"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Ten

10x06 "Distribution"Title: "Distribution"
Series: FRVS - Episode #198
Written by: Cassie
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Air Date: 17 October 2009
Rating: PG-13

Date Written: 13 September 13; 5, 10-11 October 2009
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Spoilers: None, we try to create our own stuff... but remember sometimes we have to refer to happenings in the actual show "The X-Files".

Disclaimer: "The X-Files" and its characters belong to 20th Century FOX Broadcasting. If you recognize it, it's not our own creation. Original characters belong to Cassie and Kristi (FRVS).

Author's Note: Sometimes the actions of these characters are cartoonish in nature. If you actually think that following their horrible example is a good thing to do, we are not responsible for your lack of common sense. The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor.

Summary: First thing's first, save the Breeders, then prepare for war with the Hybrids... if they can survive distribution...


Montpelier, Vermont
April 24, 2012

Robert Comer stands by the window of this small cabin in the woods of Montpelier, Vermont. A fire is burning in the fireplace, making this cabin warm in contrast to the winter weather outside. A nasty blizzard hit the area late yesterday morning and piled up well over thirteen inches of snow in less than 24 hours.

Robert was supposed to have left yesterday afternoon to get back to the Pequod, but was held back by the blizzard. It isn’t that he minds staying an extra day on land, it’s just that he came here to pick up food supplies that the residents of the Montpelier Colony hunted for the local sea colonies.

Fact is that Robert has longed for a land assignment for years. Sure, the first couple years living aboard the Pequod were different, gave him a taste of what it would have been like had he joined the U.S. Navy rather than the Marine Corps, but after nearly five years of the same old scenery and people, he’s ready for a change.

He lifts a coffee mug up to his lips and drinks. He doesn’t care what people say, Knowle Rohrer does not make the best hot chocolate that he’s ever tasted. Alexandra McCord does. He smiles thinking of her.

Just as sudden his thoughts are on Monica. It took him awhile to get used to seeing Monica with Knowle, he even attempted to steal her away from Knowle that first year on the Pequod. Eventually, he got the point. It took their marriage to make him realize that she would never be his again.

You look deep in thought.

The sudden sound of her voice doesn’t startle him at all. He turns around and sets the mug down on a table next to the window.

How long have you been watching me?

Long enough to know that you’re
thinking about how much you
want to live anywhere BUT the Pequod.

Robert laughs as he takes Alex in his arms and hugs her.

I guess we can radio with the
Pequod. Someone should be there
by now. We said we would make
contact at fifteen hundred hours.

Robert looks at his wristwatch, it’s a minute to 3:00 P.M.

It’s a minute till now.

He kisses her on the cheek and walks to the door.

Do you want me to tell them that
you’re staying here? (beat) If so
then I’ll be staying here with you.

Robert stops in his tracks. He’s unsure how to answer this. He turns to face her, his hand on the doorknob.

You make the decision for me.

He opens the door and the cold outside air filters into the wooden cabin. He steps outside and shuts the door behind him.

Alexandra rolls her eyes and sits down in front of the communications radio at a dining table. She flips a toggle switch to turn on the radio and adjusts the frequency.

(into radio transmitter)
This is Alex McCord, come in Pequod.

(on radio)
You’re loud and clear, Alex.
How’s the weather in Vermont?

Ha. Ha. (beat) Thirteen inches
of snow on the ground. I’m
freezing my ass off.

The Captain says we should arrive
at Cape Cod tomorrow approximately
by fourteen hundred hours.

What happened to being able
to get here today?

Doctors Montgomery and Doggett
requested that we begin distribution
of the Furiae Vaccine. Charles Scully
is flying Montgomery over to the Sea
of Japan to address the sea and land
colonies on that side of the world.
And Dana and John needed to meet with
Ray’s colony at the Ice Cave. Apparently
the need to get this going was more
important than braving a blizzard and
staying in the area to get you guys back
on board today. We had to keep the flight
deck clear of snow and ice.

That’s good that they’re preparing
to distribute the vaccine. (beat)
Robert’s not going to be pleased.

Well we all have to take things
as they come.

Has General Rohrer re-instated
your position yet?

Are you asking me if I’m fit
enough to help save those
infected with the same virus
that infected me?

I am.

I passed all my physical
and psychological tests yesterday.
I’ll be joining the distribution op
later this week at the Ice Cave.
And believe it or not, but I’m
going to be flown back to Virginia
by Alex Krycek.

Knowle actually let him get his license
to operate a fighter jet?

He did.

Did he kiss Knowle?
I imagine he did.

That information is between
Knowle and Alex, but if I had
to guess there had to be hugging
at least.

Speaking of Knowle, I’m sure
he wouldn’t be thrilled with
our unnecessary radio chatter.

Right. Tomorrow at fourteen
hundred hours, Cape Cod.

Roger that. (beat) Over and out.

Over and out.

Alexandra turns off the radio transmitter and stands up and puts on her winter jacket, gloves and hat. She needs to go out and find Robert and let him know that they need to start heading out towards Cape Cod today, otherwise they may not make it there by two o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

Outside she hears the sound of a gunshot and then a man’s screams. She races to the window and looks out to see at least one-hundred to two-hundred Breeders attacking this Montpelier Colony. They waste no time in devouring anyone in their way. She watches with wide-eyes as a Breeder attacks Robert Comer, ripping an arm right out of its socket. She turns away from the window and stands straight up against the wall of the cabin. She has no weapon in here with which to use to protect herself.

She can’t stop thinking about how she has to make it to Cape Cod tomorrow. This is the largest group of Breeders to ever attack one single colony community. Usually they come in groups of twenty or thirty, but never before have they attacked in numbers like she sees today.

Right now she has to worry about surviving this attack so she can get to the Pequod tomorrow, warn them. It’s a horrible coincidence that the Breeders are attacking this place in such large numbers, who’s to say that other Breeder colonies haven’t joined forces out in Virginia and could make it to Ray Douglas’s colony at the Ice Cave. A location, apparently, where the only cure for the Breeders is being prepared for distribution.

Alexandra eyes the radio transmitter across the room from where she is. She should at least try to contact the Pequod again, and warn them in case she doesn’t make it out of here alive.

She quickly makes her way to the transmitter and sits down and flips on the switch. Immediately as she does this there’s a hard pounding on the front door of the cabin. This startles her and she gets up, grabbing the transmitter to take it with her.


She looks at the wooden door and sees that it is splitting with each pound that a Breeder makes on it in order to get in.

There’s only one other way out of here... the window. She opens the window as quietly as she can and throws the radio transmitter out into the snow.


There’s no time to see if Robert Comer survived. In a situation like this, her situation, it’s every man for himself. She falls out of the window. Her eyes dart from left to right, ok, no Breeders back here... yet. She grabs the radio transmitter and stands up, she hopes that the snow has not destroyed its capability to work, should she find a place to set it up.

It’s a twenty meter sprint through the snow to the protection of the thick woods ahead of her. She runs off, hoping that none of the Breeders see her, smell her or hear her. Because if they do, it’s a no-brainer, she’ll be a dead woman.



INT. ICE CAVE – 12:08 P.M.
The Next Day - April 25, 2012

A few dozen soldiers are packed tightly into the Ice Cave. They are being briefed by John and Dana Doggett on procedure to distribute the vaccine that cures the Breeders and makes them their normal human selves again.

Once a Breeder has been given
the dose of the vaccine within
these capsules, it takes approximately
48 hours for major symptoms to subside.
By 96 hours all symptoms of the Furiae
Virus will have disappeared and the
subject will be restored to normal
human behaviour.

John Doggett crosses in front of her and starts to speak, his arm directing their attention to a whiteboard where a picture and diagram of the device they will use to vaccinate the Breeders is posted for all to see. There are a few different weapons shown, all of which look like guns. Pictures of several different sized capsules (bullet in nature) are posted as well.

Doctors Montgomery and Doggett have
worked closely with our weapons
developer in designing the method of
distribution. (beat) Each of you will
be issued a weapon. These weapons will
do little to protect you against a
Breeder if it attacks. The bullets are
not lead bullets, they are capsules
which, when penetrated into the skin,
dissolve and distribute the vaccine.

Ray Douglas has volunteered this Ice
Cave to host the Breeders who have
been issued the vaccine. Until each
Breeder is normal, he will stay here
under the eye of Ray Douglas. Doctor
Montgomery and I will personally...

She glances at John, knowing full well that he’s not thrilled with this part of the Distribution Plan.

... visit this location weekly to
check on the progress of the men
we will save.

If a Breeder shows no signs of
improvement after four days he will
be terminated, deemed incurable.

A soldier in the crowd raises his hand. John points at him and stands at attention to hear what the soldier has to say.

The soldier stands up, also at attention, showing full respect for General John Doggett.

Sir, are you asking us to risk our
lives, to go in without any protection
against these Breeders, to try to save
them? You are aware that their numbers
are larger than us, right?

John’s jaw tightens. He nods at the young soldier.


There are doubtful murmurs that spread through the crowd. Dana and John share a look.

As was stated at the beginning of
this briefing, your participation
in this operation is voluntary. If
you do not wish to risk your life
you do not have to show up tomorrow.

Meanwhile the officers who came up
with this operation will be sittin’
nice n’ cozy back on the Pequod, right?

Dana doesn’t know what to say. All she understands of the operation is that they are asking their combat soldiers to risk everything to distribute the vaccine with the hope of making the Breeders normal again, to join human forces and one day re-claim this planet back from the Hybrids, who were created by the colonizing aliens, who have taken control.

Myself and General Rohrer fully
intend on leading this operation,
on the front line with those of you
who volunteer to help with this operation.

Dana is shocked by this. She did not expect John to say this, by God he’s got his daughter back at home to think about. John catches her eye through his peripheral vision and can’t bring himself to look at her. He’s afraid that she may not understand his reasons for wanting to volunteer himself to this operation.

As John continues answering questions, Dana quietly walks away, feeling an uneasiness twisting in her gut.

She stands at the opening of the Ice Cave, looking out at the blizzard-like conditions outside. She’s angry with John for not discussing his decision, to be on the front line, with her. She understands the importance of this operation and what it could mean for the future, and maybe she’s being selfish for wanting him safely aboard the Pequod when the operation gets underway, but she’s scared and hurt that he wants to be out in the middle of it all when it goes down.

Her thoughts aren’t on the men’s lives that will be saved when the vaccine is distributed. Her thoughts are on their daughter, Katie. What if John gets killed and never comes home? What would she tell her daughter? At four years old, would she even understand?

Even now, she and John being on land at the same time, neither of them aboard the Pequod with their daughter, scares her. Everyone knows that when you are on land you are in Breeder and Hybrid territory. An attack could happen when you least expect it. If that were to happen today, it’s possible that neither one of them would return to Katie, thus orphaning her at four years old.

She wipes a tear from her face with the back of her gloved hand.

She sighs and wraps her arms around herself, hoping that this will ease the queasiness she feels in her stomach. She feels the arms of her husband slide, protectively, around hers. He pulls her close against his body and places a kiss on her cheek. She bites her lower lip, holing back angry words that she wants to say to him.

I’m sorry I didn’t discuss
this with you. I should have.

Why didn’t you?

I kept pushing it aside and
got caught up in planning the operation.

We lie next to each other in bed
every night and talk. Not once
did you think about bringing this up?

John hears the hurt in her voice, and her fear.

When Knowle and I were in the first
Gulf War, the butt of our jokes were
the officers who thought they knew
what they were planning when they
themselves hadn’t been in the shit
that we’d been in. (beat) We called them
cowards for hiding behind their rank,
badges, and medals or honor, and not
being there to fight side-by-side with
the men they put on the line to risk
their lives in the name of freedom.

John tightens his hold on her and softens his voice, placing his mouth closer to her ear.

Dana, I love you and Katie more
than life itself. You two are the
reason why I need to be there,
side-by-side with these men. I promised
you that I’d protect you till the day
I die and I volunteer my expertise
in this operation to do everything that
I can so you and Katie can live in a
world without fear. (beat) I’m sick and
tired of this world and I want a better,
no, (beat) I want a normal life for my
family and my being there on the front line,
distributing the vaccine, which you created,
is what I need to do.

More tears fall down Dana’s face. She does not wipe them away. She grasps her hands onto John’s arms that hold her, and tries to hold back her cries.

I will not let you and Katie down,
and I will not let my men down. (beat)
We are asking them to volunteer, we
are not giving them orders and I know
that the men who will show up tomorrow
to report for duty will be here for the
same reasons I am. Because they care very
deeply for the people who they are trying
to save. (beat) They believe, so completely,
that we will succeed that they are willing
to risk death for this cause, to protect
the others and do their part to ensure a
better tomorrow.

Dana lets out a cry and slowly turns around, in his arms, to face him. He rests his forehead on hers. She looks up into his eyes and sees that tears threaten to fall from his.

What will I tell Katie if
you don’t return?

He looks deep into her eyes, her question is one that has been on his mind throughout his thought process in making this decision.

Tell her that her daddy died
fighting for her happiness, and
never let her forget how much I love her.

Tears fall freely from her eyes as she shuts them. She wraps her arms around him and rests her head on his chest.



Walter Skinner and Charles Scully are standing on the port dock, looking off into the distance. It’s a clear late afternoon. Two hours ago Alexandra McCord and Robert Comer were supposed to meet them here at Cape Cod.

Maybe they wrote down the wrong
information about where we were
picking them up.

I don’t think so. Doesn’t matter
though this is where we dropped
them off a week ago. I don’t
think that they’d forget that.

Maybe they had difficulties
getting out of Montpelier with
all the snow accumulation.

Now that there is a good possibility.

I don’t envy the land colonies.
Even with fire for warmth, it’s
got to be hard to warm up after
a day out in the cold. We’re lucky
enough aboard the ship with an
electrical furnace for all living

Word has it that Comer wants to
leave the Pequod to join a land colony.

Says who?

Says McCord.

She would know.

She would.

How long have they been
sleeping together now?

If you ask me, I’d say six
months. If you ask my sister,
she’ll tell you it’s been at
least a year. If you ask Katie,
well, she’ll tell you they last
fell asleep last night.

Skinner and Charles laugh.

So no one really knows for sure.

Only Alex and Robert. (beat,
changes the subject) So how
have you been feeling? I know
that the docs say you’re back
to normal, but I’m just curious
if you’re feeling any side effects.

I feel great. Seriously, everything
seems just as I remember it before
I got infected. (beat) I can’t tell
you how thankful I am to your sister.
If it weren’t for her I never would
have been saved. She was the only one
with balls enough to keep me on
the ship and continue trying until
she got results. I owe her my life.

Just don’t go offering to lay down
your life right away, she’s got
Mulder, Krycek and Johnny in line
to do that before you.

Charles smiles at Skinner.

How about we get back aboard
and see if we can contact them
over the radio, find out their E.T.A.

Sounds like a plan to me.
I’m freezing out here.
A man can only stay warm for
a little while when standing
out in the cold.

The two men head back to a smaller boat that they used to get to the dock. They get in and head back to the warmth of the Pequod. Unaware of the attack that hit the Montpelier Colony only yesterday at this time.


Knowle and Monica’s bedroom is a mess. Knowle’s trusty rucksack is resting on the middle of the bed, wide open, some of its contents falling out: bottles of water, weapons small enough to fit in the rucksack, first aid kit, warm winter clothes, etc.

Knowle is standing by the closed bathroom door, his hands resting on the doorframe. His body language tells us that he’s frustrated.

Mon’, you’ve been in there for
over an hour. Are you sure everything
is fine?

Knowle doesn’t receive an answer. He hears the toilet flush and he steps away from the door. A few seconds later Monica unlocks the bathroom door and enters the bedroom. She gives Knowle a look that even we recognize as a fake “all better now” look.

Nuh-uh. I don’t buy that.

Don’t buy what?

That look on your face.

What look?

Monica smiles at him and kisses him on the lips. She pats his face with her hand and turns and walks away from him.

That look. The one you
just gave me. You’re keeping
something from me.

If I’m keeping something from
you maybe it’s to keep you focused
on tomorrow’s mission. I don’t want
you distracted. (beat) Trust me, it’s
nothing that we didn’t see coming.

So it is something?


It’s something that can wait
until after tomorrow?


She gives him that look again then turns her back to him. He shakes his head. She’s lying again.

There’s that look again.
Monica, if you don’t tell
me what’s going on then
tomorrow when I’m out there
distributing the vaccine to
the Breeders then I’ll be
distracted anyway. And
what is the saying? (beat)
A distracted Marine...

... is a dead Marine.

Monica turns around and faces him. She tries her best to relax her face and body to tell him what’s on her mind the best way that she can to keep him at ease. She smiles.

I’m pregnant. Well... I was.
I miscarried this morning.
It’s nothing. We both knew
that this could happen if
we conceived, since my body
took on the injuries I healed
that were in Dana. (beat) I was
in the bathroom, just now, crying.
That’s all that that was.

Knowle immediately wraps his arms around her, holding her head against his chest. He kisses the top of her head.

I’m so sorry.

What? What are you sorry for?

She pulls away from him and smiles. Knowle understands that she has already forgotten what she told him. She probably doesn’t even remember that she had a miscarriage.

She looks around the room at the mess and at his rucksack on the bed.

Was Katie here? (beat) I told
her not to play with your rucksack.

Monica picks up the bag and all its contents fall out. She looks down and realizes that he’s preparing to go on land.

Another mission?

Yes. Tomorrow we’re distributing
the vaccine against the Furiae

Oh. (beat) Skinner’s all right?

He’s been good for a little
over two months now.

Defeated, Monica sits down on the end of the bed and sighs. Knowle comes over to her and kneels down in front of her. He holds her hand in his.

I’m forgetting more and more, aren’t I?

Knowle squeezes her hand to comfort her.

I’ve noticed...

I don’t want to forget you. When
I get worse, I don’t want you to
suffer because I can’t remember who
you are, or that I’m dying.

I’m here for you sweetheart. I’m
your husband and made a promise to
be with you through sickness and health.

She smiles, appreciative of how strong he is. She wishes she could be just as strong.

What happens when I get bad? Do
we tell the others? I don’t want
to break John and Dana’s hearts, they
are so grateful for what I’ve done for
them. I-I don’t want to hurt them.

I’ll take care of that, all right? I
don’t want you to worry about it.

Monica nods her head.

You should get ready for your mission.
I’m going to be all right.

She smiles at him, not really remembering all that she was upset about, but can feel that something is wrong.

All right. I want you to
get some rest, all right?

I will.

He kisses her on the forehead and stands up.



Alex Krycek is checking over the fighter jet that was assigned to him when he finally passed the exam to be licensed to pilot one of these big birds. He’s wearing a thick dark navy blue flight jacket and matching ear muffs and pants. He passes underneath the front tip of the plane, touching its underside with his hand.

Krycek looks up and sees Knowle making his way to him. Krycek waves.

We all ready to go?

Just about, buddy!
Go on and get situated.

Knowle nods his head and climbs into Krycek’s fighter jet... “Da Man”, yes, he named it. Knowle throws his rucksack in the small space behind his seat and gets settled just as Krycek climbs up and takes his seat in the pilot’s seat. Krycek looks back at Knowle and smiles.

I just gotta say thank you,
again, for trusting me with
such a powerful machine.

You’re welcome. You showed
me and the Captain that you
can be mature enough to fly.
You also surprised us when
you showed your aptitude for
learning was high. We didn’t
expect that.

My middle name should have
been Expect The Unexpected.
(beat) Too bad I don’t have
an R2 unit to patch us up if
we get shot at. You know, you
really should start working on
an invention to make me my own
personal R2-D2 unit.

We have no use for droids on
the Pequod.

Someday we might.

With that Krycek is given the greenlight to gun it full speed down the runway of the flight deck. Unlike the first time we saw him and Mulder accomplish this feat, this time Krycek is well-focused and knows exactly what he is doing. In no time his jet, Da Man, is soaring high over the Atlantic ocean and headed east towards Ray’s Ice Cave in Virginia.


EXT. ICE CAVE – 8:15 P.M.

John, Dana and Ray are standing around a table that has maps laid out on top of it. Ray brushes frost off of the map and plants his index finger down on Montpelier, Vermont.

Skinner says this is the last
known location of Comer and
McCord. He and Major Scully
were to have picked them up at
our base at Cape Cod earlier
today and they never made it there.

Has Captain Scully sent out a
search and rescue team?

I spoke with the Captain and
he insisted we wait until the
twenty-four hour mark before
worrying too much, citing the
weather as a reason they may not
have been able to make it to the
base on time.

But you think that’s bull, don’t you?

Bingo, General Doggett.

Well, if ordering S and R
doesn’t get in the way of the
distribution operation, I don’t
see why we can’t send out a small
group of men to look for them.

You read my mind. I was hoping
to talk with Major Charles and
see if he could take a group of
five or six out early tomorrow
before we stir things up with the

Dana looks at John. She’d prefer it if he were to lead a small group of men in the search for Robert Comer and Alex McCord, that would keep him out of a mission even more dangerous. The look John gives her says it all, he’s sticking to the mission he’s prepared for, and he’s not going to change his mind.

The loud engine of Krycek’s jet is heard and lands on a landing strip not too far from where John, Dana and Ray are standing.

Dana looks at the jet as it comes to a stop and Knowle and Krycek exit. There’s a tap on her shoulder and she looks over and sees her brother, Charles (he and Skinner arrived earlier in the evening to help take part in the distribution mission tomorrow morning).

Dana, come on, Krycek’s here
to take you back.

That’s all right. I’m
staying here tonight.

John overhears this and turns his attention away from Ray to look at his wife. Something Ray says turns his attention away from her.

Charles takes hold of Dana’s arm and attempts to guide her towards the runway where Krycek is waiting.

Charles, no.

Monica is expecting you
back tonight, she’s got
Katie, and she is expecting
you back tonight too.

Dana faces her brother and takes hold of the top of his coat and pulls his face down to her level and looks him in the eyes.

Katie is safe on the ship.
My husband is going out
on a dangerous mission tomorrow
morning and I’m staying here
with him tonight. (beat) If
you’ve got a problem with that,
I don’t care.

Don’t make me make dad
order you back... Captain’s orders.

John overhears their conversation and excuses himself from Ray’s presence. He walks over to Dana and Charles.

Charles, she can stay tonight
if she wants to. I don’t have
a problem with that.

John looks at Dana.

First thing in the morning
I want you back on the Pequod.
Do you understand?

Dana nods her head in agreement. Knowle steps up right next to her and puts his arm around her shoulders.

Krycek’s waiting for you, Mrs. Doggett.

Dana gives John a look and walks away, heading back inside the Ice Cave and the small (and cold) living quarters they are temporarily occupying during their stay on land.

Knowle looks to John.

What was that about?

Dana’s staying here with
me tonight. I think she’s
having difficulty dealing
with me being out in the field.

I have difficulty dealing
with being out in the field too.
I think everybody does, John.
We just have to gut through it
and do what needs to be done.
That’s our job now.

We’ve talked. (beat)
She’s just scared.

Such is being the wife of
a soldier.

She’s the wife of an officer.

Same thing, sort of. (beat)
You know, in these times, low
on man power, officers have
to join the soldiers on the

(changing the subject)
How’re Monica and Katie doin’?

Good. Monica took Katie
to the library this evening
for story time with Maria.

Was Katie getting to be too
much to handle?

I think Monica needed a rest.

I’ve noticed she’s been getting
more fatigued often lately. Has
she been feeling all right?

Knowle adjusts the weight of his rucksack on his back and changes the subject.

We best be getting some shut
eye. Morning will be here
before we know it.

With that Knowle is on his way inside the Ice Cave, without a glance back at John.

John narrows his eyes, something is going on with Monica and they’re keeping it a secret. He watches as Knowle disappears from view. Knowle’s right, he does need to get in and get well rested, morning will be here before he knows it. John heads over towards Ray to get on the same page as him before heading back to his and Dana’s Ice Cave quarters for the night.



Monica and Katie are comfortably seated on the couch, wearing their pajamas. Monica is reading a book to Katie before her bedtime (which was actually an hour and a half ago). She’s reading “The Berenstain Bears: A New Baby”, probably not the best book for Monica to be reading considering she had a miscarriage earlier in the day.

That night he stretched out
proudly in his bigger bed.
Aah! he said. Being a big
brother is going to be fun.

I want a bigger bed!

Monica closes the book and sets it on her lap.

You do?

I do. (beat) Actually I want
a little sister.

You’ll need to talk to your
mommy and daddy about that.

Uncle Mulder says that a bird
brings sweet girls, like me
brothers and sisters. Just like
Santa brings Christmas presents.

How about tomorrow we write
the stork a letter, and right
now it is way past your bedtime.

Monica tickles Katie’s stomach and she squeals in delight and falls off the couch in a fit of laughter. Monica bends down and picks her up and carries her off to the guest room.

Look, Katie! You do get
a bigger bed tonight!

Katie’s blue eyes bug at what this could mean.

Are you and Uncle Knowle
going to have a baby?!

Monica’s heart nearly stops beating and she quickly hides the fact that tears are stinging her eyes. She sets Katie down in the bed and turns around to retrieve Katie’s stuffed dog, Johnny The Dog, from the chair across the room.

No, sweetheart, we’re not.

Monica tucks Johnny The Dog underneath the blankets next to Katie. Katie wraps her arms around the dog and giggles.

Why are you crying Aunt Monica?

Katie sits up in bed, wanting to do anything she can to be grown up and help her Aunt Monica feel happier. Katie wraps her arms around Monica and gives her the biggest, tightest hug that she can. Monica returns the hug, biting her lower lip to keep from sobbing. Katie pulls back just a little bit and kisses Monica on the cheek.

Everything is going to be
all right. That’s what mommy
always says when I get sad.

(soft, almost a whisper)
When do you get sad?

Whenever my daddy has
to go away for his work.
I think that’s why I want
to be a big sister, so that
when daddy is away I can
help watch over her.

Monica smiles. She hopes that Katie gets her wish and that John and Dana do have another child someday soon.

She needs to get Katie off the topic of new babies though otherwise she may lose it.

Do you know what I think?


I think it’s time for
you to get to sleep.
Otherwise Aunt Monica
may get into trouble
with your mom and dad
when they find out that
I let you stay up so late.

Katie practically leaps out of Monica’s arms and pulls her blankets up over her head. Monica smiles to herself and pulls down the blanket to see Katie’s face. Her eyes are squeezed shut as tightly as she can, fake sleeping.

Monica leans down and kisses Katie on the top of her head.

Goodnight, Kid.

(eyes still closed)
Goodnight, Aunt Monica.

Monica gets off of the bed and walks to the door. She leaves the door open a crack to let a little bit of light in for Katie who forgot her favorite night light at home. Monica goes into hers and Knowle’s bedroom, quietly shuts the door, lies down on the bed and cries herself to sleep.



Dana lies in bed wide awake. She’s been trying to get to sleep now for the last two hours. She can’t sleep. She can’t shake that feeling in her gut that something is going to go terribly wrong tomorrow during this mission. She expressed her concern about this feeling to John and to Ray Douglas earlier this evening, but they shrugged it off as jitters of a soldier’s wife.

She spoke privately to John about her concerns too. He assured her that there’s a plan that everyone is going to follow in this mission. If everyone sticks to that plan then it’s likely that nothing will go wrong. His confidence in himself and his men helped to soothe her worry for awhile, but lying here in bed now, as he sleeps soundly next to her, her mind has drifted back to the feelings she had earlier that day.

She pulls the warm blankets up higher on her body, she and John made love a little over an hour ago and she didn’t bother to put her warm pajamas back on.

She closes her eyes and tries to envision being back home in Falls Church, Virginia. Lying, warm and safe in hers and John’s bed. She tries to envision in her mind’s eye their bedroom. The earth tones, brown, dirty white and greens of the décor. The smell of John lingering in the air. Waking up in the spring, having left the windows open all night, to the fresh scent of the season. Birds chirping outside, the sound of cars driving up and down the street. Neighbors chatting from behind fences in their back yards. Her heart aches for these familiar surroundings. She wishes she could go back just one more day and live her life before the aliens attacked and colonized the planet with their Hybrids and infected human men to make them vicious Breeders. A single tear falls down her cheek and falls onto her pillow.

She feels John’s arm wrap across her body, he spoons up behind her. She allows the comfort of his body to relax her and she sighs. She closes her eyes to try to fall asleep now.

You can’t sleep either?

Her eyes open. She thought he had been asleep for the past hour.

No. (beat) My mind won’t
stop thinking.

Me too.

What thoughts are keeping
you awake?

You and Katie. (beat) You?

I can’t shake the feeling
that something is going
to go wrong tomorrow.

This is the first time that
I’m taking part in a mission
of this kind. (beat) I’ve been
on the front line before and
I can take care of myself as
well as the men in my battalion.

I know, I-I just...

John pulls her closer to him as he hears her cry. He caresses his thumb on her arm to comfort her.

You want what I want.

She’s unsure what he means. She doesn’t want him to go out on this mission tomorrow morning. Is he going to tell Knowle that he’ll stay behind? She turns around to face him. They lie there face to face now.

You’re not going on the mission?

No, I am. (beat) I want
our life back. The life that
died the day the aliens attacked.

Dana nods her head, understanding. John moves to lie on his back, she moves to rest her head on his shoulder, resting her arm across his waist.

And you being out there, risking
everything you have now, to help
distribute this vaccine...

She trails off and sighs. She’s grown up on Navy bases, been around military her whole life, dated a few Marines, and fell in love with and married one of the most dedicated and loyal Marines she’s ever met, but despite that she understands John without completely understanding him at all. She knows that he wants things to be better, to return back to normal, and that by doing what he can he’s taking part in helping get that way of life back, but at the same time she doesn’t understand his loyalty to the Marines, especially when he’s got she and Katie back at home to take care of.

It’s because I love you two
very much, Dana.

I know, I just wish I could understand.

I need to know that I’ve
got your support. If I go
out there tomorrow with any

You do have my support, you
always have. Never think otherwise.

She moves to kiss him on his cheek then lies back down.

So... we’re good, right?

Of course.

They both lie in bed in silence for a long time. Both of them feeling that this issue isn’t exactly resolved. Maybe the issue won’t be resolved tonight, maybe it won’t even resolve itself in the morning, but regardless what will happen, will happen and at present John is not changing his mind.

What if you don’t return
and I’m not pregnant?

John opens his eyes. Tonight they had made love not just for each other, but also to attempt to become pregnant again, something that they have wanted to do for some time now, but held off on due to her work with the Furiae Virus and saving Walter Skinner.

Then we’ll just have to
keep on trying.

He turns onto his side and wraps his arms around her. He looks into her eyes.

Sweetheart... I promise you
that I’ll come back. (beat)
Things will get better, you
have to believe that. We’ll
have a dozen more kids if that’s
what you want. And maybe one day...
maybe one day life will return to
normal and...

Dana places her index finger on his lips to quiet him.

... we’ll all wake up and
realize that all this was
a dream.

She smiles as does he.


Dana inches closer to him and shuts her eyes, a slight grin on her face.

(quiet, singing)
Crazy for feeling so lonely
I’m crazy
Crazy for feeling so blue...

As he continues singing “Crazy” by Patsy Cline, she slowly drifts to sleep. No dreams bother her mind tonight. He finishes singing to her and makes sure that enough blankets are up around her shoulders to keep her warm. Then he finally rests his head on his pillow to fall asleep. Dreams bother him tonight, dreams about the worry that she has for him tomorrow when he will go out with his battalion and risk his life to help save the lives of the men that the Hybrids have made Breeders.


EXT. ICE CAVE – 6:22 A.M.
April 26, 2012

Knowle sits on top of his rucksack, eating warm oatmeal that Ray whipped up this morning. He stares out into the distance. There’s a lot of fog this morning, it’ll make seeing harder than usual. He’ll have to make sure that the men are prepared to deal with possible snow blindness.

Knowle looks around. He sees that Krycek is checking over his fighter jet, giving her a little pat on the belly.

A few young soldiers have gathered near the opening of the Ice Cave, they have no fear, working off of each other’s excitement about the day’s mission.

As the minutes tick by more and more soldiers show up to report to duty. Knowle acknowledges these men and assigns them to the different battalions that will head out today to begin distribution of the Furiae Virus. He looks around, there’s got to be at least 150 men here who will brave the cold, and the risk of their lives to save the men who have become Breeders.

Even Skinner himself is here. He’s been cured of the Furiae Virus for just over two months now and here he is, walking towards him, ready to go out there and do his part to help others. Knowle nods to Skinner as he sits down next to him atop his own rucksack.

Are we sure we want him out there?

Skinner motions towards John and Dana, who are standing not too far from the entrance to the Ice Cave, they are holding each other, seemingly not wanting to let the other go.

His mind doesn’t exactly
seem to be on the mission.

Knowle looks at Skinner. Hell, even he doesn’t want to be heading out on this mission this morning. Monica’s back on the Pequod dealing with her miscarriage while taking care of a four year old girl. She needs him there with her to help her through this difficult time.

I can’t do this.

Knowle stands up and throws his rucksack onto his back and walks away from Skinner, heading towards John and Dana. Skinner quickly stands up and follows him.

Knowle! (beat) Knowle! Hey!
(beat) All great wars were
not won without self-sacrifice!
You can’t just walk away from
this mission and your men!

Knowle turns around to face Skinner.

Monica had a miscarriage yesterday.
I need to be with her now. We have
plenty men who showed up for this
operation. There’s no need for me
to be here.

I’m sure Monica understands the
importance of this mission, Knowle.

You don’t understand what
I’ve got on the line.

Knowle, your men need you.
You being here, a General
putting himself out on the
line, side-by-side with-

They’re grown men, they
don’t need my hand to hang onto.

You, General Doggett and
Captain Scully masterminded
this operation, Knowle. You
can’t turn your back on them.
You can’t leave John out here
on his own, the only one out
here who completely knows what
is going on.

I can, and I will.

Skinner grabs onto Knowle’s arm, Knowle whips around and throws a punch straight into Skinner’s face. Skinner remains on his feet. Knowle’s punch has drawn attention to John, Dana, and the other soldiers waiting around for their orders. Krycek watches from a distance, seemingly amused that Knowle and Skinner may be getting into a fist fight.

John and Dana make their way over to Knowle and Skinner.


Doggett moves to stand in front of her. He recognizes that this particular punch was initiated by Knowle, and from his experiences with Knowle, when he gets worked up, it’s best to stand out of his way.

What’s going on here?

Doggett looks first to Knowle, demanding an explanation.

I’m escorting Dana back
to the Pequod.

Knowle grabs onto Dana’s arm and leads her away from everyone, heading towards Krycek and his fighter jet. She fights to break away from his grasp. She hasn’t yet said goodbye to John. She can’t go back to the Pequod without telling him “I love you”.

Knowle! LET GO!

He doesn’t let her go. SUDDENLY several gunshots are fired not too far from where they are. Knowle continues his march towards Krycek’s fighter jet, a firm grip on Dana’s arm. She looks back towards the direction of the gunfire and is horrified to see hundreds of Breeders attacking the base at the Ice Cave. Her heartbeat quickens and her eyes search for John. She sees him, yelling orders at younger soldiers as he gears up for battle. As he readies himself for a fight, he quickly glances back at her and catches her eye before running off into the fog of the morning to fight side-by-side with his men.

She no longer struggles against Knowle’s grasp on her arm. She knows this is no place for her to be right now and she needs to get back to Katie on the Pequod.

Just as she and Knowle are within reach of Krycek’s fighter jet, it starts moving away from them, straightening off on the runway and then picks up speed and takes off without them.

Dana winces in pain at Knowle’s tightening grip on her arm.


Knowle looks around, they are not prepared for this kind of attack. For a paralyzing moment he and Dana watch as men around them drop one-by-one to the icy ground, dead. Without as much as a look at Dana, he keeps hold of his grip on her arm and leads her further away from where the core of the fighting is located. He leads them to the back side of the Ice Cave. All that’s back there is a ton of snow and ice. He pushes her to the ground behind a four foot wall of ice against the side of the Ice Cave. He kneels down next to her. He peers around the corner to make sure they were not followed. Once he knows they are safe for the time being, he turns to her.

Are you ok?

She nods her head and doesn’t blink. She’s a bit shocked by how quickly all of this happened.

Dammit, Dana. I need you
to actually talk to me.

I’m fine.

He knows that this is her generic answer when she’s not fine and wants people to think that she is, and he accepts it for now, at least he knows that she’s capable of listening to him and following his orders. He watches her to figure out what may be going through her mind. Her eyes are red as if she’s been crying, but he hasn’t seen her shed any tears.

Don’t worry about him.
He finished top of his
class in boot camp. Saved
my ass in Desert Storm, on
a shattered kneecap no less.
He’ll do everything in his
power to get through this for
you and for Katie.

Knowle places a hand on her shoulder to try to bring her comfort, but he can see that it does not.



Captain Scully sits down in his chair and looks out at the sea ahead of his ship. It’s a foggy morning, calm, and he can tell that once the sun rises that it’s going to be a beautiful clear day out at sea. Despite this, he feels that something out there isn’t right...

Captain Scully hears Monica cough as she and Katie enter the Navigation Bridge. He turns around in his chair to see his granddaughter. He sets his coffee mug down and kneels down to greet her with a big hug.

Hey litte princess, how was the
sleepover with Aunt Monica?

So much fun! We watched
”The Land Before Time” and
Littlefoot found the Great
Valley! And we read books and
tickled and, and-

Static on the communications radio captures Captain Scully’s attention. He kisses Katie on the top of her head and stands up and adjusts his frequency.

(on radio)
Ice Cave to Pequod!
Do you copy? Ice Cave
to Pequod, do you copy?!

Over the radio we hear sounds of gunfire, screaming, a very violent battle, and death. Captain Scully gives a look to Monica and she leads Katie out of the Navigation Bridge.

This is Captain Scully, what’s
going on? Over.

We’re under attack. (static)
Hundreds of them, we’re losing
(static) by the (static).

Please repeat last transmission.

He waits for another transmission. He hears yelling, screaming and the horrible sounds of men being killed by Breeders. He can only imagine what is going on right now at the Ice Cave. Then all he hears is static. He turns to another man in the room with him.

I want to know what’s going on
over there now!

The man nods his head and gets on another radio. Captain Scully, rests his hands on the table in front of him and gazes out at the open sea. His daughter is at the Ice Cave and was due back this morning. He prays that she got to her transport on time to be spared the experience of a battle with what can only be the Breeders.

In the near distance he spots Krycek’s fighter jet. His daughter’s transport back to the Pequod. He lets out a sigh of relief, she got away before the attack happened. He turns to another man in the room.

Call me immediately once we know
what’s going on. I need to tell my
daughter in person that her husband
is involved in an attack.

He quickly leaves the Navigation Bridge to head down to the flight deck.


Flight deck personnel are scrambling to prepare for Krycek’s landing. He is coming in too fast and too quickly. He obviously did not wait for permission to land.

The tires of his jet slam down on the landing just as a man finishes setting up the arresting wires that, luckily for Krycek, snags onto the tailhook of his jet, preventing him from landing too fast and dropping right off the stern of the ship.

As soon as the plane is stopped, he opens the hatch and falls out. Kind of dramatic-like, people on deck run to his rescue, thinking that he is hurt. Captain Scully opens the door to the flight deck just in time to see Krycek being helped to his feet by one of the men who rushed to his side when he fell out. Krycek hugs the man to show his appreciation.

Captain Scully looks in the back of Krycek’s fighter jet. Dana is not in it. He moves past others who want to make sure that Krycek is all right. Before Krycek notices, Captain Scully is standing in front of him.

I really could have died
back there. You know, with
the Breeders attacking and all.

Alex, where’s Dana?

(ready to cover his ass)
I can explain.

You were her transport.
She’s not in your jet.
Where is she?

You see... Dana, or Scully,
which I prefer, decided to
sleep in this morning and-

Captain Scully grabs Krycek by his coat and pushes him up against his own jet.

Ohmygosh! You’re like Darth-

I spoke with Dana this
morning over the radio.
She did NOT sleep in.
Did you leave her there?!


I just received a transmission
that the Ice Cave is under attack-

I know, by a shitload of
Breeders, sir. Yes, sir!

Captain Scully lets go of Krycek and he falls to the ground with a soft thud. A uniformed man who was up in the Navigation Bridge with the Captain only minutes ago makes his way to Captain Scully.

Sir, we have Alex McCord on
the radio. She says she needs
to speak with you asap.

Captain Scully gives Krycek a look and then addresses other military personnel who have made their way onto the flight deck.

I want him in the Brig immediately.

The men nod their heads and salute him, and then pick Krycek up by both arms and carry him away. Krycek’s head droops, he knows that he’s done bad and he’s going to have to face the consequences.



Captain Scully enters the room and is saluted by the men who are there working. He tells them to be at ease and he stands in front of the radio. Another man sits in front of it, in the middle of a transmission with Alexandra McCord.

(on radio)
... hundreds of them. If I had to
estimate I’d say three hundred at

This is Captain Scully. Are
you telling us that the
Breeders are attacking in
much larger numbers than
we’ve previously seen?

I am.

Over the radio they hear the sound of pounding and scratching at a wall or door in the room, wherever she is located. The rabid screams of Breeders is muffled, but cannot be mistaken.

They killed everyone at the
Montpelier Colony. I saw them
tear Robert Comer apart, so don’t
waste man power and time searching
for him.

What is your location?

I don’t know. I don’t have
time to waste talking about
that though.

LOUDER pounding is heard on her end of the transmission. The man sitting in front of the radio transmitter looks up at Captain Scully, there’s not much they can do for her if they don’t know where she is.

Look, I saw hundreds of them
heading south towards you guys.
You need to let Ray know so that
he can prepare his men and save

The man sitting in front of the radio takes a breath and is about to speak, Captain Scully places a hand on the man’s shoulder and shakes his head “no”. There’s no need to tell her that Ray’s colony at the Ice Cave is already under attack by the Breeders she’s warning them about. She’s not going to make it back and he wants her to feel as if everything she has done to make this transmission happen has not been done in vain.

We copy that, Alexandra. I will
let Ray know of the situation

Don’t bother coming to look
for me, I’m surrounded by at
least thirty of these things.
I’m not going to make it. Do
whatever it takes to save everyone.

They hear, over the radio, the sound of glass shattering to the ground. They all stand in silence and heavy hearts as they listen to the sound of Alexandra McCord’s last breath. Then the radio goes silent with static. The room is quiet for another beat of the heart.

Josh, contact Admiral Wang and
tell him to direct his fighter
pilots to Ray’s location. He has
a variety of capsules containing
the vaccine against the virus so
tell him to load his men up with
that so that we can save as many
of these Breeders as we can. This
is NOT a kill order, I want to make
that perfectly clear. Do not kill
unless it is absolutely necessary.

Josh nods his head and heads out of the Navigation Bridge.

Brian, I want you to get our
men ready to fly in there and
provide air support. I want to
get more ground troops out there
ASAP. Arm them with the distribution
weapon. The capsules contain a strong
sedative so once a Breeder is hit
by one, he will become sedate and we
will be able to monitor progress.

Brian nods his head and gives a “Yes, sir” to the Captain, and leaves the room.

I want everyone else to focus
on getting a hold of General
Doggett or General Rohrer. They
are the most experienced soldiers
out there right now and if anyone
can let us know the situation there
it’s them.

The Captain stands, with his hands firmly planted on the table. He stares out at the ocean, the fog is clearing and the sun is shining brightly, sparkling on the ocean water below. His thoughts remain on his daughter, Dana; his son-in-law, John; and their daughter, Katie, his granddaughter. He hopes that at the end of today he doesn’t have to be the one to tell her that she’s lost one or both of her parents.


EXT. ICE CAVE – 9:00 P.M.

Dana sits alone behind the four foot wall of ice that she and Knowle have been hiding behind since this morning. They’ve been lucky that the Breeders have not focused a search for humans to kill in this location, instead they have been focusing their killing inside, and closely outside of the Ice Cave’s entrance. She rubs her hands together, she hadn’t put gloves on this morning while she was getting ready to go back home to her daughter. She and Knowle have been successful in preventing frostbite.

She hears steps in the snow behind her and she looks back over her shoulder and sees Knowle. He walks hunched over to try to keep himself from being noticed. He sits down on the snow next to her.


It looks like your father
may be winning this one.
There seem to be more of
our troops moving around
out there than the Breeders.

Any sign of John?

Knowle shakes his head “no”, and her heart sinks. They’ve been out here almost 16 hours now and they haven’t seen John, not even once, since he and his men ran into the fog to fight against the Breeders and to distribute the Furiae vaccine.

Come here...

Knowle pulls her into his arms and holds her. He never thought that he’d be the one having to console her over her loss before he faced losing the one he loves. Another fighter jet flies low to the ground, it’s engine piercing their eardrums. He knows that he should keep talking to her, keep her mind from thinking of the worst. If they should need to up and move quickly, she’d react better if her mind were on anything but John, he needs to reassure her that John is a tough Marine.

He’s a tough Marine. It
would take more than a
thousand rabid Breeders
to take him down. He’s got
you and Katie to live for.

Scully listens, wanting to hear any reassuring words he has.

When we were Marines, he saved
my sorry ass, you know the story.

Carrying you out of the building
with a shattered knee. I know, but
I get scared because he’s so brave.

He’s brave, but not stupid. He’s
trained for this. He’s a soldier
and a mighty damn good one at that.
So don’t you go worrying about him,
he wouldn’t want that. You gotta trust
his ability in combat. He’s smart and
I trust that if we haven’t seen him by
now... well then there has to be a reason
for it. He thinks strategically, he’s a fighter.

Before he disappeared into battle
he looked back at me, caught my eye.

I guarantee if he saw you were
alone he would have abandoned his
own men to be here with you like I
am right now. (beat) Don’t worry, he’s
not distracted. Fuck, he’s probably
got his head on more straight than
either one of us because he saw that
you’re with me.

She gives him a look. Really? Really? Because what Knowle just said makes it sound to her like he thinks that he’s not thinking as clearly as he should be. That is not very comforting.

Are you distracted?

We both are. That’s why we’ve
got to stop thinking about John.
(very matter of fact) He’s ok.

The sky above fills with the lights of many fighter jets. They are surrounding the area around the Ice Cave. Knowle looks up at them, some are flying close to the ground.

Japan... Russia... it looks
like your dad was able to
get help from other carriers
like the Pequod.

Knowle stands up and steps away from where he and Dana have been hiding since early this morning.

(raising his voice)
Dana! Come here!

Slowly, Dana rises and goes to him. She looks where he is looking. Some of the fighter jets are landing and grouping near the entrance to the Ice Cave. Though there are bodies lying all over the ground, there are many survivors left standing.

Is it safe?

I think so.

Knowle starts heading down the narrow hill that connects the backside of the Ice Cave to the front-side. Scully follows him, being careful not to slip and slide down the hill.

In minutes they are walking among the sedated bodies of the Breeders who have been given the vaccination. A few feet away, survivors of this attack are placing the dead bodies, of the men and women who lost their lives in this attack, in rows. Knowle looks at Dana and sees that her eyes are scanning the bodies of the dead to see if John is among them. He allows his eyes to drift over them too, but he doesn’t see John among them.

Men and women run and make their way around them as they wander through the destruction left behind by this battle. Different languages mixing together: English, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, and French.

Red blood stains the ground that they walk on, the smell of iron fills the air.

Knowle notices that tears are streaming down Dana’s face. His heart skips a beat, thinking that she’s spotted John’s body. He looks where she is looking and sees her brother, Charles, helping a man who has lost his leg, onto a stretcher to be taken inside the Ice Cave to be helped by Ray’s medical personnel.


He doesn’t hear her among all the other noises.


She quickens her pace to get to her brother. Knowle watches her, staying right where he is.

Dana reaches her brother and touches his arm. He looks over at her as he helps the man onto the stretcher. His face is scratched and dry blood spots are all over his neck. She can’t hold in her cries anymore and as she falls into her brother’s arms he holds her up, her legs are weak from being stationary in the cold for so long, or weak from the heartache she may face in finding out what has happened to John Doggett.



April 26, 2012 – The Next Day

With a somber expression on his face, Captain Scully stands at the head of the room, ready to address those who have joined him this morning for this important meeting. Sitting at the table at the front of the room, next to the Captain is Knowle Rohrer. Both are dressed in their military uniforms.

Seated in front of them are Dana, Charles, Shannon, Monica, Skinner and other men and women of the Pequod.

First off I’d like to have a
moment of silence for those
lost to us in yesterday’s attack.

Everyone lowers their heads in complete silence. Dana does her best to hold back tears. Since yesterday, there has been no word on John’s whereabouts. No body has been found and no radio contact has been made. Charles told her to keep hope alive that he’s out there somewhere equally as worried about what happened to her as she is of him. She can’t keep the images of all the dead out of her head, what if one of the men found in unrecognizable condition was him? She may never know what happened to him.

Charles puts his arm around her shoulder and kisses the side of her head. He wipes his own tear from his face while she lets hers fall freely down her face.

As you all know yesterday’s attacks
were unprecedented. Breeders have
never attacked with such precision
nor in such a great number. General
Rohrer and I have talked about this
at great deal and have come to the
conclusion that the Hybrids have learned
of our plans to try to save the Breeders.

Knowle stands up.

Captain Scully and I have been
on conference calls with leaders
of the world since last night.
The inevitable confrontation of
our race with the Hybrid race,
to gain full control of this
planet is not far away. We will
continue to brainstorm with other
military entities to come up with
the best plan of action so that
an attack like we saw yesterday
does not happen again.

Before coming here this morning
I spoke with Doctor Montgomery,
who opted to stay at the Ice Cave,
he says that he’s been able to
check on all the Breeders who were
inoculated during the attack and
that each and every one of them is
responsive to the vaccine.

From some of the younger men in the room, cheering and applause is heard.

This is very good news so General
Rohrer and I have decided to increase
the number of groups that we will
send out to hunt down more Breeders
and inoculate them. As you know, once
given the vaccine they are on their
way back to being just like you and me.

This will help us accomplish having
a larger and stronger military. (beat)
A world military that can and will
defeat the Hybrids and rid this planet
of its alien presence once and for all.

Because of yesterday’s attacks I am
limiting land visits to ONLY the
men and women who need to be there.
There will be no exceptions to this
rule until further notice. (beat)
If there are no questions, you are dismissed.

Captain Scully and Knowle wait to see if anyone has any questions, and when they are satisfied that no one does, they relax their stance to indicate to everyone that the meeting is over.

Dana, Charles, Monica and Shannon stay in the room for awhile longer. Talking among themselves. Monica and Shannon both hug Dana at the same time, doing what they can to comfort her in this time of uncertainty.

Knowle sits on the edge of the table at the front of the room and Charles goes up to his father. He looks over at his sister and sighs.

Knowle... Shan’ and I are
going to walk Dana back.

Knowle nods his head to acknowledge her. He then notices the red blinking light on the Ready Room radio transmitter. He flips the toggle switch on and sits down in front of it to talk to whomever is contacting this frequency.

This is the Pequod, go ahead.

He waits for a moment until the person on the other end receives his transmission.

(on radio)
Knowle! Man, am I glad to
hear your voice!

Knowle looks back to see if Dana is still in the room, she’s standing inside the doorway, her back to him. She turns around, her eyes wide with hope. Was that really John’s voice over the radio? Shannon and Monica smile and hang back as Dana makes her way to Knowle’s side.

Not as glad as we are to
hear yours. Where are you?

(on radio)
Not too far from the Ice Cave.
I was able to get a handful
of men and get the hell out
of there. We’re still out in
the field, distributing what
we’ve got left of the vaccine.

That’s good.

We built some igloos out here
to sleep in and to house the
Breeders we’ve inoculated.

How many?

At last head count we
counted 57. (beat) Knowle?

Still here, buddy.

Is Dana all right?

Knowle looks over at Dana and stands up from his seat in front of the radio transmitter and lets her take his place. She wipes the remaining tears from her face.

You don’t know how glad
I am to hear your voice, sweetheart.

On the other side of the radio they hear John choke up a little.

I know the feeling. (beat)
I should be home within a
couple days, ok?

I’ll make sure that Katie
and I make your favorite dinner.

Just don’t burn the place down.

They both laugh.

I’ll ask Monica to help out.
(beat) I love you, Johnny.

(more manly voice)
Semper Fi, babe.

She nearly laughs. Some of his tough Marine men must be near him, or within hearing range. He’d never say that line to her like that when they’re alone, especially the “babe” part.

Shannon approaches Dana and whispers something into her ear. Dana nods.



Any chance Roger Thompson
is with you?

There’s a long pause on John’s end.

(on radio)
He died earlier this
morning, from wounds
he received at the
attack on the Ice Cave.

Though she is happy that John is alive, Dana’s heart breaks for Shannon. She looks back at her friend, with tears in her eyes. Shannon is stepping backward, away from Dana, shaking her head in disbelief. She doesn’t want to believe what John said is true.

John, sweetheart?

(on radio)
Tell Shannon that
his last thoughts
were about her.

I will. (beat) Be safe,
and don’t let your guard down.

(on radio)
I’ll be home soon.
I promise. Ok?

Ok. (beat) Semper fi.

(on radio, quieter)
I love you too, Dana.
Give Katie a hug and
kiss from daddy.

I will. Over.

(on radio)

Dana turns off the radio and looks over. Shannon is sitting down now, with Monica, Charles and Knowle around her, comforting her. She looks away from them.

The worst feeling in the world is feeling both your own joy and happiness and the heartbreaking sorrow for a friend.

She stands up and makes her way over to Shannon. Knowle gets out of the seat he’s in next to Shannon so that Dana can sit next to her. She sits and wraps her arm around her and rests her head against Shannon’s.

This war has gone on too long. It’s been six long years of survival and losing loved ones. It has to stop. They can’t go on living in a world of uncertainty and heartache for much longer, there has to be hope. Hope that the human race can and will defeat the Hybrids and be able to live in a world without fear.

Knowle watches on as Monica and Dana comfort Shannon. He watches as Monica reaches into her pocket to pull out a tissue, she blots it underneath her nose, wiping blood away.

How much more time until he loses her? He remembers back at how suddenly Dana’s health declined. Yes, she suffered the same symptoms that Monica now lives with each day, but it is possible that tomorrow things could take a turn for the worse and he could lose her just as suddenly. Off of Knowle’s thoughts about Monica’s inevitable departure from this life we:




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