"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Ten


Title: "Here We Go Again!"

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Written by: Cassie

Edited by: Claudine

Air Date: 24 August 2017

Date Written: 23 June 2017

Summary: What you need to know heading into the eleventh season of "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series.

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It has been two-thousand eight-hundred twenty-nine days, a total of sixty-seven thousand eight hundred forty-six hours (that’s seven years, eight months, and thirty days since “Fox & Rat” Virtual Series last aired a brand new episode back on Saturday, 28 November 2009. We have always had ideas for new stories for the world of FRVS, but we never actually thought that we would come back with a new full season, or a third movie, but here we are. Next Saturday, 2 September 2017, we will share with you the premiere episode of our eleventh season.

Since it is possible that our former readers have forgotten key details of what has happened on “Fox & Rat,” and that new readers may not have yet had the time to read all our previous ten seasons (and two movies), we thought that we would quickly bring you up-to-date so that you’re not entirely lost with season eleven of “Fox & Rat.” We did set out to create our eleventh season keeping in mind that readers may have forgotten what has happened, so we will quickly bring you up to speed. This will only take a few minutes of your time, hang with us.

“Fox & Rat” Virtual Series is not canonically tied in with “The X-Files” television series and movies. There are elements from “The X-Files” that we make reference to, but FRVS stands on its own, within its own world. In fanfic terms, “Fox & Rat” is categorized as AU (alternate universe). We’re not a spin off of “The X-Files,” and we’re not a continuation of “The X-Files” from any particular time in that series’ timeline. Our characters exist in their own world, separate from “The X-Files.”

“Fox & Rat” Virtual Series is a slap-stick comedy, sitcom dramedy drama with a dash of action adventure, and complicated relationships. In our opinion, and depending on your free time, our first four seasons could probably be read in a weekend. We like to think of our first four seasons as our "experimental years." For those first four years we had no real direction for our series, we just wrote, wrote, wrote, and wrote silly situations. But after our fourth season (our least favorite season, you can pretty much skip it without missing anything important), we knew that if we wanted our series to continue on that we needed to have direction, and a clear idea of how we wanted the series to end.

So we sat down and created a series bible, and came up with how we wanted to see “Fox & Rat” end, we could inject foreshadowing into stories, and knew how to properly progress our story. We always say that once you get to season five of “Fox & Rat” that things really take off, and the series feels more connected (in comparison to the very disjointed first four seasons).

And for those of you John Doggett (and Doggett/Scully relationship) fans, “Fox & Rat” Virtual Series is the only X-Files virtual series that includes John Doggett as a main character (his first season was season 3, and FYI, we wrote him before “The X-Files” season eight aired – we’re not positive, but FRVS may contain the first ever fanfic that was ever written for John Doggett), and the Doggett/Scully relationship eventually became one of our main relationships (they first met in season three, but we took a few seasons to let their relationship simmer into what it became by our tenth season).

When we last aired an episode it was December 2012 for our characters. The planet had been at war with the alien colonists for six years. There had been a worldwide freeze over the planet which served to weaken the colonizing aliens, but since invading in 2006, they had been busy with a Breeder program in which they kidnapped women and impregnated them with their alien DNA to create a generation of alien-hybrids that could withstand and not be weakened by the freezing cold temperatures that covered the entire planet.

Our gang found safety on board the air-craft carrier, The Pequod, which was captained by Captain William Scully (who had been thought dead since 1994). Even with the threat from the colonizing aliens, their hybrids, and the Breeders (humans who had been subjected to mutation in the aliens’ hybrid project, which made them lethally violent towards others and themselves), life went on as normally as possible. Mulder even snuck on and off the ship to return to where the ruins of the FBI building were in order to bring items from his basement X-Files office on board the ship, and create The Pequod’s own FBI X-Files Division.

John Doggett and Dana Scully - who had been engaged since before the aliens first attacked – married each other aboard The Pequod, and had their daughter (Katie) while living on the ship. Knowle Rohrer and Monica Reyes are married as well. Monica’s ex-fiance, Brad Follmer, gave his life to save Krycek during the first year of the Alien War. Mulder and Krycek share a room on The Pequod, and sleep in a bunk bed (Mulder on top bunk, Krycek on bottom)… even though Krycek is romantically involved with Marita, and Mulder is romantically involved with Marita’s twin sister, Maria.

On the eve of what is hoped to be the final battle of the Alien War, Mulder and Krycek proposed to the Covarrubias twins at the exact same time, right next to each other. Maria said “yes,” and Marita said “no.” Not that Marita didn’t want to marry Krycek, she was just miffed that Krycek thought it a good idea to propose to her, side-by-side with Mulder, as he proposed to her sister.

And while the gang, not involved with battle preparation, prepared for the Fox Mulder and Maria Covarrubias wedding, Scully announced that she and Doggett are expecting their second child (a boy). And boy-oh-boy did Krycek miss his calling! He should have been a wedding coordinator!

By the end of our tenth season, The Pequod sank into the sea, taking the Cigarette-Smoking Man with it (giving his life to save Scully). Mulder and Krycek used an abandoned alien spacecraft to fly up into space and take down the aliens’ mothership (of course before becoming heroes, there was much bickering between the two of them, and John and Dana’s dog, a beagle named Buddy, was a helpless witness to their idiocy in space). The boys (as Mulder and Krycek are often referred as), returned to Earth as heroes, and even got to listen to their favorite celebratory song from the Star Wars movie, “Return of the Jedi,” the “Yub Nub” Ewok celebration song!

“Fox & Rat” Virtual Series ends on Christmas Day 2012, Mulder’s most favorite holiday! There’s Christmas music playing that indeed gets interrupted by the “Yub Nub” song from “Return of the Jedi.” Everyone was happy, hugging, enjoying the fact that finally the Alien War had come to an end. And it was a fitting ending to “Fox & Rat,” but… little did we know, we weren’t done yet.

As stated before, after we finished writing FRVS, we had regrets about not including story ideas that we had for “Fox & Rat,” some since the very beginning of our series’ run. We had ideas for prequels, we had ideas for mini-episodes called “Fox & Alex and…” which were stories that fit snugly within the original ten seasons of the series. We even had ideas for another season, but we had creatively, and emotionally spent ourselves on the last two seasons of FRVS, and we just… we needed a break.

This coming Saturday, “Fox & Rat” Virtual Series is back! And we are happy to announce that many of the ideas that we had for the series have been fit into this new season. We’ll explore the history of FRVS, and explore where the characters are eight years after the end of the Alien War. Season eleven will end with a cliffhanger that will lead directly into our third FRVS movie (still untitled). And we will even leave open the possibility of one last, twelfth, season (but don’t hold us to that right now, we’re still working out the details of our third movie).

At the end of our original series finale, “The Final Super Spectacular Adventure of Fox and Alex,” there is an epilogue that is worth repeating here:

In the spring of 2013 Earth returned back to normal climate and flowers bloomed across the land. The reconstruction of cities and towns across the world began and by that fall, our heroes were living in homes all their own in Virginia.

Walter Skinner and Shannon McMahon hooked up, but never married. And found together a strong, loving bonding. They live together as a couple and are happy just as they are. They never had any children, and were content because of what happened when their friends had children...

Fox and Maria Mulder lived a long and happy life in love. They had one child, a daughter named Pookalina Shmi Mulder. “Shmi”, her middle name, was named after Anakin Skywalker’s mother from the “Star Wars” prequel, “The Phantom Menace”.

Alexander and Marita Covarrubias got married (yes, he took her last name), officially and legally, and had two children, the eldest a son named Alexander Sergeiovich Krycek The Second Junior Junior Junior Junior Covarrubias. When their son was five, he decided to make everyone, including his parents, call him “Martin”. Unbeknownst to Krycek, but eventually known to all, Marita wanted a normal child without Krycek genetics and asked, with her sister’s permission, Mulder to donate his sperm. The second child was an unplanned pregnancy, only months after their divorce was finalized, a girl named Sasha Baby Krycek Covarrubias, whom went on to be a famous singer as exuberant and flamboyant as her father, went on to record her first album “Sasha Baby” which included her rendition of her father’s favorite song, “Bat Poop Eyes” – and “made it better”. Her second album, based off of her self-proclaimed nickname, “Da Diva” included the hit song “Sexalicious”, in which the music video, directed by her father, featured men licking dark chocolate syrup off of her semi nude body.

“Martin” Krycek and Pookalina Shmi Mulder (who yes, goes by her full name and loves it) became great friends and searchers of everlasting love and friendship through out the universe.

John and Dana Doggett had their second child, their son, named William Henry Doggett, who was born on 4 July 2013 at the Doggett river cabin in Luray, Virginia (where they lived while their house in Falls Church was being rebuilt). The endless jokes of patriotism within the Doggett family are sure to carry on to the shoulders of their son. Katie, never did marry any male in the Mulder and Krycek families, much to the relief of her parents. William grew up following in his father’s footsteps and became a General with the United States Marine Corps, and later President of the United States. Inspired by her Auntie Monica, Katie went on to be a fashion designer and married a man named Nicholas Walker (they couple lives in Paris, France).

Knowle and Monica Rohrer went on to have two children – twins, not identical. The eldest twin, Carolina Amata Isabella Carmen Naomi Rohrer, and her brother Jonathan Justin Carlos Rohrer, “J.J.”. Carolina went on to be an aspiring actress and married William Henry Doggett. Jonathan spent his life studying science and works with Martin Krycek and Pookalina Shmi Mulder to help them find love and friendship throughout the world. He married Pookalina Shmi, finding their everlasting love together.

Take a moment to realize that because of their children, the above mentioned are forever related through marriage.

Mulder and Krycek remained as good as friends as ever and still, until the very end of life, continued to fool their friends, family and all their loved one’s with the never ending question: are they, or aren’t they?

A lot has happened to our characters in the eight years since the end of the Alien War. Cities and towns have had to be rebuilt, Mulder reestablished the FBI (and of course the X-Files Division, again, in the basement), even the government has had to be reestablished! And “Fox & Rat” enjoys the little characters, and you can look forward to meeting the FRVS version of Special Agent Kyd Miller during season eleven (he was introduced to X-Files fans in “The X-Files” Event Series in 2016).

Without turning this into a saga-length recap, we think we have touched on what you absolutely need to know about “Fox & Rat” to be able to tune in this Satuday to read our season eleven premiere episode, “How They Meet,” where FRVS takes you back to 25 May 1977, to the moment Mulder and Krycek first meet. The first handful of episodes of our eleventh season are flashback episodes. We intended to have flashback scenes, but we had too much we wanted to share with you about the characters’ pasts that we decided on episodes.

We can’t wait to share these next episodes with you, and we’re confident when we say that our eleventh season is one of our favorite (best) seasons of our entire series. We love it, and we hope you will too. And remember...

Love & Friendship Conquers All!


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