children aboard the Pequod and it hurt him to know that Scully’s daughter would not have any stuffed animals or toys. So he snuck off the Pequod and made his way back to Falls Church and went to John Doggett’s home. There he found Scully’s stuffed dog, “Johnny The Puppy”, and brought it, as a gift, to Katie Doggett. On that trip he also found a box full of old toys that had belonged to Luke Doggett, before he was murdered in 1993.

After seeing the look on Dana’s face, he knew that he’d be making more trips back to shore to find more important, sentimental items for his friends.

This is his first trip back to his own home. Scratch that, he’s been back, but has only taken the “4” and the “2” from the apartment door.

He had been afraid of facing the past so he didn’t dare to enter the apartment until today. He actually only came here because he couldn’t find his favorite picture of Samantha, sitting inside a jungle gym at the playground where they spent a lot of their childhood, picking on each other. He couldn’t find it in his FBI office each time he’d been back there picking up more things for his place on the Pequod, so he figured the last place to look would be his and Krycek’s apartment.

A smile crosses over his face. He’s glad that he came back here as it brings back fond memories. Not just of good times had with Krycek, like their awesome Halloween parties, and New Year’s Bashes, but the picture of Samantha brings back memories of his time with Samantha.

Memories flash through his mind. Even though their reunion and time together was cut short when she died almost five years ago, he appreciates that he was given the chance to get to know her.

Mulder enters the bedroom. The room, that he and Krycek once deemed “The Love Room”. He shines the flashlight around and spots the nudie girlie poster that Krycek thought made such a great addition to the apartment, still hanging on the bedroom wall. It remains in pristine condition inside the poster frame that Krycek bought just to preserve its value.

Mulder puts his flashlight in his mouth as he takes the frame off of the wall. He sets it down on the bed and removes it from the frame. He smiles, Krycek is going to love having this again. Hopefully Marita won’t mind.

He rolls up the poster and puts it into the burlap bag. He lifts the bag and figures he’s done enough memory hunting for the night. He should get back before Krycek realizes he’s gone and starts a manhunt for him on the ship.

Mulder heads to the door and walks out of the apartment. He shuts the door behind him, not locking it. All those years in apartment 42 and he still hasn’t found the key to the door so he and Krycek never bothered to lock their door... ever.

Mulder makes his way down the stairwell. He does his best to control his heart rate and to keep from panicking. It’s not safe on land. The human race is out-numbered by the Breeders and the Hybrids, who are constantly a threat to any human beings living on land such as Ray Douglas and his crew back at the Ice Cave. Mulder’s never had any direct contact with either threat when he’s snuck away, but he hasn’t allowed that to make him over-confident. He knows he must be careful and at attention at all times.

Outside it is snowing. Mulder brushes the snow dust off of the seat of his snow-mobile, and securely fastens his burlap bag to the back of it. On the ground he sees the footprints of someone else. This is a sign that the streets of Alexandria are frequented by the Breeders or the Hybrids. It’s difficult to tell which solely by their footprints, since both look like human beings. His best guess would be these prints are those of a Hybrid since the Breeders are typically louder and much more aggressive and violent.

He starts up his snow-mobile and heads back toward the shore where he left his row boat, to get back home to the Pequod.




FEBRUARY 14, 2012
8:03 A.M.

John and Dana lie in bed. Their bodies are close together, her back to his chest and his arm wrapped around her. Their eyes are closed. They are underneath a warm blanket, which covers their naked bodies. John quietly clears his throat and slowly opens his eyes. He doesn’t move from the position that he’s in as he gently starts to kiss the back of Dana’s neck. She moves as his kisses wake her. She smiles and opens her eyes. She shifts her head to expose more of her neck to John.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

She moans as a response and turns around to face him. She kisses him on the mouth, touching the side of his face with her hand. He parts from her lips momentarily so he can roll her onto her back. She runs her fingers through his hair as he hovers over her and kisses her again, carefully resting his body on top of hers.

She moans again as his hand wanders down to her breast and gives her a little squeeze. John watches his wife as she closes her eyes and smiles as he fondles her. He leans back down and kisses her. First on her mouth, then on the neck... then her breast... her abdomen... He places his hand in between her legs and smiles as her back arches from the pleasure of his touch. He kisses her inner thigh, tantalizingly close to her center, letting her know that it is his full intention to pleasure her this morning.


She hates to do this, but sits up anyway, temporarily stopping what he’s doing to her.

Get a condom. Remember what we
talked about...

John lets out a little chuckle.

I wasn’t going to do anything
that’d require a condom, sweetheart.

Dana’s eyes go wide, realizing what he wants to do. John gives her a sly grin and moves back to lie on top of her, his face inches away from her own.

But if you prefer Missionary,
I won’t complain.

He kisses her and keeps one eye open and attempts to reach over to his nightstand and open its drawer where they keep their contraceptives. He feels Dana’s fingers gently massaging his balls, he rolls his eyes back, damn woman, she’s distracting him. Dana pulls away from the kiss.

You know, maybe we should try
that one thing Alex raves about...

She licks John’s earlobe and gives it a little nibble before speaking again.

I wouldn’t want for you to
miss out on-

SUDDENLY! A loud crash is heard out in their dining room.

Slightly disappointed, John and Dana look at each other, knowing that this is all over for now.


John rolls off of Dana and shakes his head. He stands up and starts walking toward their bathroom.

Dana... can you go check on her?
I’ve got something to take care
of unless we want to explain to our
little girl what’s going on in daddy’s pants.

Dana gets out of bed and throws on her blue and grey, flannel pajamas from last night that were thrown to the floor in their pre-Valentine’s Day bedroom escapade. She grabs an elastic band and puts her hair up into a ponytail.

I’m on it.

Dana waits until she hears John shut their bathroom door and she goes to the dining room. Something pink and liquidy has been spilled all over the carpet. The smell of burnt food is coming from the kitchen.


She enters the kitchen and sees her daughter standing on a stool, putting all sorts of things into a frying pan: banana peels, pepper, cereal, water, orange juice, and pancake mix. She’s stirring this strange mixture trying to look like she didn’t spill anything in the dining room moments ago. She feels her mother looking at her and guilt overcomes her.

(to self)
Oh no...

Katie turns around with a very guilty look on her face. She smiles the biggest smile Dana’s seen in a long, long time. Dana rubs her hand over her face. This is exactly the same thing she used to do as a kid when she was trying to cook and spilled things all over the carpet. Pretend like she was cooking so she can say that she didn’t do it.

I didn’t do it. I was
cooking the whole time.

Shortcake, you’re not supposed
to cook without daddy’s supervision.
Remember how scared we were when I
accidentally set fire to the towel?

Dana turns off the stove top and puts the frying pan of mysterious food mixtures on the back burner.

I wanted to make you and daddy
Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed.

An expression of complete love and sympathy washes over Dana’s face as she takes her daughter into her arms and hugs her.

Happy Valentine’s Day, mommy!

Katie kisses her mom on the cheek and gives her the biggest hug that she can.

Off towards the master bedroom, Katie and Dana hear John let out a loud moan. Katie pulls back from Dana and looks quizzically at her.

What’s that?!

Dana’s face shows a slight sign of worry that she won’t be able to explain what “that” noise was that daddy made.

Daddy’s just feeling really, really
good right now, that’s all.

Why’d he sound like that?
He sounds hurt.

Umm... you’re asking some
awfully adult questions, shortcake.

I am? (beat) Should I ask
Uncle Alex?

No. Uncle Alex would make
up weird stories that would scare you.

John comes out of the bedroom, now fully dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans, a smile on his face. Dana sets Katie down and gives John a look.

You owe me one.

She winks at him as Katie runs up to him and hugs his legs tightly.

Happy Valentine’s Day, daddy!

John picks her up and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Is everything ok out here?

She wanted to make us breakfast
in bed. (beat) You know how that goes.

Was there a fire?

No. She was trying to cook.

And I spilled pink Juicy Juice
on the floor.

You did? Have you helped your mommy
clean it up?


Well, lucky for you, school
starts soon and mommy will
pick it up for you.

John sets his daughter down and messes up her pretty red hair with his hand.

Go get ready for school.

Katie nods her head and runs back to her bedroom, thankful that she doesn’t have to clean up the Juicy Juice mess that’s all over the dining room carpet.

Dana gives John a look, her eyebrow raised.

I have to clean it up?

She goes into the kitchen and wets a washcloth in the sink. John goes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her shoulder.

I’ll talk with dad and see if
he wants to watch Katie for us
tonight, all right?

Dana turns around and looks him in the eye. She hands him the wet washcloth and smiles.

Sounds good to me. Make sure
when you clean up the Juicy
Juice that there’s no stains.
That stuff is hard to get out.

John smiles and takes the wet washcloth from her. She kisses him on the mouth and returns to the master bedroom to get ready for the day. He looks down at the spilled Juicy Juice on the carpet. He kneels down and starts to clean up Katie’s mess.



The flight deck has been cleared of any icy surfaces earlier in the day. Now Knowle Rohrer stands before a group of men and women. A Humvee is parked behind him.

The first rule of John Wayne
Driving School is-

Rule #1: No one touches Marita.

Didn’t you learn anything in
isolation? Geez.

Sorry, but, to me, that will
always be Rule #1. Marita is my everything-

Knowle clears his throat LOUDLY to quiet them.


The first rule of John Wayne
Driving School is-

I’m just saying that my Rule #1
has been around longer than any
rules that we were told that exist
on this boat. My rule should still
be in effect.

Alex. Do you want to learn how
to drive a Humvee or not?

I do.

Ok, good. (beat) The first rule of
John Wayne Driving School is-

John Doggett joins the group. He stands next to Shannon McMahon, and interrupts Knowle.

Sorry I’m late. Dana’s working in
the lab and Katie ran away from
her class. I had to hunt her down for Monica.

Everyone, except Krycek, gives John a look. They’re sick and tired of all the delays in this lesson.


Geez, man! Interrupt why don’t you!

Knowle rolls his eyes. How he has the tolerance for this he’ll never understand.

(out of nowhere excitement)
We should have a Valentine’s Day
Talent Show! Ohmygod!

We should! I could sing my
hit song, “Bat Poop Eyes”! Or
I could perform “My Marita Lynn”
as a soft, balletic, romantic piano ballad.
Or we could re-enact, scene by scene, all
of “The Empire Strikes Back”.

It is a dark time for the
Rebellion. Although the Death
Star has been destroyed, Imperial
troops have driven the rebel forces
from their hidden base and pursued
them across the galaxy. Evading
the dreaded Imperial Starfleet,
a group of freedom fighters led
by Luke Skywalker has established
a new secret base on the remote
ice world of Hoth.

You know... Earth is a lot like Hoth now.

I know. Sometimes I wish I lived
at the Ice Cave, it reminds me
of the rebel base in the movie.
Maria could be my Princess Leia to
my Han Solo.

John Doggett wrinkles his brow and looks at Knowle. It’s amazing how much these two talk about “Star Wars”. Knowle shares a look with John and interrupts their “Star Wars” musings.

The first rule of John Wayne Driving
School is that you must pay close
attention. If you do not, you may
find yourself in a really dangerous
situation, especially given the
terrain we travel on back on land.

Dude, Knowle, take a chill pill.
How about you demonstrate your
mad driving skills at the talent show.

Mulder turns to face everyone else.

Tonight at nineteen hundred hours
in the hangar deck. All you’re required
to bring is a talent to show off!

Mulder turns to Krycek and puts his arm around his shoulders.

C’mon, buddy! Let’s go set up
the stage and sound systems!


Mulder and Krycek run off. Knowle sighs and looks at John, then he looks at everyone else who is standing out here in the freezing cold.

I guess I’ll hold off on this.
I was going to open with a little
trick that would do well in a
talent show. (beat) Dismissed.

John approaches him, tucking his un-gloved hands in his winter coat pocket.

Why were Mulder and Krycek here?

I advertised that anyone could show up.

Next time ‘by invitation only’, right?

Not a bad idea.

They start walking back to the deck’s island and open the door to get back inside the warmer interior of the air craft carrier.

Monica said that she needs
to talk to both Dana and I
about Katie. Have any idea what about?

You said she ran away from class?
Maybe that’s why.

I guess. (beat) After Dana gets
out of the lab, we’ll go do that.
Then I’m going to have to find
some talent to show off tonight, or
suffer through the grief and tears of Fox Mulder.

They descend the steep stairs of the ship, heading below deck to the hangar deck.

Got any plans for Valentine’s Day?

Sort of. I’ve got to finish something
I started this morning. I talked to
Dana’s dad and he’s going to watch
Katie tonight so there should be no interruptions.

Knowle chuckles.

Watch out for Krycek then. He’s
having an interruptive day. (beat)
You should have contacted the Azure
and booked a room for you and Dana.

I don’t know. I thought about doing
that, but the thought of leaving
Katie here on the Pequod without
Dana or I here... that didn’t appeal to me.
I’d like to always have either one of
us here on the ship with her incase anything
were to happen to the other while we’re
off ship. Last thing I want is to orphan her.

Seriously, John, consider it for your
anniversary. It’s your five year
anniversary this year, you and Dana both deserve
a little R&R, plus Monica’s mentioned
to me that Dana’s talked about wanting
to go there but doesn’t think you’d do it.
Nevermind you two could use a break from
your responsibilities aboard this great ship.
She works nearly every day in the lab, raising
your kid, being your wife and Lord knows
that you work equally as hard as a General
of the USMC and as a father and husband.
Go on, get away from here. I can contact
Pete on the Azure and get you hooked up
with a room for June.

I’ll talk to Dana and see what she thinks.

John gives him a look that says “geez, you talk a lot”.

Monica and I have been on the Azure
a couple times now. It’s the Las Vegas,
the Malibu, the Paris and Hawaii of all
the ship colonies on the sea. Dana would
love it, as would you.

I know, but Katie-

She’ll be fine here without you
for a weekend. Everyone she knows
here is family or like family.
Nothing would happen to her.

John knows this is true, but still has a hard time with the idea since he’s rarely spent a single night without tucking her into bed. Even that time he and Knowle were lost on land, the dangers they saw right in front of them with the Breeders, doesn’t do anything towards convincing him leaving Katie without her mom and dad would be a good idea.



Skinner is strapped down on an exam table, held down by metal restraints. He struggles to try to break free and screams with savage intensity. His screams almost sound inhuman.

Dana looks back at him from where she and Montgomery are preparing a syringe of their newest attempt at a vaccination against the Furiae Virus. In her eyes is sadness. This is a man she once promised to spend her life with. She had loved him very much years ago. After an awkward time after their breakup they were able to mend their friendship and it breaks her heart to see him suffering and out of control of his own mind and body.

Skinner’s eyes lock with hers. She still sees life within them. He’s not yet suffering from the advanced stages of the Furiae Virus, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t hit him suddenly, attacking him and destroying him as a human. Once he hits this stage he will be considered untreatable and they will have to, as Montgomery puts it, put him down.

John Montgomery looks at Skinner and then to Dana. His face is a billboard of concern.

You know that I don’t like you being
here with him this far along. We don’t
know what his strength capabilities
are and you know all too well what
would happen if he broke those restraints.

I know, and if another female doctor
was in here I’d be saying the same
thing to her myself, but he’s important
to me, he’s a close friend and I want
to be here. I need to be here.

What if something happens? What about
Katie? What about John? They’re your family.

That’s where my trust in you comes in.
I trust that you’d protect me, hell, I’d
probably be able to protect myself after
all the training John and Knowle put me through.

Dana, at this stage he’s unpredictable.
We’ve never had someone who is essentially
a Breeder on the ship up to the stage that
he’s at.

That was my call, Dr. Montgomery.

I can’t promise you anything.

Dana bites her lower lip, knowing full well that he’s right. She looks away from him and goes back to work.

That’s why we have to hope
we find a cure soon. We’ve been
trying for years now. We have
to be getting close.

A LOUD BUZZER is heard in the lab and Montgomery looks at the door. Shannon McMahon is motioning to him that she needs to speak with him right now.

Montgomery looks at Scully as he takes off his latex gloves.

Don’t do anything to him until
I get back and stay at least
ten feet away from him. I’ll
be right outside the lab.

Dana nods her head and goes back to work, she gives a side-glance at Skinner, just a little nervous that she’s being left alone in the room with him.

Montgomery opens the lab door and steps out into the narrow hallway.

Doctor, there’s been some buzz on
the lower decks that an outbreak
of the flu – or the common cold -
has hit the Pequod. They want to see
you and Dana ASAP.

Have the Captain contact Ray and
tell him to prep the Cave for the
sick. Once we get the illness contained
then we’ll de-contaminate the lower decks.

Yes, sir.

Until then keep everyone in their
apartments so that we can prevent
the spread of the illness. Have General
Rohrer brief everyone on procedure. As
soon as Dr. Doggett and I are done here
we’ll be down to determine who will
go to the Cave.

A LOUD CRASH and the sound of broken glass and Dana’s scream interrupts their conversation from inside the lab. Montgomery quickly keys in the pass code to the lab door and enters. Shannon draws her gun and enters the lab right behind him.

Skinner has broken out of the metal restraints and he’s thrown Dana onto the exam table. She fights against him as he tears at her clothing, ripping her medical scrubs off her body as his other hand forcefully holds her down.

Shoot only to get him off of her!

Montgomery hits a red emergency button to call in reinforcements. Shannon aims her handgun at Skinner’s shoulder and fires. This stops him from attacking Dana momentarily. Dana kicks Skinner as hard as she can on his chest, knocking the air right out of him. He falls to the floor with a LOUD THUD. She sits up and starts to get off of the exam table.

She barely has time to find her footing before Shannon grabs onto her torn shirt and pushes Dana behind her, taking a protective stance, focusing her aim on Skinner. She’ll stop at nothing to stop him from hurting John’s girl.

The lab door flies open and Knowle Rohrer, Charles Scully, Roger Thompson and three other armed military men charge the room, quickly taking control of the situation.

Knowle and Charles secure Skinner, pressing his face to the floor, holding his upper and lower body still as he struggles to break free of their grip.

Roger Thompson takes Dana by the arm and leads her out of the lab to check her over.

Hold him still.

We’ve held him on the Pequod
for too long, John!

Knowle is not pleased with the situation before him. In the past five years this lab has held only four men infected with the Furiae Virus, this includes Skinner. None of the men before Skinner were ever allowed to remain aboard the Pequod into the advanced stage that Skinner has reached.

I know. That wasn’t my call. (beat)
Dr. Doggett, she was the one who didn’t
want to terminate him earlier.

Montgomery taps the needle of the syringe containing the newest vaccination he and Dana have created to try to cure Skinner.

Is she ok?

Roger is checking her over. (beat,
more snide) John’s gonna shit a brick
over this one.

Skinner lets out a bone chilling scream. His sexual arousal for Dana is so strong it’s hurting him. Charles and Knowle struggle to keep him held down.

Dr. Montgomery, I’m trumping your
medical authority and telling you
that if this vaccine doesn’t cure
him, I’m putting him down myself.
There are women and children on
this ship and we don’t need to worry
about what will happen one night if
he’s able to overtake our security forces.

I agree. (beat) Hold him as still
as you can. I’m going to administer
the vaccine. (beat) Michael, Steve,
Ryan, get ready to help us restrain
him on the exam table.

The three other men in the room prepare another table with metal restraints.

Ok, on three I’m going to inject
him. After I remove the needle
I need all of you to move him to the restraints.

Montgomery looks in Shannon’s direction. She’s ready to defend and protect if anything goes wrong.

Shannon, I want you out of the lab.
He’s become a liability to your safety.

I’m fine right here, sir.

Shannon! I’m ordering you out
of the room! Check on Dana. I’ll
get you when we need you.

Shannon grits her teeth. She can’t argue with him, he’s her direct superior. She makes her way out of the lab and as the door shuts behind her she hears Montgomery counting to three. The door shuts with a LOUD CLANK and Skinner’s screams are heard echoing down the hallway.

Alone in the hallway, Shannon makes her way down toward more exam rooms until she finds the one where Roger took Dana. The door to the room is open and she watches as Roger tends to the cuts, scrapes and bruises that Skinner gave to her. Knowing that they aren’t very close, Shannon makes her way into the room. She grabs a box of tissues and takes it to Dana, who is crying quietly as Roger works on her. She forces a smile at Shannon and takes a tissue.

Thank you.

She dabs the tissue at her eyes.

Shannon holds onto her hand to comfort her.

They’ve administered the vaccine.
It’s only a matter of a few hours
before we know if it works or not.

Dana sniffles and crumples the tissue up in her fist.

I shouldn’t have let Skinner stay
here this long. I should have put
him out of his misery weeks ago.
But no, I have this irrational perspective
that something can be done to save him
even though all these years of research
have given us less than stellar results.
(beat) I decided to make him suffer for my
own selfish reasons, because I love him,
because he’s my friend and took care of me
when no one else seemed to care-

Hey. Don’t talk like that. You have
to believe that there’s still a
chance he can be saved.

Dana gives her a look that says she’s doubtful of this.

Does John know about this yet?

(looks down at her hands)

Dana’s voice and body language tells Shannon that she and John have had disagreements about her work on Skinner, and that John didn’t think that she should be continuing to work on him when he reached Stage 3 of the Furiae Virus, the stage where the man infected cannot control violent outbursts. He reached this stage a little over a week ago.

I’ll call him down.

Shannon. I’ll talk to him.
It’s not like I’m dying and
in need of blood. (beat) But
you can get me a new set of
scrubs. That will help.

Shannon nods her head slightly. She thinks that John needs to know about this right now. Shannon leaves the room to go get Dana a pair of clean scrubs.

Roger Thompson looks up at Dana.

I know you and I don’t know each
other very well, but I think Shan’
is right. Don’t lie to yourself
and say that you don’t need or
want him here right now. He loves
you and it would hurt him if you
withheld this from him.

Dana’s eyes well up with tears and she tries to prevent them from falling by focusing her eyes up at the ceiling. She takes a deep breath.

Are you married, Mr. Thompson?

No, I am not.

Have you been through what I’ve
experienced with the Breeders?


Then I don’t think you’re qualified
to tell me what I should do in this

I respect that, but I can say
that I’m in love. That’s one
thing that we have in common.
(beat) I love Shannon, and if this
happened to her, I’d abandon post to
be with her and make sure she was all right.

This strikes a chord with Dana and she looks Roger in the eye and gives him a nod to show him she understands what he’s saying. She knows that John would do the exact same thing for her.

Roger gives her a “keep strong” grin and stands up and leaves the room. He shuts the door behind him.

She lies down on the exam table and lets out a sigh, which releases some of the tears she had been holding back. She curls up onto her side and covers her mouth to muffle her cries. As frightened as she was when Skinner attacked her, she could also see the fear in his eyes. He didn’t want to try to rape her, but the virus inside him makes him completely incapable of controlling himself.

The virus programs men to reproduce at any cost whether they want to or not. It disgusts her that the colonizing aliens from years ago hated the human race so much that they would infect its men to rape in order to create their Hybrid race. Rape, one of the most horrifying and traumatizing crimes, one that haunts its survivors for years after it has been committed.

She knows that seeing this fear in Skinner means that men at Stage 3 and higher aren’t beyond hope of being human again. They are human, but are controlled by this virus. This means that if they found a cure that they’d be able to help men who are Stage 3 or above, they wouldn’t have to kill them because they are a hopeless case.

She knows that it is likely this was the last time she’d ever see Skinner. After what happened, no one is going to agree to keep him alive and on board the Pequod.

There’s a gentle knock on the door to the room. Dana sits up and wipes her tears away.

(trying to sound all right)
Come in.

The door opens and John Doggett steps into the room, a clean pair of blue scrubs in his hand. Upon seeing him, she allows her tears to fall freely down her face. John goes to her and sets the scrubs down on the exam table behind her and takes her into his arms and hugs her.

He kisses the top of her head and tightens his hold on her, not wanting to let go. When Shannon told him what had happened his heart very nearly stopped.

You’re ok, sweetheart. Everything
is going to be ok...

He’s still himself, John, only
he’s hidden inside the savage
he’s been made to be.

I thought you determined that men
infected did not hold onto anything
that made them human once they
reached Stage 3.

She pulls away from his embrace. He wipes a tear from her cheek with his thumb. He takes hold of her hand.

That’s what I thought, but Johnny...
I looked into his eyes and he was
just as afraid as I was when he
attacked me.

John can see in her eyes that this attack has opened her mind to something neither she nor Montgomery have considered before.

If this is true with all the Breeders
then... then they still, very much, have
their human traits locked inside them, which
we previously thought were lost. The virus
is making them become these madmen when,
by nature they’re still who they were
before they were infected.

Even at the highest stage? Stage 5?

She ponders this for a moment and then she looks into John’s eyes with a spark of life and a sense of hope that he hasn’t seen in her when she’s talked of her research before. Her crying is over and she wipes away the remaining tears from her face.

Theoretically, yes.

She gets off the exam table. John holds her hand to steady her since she’s still shaking from the adrenaline rush she experienced when Skinner attacked her.

She starts re-dressing into the clean scrubs, stripping out of the torn clothing. John eyes her over, taking note of where she’s been wounded. Her white cotton underwear remains in tact, indicating to John that his wife was not sexually penetrated during the attack. She puts on the blue pants and shirt and turns to face him. The tears, sadness and fear are gone from her face now. In their place is excitement.

Dana takes notice that her husband is looking her over to make sure she’s all right. She’s sure he was expecting a different reaction from her when he came into the room.

I need to get back in the lab and-

John takes her by the hand and looks straight into her eyes.

No. Not today. Not until we know
what’s going to happen to him.


You can talk to Dr. Montgomery, but
I don’t want you in the same room
as Skinner right now.

If my theory is right... when we find
a cure we may be able to help the men
that we considered to be lost causes.
(beat) You understand what that could mean?

I do.

If we could inoculate all of the
Breeders and make them normal human
beings again... there are more Breeders
than there are human survivors of the
colonization war combined. Saving
them would be a huge step towards getting
back control of the planet. Ending the
endless threats we face day in and day
out back on land. With more human
survivors we may have enough men to
put together a small army, one that may
be able to attack the Hybrids and rid
the planet of their existence.

John walks to her and places his hands on her shoulders and looks at her very seriously.

Until then we have a parent-teacher
conference, a talent show to prepare
for and somehow we have to find a way
to remember that it is Valentine’s Day.

He places a small kiss on her lips.

As important as your work is, Dana,
there are even more important
things to take care of. You have to
remember to live your life too, you know.

Dana smiles at him and nods her head. He wraps his arms around her again and holds her close.

I can’t tell you how scared I was
when Shannon called and told me
what happened.

(softer, equaling her husband’s emotion)
That’s because she likes to start with
the action rather than say if anyone’s
hurt or all right.

John laughs. He can’t help it, Shannon is that way.

She said, “John, Skinner attacked Dana,
you better get down here right now”.

Dana shakes her head in disbelief.

Don’t tell her I said this but...
sometimes I think she likes drama
just as much as Alex does.

My lips are sealed.

To prove it he gives her a kiss on the lips then rests his forehead on hers.

I’m sorry that I didn’t want
you to know what happened
right away. I know better-

I also know that if Shan’ hadn’t
called me, she would have come back
here and you would have asked her
to come get me anyway.

I know but...

You don’t need to explain yourself, ok?
What’s important is that you’re all right.

Dana nods her head, knowing that they could go on about this for awhile and it would get them nowhere because she knows him better than he knows himself, and he understands her better than she understands herself. She gives him a small smile and takes hold of his hand and they head to the door.

What time is our parent-teacher conference?

Three o’clock. We’ve got five
minutes to make it to Monica’s classroom.

Any idea what this is about?

Katie ran away from class this
morning, I figure that has
something to do with it.

Dana’s eyes widen, she’s surprised to hear that Katie ran away from class. She was under the impression that Katie loved Aunt Monica’s class.



Mulder’s Valentine’s Day Talent Show has been underway for about ten minutes. Complete with a ten minute delay because Krycek deemed that the lighting was too “hot” on his face, making him shine like the top of the Chrysler Building on a hot summer afternoon. Alex is on stage now for his solo act. He’s dyed his hair a vibrant red (complete with perm curls) and he’s in a bright red jump suit.

Krycek’s secret dream in life was to appear in the Broadway musical “Annie” so he’s vamping it out on stage here on the Pequod hangar deck.

(singing the song “It’s A Hard Knock Life”)
Empty belly life!
Rotten smelly life!
Full of sorrow life!
No tomorrow life!
Santa Claus we never see.
Santa Claus, what's that?
Who's he?!
No one cares for you a smidge!
When you're in an orphanage!
You'll stay up till this dump shines
like the top of the Chrysler Building!
Yank the whiskers from her chin!
Jab her with a safety Pin!
Make her drink a mickey finn!
I love you, Miss Hannigan!
Get to work!
Strip them beds!
I said get to work!
It's the hard-knock life for us!
It's the hard-knock life for us!
No one cares for you a smidge!
When your in an orphanage!
It's the hard-knock life!
It's the hard-knock life!
It's the hard-knock life!

Krycek slides on his knees on the stage, his arms out-stretched to the audience who doesn’t know whether to laugh, cry or applaud this performance. He actually sang and danced to “It’s A Hard Knock Life” rather well. Scully starts the applause, hesitant at first and then is joined by others who clap a bit more enthusiastically.

Katie sits in her seat, with her arms folded across her chest. She pouts.

Mommy! Uncle Alex stole my talent!
I was going to do little orphan Annie!

He did?! Ooh, that Sasha!
(beat) Shortcake, we’ll both
go up and sing “Tomorrow” and
show him up. I used to work on
stage as a dancer in Vegas. I’ve got
more stage presence than he’ll ever
have. And since you’re my daughter
so do you. We’ll rock this joint, ok, sweetie?

Ok, mommy!

As everyone continues to applaud Krycek, who eats it all up and acts as if he doesn’t think he deserves this kind of adorning recognition, Dana takes her daughter by the hand and storms up to the stage. She goes right up to Krycek and says something, which we cannot hear. His jaw drops as does Katie’s. He scurries off the stage so that no one can see how hurt he is by whatever it was that she said to him.

Go ahead, shortcake.

Dana lowers the microphone to Katie’s height and Katie moves it so it is right in front of her mouth.

I was going to do that song that
Uncle Alex did, but he stole it
from me, so me and my mommy are
going to sing “Tomorrow” from “Annie”.

Dana gets down on her knees so that she and Katie are about the same height. In the audience Monica pulls out a tissue from a tissue box and hands it to John Doggett. He takes it without hesitation as he watches on as his wife and daughter prepare to sing a song together. Monica puts her arm around John’s shoulders.

(singing off key just slightly)
The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun!
Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none!
When I'm stuck a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,
The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way!

Doggett leads the audience in a standing ovation for his wife and daughter. Monica whistles loudly through her fingers and Knowle gives them his LOUDEST war cry. Dana picks Katie up in her arms and they wave at everyone. Just off stage, Krycek stands there, smiling and clapping for them, that really was very good even if it was off key.



Everyone who is attending Mulder’s talent show is standing near the island, huddled together to keep warm. A fresh dusting of snow is on deck and Knowle is strapping Alex Krycek into the passenger side of the Humvee. Krycek is having a gay ol’ time, waving to everyone, smiling. He’s ecstatic that Knowle chose him to participate in Knowle’s talent.

Knowle finishes preparing him for what’s about to come, something that Alex doesn’t completely understand. Knowle shuts the door, quietly, on him and turns to address the audience.

Ok, what Alex doesn’t know is that
I’m going to slip and slide this here
Humvee all around the flight deck and
my talent will be to skid to a stop
at the very edge of this ship without
flying the vehicle overboard.

No one really believes that Knowle would risk doing this, especially with the fresh dusting of snow on the flight deck.

Knowle, is that really a good idea?

Before Knowle can respond he’s strapping himself into the driver’s seat of the Humvee, nodding his head at poor Alex Krycek, who’s still very, blissfully unaware of what he’s about to experience.

And then...

It happens.

Knowle slams on the gas and the Humvee is flying down the runway at full speed. Krycek is looking out the window, smiling back at his friends who are watching.

SUDDENLY, Knowle makes a sharp turn with the steering wheel and the vehicle spins, in control, and turns a 180 degree turn, barely stops and barrels down the runway back to where it came from. This time, Krycek is hanging onto Knowle’s arm for dear life, his eyes shut tightly, his mouth wide open, screaming in fear. Almost everyone in the audience points and laughs, especially little Katie.

The Humvee whips around again, doing another 180 degree turn and then barrels down back to where Knowle began his talent for the talent show. As it approaches the group, Knowle snaps the steering wheel again and it skids towards the right side of the ship and slides to a stop, mere inches before it would have flown right off the flight deck. The passenger side of the vehicle faces the cold ocean waters below.

The applause begins before Knowle and Krycek can exit the Humvee.

That was so cool! I wanna go next!

Me too! Daddy, can I please?!


Mommy! May I? (she bats her
eyes at Dana) Pretty please...

(more stern than usual)
I agree with your daddy. No.

But I wanna! It looks like fun!

Mulder leans toward Doggett and whispers in his ear:

Want me to get her mind off of this?

If you can. I doubt you can.
She’s as stubborn as her mom and I.

Mulder shrugs his shoulders and sneaks up behind Katie, puts on his “scary” face and pokes his fingers into her side and screams. Katie falls down, screaming for her life, blood-curling screams. He’s terrified her.

Mulder?! What the hell?!

I thought I’d help. You know,
scare her and she’ll forget
about how much she wants to
ride in the Humvee.

Dana picks up Katie and gives Mulder a very disapproving look. He shrugs his shoulders. He really thought it would help. Dana does her best to calm her daughter, knowing very well that this may have just scared her into wanting to sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed tonight. Way to go, Mulder.

Knowle gets out of the Humvee and goes around to assist Krycek in getting out. Poor Krycek was so scared that he is having a hard time walking and he’s trying to speak but he screamed so loud and so hard for so long that he’s lost his voice.

And that is my talent.
I can scare the living shit
out of this guy.

Knowle, language. My baby heard you!

Dana cuddles Katie in her arms and comforts her more, running her hand over her daughter’s head.



John Doggett has taken to the stage and he’s dressed up in a white T-shirt, blue jeans with cowboy chaps, cowboy boots (complete with spurs), a cowboy buckle and a white cowboy hat. He holds a lasso in his hand. Monica stands on the stage with him, about twenty feet away.

For those of you who don’t know
I grew up on a farm in deep south
Texas. Since Monica lived not too
far away and was fond of attempting
to save our farm animals so they
wouldn’t be killed for dinner, my
Pa taught me how to lasso cattle
gone astray. (beat, he smiles) So...
I thought it’d be appropriate to have
Mon’ standing up here with me as the
cattle that I will lasso from a distance
of twenty feet or more. (beat, to Monica)
Mon’ feel free to run about and try to
allude my lasso.

There are a few chuckles from the audience. John starts to get the lasso going, it circles above his head very well. Monica rolls her eyes and starts running up stage and then down stage.

Even though she’s still holding Katie in her arms, Dana gives her husband an encouraging hoot and whistle. He winks at her and then maneuvers the lasso around Monica, pulls it tight around her waist and pulls her toward him. Monica rolls her eyes.

You could have just said “I’m
going to lasso my friend”, why
say I’m cattle? Is this an old
Monica used to be fat joke?

John ignores her and looks out at the audience. They are clapping and cheering for him. Shannon has joined in on the hooting and whistling. Even if she’s involved with Roger and John’s married, that was freakin’ hot. Shannon hopes Dana knows how lucky she is to be married to a man who could incorporate that into the bedroom.

So yeah, that was my hidden talent.

John un-lassos Monica and she does a little curtsy. They descend from the stage and then Mulder stands up and goes up on the stage. He quietly adjusts the microphone to his height and clears his throat.

I’d like to thank all of you
for coming and participating in
the First Annual Valentine’s Day
Talent Show. Now before you go I’d
like to share one last talent with you.
This talent being my own.

Mulder looks at everyone and smiles. He gives a little wave to Katie who is resting her head on her mommy’s shoulder. She takes her thumb out of her mouth and waves back at her Uncle Fox.

First off, Katie, I’m so sorry
for scaring you earlier. I’m sure
your mom and dad have already told
you that I don’t always think before
acting and that is something that is
very important to do.

Katie quietly says that she accepts his apology and rests her head back on Dana’s shoulder. John reaches over and moves a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Some of you may have noticed that
every day I disappear when I should
be sorting through the mail. You probably
think that I’m out hunting poltergeists
or tracking down new informants who know
more than we do about the aliens who
tried to colonize our planet. (beat)
I have... sort of.

Mulder waits a beat and looks at everyone’s reaction to his words. No one is really reacting like he thought they would. No rolling of the eyes, what kind of crowd is this?

If you’d all follow me below
deck, I’ve got to show you my
super talent.

Mulder steps away from the microphone and exits the stage. Everyone in the audience looks at each other. After freezing their butts off out on the flight deck Mulder expects them to all cram into the stairwells of this ship and go below deck. No one seems all too enthusiastic about this, but they stand up and do as asked anyway.

Mulder leads the group below deck, closer and closer toward the engine room. He stops on the fourth deck, the one right above the engine room. He maneuvers everyone down the dimly lit hallway and towards a door that has a name plaque on the door that reads “Special Agent Fox Mulder”. He stops before opening the door to make sure that everyone is there.

Behind this door is the most
exact replication of my FBI
basement office that I could
put together on this aircraft carrier.

Doggett blinks his eyes in disbelief, and Mulder hasn’t even opened the door yet.

For the past four years I’ve
been sneaking off this boat
in order to go back to Virginia
to salvage materialistic items
that I feel are needed aboard
the Pequod. I’m sure you all have
wondered at least once how I got
the numbers 4 and 2 to look exactly
like the 4 and 2 of mine and Alex’s
apartment. Well... I went back there
and got them myself.

No one knows what to say. Mulder stands proudly as he places his hand on the doorknob. The door is the exact same door as the door of his original basement office in the FBI.

He opens the door and walks in. Everyone follows and are in awe by what they see. Like Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” walking into the colorful Oz... it’s so unbelievable and unimaginable, yet it is real. Mulder’s desk, filing cabinets, casefiles, his “I Want To Believe” poster, his basketball, his trophies, his framed picture of Samantha on the jungle gym, his New York Knicks t-shirt sleeve in a plastic bag, space pictures, coat rack with NICAP hat hanging on it. Tucked away in the back is the smaller desk, designated for any random agent that was partnered up with him. Everything, even the chair is the same exact as the basement office from the FBI.

Dana hands Katie over to John and he takes her in his arms. She walks further into the office in awe.

Mulder... how did you... why
did you... oh my gosh.

The Pequod currently doesn’t
have an investigative unit
qualified to solve unsolvable
cases or any crime. I thought
we needed to bring back a
federal investigative agency.

Mulder, I hope you don’t expect
everyone who was with the FBI
to work down here. We all have
different jobs now.

I don’t. I figured that I could
be the first FBI Agent of the new
FBI. Would that make me Director Mulder?

What about being the postman?

I can do that too.

Dana sits down behind the desk and opens the drawers. The post-it notes and magazines that were in the drawers the last time she rummaged through them, six years ago, are there now.

This isn’t the only surprise
that I have for you all.

Mulder walks over to a huge cardboard box, one that looks like it has crayon flowers and windows drawn on it. Maria Covarrubias steps forward, in shock.

Pookie... is that my home from
New York City?

Maria circles this cardboard box and looks at it carefully. Back when she was 16 years old she made the decision to leave her money rotted family to live on the streets of New York City as a homeless bum. She had been living in New York when the aliens attacked six years ago and had to abandon her cardboard box home to save her life. And six years later, here it is, in the basement of the Pequod, in an office that Mulder has made to look just like his old office in the FBI basement. Her eyes grow wide when she sees her signature scribbled very clearly underneath a crayon drawing of a flower garden that she was especially proud of.


She squeaks and runs up and jumps into Mulder’s arms and kisses him. Mulder smiles, she always talks about how much she liked her last home so he snuck away a bit early one day so he could venture to New York City and he found her cardboard box home. It didn’t take long for him to find her cardboard box home, he contributed that to his “Mulder Luck”.

You always wanted to show me
the artwork you did when you lived
in New York, so I went and found it.

That’s so dangerous, Fox.
Do you know how dangerous
it is to venture out on land alone?

Mulder shrugs his shoulders and grins.

Mulder Luck.

Mulder goes to the cardboard box and opens the flaps.

Now, don’t be upset if I haven’t
found something of yours. I only
know my best buddies well enough
for what’s next.

Mulder digs into the box and grabs something. He walks over to Dana who is still sitting at his desk. He hands her a book. She looks down at it and tears well in her eyes. She flips the cover open and reads something that was written on the inside.

You went back to my home and
found the first edition print
of “Moby Dick” that my dad gave
to me when I was a child? (beat)
Oh Mulder...

She stands up and gives Mulder a huge hug. He knew, back when she thought her father was dead, that this book was the only thing she had left to remind her of him. Yeah, she had pictures of her father, but this book held a very special meaning to her and her father.

And you know it’s THE book
because of what your dad
wrote on the inside.

Dana walks over to John and Katie and shows them the book. Katie looks especially interested.

Mulder digs into the box again and pulls out a small duffle bag and looks at John.

Doggett, I found a few things
that I thought you’d like to
have again.

Mulder sets the duffle bag down by John’s feet. He sets Katie down and she’s the first to unzip the zipper of the bag. She digs in and takes out an old toy that used to belong to Luke Doggett.


John kneels down on the ground and goes through the bag. There are more toys that Luke used to play with, ones that Mulder didn’t find for them when Katie was younger, and then he spots some VHS video cassettes. He picks one up and reads the label.

NASCAR, favorite races, tape seven.
Mulder? Did you find my NASCAR video
tape collection?

I did, a-aaaaand...

Mulder pulls out an old VCR with which to play the video tapes back on.

I got this from your house too.
I had no idea you and Scully didn’t
have a DVD player. Weirdos.

Mulder pulls out what looks to be a guitar wrapped up in bed sheets. He hands this to Knowle.

Knowle... for you, my musical wonder.

Knowle unwraps a guitar and beneath the bed sheet around his guitar is an old pair of pajamas, grey, red and black plaid. The pajamas look very well-worn.

Holy shi-

Dana gives him a look, watch your language, Knowle.

Holy cow! Mulder you found
my old pair of pajamas that my
ma made me before I went off to bootcamp?!

Knowle goes up to Mulder and gives him a BIG bear hug. Behind them, Krycek pouts. But he can’t say anything since he lost his voice screaming during Knowle’s talent show Humvee ride. Mulder takes notice of this and digs back into Maria’s cardboard box, which she’s now sitting in. He pulls out some items that he has wrapped in what looks like a baby blanket. He hands this to Alex. Krycek’s eyes BUG and he mouths out “Ohmygod! My baby blanket!”

Unwrap your security blanket, man!

Krycek unwraps his baby blanket. It’s yellow with pretty pink flowers on the corners. And it’s oh so soft. Alex even rubs it on his face for memory’s sake. Inside the blanket is a picture of him and his mother back when they lived in Russia, back in the times when the country was known as the Soviet Union. Then Alex unfolds the nudie girlie poster that Mulder salvaged from their old apartment. He nearly jumps up and screams again, but he can’t since his voice has been lost. Krycek hugs Mulder and kisses him on the lips.

(pointing at them)
Mommy! Homosexual, right?

Shortcake! How do you know that?

Uncle Alex told me.

(to the boys)
Break it up you two.
You have girlfriends.

It’s ok, Dana, really it is.
Maria and I knew we’d have to
accept this part of their little
bromance when we decided to be with them.


We’re like brothers only we’re
romantic, we love each other
in a bromantic way.

I would have had so much
fun with you two had I known
you in my wild years.

She looks at them fondly, thinking of the possibilities.

Alex, I’m scared.

Krycek mouths off “me too”.

Monica, I found the novel you
were working on.

Mulder hands Monica a hand-written book that Monica kept in her office desk. Monica’s eyes go wide.

You so need to finish writing that.
I read it all so far and I need to
know who Isabella is going to choose
to be with Marcus or Justin. It’s so

I’ll work on it, Mulder. Don’t worry.

Mulder pulls out an extravagant pink froo-froo dress, complete with a sparkly wand. He hands it to Marita.

Marita, I found your favorite
Halloween costume, your Disney
princess gown!

Mulder! I thought I lost that
forever! Where’d you find it?!

In Alex’s closet back at our
old apartment.

Everyone focuses their attention on Krycek, but he didn’t hear Mulder, he’s too busy gawking at his nudie girlie poster. He can’t wait to put it up on his wall back at his and Mulder’s apartment here on the Pequod!

Doggett, Scully. I also have
Buddy’s old Buddy bed. I’ll bring
that by your place tomorrow since
I’m sure you two have a romantic
night planned for tonight, it being
Valentine’s Day and all.

That really all depends on whether
or not Katie is still scared by what
you pulled on flight deck and wants
to sleep with mommy and daddy tonight.

Dude. I apologized to you and
Scully for that earlier. Let up.
(beat) Ok, all you strong and bulky
lads, one final thing I’ve brought
back to the ship... and I need your
combined strength to bring it aboard.
Please follow me back onto the flight
deck and you’ll see what I mean.

They all groan and moan about having to climb the narrow stairs to go all the way back up to the flight deck. They all step back out into the hallway and Mulder takes a key out of his pocket and locks the new FBI office door. They head down the hallway and see John Montgomery. He works his way through everyone to get to Dana. He pulls her away from the group.

(worried by the serious expression
on his face)
What? What is it?

It’s Skinner. (beat) I need you
to come with me.

Doggett makes his way back to them, Katie falling asleep in his arms.

What’s going on?

We may have just made headway
with the vaccine. Skinner’s showing
some improvement. Not enough to warrant
removing his restraints, but enough to
give me hope that this could be it.

Dana gasps and covers her mouth. She wasn’t expecting Montgomery to bring this kind of news. She was preparing herself for the worst, the death of a very good friend. John puts his free arm over her shoulder and pulls her close to him.

I’ll let Knowle know about this
in the morning. This can wait
until morning, right?

It can, I’ll monitor Skinner
overnight and keep an eye on any
more signs of improvement.

Good. Dana and I were just about
to turn in for the night.

John Doggett stands his ground with the one man who can convince Dana to take time away from her own family to be with. Granted they work solely as professionals, but it still bothers him that she spends most of her time during the day with him, in dangerous situations no less.

Dana hugs John and Katie and turns to face Montgomery.

I’ll be at the lab first thing
in the morning.

Montgomery glances over at John, and then back at Scully.

No need, Dana. I’ve got the
situation under control. I’ll just
need to meet with the ranking officers
tomorrow about this situation.

I’ll be there for the meeting then.
I did help develop this vaccination.
I may have answers to their questions
that you don’t.

We’ll make sure to have this meeting
in the afternoon then. I think you
need a little break. Sleep in, take
the time to eat a good breakfast.

That sounds really good.

She yawns, covering her mouth. John nods to Montgomery and then leads his family down the hallway.

Have a nice night.

He stands alone in the hallway as he watches John, Dana and Katie walk away. When he sees them together, every now and then, there’s a pain in his heart that wonders what it would be like to have a family to go home to every night. All he has is his work, his research and his few belongings. A little over twenty years ago he had been married to Dana, had a daughter with her and still, all their lives were together, was research and work. A pained smile crosses his face. He’s happy that she’s moved on and found the normal life she had always wanted.



Mulder is leading all the brave souls who have stuck with the First Annual Valentine’s Day Talent Show this long, to the back (aft) of the ship. He stops at the rim, leaning back on the guardrail.

Well, it looks like we lost
Doggett and Scully. They’re
excused since they need to put
their daughter to bed.

He takes a deep breath.

Ok my final gift for all of
us aboard the Pequod is this.

He motions for everyone to look overboard. Knowle is the first to lean over the guardrail and peer down at the ocean below. He doesn’t just see the freezing water below, but a rowboat that contains everyone’s favorite jukebox from Tony’s Pizzaria.

You managed to get a heavy
jukebox onto a row boat and
row your way back here without
any help?

Mulder shrugs his shoulders.

Mulder Luck.

You need extra muscle to get
that on board, don’t you?

I sure do. Knowle?

Shouldn’t be too hard.

I knew you’d say that! You
know how to do everything
you Knowleopedia, you!


That’s what Alex and I call
him when he starts talking
and talking and talking
about stuff that weird
Trivial Pursuit gamers
would know. He’s like an
encyclopedia... a Knowleopedia.

Pookie is so clever, isn’t he?

It is rather original.

Monica cuddles up next to Knowle and kisses him on the cheek.

I guess I could call him
a Knowle-a Sutra.

Knowle gasps, he didn’t expect Monica to say something like that! She winks at him and touches his face.

Oh please, don’t act like
that kind of comparison shocks you.

So I’m going to go find some
rope and we can fasten the uh...
jukebox to it and get a pulley
attached to the guardrail here
and we can pull this thing up.

I was thinking we could keep
the jukebox in your restaurant.
You know, have karaoke night
every once in a while.

Mulder follows Knowle away from the group to go help him find rope and a pulley to hoist this jukebox up onto the ship. Monica looks at everyone who are now freezing again, outside on the flight deck.

I think it’s safe to say that
the night is over. Mulder thanks
you again for coming and sharing
your many talents and he looks
forward to your new talents in
next year’s show.

Everyone mumbles a few “you’re welcomes” under their breath and they all head back, huddled together. Some of them will have a fun time warming up this Valentine’s Day night and others will dream of lovers lost or lovers desired. We focus in on Krycek’s face as he ponders these very thoughts. He looks down at the nudie girlie poster in his hand and wiggles his eyebrows. With Mulder and Knowle out here tonight figuring out how to get that jukebox on board he and Marita will have their apartment cabin alone. Hee. Hee. Hee. HEE!



John and Dana enter their apartment without Katie. Since she fell asleep they were able to drop her off at Captain Scully’s quarters for the night.

John tosses their apartment keys into a key basket on a table near the door.

Monica is right, you know.
We baby Katie and she’s learned
to take advantage of our fear of
disappointing her.

We just need to re-evaluate our
approach in raising her. I don’t
think any drastic measures need
to be made.

They head into their bedroom, Scully kicks her shoes off and they land in the corner of the room. She starts undressing, heading into their walk-in closet.

Black or white?


I think what we need to
do with her is stop treating
her like the boys. Don’t let
her get away with things that
she shouldn’t be getting away
with. (beat) Satin, leather or lace?


If we make the mistakes that
I made when helping Mulder and
Krycek raise themselves, before
we know it she’ll be behaving
just like them.

Doggett strips out of his cotton boxer shorts and slips on a pair of silky black boxers. He hops into bed.

I don’t think with our genes
that Katie will be like them.

I know, but I guess what
I’m really afraid of is
her having our worst traits
stronger in her than they
are in us. I mean, you can’t
deny it, Johnny, she’s already
much more stubborn than you are.
(beat) Anklet or stiletto heels?

The diamond and ruby anklet, please.

Not to mention she’s as much
of a fire hazard that I am in
the kitchen. We really should
toddler proof the kitchen.

Dana steps out of the walk-in closet, dressed now in sexy, red lace lingerie complete with a diamond and ruby anklet. She’s put her hair down so it falls carelessly on her shoulders. She stands in the doorframe of the closet just long enough for John to admire her before she crawls next to him in bed, lying on her side, giving him a nice view of her body and cleavage.

John doesn’t remember the last thing that she said to him before she stepped out of the closet. He moves to lie on his side to face her, resting his hand on her hip. He moves in and starts kissing her. She returns his kiss with a gentle passion. He moves to lie his body partially on top of hers, his lips moving to her neck now, kissing her there and then on her cleavage which is so nicely accented by the lingerie. He feels her body relax as he continues his little bout of foreplay. Finally, they can get back to what they started this morning.

She yawns and he looks up at her. Her eyes are closed and a look of peace is on her face. Though she’s enjoying what he’s doing to her, she’s well on her way to falling asleep. After all, she did have a hard day at work.



He gets off of her and kisses her on the cheek. He then pulls up the blanket of their bed and lies next to her, covering their bodies. As he lies down next to her, she curls up next to him, nuzzling her head into the crook of his neck. She wraps her arm across his chest and smacks her lips together and lets out a soft sigh.

Goodnight, sweetheart.

John sighs and smiles as he closes his eyes to fall asleep. They’ve got a busy day tomorrow and today was busy as well. It’ll be nice to sleep through the night without having to go scare monsters out from under Katie’s bed, or check on things that go bump in the night when Katie gets up to poke around in the wee hours of the morning. They need a good night’s sleep, making love can wait. Sleep slowly comes as his body rests into quiet slumber.




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