"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Ten


Title: "Stratego"

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Series: FRVS - Episode #205

Written by: Cassie

Edited by: Claudine

Classification: humor, drama

Rating: PG

Air Date: 9 September 2017

Date Written: 6 March 2017, 12-13 April 2017, 15 April 2017

Summary: In 1981, at the age of twelve, Fox Mulder loses his sister, Samantha.

Disclaimer: "The X-Files" and its characters belong to 20th Century FOX Broadcasting. If you recognize it, it's not our own creation. Original characters belong to Cassie and Kristi (FRVS). "Star Wars" belongs to George Lucas.

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The walls are lined with deep, blood red cloth, candles are lit in a ritualistic setting placed around the room. It is dim and dark and a group of hooded figures have formed a circle around an altar. A baby, crying softly, is swaddled in red cloth. A symbol has been drawn on the child's forehead, it might be a star, or it might be a circle. Either way it is something creepy out of some strange religious horror film.

The group chants quietly. eerily, and if this weren't "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series, you would have the bejeezus scared out of you. But! Alas, it is "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series, and then SUDDENLY! The basement light comes on and ruins the whole creepifiying atmosphere.

Guys... really? This is my
baby girl. Do we have to
be so creepy?

Man 1 would be familiar to us, he is better know, but much, much, much younger now, as Daddy C. AKA: Daddy Covarrubias. AKA: Joseph Paul Covarrubias. AKA: the Well-Manicured Man (for all our in-cannon readers who enjoy "The X-Files" back in the 1990s).

(pointing at a leather-bound book)
It's how it's always been done, Joe.

Man 2, also much, much, much younger, but better known as Elder #1 (you know him, the Syndicate member who doesn't like to be in the dark.... ironical, yes. )

Steve, c'mon. We're in
the 1970s now. This is
the future, okay?


I mean, (his voice is sort of
whiney) really? She's just a little
baby girl. Shouldn't my little
Marita Lynn have a choice?

No one has a choice.


It's how it's been done. There is
always a chosen one. Always. (beat)
Now, we could always go and get
the other one... what's her name?

(speaking up from under his hood)
Maria Linn.

Yes, that one. Thank you, Lawrence.

But no! Not Maria. She's not
gonna be like Marita.

Glances are exchanged.

(head tilted to the side)

Maria is the innocent one. (beat; as
he looks down at the baby in red cloth)
She's not. She's going to be bad news.

Again, glances are exchanged around the circle. All this, coming from the girl's father??? WTF?

Elder 1, aka: Steve, aka; yeah, still that guy who doesn't like the dark; sighs.

Okay, okay. fine. (beat; mocking voice)
I hereby make it officially known that
Marita Lynn Covarrubias is part of the
Syndiate until death parts her.

All the 'fun' was drawn right out of that delivery. So much for being a spooky, mysterious, dark, and creepy all-knowing, powerful Syndiate society!

Thank you. (beat) Can we go upstairs
now and watch the football game?
My wife has the beers sitting on ice.

Everyone mumbles and grumbles and nods in agreement. Let's go back to the real stuff. They all remove their tunics, and put them in a pile in the corner. They file one by one back up the stairs and back to the reality that is life.

Eleven years down the road...

10:22 P.M.

Two men stand at the head of a long wooden conference table. A young blond girl sits at its head. Most of the lights in the room have been switched off. As we approach the two men we see that they are Bill Mulder, and the Cigarette-Smoking Man (aka Charles Godfrey Barnard Spender). The young girl is Marita Lynn Covarrubias, age 11, she is seated at the head of the table, and looks seriously displeased.

Fox is your son! You
will not be taking Samantha!

I don’t think you understand,
Bill… you don’t have a say-

- She’s my daughter! Fox
is your illegitimate son!

What? Don’t you love him
as your own? You’ve raised him.

I look at him and all I see
are your eyes staring back
at me. (beat) I can’t love that.

The Smoking Man takes out a pack of Morleys and places a cigarette in his mouth, and lights up.

My son loves you.

Bill Mulder is disgusted with this man. For twelve years he’s had to live with the Smoking Man’s son under his roof, pretending that Fox is his son, and that he cares about him. Lord knows when Fox was born, he tried his best to love the boy as his own, but he could not. Fox inherited the Smoking Man’s eyes, and looking into Fox’s eyes was the same as looking into the eyes of the man who had an affair with his wife, Teena. No, Bill Mulder does not love Fox.

I will speak to the others about
this. You will not be allowed to
take my baby girl. (beat) Your
son will be taken!

Angry, and motivated to save Samantha, Bill Mulder leaves the room. The Smoking Man takes a drag off of his cigarette, then puts it out in an ashtray on the conference table. He pulls his wallet out of his back pocket, and takes out a folded photo of Fox as a toddler.

(to himself)
No, Mr. Mulder, he will not.

Marita stands up and looks at the Smoking Man.

(squeaky yelling)
Have you learned nothing from me?!
In order to have power, you must
disobey and do as you please!

The Smoking Man absolutely hates that this eleven year old girl just yelled at him, but what can he do? Marita Lynn is quickly becoming one of the most powerful members of the Syndicate. The Syndicate lore even says that in some way, perhaps in a past life, she had been one of the founders of the secret Syndicate Society, around the time of the Civil War era of the country. It is not his place to tell her that she's only a child and knows nothing. It is his place to learn from her, and follow her example. Do as you please, please only yourself, listen to no one.

If you don't want your son
to be taken, then TAKE THE GIRL!

With that, little eleven year old Marita Lynn Covarrubias turns on her heel and stomps out of the room, slamming the conference room door behind her. The Smoking Man takes out his pack of Morleys, and lights up. Perhaps little Marita Lynn is on to something here. If he shows his refusal to obey Bill Mulder, perhaps that will ignite fear into the hearts of the other men of the Syndicate who currently hold more power than he. Perhaps if he wields fear into the hearts of the men, he can become the most powerful man of the Syndicate.



3:00 P.M.

A school bell rings loudly in the empty hallway of Lake Placid Middle School. In seconds classroom doors open and dozens of children are swarming the hallway, making their way to their lockers, to meet up with their friends, or to catch a bus ride home.

Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek (age 12) are attempting to walk out of their classroom door at the exact same time, and now they are (pretending) to be stuck in the door frame. They push against each other, blocking other kids from getting out of the room.

Dana Scully (age 11), and Marita round the corner and see this debacle, and approach the boys. Scully flicks her finger against Krycek and Mulder’s ears.

Owie! Mommy! Errm...
we mean Scully!

Marita stands there with her arms crossed, and a scowl on her face.

I love you, Marita...

I don't care.

With that, Marita turns around, her ponytail, whipping the air and Krycek's face, and she storms off. Krycek sticks out his lower lip in a pathetically sad pout.

Mulder and Krycek very easily unstick themselves from the doorframe, and face Scully who is standing with her hands on her hips. The boys are bumped and shifted around as the other children file out of the room. As if he’s shy, Mulder rubs his foot back and forth on the floor in front of him, nearly tripping another kid. He hates it when she catches him being stupid! He’s had a crush on her for years! He feels his face and ears turn red, he hangs his head lower in the hope Scully doesn’t notice.

Why are you two always up
to mischief? You’re in the sixth
grade now, it’s time you both
start acting like grown ups.

Mulder’s been confused lately. Scully has always been one of his best friends, like family, to him. But gosh darnit! Every day she keeps getting prettier and prettier and prettier... sighs... Standing here before he and Alex, hands on her tiny hips, scolding him in her cute little green dress, and her adorable white go-go boots. He sighs. He can’t help but feel she will never fall in love with him. It doesn’t help that he’s got a bad habit of calling her “mom” or “mommy” either! He makes a mental note to himself to stop doing that. Maybe he should call her “Dana,” that sounds more intimate, more… romaaaaantic.

Hi, Scully…

I’m not fat! Fox is fat!
That’s why he got stuck!
I didn't get stuck. He got stu-

Mulder, not Fox.

Mulder corrects Krycek, he prefers being called by his family name because he hates his first name: Fox. It’s a terrible first name, all through school he’s always been made fun of for his first name. People always assume his favorite animal is the fox. It isn’t. His favorite animal is a chinchilla. And foxes eat chinchillas for breakfast! And that's just downright mean!

Scully rolls her eyes at Krycek, he’s always been vain. He shouldn’t be. He’s a cute boy. She’s convinced he’ll grow up to be a sexy man, like Harrison Ford sexy. Not Harrison Ford in “Star Wars,” but Harrison Ford in “Indiana Jones” sexy. Scruffy, manly, muscular… Scully sighs. Can she marry Indiana Jones?

Look, she’s in LaLa Land
again. Probably dreaming
of the handsome Luke Skywaaaalker

Scully hears this and winces. While Luke is a nice farm boy, Harrison Ford (and Indiana Jones) are men. M-E-N. Men. She decides to change the subject.

Alex, are you really going
to come to my ballet class
this evening?

Ooh! Can I come too?! I always
wanted to be a ballerina!

Krycek tosses his head back as if he has long luscious hair (he doesn’t), only his itty bitty tiny, braided rattail moves about from underneath his stylin’ mullet.

Sorry, Mulder, only pretty people
do ballet. I’m gorgeous, and you’re
not. That’s why Scully had the
sex with me last year in the tunnel slide.

You poked it in my ear.
That isn’t “the sex.”

Krycek shoots her a look!


She swore to him that she would never talk about their tunnel slide “sexual” encounter to anyone! It was supposed to be their secret! S-E-C-R-E-T!

Plus, what do I always tell
you, Alex? (beat) Say it with me.

Krycek wrinkles his nose and forehead, and reluctantly starts to say it with her:

Jealousy never made anyone pretty.

Krycek rolls his eyes.

Mulder laughs aloud at them. He finds it absolutely hilarious that the two of them (yes, Krycek told him about the “sexual” encounter in the tunnel slide, hypocrite!) sorta kinda considered that their “first time.” He knows that as they get older they will come to be very embarrassed by that incident. Well… Mulder looks at Scully and then at Krycek… Scully will be embarrassed by it, but he’s not so sure about Krycek. That little dude takes pride in every single stupid thing that he does, from farting next to Marita on the bus during school field trips, to falling out of the swing during recess, to blowing spit bubbles that pop in his face! There’s nothing that shakes Alex's pride in himself, and even mistakes are viewed as accomplishments in his eyes.

Krycek puffs out his chest, proud that he remembered, word-for-word, what Scully had him say along with her.

So… Thanksgiving, you know... Tur-key day...
is this Thursday, do you wanna come over
and have turkey and mashed potatoes
with me and my family?

Krycek’s eyes light up! Wowie! No one has ever invited him to a real live American Thanksgiving Day celebration before! He and his family moved here from the Soviet Union almost five years ago! This is great! And lucky for him, his dad doesn’t give a poop about where he is most of the time!

YES! I won’t bring anyone
else from my stupid family either!

The hope on Mulder’s face disappears. He was asking Scully. He should have been more specific. Oopsie, oh well. He smiles at Krycek, guess he will be joining the Mulder family for football, turkey, pie, and belly aches.

My mom doesn’t want to cook
for Thanksgiving so we’re going
to New York City so we can see
the lighting of the Christmas tree.

Will you also sit on Santa’s lap?

They laugh at her, knowing that her mom likes to humiliate her children and make them sit on Santa’s lap for a holiday photo every year! Sheesh! You’d think her mom would know that Santa isn’t real! All her kids, except for little Charles, knows the truth about Santa Claus!

My mom makes me. (beat)
Don’t worry, I’ll ask him for
a Lego train set, the Jaws game,
Monchhichi dolls, the Strawberry
Shortcake Triangle, and Donkey
Kong for you both!

Mulder and Krycek turn to each other and start jumping up and down. Scully rolls her eyes. Even though they both know the truth about Santa, it doesn’t stop them from believing that asking the fake mall Santas for gifts works.

I hope I get a Color N’Curl Candi.

Svet’ got me that last year for
Christmas! I love it! But I gave
it to my little sister, Katia, once
I became a beauty stylist pro.

Scully and Mulder share a look. Just a month ago they were playing FBI Spies, and spied on Krycek when he was home alone, and they saw him playing with the Color N’Curl Candi doll… Mulder decides to change the subject.

So… Samantha wants to audition
for a role in The Nutcracker this year.

She does!? She is so cute in class!
(beat) Actually, Mulder, I think
she already has a part as one of the
mice during the battle with the
Mouse King.

That part always scares me…
Wait, I thought they were rats.

They’re mice.

Meese, not mice.

No, mice.

Goose is geese. So why isn’t
Mouse, meese?

I dunno.

English is dumb. Why
isn’t it mouses?


While the three of them stand there and contemplate the complexities of plural nouns in the English language, Mulder’s little sister, Samantha (age 8), runs up to Mulder and gives him a big humongous bear hug! She has a Polaroid camera around her neck. She loves photography!


Mulder hugs his little sister back, and then messes up her hair, but she doesn’t care. Samantha aims her camera at him, and Krycek quickly slides right next to Mulder (aka: PHOTO BOMB!!), as Samantha snaps their picture. Krycek is never one to miss a photo op.

Hey, Sammy! What are you
doing at my school?

Samantha giggles.

You’re so silly, Fox! Half day
of school today! Mom is waiting
outside in the car! C’mon!

Samantha starts tugging on her big brother’s hand to pull him away from Krycek and Scully.

She wouldn’t let me wear
my roller skates inside school!
C’mon! I wanna skate!

I can teach you how to skate!

Like Linda Fratianne? Or like
Tai Babi… Babilani-

- Babilonia?


Mulder gives Krycek a look. Sometimes he thinks that one day Krycek is going to fall in love with his little sister, and when that days comes Krycek better be prepared to face him in the role of big brother. Not big brother like Big Brother in George Orwell's "1984," but as in her big, older, meaner, taller big brother.

I used to have a skating partner
in the Soviet Union, but we had
to split when my fam’ moved
to Lake Placid. I’ve even been
in the Olympics!

Samantha’s eyes are wide in amazement.

You have?

In figure skating. (beat) I remember
it well… it was the night Tai and
Randy had to withdraw from the
competition… I was backstage
chatting up Rodnina and Zaitzev
before I took the ice…

Mulder and Scully share a look, such a little liar! He’s making it out as if he was competing in the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games!

Did you win?

I won two gold medals!


Actually, Alex and I were both there
as the “flower girls.” We got to skate
and pick up flowers and stuffed animals
that people threw onto the ice. We got
to watch all the skaters from ice level.
It was really tubular.

(over exuberant)
To the max!

Mulder stands there, his parents weren’t as gnarly as Krycek and Scully’s parents. Of course, to be able to be the “flower girls” for the Olympics, he would have had to join the figure skating club, and figure skating isn’t his thing. He likes boy, no... manly sports like baseball, football, gymnastics, and water skiing. Not that boys and men don't do figure skating. Actually, some of the greatest skaters in the world are men, like 1976 Olympic Champion John Curry, but it's just not Mulder's 'thing'.

Can I see your gold medal?

He didn’t win a gold medal.

(bug eyed!!!)


You’re ruining my story!

You mean your lie?

Story! (beat) You lied about
being at the gold medal winning
US hockey game!

No. My dad was in town and he
took me to see the gold medal
game. I was there. I have a picture
of me and my dad in the stands, and
I never claimed to win a gold medal.

And let me guess… you have
a crush on Mike Eruzione, right?

Yes! He's a hockey-playing man!

Is not!

Yes. He is. It's a
well-known fact.

Fake fact!

Fake fact? What is that?

An alternate fact. A perspective-based
fact. What one thinks is invariably true.

That's the stupidest thing
I think I've ever heard.

It's my truth. You can't
tell me I'm wrong.

Can too! In fact, how about
we take a trip to the library
and I can show you news-

-Fake news-

-articles that prove that
Mike Eruzione is an Olympic
hockey player.

Mulder and Samantha walk away from Krycek and Scully, because that 'conversation' is about to get stupid right quick, if not already. They exit the school.

Though Mulder and Krycek often have their little bickering yes-no fights, when Scully and Krycek get into a debate it can go on forever with picture evidence, library visits, and using pay phones to call local newspapers for confirmations. Mulder thinks that when they finally get to high school that they need to join the debate team!

Why does Alex like to lie?
Why does Alex like to fight?

I don’t know. I think he
learns it at home. You know
his parents don’t get along,
and his dad isn’t very nice
to him. (beat) His parents
are divorced, you know.

What’s divorced?

When a mom and dad don’t
love each other anymore, and
can’t stand to live together.
So they take off their wedding
rings, and the dad moves out
of the house. (beat) It’s usually
accompanied by a lot of
yelling, and fighting.

Samantha takes this in as best she can at the tender age of eight.

I hope mom and dad don’t divorce.

They won’t. Plus, they don’t fight.

Yes, they do.

No, they don’t.

Last Friday I woke up in
the middle of the night and
they were fighting.

It was a lover’s spat.

A what?

(doesn’t know how to answer)
Grown up talk.

Mulder picks up his pace heading to his mother’s car, parked just in front of the school. He opens the back seat car door for Samantha.

How was your day, Fox?

Just call me Mulder, mom, c’monnnn!

No matter how many times he’s told his parents to call him “Mulder,” they still continue to call him “Fox!” Being called “Fox” sets him into a mood right away too! He gets into the front passenger seat, and slams the car door.

Mulder is your last name, dear.
Your father and I named you
Fox the day you were born.

Dad hates me, that’s why
he gave me such a bogus name!

Your father does not hate you.

Teena leans over and gives Mulder a kiss on the cheek. She pulls away from him and watches Samantha in the rear view mirror. She’s playing with the paper dolls she leaves in the back of the car so she can be entertained on long car rides. A sad smile forms on Teena’s face as she watches her daughter. She’s so young, and innocent, and full of life. She sighs, and starts the car engine.


6:26 P.M.

Tchaikovsky’s “Arabian Dance” from The Nutcracker plays over the dance studio’s sound system. Dana Scully, in full costume, is rehearsing her solo as the Arabian Dancer for the youth ballet company’s upcoming The Nutcracker. She is in her second year on pointe, and loving every minute of it.

Ballet is her escape from the trials and tribulations of her frequent and unfortunate family issues. When she’s working with Ms. Debbie in the dance studio she can forget about her reality, and she can escape to a world of athleticism, performance, musical interpretation, discipline, and art. She doesn’t need to find the right words to express emotion in dance, she can feel it in her body and soul. This is therapeutic for her, the perfect escape from life (a life that she hides from even her closest friends).

And she’s good. She’s very, very good. Ms. Debbie keeps saying that if she wanted to she very easily could join the New York City Ballet in a few years, and make a professional career out of being a ballerina. Scully would love to do just that, get out of Lake Placid, and live in New York City as a dancer. See her name in bright lights, the spotlight on her, center stage! Maybe even dance in London, Paris, or even Rome!

Oops! She missteps going into a grand jeté! She comes out of the jump harder than intended.

Ok, Dana… more focus on technique, not dreams of dancing all over the world, she thinks to herself. She decides right here, right now that she will put in an extra thirty minutes of work tonight. No, thirty minutes at barre, and thirty minutes at center. That will make up for that jeté mistake!

More seduction, Dana.

Ms. Debbie looks intently into Dana’s eyes, and then tells someone across the room to start the music over again from the beginning. Dana is her little prodigy, and she wants Dana to perfect her solo as the Arabian Dancer.

Is it a sexual seduction,
or one of coffee?

Scully isn’t sure which type of “seduction” to use. Should she be more sensual to entice a male audience, or is this seduction supposed to entice the audience to want to taste Arabian coffee?

Traditionally, it’s been a very
sensual, lustful interpretation.

Yay. Scully sighs heavy. Just what she feared. She’s only eleven years old! Isn’t it enough that her mother treats her like a woman, and that some men view and treat her like a woman! Can’t she just be an eleven year old girl for once? But as a performer, she must listen to the direction of the production director and choreographer.

The music begins again.


She takes her ballet career very seriously so she interprets “seduction” as Ms. Debbie has asked. Little Dana puckers her lips, and narrows her eyes - just as her mother has explained to her to do when she is around men who find her cute, or attractive.

Leaning up against the wall of the room, underneath the ballet barre, are Samantha, Mulder, and Krycek. They’re dressed for ballet class. Samantha watches Scully dance with her head resting in both her hands, leaning forward. Dreams of her own ballet future in her head (while still wearing her Mouse costume).

Mulder’s jaw drops, holy moly cow! Scully is even more beautiful dressed up as the Arabian Dancer, and the way her body moves to the music! Yep, he’s definitely in love! Krycek sits there, pouting. He showed up tonight to try to get a part in the ballet as the RAT King (not the Mouse King), he was denied because of his lack of ballet experience, and classical training. Apparently figure skating isn’t close enough to ballet to get him in the door!

The music ends and there’s polite applause around the room.

Dana, you are perfection.
That was beautiful.

Thank you, Ms. Debbie.

Scully gives Ms. Debbie a little reverence and then makes her way over to Samantha, Mulder, and Krycek. She plops down on the floor next to them and starts untying the ribbon of her pointe shoes.

Scully… I… I…

(finishing for him)
Have a boner.
(snort giggles)

Fox? What's a boner?

Krycek laughs, and Mulder whacks Krycek hard on the arm! No he doesn’t and he shouldn't speak that way around Sammy! Does he? He looks down, and quickly grabs a towel that hangs above him on the ballet barre. Scully does him the courtesy of “not noticing.”

Samantha remains oblivious.

(quiet, complaining)
I wish Ms. Debbie didn’t expect
me to be sexy.

You were beautiful. When I
grow up, and when I become
a ballerina, I want to be a
ballerina just like you.

Scully smiles at Mulder’s little sister. She’s too cute.

Sexy is good! Sexy is grown up!
I wish someone saw me as an adult!

So long as you’re trying
to put it in a girl’s ear you
won’t be seen as an adult!

(high pitched and squeaky)

Everyone looks at him with raised brows. Was he just squeaking? Or trying to say something?

(clears throat... anyway...)
I don’t like it. I’m eleven,
seductive and sexy aren’t
exactly things I should be.

When people say she’s attractive, or even sexy (ugh! at age eleven?!) all Scully hears in her head is dialog that her mother gives her to say to men she has over to the house, usually doctors “from New York” (said in a fake sophisticated, fake British accent voice) that she introduces to Scully in hopes that one of the men will take an interest in her as a future wife. She’s thankful that most of these "doctors from New York" just view her as a little girl who is pretending to be an adult, but there have been a couple of them that… her mother allowed them to… take her down to the basement where they could be… alone. Scully feels vomit threatening to come up her throat. She hates being forced to be “seductive,” and she hates having to abide by the sick wishes of these perverted men! If only her father were home more often instead off in his Navy ships!

When I grow up and get married
seduction won’t be the basis of my
relationship with my husband.


(getting upset)
He will be someone who loves me
for who I am. He will love me no
matter what I’ve been through. He
will make me feel comfortable in
his presence. He’ll find me attractive
even if I’m in my jammies and not
wearing makeup.

Mulder and Krycek have no idea where this came from, they share a confused look. Samantha doesn’t get it, period. So she scoots over to Scully’s side and puts her arm around her and resting her head on Scully's shoulder.

(offering comfort)
There, there…

Scully smiles at Mulder’s little sister. Is she not just the sweetest thing ever?!

I think you’re the most
beautiful dancer in the world.

(snort giggles)
She should try stripping!
Right, Mulder?!

Mulder whacks Krycek on the arm, Krycek mouths off “owie!” Scully can only hope that her mother doesn’t make her do dirty dancing for men later on down the road. She wouldn’t be able to take that!

(to Scully)
One day I want to dance
just like you.

Scully smiles. What is it about the Mulders that makes them so adorable? Then it hits her! What if… no… but… what if she ends up marrying Fox William Mulder? Yes, he’s a doof, but the most adorable and loving, and caring person she knows. He reminds her of Gilligan on “Gilligan’s Island,” a complete doof, who’s always accidentally stumbling into mischief, but everyone loves him just the same.

Scully looks at Mulder, he’s lifting the towel up to see if things have calmed down down there. She tries to imagine walking down the aisle in a beautiful white wedding gown, and being given away to Mulder by her father. It’s weird because for some reason she sees Mulder and Krycek, arms linked together, at the end of the aisle. Those two are so inseparable!

Fox and Alex both want to
dance like you too. They
told me so.

Did they now?!

Scully laughs, and looks at the boys. Krycek is hanging upside down from the ballet barre, and Mulder is mumbling something to himself about how to throw a curveball.

Scully finishes taking off her dance shoes. She had wanted to stay after rehearsal tonight to work at her technique, but that whole “seduction” business just made her want to go home and do her homework. She puts her dance shoes into her duffle bag, and stands up.


Yes, mom?

Yeah… any thoughts she had about marrying Mulder are gone again! In her head she hears “I take thee, mommy, to be my lawfully wedded wife,” it makes her cringe.

They stop what they are doing and Mulder scrambles to his feet, and Krycek tries to figure out how to get right side up from where he’s hanging on the barre. There’s a bit of moaning, groaning, monkey sounds, and then finally he loses his grip on the barre and splats on the ground. #FACEPLANT!!


8:51 P.M.

A man and a shorter boy, dressed completely in black, are prowling around the Mulder family home. They pause underneath the living room window, and carefully rise up to peer inside. They see Mulder and Samantha sitting on the floor in the living room. They can hear music coming from the radio, Olivia Newton John’s song, “Physical,” plays. Every single board game in the house has been scattered all over the floor.


I wanna play Mouse Trap!


Mouse Trap!

They continue back and forth as only children do until their parents, William and Teena, enter the room. They are dressed up for a night out. William seems antsy, eager to leave. He checks his wrist watch.

Teena, on the other hand, is looking at Fox. She knows that tonight is the night that her husband arranged for members of the Syndicate to come and take her son. They fought about his decision last Friday night after he came home from his meeting with the Cigarette-Smoking Man, and he assured her that he had spoken to others, with more power, about taking Fox. She hates him for it. Fox is her first born, her only son. It doesn’t matter who his biological father is, and it breaks her heart that her husband cannot find a way to love Fox as his own.

The Galbrands’ are
expecting us, Teena.

Bill Mulder can’t bring himself to look at either his daughter, or Fox. He just wants this night to be over with so whatever comes next, comes next.

Teena bends down and kisses Samantha on the top of her head, then walks over to Fox, and does the same. She takes the time to pet the top of his head, fixing his hair. She wishes she had never laid eyes on her husband. He’s willingly tearing this family apart. Giving away her son, which will break her heart, and the heart of Samantha. Samantha looks up to her brother as if life began and ended with him.

Can I watch that movie at nine?

Of course you can, sweetheart.

Samantha sticks her tongue out at Mulder. Earlier they argued about what they would watch on TV once their parents left.

Fox, you are in charge while
we’re gone. (beat) Samantha,
you do as your brother says.

Samantha pouts, but nods her head in understanding. She’ll also make sure to give her big brother a hard time, but mom and dad don’t have to know that.

We’ll be back around midnight. Fox-

- I go by Mulder now, dad, remember?

Fox, Samantha’s to be in bed at ten,
you can stay up until we get home.

Ok, dad.

Mulder just wants his parents to leave so that he can switch off the radio. He’s sick of this Olivia Newton John song! And he wants to watch a VHS tape copy of the four part “Doctor Who” episode “Logopolis,” which Scully was able to get from a friend who lives over in England! All things England fascinate him, the TARDIS (and time travel), the River Thames, the British police boxes, and of course the idea of life on other plants like Logopolis!

Bill and Teena Mulder leave, shutting the door behind them. Bill does not lock it.

The Fourth Doctor was his first Doctor, and he wants to see him regenerate into the Fifth Doctor all over again. Mulder giggles to himself.

(quoting Doctor Who)
It’s the end… but the moment
has been prepared for.

Samantha rolls her eyes at her brother, he’s watched that “Doctor Who” show one too many times!

How about Stratego? (beat)
You can pretend you’re
taking over a planet invaded
by aliens from Star Wars, if
you want.

At the mention of aliens, Mulder scowls.

Aliens aren’t real, Samantha.
They only exist in movies
like Star Wars.

You can pretend it’s Star Wars…

Samantha doesn't quite "get" Star Wars, and why her big brother loves it so much. All she knows about it is that her brother and his weird friend, Alex Krycek, are obsessed with it. Mulder looks at the Stratego board game.

What happened to Mouse Trap?

I get to watch my movie, and
you can play a game you like.

I wanted Battleship.

I opened it, all the boats are missing.

Mulder goes over and switches off the radio, and turns on the TV as Samantha sets up the board game. Mulder puts in his "Doctor Who" VHS tape, it plays the episode as he and Samantha play Stratego.

Before they know it, the first episode has ended, and the next one begins. Samantha looks at the clock, it's 9:10 P.M.

Do we have to watch this, Fox?

(being a mean brother)
Leave it. I'm watching "Doctor Who."

Mom and dad said I could
watch the movie, buttmunch.

They're next door at the Galbrands.
They left me in charge.

Samantha gets up off the floor, and stops the VCR. She changes the channel to the western movie she wanted to watch.

Hey! Get out of my life!

Mulder gets up and presses the "PLAY" button on the VCR, the tape starts playing, but the TV shows only static. Samantha SCREAMS in his ear, he turns to her, towering over her.

I'm watching "Doctor Who."

Mulder starts to walk back to the board game, and without any prior warning the POWER GOES OUT. He sighs heavily, as if blaming his little sister.

Now look. The fuse is blown.

The walls, and furniture in the room start to shake. It feels like there's an earthquake. A family photo of Mulder and their old dog, Boy, starts to shake against the wall.


He hears in her voice that she's terrified. He can play this one of two ways. One, act like there's nothing to be afraid of and terrify her more. Two, admit he's scared too and huddle with Samantha until this is over.

He and Samantha look around the room, unable to figure out what exactly is going on. Pictures fall off the fireplace mantel, his mother's flower vase falls and shatters on the floor. Sparks shoot out from the electrical socket in the wall.

Weird red and blue lights flash from outside the living room window. Mulder musters up all the bravery he might have and goes to look out the window. The lights seem to be coming from directly above the house. There are no police cars, no emergency vehicles.

The doorknob turns on the front door!

Dad will help them!

Dad's come home!

But no one is outside the door when it opens! Instead a very bright light shines through, and there's a silhouette of a man... but Mulder squints his eyes, he's feeling a little light-headed, disoriented. The figure doesn't exactly look like a man now.

Samantha SREAMS, startled, Mulder turns and sees her suspended in the air, within a beam of light.

Samantha! SAMANTHA!

She floats steadily toward the window. Mulder runs across the room, stumbling over his own feet, but managing to remain upright. He climbs up on a chair, and pushes a wooden case off the top of a tall bookshelf, it breaks open, and he sees his father's gun. He looks at Samantha as she floats out the door and into the arms of the humanoid figure.

Samantha! Samantha! NO!

Mulder is left alone in the house, kneeling on the floor, with his father's unloaded gun in his hand.

The intense humming is getting louder and louder. He drops the gun and covers his ears, and closes his eyes, the light is so bright it could blind him!

The room is dark and silent now.

Still feeling light-headed and disoriented, he leans back on the wall behind him. In a daze. He struggles to keep his eyes open. He can't believe what happened. Only one thing could explain it... aliens.

Aliens are real.

Aliens abducted Samantha!


A man and a shorter boy are running from the Mulder family home. This is the team that the Syndicate hired to kidnap Fox Mulder. The man is a 40 year old man from Nicaragua, named Armando Cardinal. The boy with him is his 12 year old son, Luis.

When they get to their car down the street, little Luis Cardinal removes his black ski mask, and looks at his dad.

Dad! You screwed up!

His father removes his black ski mask, after putting Samantha into the trunk of his car.

What do you mean I screwed up?

You were supposed to get Fox.

I did.

You got his sister.

Armando, opens the trunk of his car again and looks more carefully at the child he just abducted from her home. It's Samantha.

You shut up, Luis! (beat)
I got who I was told to
get. The boy is who Bill
Mulder wanted taken. The
girl is who that black-lunged
son-of-a-bitch wanted.

Luis glares up at his dad. Why wasn't he informed of this change? If he's supposed to be a Syndicate Goon in training, then why not let him know? This pisses him off.

Luis hears the sound of a bike pedaling towards them. He turns around and in the dim street lamp light he sees Alex Krycek.

Shit. Dad, it's Alex.

Get in the car.

Luis starts to walk around to the other side of the car, but Alex stops his bike next to him.

Luis. Strange seeing you here.

Yeah, car problems.

Did you ask the Mulders if
you could use their phone
to call for help?

No, my dad is smart enough
to know how to fix a car. (beat)
What are you doing here
so late at night?

My dad's drunk again.
I didn't want to be his
punching bag.

Armado Cardinal starts the engine of the car, and leans across the passenger seat to roll down the window.

Luis! Come on!

Luis looks at his dad. He knows time is important. It won't be long now before the Mulder family calls the police and an investigation is started. And he can only hope that Alex Krycek forgets that he ran into him and his dad, just a ways down from the Mulder family home.

(rolls his eyes at his dad)
I have to go. (beat) Have
a good Thanksgiving break!

You too! (beat) See you
in home ec next week!

Luis waves goodbye to Krycek, and gets into his father's car. Krycek watches as the car pulls away from the curb, and drives away, turning onto the main street, and out of view.

Krycek gets back on his bike and cycles down the street and up the driveway of Mulder's house. That's odd, all the lights are off. Mulder must be trying to scare Samantha.

Krycek drops his bike in the yard, and walks up the stairs to the front porch. Hmm... the front door is wide open. He pokes his head inside.


No one answers.

Carefully, Krycek enters the house. He tries to switch on the light switch, but it isn't working.

Mulder...? Samantha...?

(off screen, groggy)
She's gone.

Mulder? Where are you?
What do you mean she's gone?

Krycek slowly walks through the living room, hoping his eyes will adjust soon to the complete darkness.

(off screen, groggy)
They took her. The
aliens took her.

Krycek stops in place. Did he say "aliens?"

A car drives past the house, it's headlights shine light through the living room window, and Krycek sees Mulder sitting next to the bookshelf, his back against the wall. Krycek runs to his friend's side.

Where are your parents?

Next door at the Galbrands...

I think you've been drugged.
(beat) I'll go get your dad.

Mulder nods his head, and watches Krycek run out of the house to go find his parents.

The hours, days, weeks that followed were a whirlwind of police investigators asking the same questions over and over again: tell us again what happened. What did the man look like who stood in the door? Has everything been all right at home? Did your sister ever tell you she wanted to run away from home? Do you know if there's anyone who might want to hurt your sister or your family?

Mulder gave him answers to the best of his knowledge, but that didn't seem to help the police find his sister. Eventually the FBI got involved, and Samantha's picture was featured on milk cartons across the country, and on local and national news broadcasts for months.

Nothing ever came of the search.

Mulder took it upon himself to try to find Samantha. He pushed his friends Alex Krycek, and Dana Scully away. He didn't want them to help him because he was afraid that they too might get taken if he got too close to the truth. He lost his appetite, his grades dropped at school, he skipped school a few times a week, he hitch-hiked in order to look for Samantha further away from home. His parents thought he was trying to run away from home, but he wasn't, he was only trying to find his little sister.

His parents made him talk to a child psychologist. They had become "worried" about him, and his ranting and raving about aliens, and alien abduction.

Mulder had convinced himself that the evil Emperor from "Star Wars" had taken Samantha. Mulder had never been a traditionally "normal" child, but after the loss of his sister, he was never quite the same. He became more paranoid, more afraid of losing his friends, and a believer in aliens.

The Mulder family never received any ransom calls, or notes. Eventually the police and the FBI stopped coming by their house. It was mid-December, and the constant fighting between his mom and dad culminated in a speedy divorce.

Mulder's father never said a word to him after the night Samantha disappeared, and he moved away while he and his mom remained in Lake Placid.

Sure, Scully and Krycek tried to be there for him, even snuck out of their own homes one night to go look for Samantha without him. They wanted to find her, to help him, but they could not. They shared their bag lunches with him, and paid for his school lunches when his mother forgot to give him lunch money.

It took Mulder nearly a year before he started socializing again.

It's Christmas Eve again, 1982.

It's been a year since his mom and dad divorced, and over a year since Samantha was abducted. A year may have passed, but the painful memories haunt him as if she was abducted yesterday.

Mulder sits on the couch in his living room. He's wearing a nice suit and tie. He hasn't seen his mom since last night when she tucked him into bed. He heard her leave once she thought he was asleep. He thought she was abandoning him, and maybe she has. She's still not home. Mulder looks at the clock on the wall.

It's 7:00 P.M.

He told Scully that he'd come watch her and Alex in the Youth Ballet's "The Nutcracker" tonight, now he's going to look like a liar.

Scully has been perfecting the Arabian Dancer for a year. Last year she told him that she stumbled and fell during the show, she had been so preoccupied about what had happened to Samantha that she just couldn't concentrate.

In Samantha's memory, Alex Krycek had joined the Youth Ballet. He wanted to play the part of one of the battle mice in honor of Samantha since she couldn't be there last year.

Tonight was the night that their performances would be dedicated to Samantha. Scully told him that after the curtain call that she was going to make a little speech about Samantha, and that Ms. Debbie had agreed to print MISSING papers (with Samantha's picture) to hand out to everyone in attendance. Scully asked if it would be ok to call him up on stage with her, he agreed. But the show starts in thirty minutes, and his mom isn't here to take him.

If only Santa Claus was real. If he were real maybe he could find Samantha, and bring her home by Christmas morning. Or... no... Santa's not real, no way, no how! But what if he only stopped visiting his family because he, Fox William Mulder, stopped believing in him?

Mulder's heart skips a beat! Maybe all he has to do is keep on believing in Santa, and maybe one day Santa will bring Samantha back!

Mulder hops off the couch and runs into the kitchen, and pours a glass of milk, and grabs chocolate chip cookies from the cookie jar. He puts them on a plate along with a couple carrots (for Santa's reindeer). He runs back to the living room and looks around. His mom didn't bother with putting up a Christmas tree or any other Christmas decorations this year.

The doorbell rings.

Mulder answers and sees Scully and Krycek standing there. Behind them are Scully's brothers, Bill Jr., and Charles, and her sister, Melissa. Marita Covarrubias is carefully making her way up the snowy driveway. She's, of course, dressed like a princess (complete with a tiara).

Hey guys.

Are you ready to go?

I can't. My mom's not here
to take me, plus I need to
decorate for Christmas so
Santa knows I still believe in him.

You're not going to see
me prance around as a
mouse soldier?

Sorry, but I just...
I just can't. (beat)
I know you guys
were going to do
that whole thing
for Samantha-

I'll call Ms. Debbie and
tell her we're running late!

You'll get in trouble.

Everyone welcomes themselves into the Mulder home. Wiping their wet, snowy shoes and boots on the door mat. Marita steps into the house, and kisses Mulder on the cheek.

Scully makes her way to the phone in the kitchen, and dials Ms. Debbie. If she does get into trouble, she won't care. Her friend comes first.

Bill Jr., Charles, and Melissa emerge from the basement with boxes of Christmas decorations, they start unpacking everything in the middle of the living room.

Mulder? Can I borrow
something to wear? I don't
want to ruin my pretty dress.

Sure. I have T-shirts, and
sweatpants in the dresser
in my bedroom.

Thank you.

Mulder smiles. It's rare for him to smile, so unnatural now that he notices that he's smiling. It feels nice. He looks at all his super buddies here in his home, being here with him, and here for him even when his family all but completely forgets him.



9:11 P.M.

Samantha Mulder, now nine years old, lies on an exam table in the middle of the bright white room. There's an unsettling quiet humm coming from the strange machines that surround her. She hears footsteps approaching, they scare her. They always scare her. She's always frightened. She can't move, and she can't scream. She can't do anything but lie there completely still. An unknown man hovers above her now.

Don't be afraid. We're
not here to harm you.

A moment later, Samantha feels a sharp pain in her abdomen. It's very sharp, and very hot, and searing through her skin. Samantha wants to sit up, to see what is going on, but she cannot move. Among the noise in her head she hears these men discussing injecting her with something to erase her memory of the tests they are running. They want to hurry up the procedure they're doing right now so they can get back home to their families for Christmas.

The pain becomes too much for Samanta, and she loses consciousness.

An undeterminable amount of time passes, and Samantha is now locked inside a holding cell, in what seems to be a basement level of this Syndicate Facility. It is a room similar to one that Monica Reyes will be held in when she was taken for experiments in 2004, twenty-two years from now.

Dr. John Montgomery (age 33) steps into view. If you recall, John Montgomery is (obviously) a Syndicate scientist and doctor. He will go on to marry Dana Scully in the early 1990s, and will have a daughter with her, Jill, who he will enter into the Syndicate's alien vaccine project, where she will die.

Montgomery is peering in at her through the small rectangular window in the steel door. Behind him Samantha sees the Cigarette-Smoking Man, sucking on a cigarette. She recognizes him as a friend of her father's.

(to Montgomery)
Let's hope the technology works.

John Montgomery hates the work that he's doing for the Syndicate. He did not get into science, and medicine to hurt innocent children. He hopes that he can hurry the process of creating a successful alien virus vaccine, that way they can get it distributed, and then just have to worry about preparing the military for defense of the planet.

We're not even sure if we
received the alien virus
from the Soviets.

A door opens behind the two men, and Bill Mulder walks into the room, a very stern expression on his face. He stares down the Smoking Man, the man who chose to take Samantha over Fox, to be entered into The Project.

The decision was made only between the Smoking Man and the abduction team of Armando and Luis Cardinal. Everyone else in the group understood that Fox Mulder, the Smoking Man's biological son, was to be entered into the project. He should have known that the Smoking Man wouldn't allow his own son to be subject to these horrible tests. Instead, Bill Mulder must oversee the experiments conducted on his baby girl.

The Smoking Man smiles at Bill Mulder. He's smug, proud that he got "one up" on Bill Mulder.

(fake kindness)
Bill, Merry Christmas.

Bill Mulder ignores him. He turns and speaks to Montgomery.

Dr. Montgomery, how is she?

I sedated her before implanting the
chip into her abdomen.

Will she ever be
able to return home?

This pains Montgomery, he never wanted to run these experiments on children, but he has to follow the orders of the Smoking Man. And ultimately Samantha's fate rests in the hands of the Smoking Man, who he's heard say he wants to use the child until she's useless, and then dispose of her.

Not likely.

Will she be allowed outside the
facility? To play, or to have fresh air?

Depends on how she reacts
to the alien virus the Soviets
gave to us.

The Smoking Man steps toward them.

She won't remember a thing.
Not even you, Bill. I'm  having
her memory erased. (beat) If she
survives the alien virus, we'll
need to keep her under observation.
Erasing her memory of you, and
her mother, and her... brother,
will make it easier on her.

Bill Mulder gives him a look that could kill.

She'll be given to an adoptive
family which has membership
with the Syndicate. (beat)
If she survives.

A slight smirk forms across the Smoking Man's face.

Bill Mulder knows it's useless to argue with the Smoking Man, he only hopes that Samantha survives these tests, and gets to have another chance at living a normal childhood one day.

Bill walks over to the cell door, imprisoning his daughter. He looks in at her. She is lying down on the metallic bed against the wall. Her arm draped over her eyes. He wants to break down the door, and go to her. He wants to comfort her, to protect her, to let her know that he loves her and wants to do all he can to get her home. But he cannot. He got himself involved in the Syndicate many years ago, and once you're in there is no way out.




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