"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Ten

10x05 "Crossover"Title: "Crossover"
Series: FRVS - Episode #197
Written by: Cassie & Kristi
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Air Date: 10 October 2009
Rating: PG

Date Written: 3, 9-10 October 2009
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Spoilers: None, we try to create our own stuff... but remember sometimes we have to refer to happenings in the actual show "The X-Files".

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: "The X-Files" and its characters belong to 20th Century FOX Broadcasting. If you recognize it, it's not our own creation. Original characters belong to Cassie and Kristi (FRVS). Olivia Dunham, Phillip Broyles, Peter Bishop, Walter Bishop and William Bell belong to JJ Abrams, Bad Robot, and 20th Century FOX Broadcasting.

Author's Note: Sometimes the actions of these characters are cartoonish in nature. If you actually think that following their horrible example is a good thing to do, we are not responsible for your lack of common sense. The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor.

Summary: When a visitor from another reality boards the Pequod only one agent can help her find her way home.



MARCH 8, 2012

The sun shines brightly on the busy streets of Boston of which Special Agent Olivia Dunham is looking down upon from the office of her superior, Phillip Broyles. The office is spacious and over looks the bull pin of which Broyles is in charge, giving it an intimidating feel. This intimidation, however, is not felt by Olivia as she moves a loose stand of long blond hair and tucks it behind her ear.

Broyles hands her a case file with his typical stern look. He stands tall above her as she takes the case file in her hand and skims the file.

This was brought to my
attention this morning,
thought it may be of some
interest to you and the Fringe Division.


Broyles nods his head.

I’ve already sent the body to
Dr. Bishop’s lab at Harvard.

I’ll head over there right away.

She makes her way to the door and exits Broyles’s office. FLASH the hallway of the federal building is suddenly cold, dark, gray, and no one is around. She turns quickly, confused, she sees her breath and then FLASH! She’s back in the hallway as it was. Her partner, Peter Bishop, is walking toward her. A concerned look is on his face.

‘Liv, are you all right?

I’m good. I just-

She looks around again and FLASH! Peter is gone and she’s back in a world that is stone cold. She hears a noise, almost human in its sound, but it’s savage-like screech causes the hair on her neck to stand on end. FLASH! She drops the file that Broyles gave to her. It falls to the floor and all of its contents fall all over the place. Peter bends down, keeping his eyes on her as he picks up the paper.

This one’s different, isn’t it?

I guess so.


It’s cold. No one is ar-

FLASH! She hears the sound of glass breaking, shattering, somewhere in the freezing cold federal building. She reaches for her weapon in her holster, but she’s not wearing it. Someone or something shrieks on the floor that she’s on.

Without panic, Olivia runs to the elevator. The door is wide open. She gets to it and sees that the elevator itself has fallen down the shaft. There’s nothing there but broken wires and icicles.

She quickly changes her route of escape and enters the stairwell and makes her way down the stairs at a fast pace. SUDDENLY she hits an icy stair and her feet slip out from beneath her. She falls hard onto her back, hitting her head on the step behind her. For a moment all is clear. Gradually her vision blurs and eventually all is BLACK.




Slowly everything fades from darkness into light. Olivia is strapped down on a gurney. A doctor, John Montgomery, shines a light into her eyes.

Pupil dilation is normal.

Olivia blinks and wants nothing more than to push his hand from her view, but her arms are strapped down. She’s not one to easily become panicked or afraid, but for five seconds she allows her fear to overcome her.


This isn’t the alternate world she’s visited before.


She doesn’t recognize any of these people.


Is she visiting another universe? Not an alternate world?


Nothing is familiar to her.


The lights above. The smell. This isn’t a normal hospital.

She closes her eyes and feels a woman’s hand check her pulse.

Her pulse is slowing to a
normal rate.

General Doggett, where did you
say you found her?

Olivia tries to turn her head to look towards this General but cannot see him. Then John Doggett steps into her view. He’s not wearing a military uniform. He’s dressed in a warm winter jacket. He’s still wearing sunglasses and is taking off his thick gloves.

Knowle found her inside the old
Boston Federal Building. He and
Ray were in there looking for that
case file Mulder requested on Jeremy
Abrams. She had fallen in the stairwell,
hit her head, and wasn’t wearing any
warm protective clothing.

Doggett uses a piece of packing tape that he carries in his jacket and pulls enough of it to print all five of Olivia’s fingers on one hand.

I’m a federal agent. Whatever you
think you’re going to get away
with, you’re wrong.

Scully runs her hand over Olivia’s hair and looks down at her.

You’re going to be all right.
We’ll take care of you here
on the Pequod. (beat) Do you
remember your name?

Olivia’s eyes squint in frustration. Of course she remembers her name.

Olivia Dunham. I was born in
North Carolina. I’m 32 years old.
I’m a Special Agent with the FBI,
assigned to the Fringe Division in
Boston. I work closely with Walter
Bishop. Is he here?

No one by that name resides on this ship.

Ship? Where the hell am I?

Doggett places his hand on Scully’s shoulder and walks off with Olivia’s finger prints. He heads down to the lower deck where Mulder’s FBI (X-Files actually) office is located.

Over the past few years, Knowle – with the help of the good aliens in Antarctica and their smart technology – have set up a filing system of those still alive on the planet. The system is similar to AFIS (Automated Fingerprinting Identification System) of the pre-colonization days that law enforcement agents were accustomed to using as part of their investigative process.



Mulder leans back in his chair watching his computer monitor flash names and faces of people as the fingerprint Doggett brought down goes through the system.

So we don’t know anything about her?

She says she’s FBI – talked
about it in the present tense,
as if she believes the FBI still exists.

Mulder looks at him offended, and opens his arms to the office.

You know what I mean. She said she
worked out of Boston, not your re-creation
of the office.

Temporary memory displacement?

Memory displacement?

Mulder shrugs, it’s just a suggestion.

It could happen. The brain is
intricate. If she’s been through
a trauma, as you say she has, then
I think it’s possible that the brain
is protecting her from whatever she’s
been through.

Doggett nods. He could be right.

The computer beeps and Mulder leans forward to get a better look at the monitor.


Doggett waits with interest, waiting for Mulder to inform him on what he sees.

Well... this is rather interesting.

What? What is it?

Mulder looks away from the monitor and at Doggett.

Our Agent Dunham is dead. She died
on September 11, 2001 on Flight 93.

Mulder stands up and grabs his suit jacket that was hanging on the back of his chair, and puts it on. He’s on a mission.

How can that be? She’s not a
hybrid, Montgomery tested her
for that already.

I know, and that’s why I’m going to
find out just exactly what’s going on here.

And Mulder is out the door. He’s been waiting for a very long time to investigate a X-File, and he may have just found one... or did one find him...





Olivia Dunham sits up in her bed, she is eager to get out of here and find out what is going on. This doesn’t seem like any other time she crossed over to the other world. This can’t be the same world she’s been to before, everything is so much different. Scully stands by her bedside, checking her pulse.

(to Scully)
I know what I’m saying sounds
insane, and I can tell by the
look on your face that you think
I am, but I’m not.

Scully remains skeptical and doctor like, checking her vitals.

We’re on the verge of war
with another world, they
have soldiers all around-

We’ve been to war with aliens
from another planet, and the
cold has killed most of them off.

You’re not hearing me right. Aliens
don’t exist-

Scully cocks her eyebrow, well at least they could have agreed on one thing years ago, but right now, this woman sounds like a lunatic.

The war that is coming... it’s
like, snow globes crashing into
one another, only one can exist
in one space at one time.

Mulder enters the room and Scully looks up at him and nods. She turns her doctor like attention back to Olivia.

I want you to rest, you’ve
been through a lot.

Scully leaves her side and approaches Mulder. She pulls him aside and they talk quietly so Olivia can’t hear them. Olivia watches them with interest.

Mulder, I think you should approach
her as a psychologist rather than
investigating what you probably think
is a x-file.

Mulder listens, but looks over at Olivia, seeing that she is watching them closely.

She has obviously suffered a
serious head injury. I’ll want
to run a few tests on her after
you’re done talking to her.

Mulder looks back at Scully.

I know you don’t want me to take
the investigative approach on this,
but I think I have to.

Scully gives him a look, fearing what new science fiction will roll out of his mouth.

The woman that is sitting in that
bed died in the September 11th attacks.
She was a passenger on flight 93. (beat)
Yet here she is, alive and well.

Mulder, how can you be so sure that
the database that was created is even
accurate, you can’t blindly believe-

The technology behind it is solid, Scully.
You’ve seen it work with your own eyes, it’s
how your father knew where you were all this
time after he faked his death.


-I’m just saying that I’m not going to
rule out any paranormal-

Unnoticed to Mulder and Scully, Olivia has left her bed and is approaching them.

Did I hear you mention the old
X Designation? Are you Fox Mulder?

Mulder and Scully look at her. Scully’s eyebrow cocks, now how would she know him when Mulder has never met her before in his life.

I-I... I’m Fox Mulder. (beat)
Old X Designation?

She mentioned it as “X-Files”.

Scully blinks then sighs... next thing she knows Mulder’s going to be recruiting her into the “basement office” to be his new partner.

Where I come from the X-Files were
shut down, but up in Boston I work
in a division similar, known as the Fringe Division.

Mulder turns to her completely with high interest.

Fringe Division?

Scully has to stop this nonsense.

I thought I asked that you get
some rest. I am your doctor.

With all due respect, doctor, but
I feel fine, and frankly I’d like
to know where I am. I know you think
I’m a lunatic, but what I’ve been through
is very real and from what I hear of the
work Fox Mulder has done, I think he’d
be the one I should be talking to.

Mulder smiles at this... no one has ever stood up to Scully’s orders.

Just call me Mulder.

Olivia eyes him and nods, then looks back at Scully – who is rather thrown off by Olivia’s strong defiance of her orders.

Could you point me in the direction
of my clothing, I’d like to get out
of this hospital gown and get to the
bottom of this.

(still slightly shocked)
I set them over there on the chair.

Thank you.

Scully and Mulder leave the room. Mulder hasn’t stopped smiling and Scully has noticed.

Stop smiling.

No, no... I just can’t help
but love that someone just
stood up to you.

It’s not like I’m bossy.

No, but you do act like this
boat’s mother all the time.

I do not.

Then why were Alex and I stuck
to eating Brussels sprouts, sauerkraut
and broccoli all the time. (beat) Face
it, Scully, you’re the ship’s mom and
Agent Dunham can challenge you.

Scully narrows her eyes.

Moving on to other things... why
do you think she’s a lunatic?

For the record I never said she
was a lunatic-

I’m sure your expression did.

Scully gives him a look to stop picking on her. And when did he even start picking on her? She shakes the thought from her mind.

She claims to be traveling through
alternate worlds or reality or some
kind of mumbo-jumbo-

And why is that so hard to believe?

Scully, out of practice of being an FBI Agent assigned to the X-Files Division, is thrown off by the question.

How is it so easy to believe?

I was right about aliens, wasn’t I?

Mulder, tha-that is hardly the same.
To travel between alternate worlds
is... it... it just can’t happen!

The door to the hospital room opens and Olivia comes out, dressed just as she was when she was at the FBI office in Boston. She is complete with pantsuit, haired pulled back in a bun, and her FBI badge clipped to her suit jacket. She smiles at them, having heard part of their conversation from the other side of the door.

If I’m not interrupting anything,
I’d really like to talk to you Agent Mulder.

Mulder looks to Scully and smiles. Scully shakes her head in defeat.

If you feel strange, please let me
know. I really think some rest will help.

Scully walks off. Her gut feeling telling her that Mulder has the first new partner of the X-Files on board the Pequod.

We can talk in my office.



Mulder opens the door to the office and allows Olivia in first. She looks around, as if she’s heard stories of how the office was back in her own world. She smiles at the “I Want To Believe” poster. She turns to look at Mulder.

Scully tells me you come from another world.

I do. It’s hard to explain.

Mulder motions for her to sit in a chair, she does as he sits down behind his desk.

Please, I’d like to hear. I’ve spent
many years investigating the
paranormal, alien abductions, mutants...
(beat) Would you mind if I recorded our

Go right ahead.

Mulder pulls out a tape recorder from his desk and hits the record button. He sets it on the desk.

This isn’t my first time traveling to
another world. I’ve been to a world
that is like the one I came from, but
things are different. My world and that
world are at war.

What kind of war?

Nothing like the war going on here with
aliens – I find that hard to wrap my brain
around to be honest – but this war between
two worlds is like hitting two snow globes
together and only one remains intact. Only
one can exist in a single space.

So these two worlds are coming closer
together. May the strongest world win
kind of thing?


So how is it you can travel to other worlds?

Mulder leans forward in his chair. He’s never dealt with anything like this before.

If you’re thinking this is something
that everyone from my world can do, you’re
wrong. (beat) I was experimented on as a
child. I happened to be the strongest. What
these experiments did to me made it so
it is possible.

So if I were to travel-

You’d be ripped to shreds.

So do you go in a machine? Or...

It just happens. Like a weakness
in the universe. When I came here
I was going about my usual day at
the office. Flashes of this world
started to come to me. I could feel
the cold, hear this loud screeching,
and then I was just here.

So how do you get back?

That’s what is odd... William Bell
would call on me to a meeting from
this other world, and then when that
was finished, I’d come back.

So you’re saying you weren’t called here?

I don’t know. I’m not sure why
I’m here or what reason it is
that I came here. (beat) There’s
always a reason. For information
or a warning. I don’t know.

Mulder nods, and pauses to think. Olivia waits, hoping he can think of some solution as to why she’s here and how she can get back.

(after a beat)
I have to be honest with you, Olivia.
I’ve never in my life investigated
anything like this. It’s been years since
I’ve worked on any x-file cases. I’m
just as puzzled as you are.

Typically, after the purpose was presented
to me, I went back. (beat) I’m just thankful
this time I wasn’t driving a car.

So does time stop when you travel?

No. The first time I was gone
for an hour in my world.

How long in the other world were you there?

Olivia looks at him, she’s unsure.

Honestly, I don’t know. The first time
I wasn’t in sync with the world... which
is strange because I’m not feeling any
of those effects here. I feel in sync,
and that can’t be...

She trails off, even more puzzled.

Mulder watches her as she thinks, his own mind races for an explanation.

What if my world and your world are
so similar, or are going to be similar
that your body naturally feels in sync with it?

What do you mean?

What if what’s happened in my world
is about to happen in your world, therefore
making it more natural for you to be here
according to time?

You mean to say that any day now my
world will ice over and we’ll be
invaded by aliens?

Sort of.

Mulder grabs a pen and starts drawing on a piece of paper. He holds it up for Olivia.

(click to enlarge)

The time continuum does not change.
Along this continuum there are other
realities – your’s, mine and the one
you will be at war with. Your world and
my world are on the same continuum, traveling
at the same rate of time, but are in sync
together because we were never supposed to
collide. Whereas this other world is so close
to your world that a collision will occur like
magnets pulling towards one another.

You’re saying that I’m going to be
facing two wars – one with this other
world and then aliens wanting to colonize?


She gives him a skeptical look, unsure about this alien business.

Aliens aside, first things first.
We have to find out how to get you home.

Mulder stands up, he knows the perfect place to look for knowledge on alternate realities, other worlds and traveling... the library.



Krycek is busy sweeping the floor, happily playing the role of janitor – probably not noticing what a crummy job that is. He sings operatically the words to his poem, “My Marita Lynn”. People walk by him, immune to his horrid opera singing. This is a regular thing that happens.

(singing opera version)
So fair and so sweet,
She knocks me off my feet.
So beautiful and kind,
And now we don't drink red wine.
Dammit all to hellllllllllllllll!!!

Skinner rounds the corner. He’s recovering well from being infected with the Furiae virus. He scrunches up his face at the awful sound of Krycek’s singing.


Krycek snaps a look in his direction. How DARE someone interrupt his beautiful, balletic, romantic, opera ballad about Marita!

GEEZ! What’s your problem? Have
no appreciation for the art of opera?

I actually DO have an appreciation
for opera, but that crap you were
spouting out...

Skinner shakes his head.

Stick to pot and pan noise.

Krycek looks down, that hurt his feelings just a tad.

So why are you here?

Getting back into good physical shape.


I’m a Marine – or did you forget that?

I dunno, I guess I thought you would
take it easy after everything.

I can’t just do that. I know too
much about how those people work
and operate as a group. I can be
a good asset to the military.

I see.

He continues sweeping.

So what do you know about the
new girl on board?

Krycek looks at him confused? New girl? Why doesn’t he know anything about this?

(re: his confusion)
You’re kidding me... another
blond on board and you’re the
last to know about it? There’s
something seriously wrong with-

Blond? There’s another blond on board?!

He drops his broom and stares blankly at Skinner, who isn’t sure why Krycek is flipping out about this.

Yeah, she’s in the library
right now talking with Muld-

Before Skinner can even finish Krycek is sprinting down the hallway as fast as he can, making his way to the library!



Mulder and Oliva are seated at a large table. Books are opened all over the place. Mulder’s even got his reading glasses on. The sleeves of his white dress shirt are rolled up to his elbows and his suit jacket hangs on the back of the chair that he’s sitting on.

How did you cope with being
looked at by your peers as
the office outcast?

I didn’t let it bother me.
In our field of work with
fringe investigations, being
viewed as an outcast comes
with the job.

It should have been printed
within the job description.
(beat) What’s the strangest
thing that you’ve ever witnessed?

Mulder looks up at her from the book he was skimming through. There are so many strange cases that he’s investigated through the years with Scully, Krycek, Doggett, and Reyes. He doesn’t know where to begin.

Thinking about it now...
I have to say that I unfortunately
did not get to witness the alien
colonization of Earth. Investigating
alien sightings, alleged abductees,
and working to uncover a government
conspiracy that covered up anything
and everything alien was my goal.
(beat) It’s unfitting that I didn’t
get to see it happen. Instead I was
locked up inside the FBI basement,
in my office.

I asked what was the-

- strangest thing I saw, I know.
I was getting to it. (beat)Vampires.
Scully and I had a case in Chaney,
Texas once dealing with vampires.

Vampires don’t exist. (beat)
I mean actual, Bram Stoker
vampires. There are people that
get involved in blood sports,
but that isn’t vampirism.

The vampires we encountered in
Texas wore fake teeth. Glowed
green eyes, and drugged us so
they could slip away to go off
to inhabit another off-the-radar
town somewhere. They were relatively
harmless, preferring to feast on cows.

They could have been your regular
human beings, a group, maybe
involved in blood sport with cow

Their eyes glowed green.

You said they drugged you.
Did their eyes glow green
before or after you were drugged?


Blood sport. I don’t think
that you encountered an
actual vampire, Agent Mulder.

Mulder grins sheepishly. Both he and Scully did see the glowing green eyes after they had been drugged. Unless there were other witnesses to what happened after they both ingested the drug, there is no way to know if the “vampires’” eyes actually glowed green. This case very well could have been as simple as a group of people involved in blood sport, ok, ok, cow blood sport.

How about you? What’s the
strangest thing you’ve encountered?

You mean other than crossing
over to another reality?

Yeah, apparently that’s normal now.

Where to start... there was
a woman who was suddenly
pregnant, died after giving
birth, and then the baby aged
rapidly and died of old age
all of which happened in a
matter of a few hours.

Babies with monkey tails.

Mulder smiles at Olivia, challenging her to tell about some other strange thing she’s witnessed in her Fringe Division investigations. He’s up to challenging her strange encounters with his own. A playful, boyish expression is in his eyes.

A bank heist that left a man
split in half on the inside
of a vault and half on the
outside wall of the vault.

I lived one Monday over
and over and over and
over again, until one
of those same Mondays
I remembered that one of
the men in the bank I was
at was carrying a bomb.

I had my former lover’s
memories locked in my
brain. I was confusing my
own memories with his. All
because I let Doctor Bishop
give me LSD so that I could
question John Scott after his death.

I’ve come back from the dead.

Olivis narrows her eyes and smiles at Mulder. She’s getting as into this as he is.

I was in a car crash
and an hour after it
happened I came flying
through the windshield.


I cheated on that one.
My disappearance during
the actual accident was
because I was visiting
the other reality.

But still, WOW. (beat)
This isn’t a crossover
into another reality...
kind of, well, it sort of
is... one time I switched
bodies with a man named
Morris Fletcher, one of
those Men In Black. I was
still in the world that
I knew, but because I was
in his body I gained access
to Area 51.

Spend a day in another man’s shoes?

A few days actually.
I still don’t know if
I made his family life
better or worse.

That begs to ask the question
what would you do if you got to
spend a day in the life of
a friend or family member,
what would you do?

If I were Alex... I don’t know.
His life is so... weird. Even
if I got 24 hours in his body
I wouldn’t be able to do anything
to better his life because he’d
screw it all up once he got back.

SUDDENLY! The door of the library flies open and Alex Krycek disrupts the peace and quiet of the Pequod Library. He marches straight over to Mulder and Olivia, and sits down in front of Olivia.

Look here little missy.
I don’t know who you are
or where you came from.
Or why you’re here or...
or who you are, but there
are rules on this boat and
one of those rules is that
no other pretty blond woman
can be prettier than my
Marita Lynn. Ok? So go dye
your hair brunette, red or
green, it doesn’t matter
as long as you aren’t BLOND!

Krycek stands up, spits on the floor next to Olivia’s foot and turns around, sticking his nose up in the air and huffing a loud huff. He storms out of the library.

(to Alex)
Don’t forget to visit the
psych ward today!

Krycek pauses as if he’s thinking hard about what she means by that and then continues on his way.

(to Mulder)
Alex, right?

How’d you guess?

Olivia grins at him. For a few minutes they return their attention back to the science books in front of them.

Mulder’s sweetheart, Maria Linn, busies herself by putting books back in their place on the shelves, pushing chairs back under tables and other little things that no one usually takes notice of.

A few years back, in my
world, a man named David
Jones was able to find
soft spots, holes in my
reality and the alternate
reality. If we could find
one of these soft spots, then
maybe it would be weakened
enough for me to cross back
over to my world.

Yeah, but how do we find one
of these weak spots?

That’s where I’m not entirely sure.
We’d have to have enough sonic-

Pardon my intrusion...

Mulder and Olivia look over at her as she makes her way over to their table.

But wouldn’t one of these weak
spots be where you came from?
That’s usually how I always came back.

She smiles at them sweetly as both Mulder and Olivia wonder if she is serious.

(to Olivia)
Can you come in where you came from?

Probably... we’d have to get
to Boston and make it to the
fifth floor of the Federal Building.

Hm. That might be a problem.

Why’s that?

Well... ever since I told everyone
that I would sneak off the boat and go
to land where it’s dangerous... the captain
has required that I ask permission to leave
the boat so they know where I am at all times.

So you’re a flight risk.

They seem to think so.

He smiles sheepishly.

I’ll go get permission.

Mulder leaps out of his seat and leaves the library. Olivia shakes her head, who knew Fox Mulder was such a goofball. She looks over at Maria.

Is he always this way?

Oh yes, and for as long as
I’ve known him.

She smiles and carries on with her business.



Mulder is following Captain Scully around the Navigation Bridge like a teenage boy begging for the car keys.

Absolutely not. It’s too dangerous out there.

But Cap’n, I gotta, I just gotta.

Captain Scully continues to check up on things as Mulder follows him around.

I said ‘no’, and as the captain of
this ship I’m the man in charge. And
as the man in charge that means you
will listen and do as I tell you.

But, sir, I’m serious! We have to
find a weak spot in the universe
so she can go back to her home in
the other world. I promise not to
go off on an adventure afterwards.
I swear.

Captain Scully turns to face him. He is stern.

No. Now go back to the mail room, you’ve
been slacking off on your duty ever since
you re-opened your x-files-

I brought back the FBI!

Captain Scully gives him another stern look. He doesn’t appreciate him yelling.

Get back to your work and
forget about leaving the boat.

He turns away from Mulder and continues his duties in the Navigation Bridge.

Yes, sir.

He leaves the bridge filled with discontent. He can’t let Olivia Dunham down. He has to help her get home. He just has to!



Mulder and Olivia are in the rowboat Mulder usually takes when sneaking off to a land adventure. It is freezing cold and both are bundled up as warm as they can be. Mulder rows the boat, showing much endurance since he has done this many times in the past.

Are you sure we’re supposed to
be out here right now?

I’m as sure as Lando Calrissian
in “The Empire Strikes Back”.


“Star Wars”... you do know of it, right?
I mean, you do have “Star Wars” in your
world don’t you?

Yeah... but...

What does one even say to his comments about Lando? She shakes her head.

What I was saying is that I find
it odd to be out here without any
military protection.
I’ve been hearing that there is
danger and that we’re heading into
a dangerous area...

Don’t worry... You’re with Mulder.
I have this uncanny ability to have
super good luck. It’s what my friends
have started to call “Mulder Luck”.

Olivia nods her head, she’s unsure about this despite his attempts at reassuring her.

Now remember, when you get back home
you have to find me. I’m sure I’ll be
at the FBI in Washington, D.C. – just ask
for the X-Files Division-

Remember that in my world we know
your division as the old X Designation.
I think you’ve been shut down.

Right, which I find impossible to believe,
but okay. Find me and tell me about what’s
going on in this world – about the aliens
and everything. If it hasn’t happened in
your world by now, it’s probably about to.
It’s up to you and my counterpart to fight
the future and save your world from all that
you see here.

I’ll find you. I’m sure it won’t be
too hard.

Don’t under estimate me, if I know me
the way I know myself, well... I’m sure
I’m in a hole somewhere with the old
X-Files doing my own thing – with or
without the FBI. And if you can’t find
me, I’d find Scully... don’t go looking
for Krycek, he’s unpredictable – but Scully,
she’ll know how to find me no matter what.

I will.

The boat hits land and Olivia and Mulder get out of the rowboat, making their way to the Boston Federal Building. Snow falls around them, and the dead city is eerie with silence.



Mulder and Olivia carefully enter the building. Mulder checks to make sure they are safe and that no one is there – breeder or hybrid. When Doggett brought her finger print down to his basement FBI office he told him that they had found Olivia lying, unconscious, in the stairwell of the Boston Federal Building. Mulder figures that since she was unconscious that she doesn’t know about the dangers of being back on land.

Elevators are shot. We’ll
have to use the stairwell
to get up to fifth.

Regardless, it’s probably
safer that way anyway.

Mulder and Olivia make their way to the doorway to enter the building’s stairwell. They enter and begin their climb up to the fifth floor, to the location where Olivia entered this world.

Some of the stairs are glazed with ice, in the darkness of the night and the small light of the flashlight that Mulder holds in his hand, some of the icy stairs are like black ice, unnoticeable until stepped on.

Is there anything that I’d
need to say to you in my
world so that you, in my
world, know that what I need
to say is legit?

Tell me that Samantha
and I argued about watching
The Magician. It was on at nine.

I’m not sure that would work.

If you knew me because of the
old X Designation, the X-Files,
then the one and only reason that
I left behind a promising career
with Behavioral Science was because
I was obsessed with finding the truth
about what happened to my sister, Samantha.

And if you’re not in the X Designation
I should try the BSU?


All right. (beat) Let’s see
if this works.

She opens a door in the stairwell and she and Mulder enter onto the fifth floor of the Boston Federal Building. At nighttime this place is quieter than when she first came here from her world. This time around she can smell the cold in the air and it sends a chill down her spine, and goosebumps running up her arms.

Are you all right?

Yeah, it’s just... so quiet.

I know what you mean, I used
to sneak off of the Pequod to
go back on land alone a lot.
It somehow seems safer to be
back on land when I’m not alone.

He smiles at her. She walks towards one of the desks and leans against it.

So now what?

Wait. I don’t know actually
all the other times that I’ve
visited the other reality
I was brought to it by someone else.
This time, it just happened. I’m
not even sure why.

In the distance, the hallway several feet away, they hear a man’s footsteps. Olivia quickly stands up and goes for her holster, only to remember that she’s not wearing a weapon. Mulder pulls a gun from his holster and aims it in the direction that the footsteps are coming from. He stands protectively in front of Olivia, a gesture that she appreciates, but doesn’t feel is needed. She steps out from behind him to stand at his side. Mulder gives her a quick glance and then returns his focus on the sound before them.

From the darkness that swallows the hallway before them, making it look like an endless black hole, William Bell, the man whom Olivia spoke of, the man who brought her to the alternate reality that she visits and sends her back to her own, appears in front of them. He is a tall man, with dark hair and narrow eyes. He carries himself with confidence and elegance.

Olivia lets out a sigh of relief and steps forward in front of Mulder.

You know this man?

He’s William Bell.

Walter and I never anticipated
you would be this strong, Olivia.

Are you the one that brought me here?

You brought yourself here.

Do you know why?

Only you have found the
answer to that question.
I’m only here to help
lead you back to your world.

Olivia looks back at Mulder, thinking back on anything that she has learned in her short visit to his world.

That the war is coming
sooner than we think.
And maybe those we thought
we would be fighting aren’t
even the ones we should fear.

In this world we are preparing
for a war, one in which we hope
to win back control of this planet.
Talk has it that we should be ready
for a full out attack on the Hybrids,
the troops left behind by the colonizing
aliens, in several months. If you know
anything about the Myan prophesy of the
end of the world as we know it on
December 21, 2012, then you should be
able to come to the conclusion that
we will face off with them on or near
that date. (beat) Perhaps your war
against aliens, or the people of the
other world you’ve visited will take
place on this same date.

Olivia looks to William Bell, a smile has formed on his face. As a scientist he can appreciate theories that surround the 2012 prophesy. Perhaps this kid has a point.

The Myans weren’t the only civilization
to predict this exact date as the date
the world would come to an end, so did
the Hopi, the Egyptians, the Navajo, and
many other peoples of the world. If this
is true in my world, perhaps it is true of yours.

Olivia smiles at Mulder and nods her head, taking his words to heart.

Mulder, thank you-

SUDDENLY she is lying on the ground in the Boston Federal Building. It is no longer cold and most of the lights are off except for a few dimly lit lights in the hallway. A janitor comes around the corner as Olivia stands up.

Are you Agent Dunham?

I am.

A Peter Bishop told me to give
you this if I saw you tonight.
I think he’s been looking for you
all day, which is strange because
he said you might show up in this hallway.

The Janitor hands her a piece of paper. She takes it and smiles.

Thank you.

The Janitor nods his head and carries on with his work.

Olivia opens the note that simply says that when she comes back she should meet up with him at Walter’s lab at Harvard. She pockets the note and heads towards her office. First things first, find Fox Mulder.



Olivia sets a mug of coffee down on her desk as she goes through FBI files on Fox Mulder. She’s been catching up with the Mulder of her world. She’s learned about his work on the X-Files, better known to her as the old X Designation, out of Washington, D.C. How he and his partner Dana Scully worked many cases – from mutants to government conspiracies. How Fox Mulder himself was abducted by aliens and then returned. How he was wanted by the military and the FBI and went into hiding until being brought out to help the FBI with a case in 2008 involving a pedophile who had a psychic connection with a man that was linked to a series of crimes. How now he has been re-instated to the FBI, working with the Behavioral Science Unit out of Washington, D.C.

She checks her watch and sees that it’s seven in the morning.

Normally, agents don’t arrive to work this early, but she’ll go out on a limb and guess that Fox Mulder would. She picks up her phone and dials the FBI switch board number.

Fox Mulder please.

She waits as the operator patches her through to Mulder’s office in the BSU. A moment later and he picks up.


Agent Mulder, my name is
Olivia Dunham. I’m with the
Bureau up in Boston. (beat)
I need to talk to you about
something of interest to you...
having to do with fringe science
and your previous work on the X-Files...

Off her, we...




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