"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Ten


Title: "The X-Files"

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Series: FRVS - Episode #216

Written by: Cassie

Classification: humor

Rating: PG-13

Air Date: 6 January 2018

Date Written: 7 April 2017; 15 April 2017; 18-19 May 2017

Summary: Mulder introduces the X-Files Division to potential X-Files agents, including the Bureau's new shining star, Special Agent Kyd Miller.

Disclaimer: "The X-Files" and its characters belong to 20th Century FOX Broadcasting. If you recognize it, it's not our own creation. Original characters belong to Cassie and Kristi (FRVS). "Star Wars" belongs to George Lucas. Characters from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" are Joss Whedon's and 20th Century FOX Broadcasting.

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7:40 A.M.

Newly appointed Special Agent Kyd Miller, a handsome young man of 34 – with dark brown hair, and piercing blue eyes, and a jaw line and brow that would make Alex Krycek extremely jealous – walks with confidence down the hallway of the FBI’s third floor. He’s fresh out of the FBI Academy, having graduated last week (top of his class). His instructors at the FBI Academy told him that the sky's the limit, and that they wouldn't be surprised if one day he was sitting in the Director's Office.

He’s dressed in his best (albeit new) suit, he rubs the back of his neck with his hand. His eyes go wide when he feels the sales tag is still attached to the suit jacket! He quickly tugs at the tag to remove it. He’s wearing his navy blue necktie, a graduation gift from his fiancée, Kayla, last week.

Kyd is headed to his eight o’clock meeting with the new FBI Director, John Doggett. He is well-prepared for this meeting, even with lack of sleep.

He stayed up late the last couple nights with his fiancée, Kayla Taylor, who is in her third year working as the White House Press Secretary (under Presidents Ray Douglas, Alex Krycek, Fox Mulder, and finally President Shane Vansen). Kayla helped him prepare for this meeting since she had worked with John Doggett (for a short time) at the White House, when that buffoon Alex Krycek – Mr. #YouKnowIt.

Kayla stood her ground with that chaotic and brief Krycek administration, and did her job the best she could under the circumstances. She confided in him that she wished that John Doggett had run for President instead of Knowle Rohrer. If John Doggett had become President that week that Alex Krycek and Fox Mulder were in office, never would have happened. She holds the FBI Director John Doggett with the highest respect.

He was nervous this morning. Nervous about this meeting. Nervous about stepping foot inside the J. Edgar Hoover Building as a sparkling new Special Agent. And especially nervous about meeting John Doggett.

In the Second American Civil War, Kyd had served in the USMC under General Knowle Rohrer - and came to know of John Doggett as this great man, friend, husband, father, and military leader through stories that General Rohrer would tell when things were calm. Up until the 2020 Presidential campaign season, he had never known what John Doggett looked like, and when he saw him campaigning, how he treated Vice Presidential candidate (and eventual Vice President, then President) Fox Mulder, and he knew that the stories Knowle Rohrer told were just the tip of the iceberg. Though Kyd has never met the man, he feels a real kinship with him.

When he graduated last week, he received his first assignment: the FBI Field Office in Boston, violent crimes division. He will accept the assignment if he is denied his request this morning.

His request… to join the X-Files Division here in Washington, D.C.

On the day of his graduation from the FBI Academy in Quantico, he had been standing alone, waiting for his fiancée to arrive, and a flyer caught his eye. A flyer advertising that the X-Files Division is currently recruiting new agents. The flyer offered a summary of the X-Files: how the cases are deemed “unsolvable” and had previously been filed under the letter “U,” but there were so many files that they had to be moved to “X.” Agents interested need to have a curiosity in the paranormal, and the unbelievable, in vampires, ghosts, time travel, bigfoot, big blue, evil, and of course aliens. Kyd read the flyer over and over again, and he knew that the X-Files are where he needs to be.

It also doesn’t hurt that the X-Files Division operates out of Washington, D.C., and that’s where he and his fiancée, Kayla Taylor live. But he will not use his personal life, nor his engagement to try to persuade the FBI Director should his request to be assigned to the X-Files be denied.

He had been so anxious about this meeting that he barely slept a wink last night. He didn’t hear the alarm clock go off this morning, and Kayla had to wake him up.

He sees the Director’s office as he turns the corner, it’s just a few feet ahead of him, on the right. Kyd takes a deep breath and proceeds.

Kyd walks into the waiting area just outside the Office of the Director, and his (new) assistant: a skinny, nervous brunette, with light brown hair, and despite her young age, thick black granny eyeglasses. She reminds him of that singer from the 1990s, Lisa Loeb.

Aaaaand now “Stay (I Missed You)” is in his head!

You say…
I only hear what I want to
And you say…
I talk so all the time, so
And I thought what I felt was simple
And I thought that I don’t belong

Special Agent Kyd Miller?

He flashes a handsome smile at her, and extends his hand to shake hers.

Yes, that’s me.

Or is it “that’s I” or should he have not contracted “that” and “is” and said “that is I” or “that is me”?

I’m Winifred Burkle.
But you can call me Fred.

She sits back down behind her desk, smiling up at him, kind of stumbling into her chair. She laughs at herself.

I’m always tripping up,
or stumbling around.

We all have those kind of days.

We sure do. (beat) Oh yeah. The
Director will see you in a moment.

Thank you.

Kyd turns around and takes a seat on the black leather couch. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, and recalls words that his mother said to him when he was young, and scared to perform in his school’s play:

“Breathe deep, focus on one thing at a time, and imagine your audience wearing nothing but their underwear.”

He smiles, thinking of his mom. She had been a ballerina when she was a kid and was convinced that she had the best advice for stage performance.

He misses his mother.

On September 11th 2001, he had run away from home. He and his parents were living in New York City at the time, he was fourteen years old (almost fifteen) and had paid enough attention to the layout of the city to know how to get around. His parents had told him a lie (or what he thought was a lie), a huge gigantic lie, and he was so angry with them that he never wanted to see them again, so early that Tuesday morning he ran away. He wound up wandering to his favorite place in the city: the World Trade Center Towers.

Kyd was there, at the towers, when the planes hit. He had seen his mother standing outside the North Tower seconds before the first plane hit. He knew if she was there that his dad had to be there as well. They were looking for him. They may have lied to him, but they were still his parents, and they still loved him.

He watched as debris from the building and the plane fell on the ground surrounding her. After that, all hell broke loose. He took cover in the South Tower immediately, hoping that his mother would find her way to him. Once safe inside the south tower he looked back out the window to try to find his mother, but she was gone.

He never saw her again.

He was fourteen and afraid. He didn’t conceal his tears as he stood in the South Tower. He heard people say that it’s safe to stay inside the building instead of trying to leave and risk getting hit by debris… or hit by people who chose to jump to escape the unimaginable nightmare. He’ll never forget that sound.

Kyd takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes, trying to force the memories of 9/11 from his mind. They are hard memories to live with.

He nearly lost his life that day. He felt the building shudder when the second plane hit the building he was in. At that point, it was too dangerous to leave. He was hit by the sudden urge to help others. He grew up a Boy Scout, was an Eagle Scout at that, and he knew that helping and trying to save others was exactly what he needed to do, even at the young age of fourteen. He knew that if his father was still alive, and his mother, that they were also helping others while looking for him. An hour after the plane hit the South Tower, he was on the sixth floor, and hear the building begin its collapse.

That was the last memory he had before he was found alive, buried in rubble, being carried over the debris of Ground Zero, towards an ambulance. He was taken to a hospital, and his parents never showed. He survived with stitches, bruises, and a lapse of memory of the building collapsing on him. He left the hospital before doctors wanted to release him (he was never a fan of being a patient in a hospital), and he went home. He stayed there, alone, for days, in hope that his parents survived the terrorist attack.

They never returned.

Their remains never found.

He left the apartment to live on the streets, and he never went back.

One might say that his experience, that September day, is why he set out to become an FBI agent.

The door to the Director’s Office opens, and FBI Director John Doggett emerges. Kyd immediately rises to his feet, and stands at attention, giving respect to the man. He looks at Doggett. Sure, he’s seen him on TV, but never in person. He feels like he’s in a dream, this is surreal, he swears that he looks almost like his father. He shakes his head to “snap out” of it, he knows his father died.

Special Agent Kyd Miller.

Doggett sounds equally enthralled to meet him. He steps toward Kyd, extending his hand.

S-sir… it’s an honor to meet you.

Before Doggett knows what is happening, instead of shaking his hand, Kyd Miller is giving him one big bear hug. This is different.

But different isn’t always a bad thing.

Doggett read the memo Fred Burkle wrote up for him regarding Special Agent Miller’s intentions with this meeting this morning, and he’s quite sure that Special Agent Bear Hug will fit in perfectly in the X-Files Division with Special Agent Fox Mulder (big fan of bear hugs).

Kyd steps away from Doggett and tries to discreetly wipe a tear from his eye. Doggett notices, hmmm... what a strange young man.

I’m sorry, sir. I just-

-No need to explain, agent.
When I worked the X-Files,
Agent Mulder believed in
giving hugs too.

Kyd knows he should be embarrassed, but he isn't. His mother taught him that it is ok to express your feelings and emotions, that holding them back will only hold you back as you go through life, she ought to know, she did just that (until she met his father).

For both Kyd and Doggett, this meeting isn’t exactly starting off as they initially thought it would. They step inside Doggett’s office, closing the door behind them. Doggett motions to the chair in front of his desk, and the two men sit down.

Kyd notices the framed pictures behind Doggett, pictures of Doggett, Scully, and their children Katie and Will. Kyd smiles. He wants to ask about them, but figures it’s best not to get involved in small-talk.

(looking at a file folder)
Says here you graduated from the
Academy last week. You’ve been
assigned to the Boston field office.

Correct. But as you know, I put in
a special request to stay here in
D.C. to work in the X-Files Division.

Do you have any experience working
with cases the Bureau has deemed… unsolvable?

Obviously, I don't, not officially.
(beat) I was only nineteen years
old when the aliens attacked.
I was… living in New York,
had been there since…

Kyd pauses long enough for Doggett to wonder if something is wrong. Kyd looks up to him and smiles bittersweetly.

My parents died in the 9/11
attacks. (beat) Ever since I knew
that I wanted to serve this country,
to protect its citizens. I got my
training with the USMC the year
before the aliens attacked. (beat)
Seeing the aliens, knowing Roswell
wasn’t just a hoax, that made me
want to do all that I can to make sure
that we never suffer another Alien War.

I was skeptical about aliens too.
Got chased down by one, it gashed
my back, almost killed me. (beat)
Seeing really is believing.

I stayed in New York throughout
the duration of the war. I helped
every single person I could during
that time. Children, women, men,
dogs, and cats…

Doggett really likes this guy. He knew this kid had served with Knowle Rohrer during the Second American Civil War, but Knowle never spoke about the soldiers who served under him, not more than just “oh there was this kid, and he peed his pants he was so scared.” Doggett didn’t care for the derogatory way that Knowle spoke of the men and women who serve this country. For Knowle, that war, any war, was a means to further his self-adulation. Becoming a great military leader during the Alien War and the Second American Civil War ruined Knowle.

He turns his attention back to Agent Miller, who had cleared his throat, noticing that Doggett’s mind was somewhere else.

I get caught up in my thoughts
too. I think I got that from my mom.

I apologize.

Don’t worry about it.

You were saying?

Anyway, I found a flyer for the X-Files,
and I figure that the X-Files Division
was privy to the existence of aliens,
and if that division is on top of alien
activity, then that’s the division I need
to be in to help prevent another alien war.

Kyd leans forward, resisting the urge to reach out and hold onto Doggett’s hands, to emphasize the importance of the X-Files in these post-Alien War days.

I know this is where I need to be.

Doggett looks at Agent Miller, and sees in him qualities that he sees in himself. Determination, stubbornness, loyalty, and the need to help others no matter the cost. A kid who lost his parents that awful September day.

September 11th was a horrible day for Doggett too. When word hit the news that a plane had flown into the Pentagon, he left the X-Files basement office to go help. He spent the entire day there helping, looking for survivors, using his experience of having survived a missile attack on his Marines barracks in 1991, to enter into the burning building to help those who otherwise could not get out on their own accord. In 1991, he was inside the barracks and that building had collapsed on him, injuring him, earning him a Purple Heart. In 2001 he received no congratulations, and he didn’t want any. His thanks came when the men and women he saved went on to have families of their own, lived on to fight the terrorists overseas, and went on to help save the world against the aliens.

Doggett returned home, covered in sweat, blood, dirt, cuts, bruises, and the overwhelming sense that there was still much more he could have done to help. Scully was sitting in her car, outside his home, waiting for him. This surprised him because though they were friends, he didn’t think they had become close enough for her to be waiting for him in her car at three in the morning. She could have gone to Skinner, or to Mulder, or to Krycek – for she had known all of them longer than he. She joined him in his house, and few words were exchanged, but he knew that she needed him. He didn’t know why she needed to spend time with him that night, but she did.

He offered for her to stay the night, he’d take the couch, but she declined. And before leaving his house, she had kissed him. That was the moment he knew that he was falling in love (real, actual, honest love) with her, and he thinks she realized this too.

The next day, Wednesday, 12 September 2001, Scully pretended that she had never come to his home, had never cried in his arms, and had never kissed him. He followed her lead, respecting her decision to pretend it never happened, and he never spoke of that night again. Not to her, not to anyone. And since he married her, they just don't talk about 9/11, there's too much going on in their lives to dwell on the past. But the fact remains, 9/11 marks the day he knew that he was in love with her.

Doggett looks at Agent Miller. He knows that Mulder needs an ally in the X-Files basement office. Yesterday, he denied Krycek’s attempt to get back into the FBI, and rightly so. And he knows that today Mulder is meeting with several potential X-Files recruits.


-Please, call me Kyd.

Kyd… I’ll get the paperwork
over to Boston to let them know
that I personally approved your
request for reassignment. (beat)
Welcome to the X-Files.

A wide smile forms on Kyd’s face.

Thank you, sir.

Kyd stands up, Doggett does the same.

Doggett walks around to the front of his desk to shake Kyd’s hand, yet again, Kyd pulls Doggett into a hug. Kyd steps back, finally realizing how unprofessional it is to hug the Director of the FBI.


It’s quite all right, Kyd.

Doggett smiles, he really does like this kid. There’s something about him that endears him to Doggett. He’s sure that in good time Mulder will be making him a member of his fun friend group, Super Buddies.

Look, usually these reassignments
take a few days to get through, but
Agent Mulder is holding an introductory
meeting with other agents he’s trying
to recruit to the X-Files. (beat) I
suggest you head down and introduce yourself.

You have no idea how much
this means to me, sir.
(beat) No idea.

Doggett walks Kyd to the door, and opens it for him. His assistant, Fred Burkle, quickly tries to hide that she was doing something other than FBI work. She smiles at them, knowing she’s been caught.

Doggett watches Kyd walk away. He has a funny feeling in his heart, and he instinctively knows that he’ll be seeing much more of this Agent Kyd Miller. He wonders when Mulder will hold the next Super Buddies meeting to welcome Miller to the group.

That’s a really sweet thing you
did, sir. I was reading up on his
academy file, and I think he’s
the best choice to work on X-Files

I met with Mulder’s other recruits,
and I agree, Agent Miller is a perfect fit.

You know once I should have
been in a X-File.

Doggett gives her a look, raising his eyebrow.

I died of this strange infection, and
a demon – from the Primordium Age –
took over my body. She was called
Illyria. She had super strength, agility,
and stamina, and could even manipulate
time, and travel between different dimensions.

Doggett gives her another look

I know, I know. I sound crazy.
But I can assure you, that my
boss, Angel, was able to save
my soul, help Illyria, and poof!
bring me back to life.



You’re a strange young woman.
(beat) Never change.

Doggett starts back into his office. Fred stands up quickly to tell him something before she forgets.

Your wife called while you
were in your meeting, She said…

Fred rummages through all the loose notes on her desk, and finds the post-it she was looking for. She adjusts her reading glasses and reads:

Pick up milk, and dog food
on your way home tonight.

Thank you, Fred.

Fred smiles, she’s so glad that she can be of help here at the FBI. If she knew how to get in contact with her former boss, Angel, she’d try to convince him to come to work for the FBI. She’s sure wherever he is that he’s still helping the helpless. She often wonders how he and Spike dealt with that alien invasion thing.

She sits back down at her desk, looks to make sure Doggett has shut his office door, and pulls up the website she was visiting when he and Agent Miller stepped out of his office. It’s a website about vampire sightings. Apparently now that people know aliens are real, there’s another group of people who think we need to be preparing for a Vampire War.



The elevator doors open to the basement, and Kyd Miller walks down the hallway. He looks around the walls of the hallway, which are lined with framed photographs taken during the Alien War: the J. Edgar Hoover Building in rubble, the East Wing of the White House in flames with a UFO hovering over it, alien space crafts flying in the sky over the ocean, and an enlarged photo of Mulder, Krycek, and Marita from when they were locked up inside their “Bunkie” which Mulder made before the alien attacks began, to protect he and his friends.

At the Academy, Kyd had attended a couple of Agent Mulder’s criminal profiling seminars. The Mulder in this picture looks so young, and that was only… he does the math in his head, ok we’re in 2021, the aliens first attacked in 2006… fifteen years ago. Well… people do tend to age, right?

Down the hall, he can hear Mulder speaking. Kyd continues down the hallway and knocks on Mulder’s office door.

(off screen)
Sorry, nobody down here but
the FBI’s most unwanted.

Kyd opens the door, and is welcomed into the office by some familiar faces, and some unknown faces. Mulder is standing in front of a large slide screen, a slide control in his hand. Seated in a half circle in front of Mulder are Agents Liz Einstein (one of his friends from the Academy, and a medical doctor), a brunette woman, an African American man, a little girl with brunette hair, and sitting next to this child is a grown man dressed like Inspector Gadget, the cartoon character.

Kyd raises an eyebrow at the sight of this Inspector Gadget character. What’s that about?

Mulder smiles at Miller.

You must be Special Agent Kyd Miller.
(beat) Cool name, B.T.dub. (beat) This
is Agent Elizabeth Einstein, Agent
Dakota Whitney, Agent Mosley Drummy,
my daughter – Pookalina Shmi, and um…
errrrrmmmm… (hesitant) Inspector Gadget.

Kyd pulls up a chair and takes a seat next to Liz Einstein, they share a look. Kyd is excited to be here, Liz, on the other hand, isn’t so sure.

Ok, where was I? (beat) Yes,
whenever someone new visits
the X-Files office you need to
come off as mysterious and
difficult to figure out.

Kyd raises his hand.

(points at Kyd)

What is the point of
coming off as mysterious?

Um… to inspire the visitor to
dig deeper for answers. To inspire
use of their own investigative skills.

Kyd takes out a small spiral memo notebook from his suit pocket, and starts taking notes... for real!

Mulder walks over and switches off the lights in the room, and flips to the first slide in his slideshow. It’s a photo of Mulder and Scully in 1993, in Bellefleur, Oregon. Their very first X-Files case together.

I had worked mostly alone on the
X-Files until 1993 when Dana Scully,
now Dana Doggett – that’s right, kids,
she’s married to our current FBI
Director. (beat) She was a medical
scientist doctor who refused to believe
in paranormal or the existence of aliens.

Mulder laughs.

Look at the shoulder pads
she’s sporting in that
awful pantsuit!

With a WAVY SCOOBY DOO MYSTERY TRANSITION, we are back in 1993, in a FBI Bucar, driving down the road in Bellefleur, Oregon, with Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Yes, Mulder and Scully grew up together, went to elementary school, middle school, and high school together, but since the summer after their high school graduation, they really hadn’t spoken to each other all that much. The reason?

Mulder, Krycek, and Scully moved to Las Vegas that summer - oh that grand summer of 1988 where they thought they were free because they had gotten out of high school – what Mulder didn’t know when they moved there, and he was out enjoying the summer days in Vegas, was that Alex Krycek had started a “gentleman’s” club on the Vegas Strip, The Gutter. And who was his star performer (STRIPPER!!!), none other than his best friend, his crush, the love of his life, Dana Katherine Scully.

He got so angry with Krycek for “making” Scully strip under the stage name “Red,” that he stopped speaking to Krycek completely up until they met (again, and again, and again, and again at the "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" theatre showings – all without uttering even a PEEP! to one another) on that fateful Kriysa Airlines flight in 1999, when soon after they discovered they were neighbors in the same apartment building... neighbors that shared a wall.

Informer, ya’ no say daddy me Snow me I go blame
A licky boom boom down
‘Tective man a say, say daddy me Snow me stab someone down the lane
A licky boom boom down
Informer, ya’ no say daddy me Snow me I go blame
A licky boom boom down
‘Tective man say, say daddy me Snow me stab someone down the lane
A licky boom boom down

Police-a them-a they come and-a they blow down me door
One ee come crawl troo, troo my window
So dey put me in de back de car at de station
From that point on me reach my destination
Where the destination reachin’ outta east detention, where dey
Looked down me pants, look up me bottom so

Informer, ya’ no say daddy me Snow me I go blame
A licky boom boom down

Scully gives Mulder side-eye. Then she reaches over and turns down the music, Mulder was blaring it. He thinks blaring it makes him “hip.”

Why don’t you say what’s
on your mind, Mulder. Instead
of blaring bad music-

-C'mon, Scully! Snow is an artist.

Scully gives him another look, and rolls her eyes.

We haven’t seen each other since-

-I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but...
(beat) I haven’t seen you, heard from
you, or gotten any kind of handwritten
correspondence from you since July
of 1988! That’s five years, Scully!

To make a point, Mulder slams his hand down on the steering wheel. He means it to be taken seriously, but his hand slips and he honks the horn, and it’s a wimpy honk, not a strong “manly” (if a car horn can be “manly”) honk, it sounds like a cartoon fart.

Wanting to laugh, Mulder and Scully share a look, but keep straight faces.

My life went in a… different
direction, Mulder.

And I had sex on a tombstone!
(beat) Both our lives went in
different directions. I just told
you about that embarrassing
sex-tombstone thing, why can’t
you talk about what you’ve been
doing with your life for the past five years?

First of all, sex on a tombstone?!
Just saying that isn’t telling me
about it-

-Do you really want the details?


Tough, you got ‘em! It was with
this redhead named Phoebe Green.
I only thought I liked her, and dated
her because I wasn’t over my crush
on you, and back then-

-This better not be a story about
acting out a sex fantasy about me
on a tombstone-

-and back then… well, I forget
what I was saying when you so
rudely interrupted me.

Mulder takes his hands off the steering wheel and crosses them in front of his chest, and pouts.

Come with a nice young lady
Intelligent, yes she gentle and irie
Everywhere me go me never lef’ her at all-ie
Yes-a Daddy Snow me are the roam dance man-a
Roam between-a dancin’ in-a in-a nation-a
You never know say daddy me Snow me are the boom shakata
Me never lay-a down flat in-a one cardboard box-a
Yes-a daddy me Snow me-a go reachin’ out da top so

Informer, ya’ no say daddy me Snow me I go blame
A licky boom boom down

Scully gives Mulder more side-eye. Hoping he understand she wants him to turn this music off.

I’m not turning it off, Scully.
It’s my favorite song.


-No. Not unless you tell me
what you’ve been doing with
your life for the last five years.

Scully shifts in her seat to try to turn her back to Mulder, she looks out the window. Fact is that she honestly does not remember much of what happened from Las Vegas to now.

In Las Vegas she remembers one night when a kind, attractive Marine tipped her $500 in cash while she was stripping for him and his two friends (a large man, also a Marine, and a young, brunette woman). She remembers taking that $500 to the airport the next morning (without saying a word to Mulder and Krycek), and buying herself a plane ticket to Boston so she could attend Harvard in the fall.

Her initial intention was to skip out on college all together, just to tick off her mother, Margaret. But often, while she was stripping, she felt shame for what her father would think of her. She couldn’t bear the thought of letting down her dad by not at least trying to get through medical school. If she didn’t go to Harvard, what in the world would she tell her dad when he asked her how school was going?

Oh, school’s fine, daddy, I get a lot of pole work done and cardio while I take off my clothes in front of men and women who only see me as a sexual object!

No thank you!

She had to get out of Vegas, she had to hang Krycek out to dry.

And then when Mulder discovered she was stripping. She was mortified. Absolutely mortified. They had “dated” when they were just kids, and she knew that Mulder still had a crush on her, and still was in love with her, but he had never seen her naked before! And then he did, and the fight he had with Krycek about her stripping, and the looks of shame and pity he threw her way… it was too much. She had to get out of Vegas!

Mulder makes a loud HUFF AND A PUFF sound, jerking Scully away from her thoughts. Obviously he’s angry with her because she isn’t telling him the details of her life over the past five years.

The car swerves as Mulder makes a quick motion to grab at the radio volume control and turn it up! Mulder’s expecting more “Informer,” but Exposé's "I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me."

I hear you’re taking the town again
Havin’ a good time with all your good-time friends
I don’t think that you think of me
You’re on your own now, and I’m alone and free

I know that I should get on with my life
But a life lived without you could never be right

As long as the starts shine down from the heavens,
Long as the rivers run to the sea,
I’ll never get over you getting over me

If Mulder turns down the music now, he’ll look ridiculous. If he turns it off, his point has not been made. And if he lets the song keep playing… he could end up crying! Scully continues to look out the window, her back to him. His lips quiver, and he fights the urge to cry.



Mulder flips his slideshow to the next slide, a picture of Agent Dana Scully in his motel room in Bellefleur, in her bra and panties.

First, don’t tell the Director that
I have this photo, ok? (beat) Second,
and I’ll tell you now, you really do
not want to be partnered with an FBI
agent that you have a crush on. One
day she might come to your motel
room, in a rainstorm, sopping wet,
in only her underpants and bra, and
not because she’ll ever have the hots
for you, but… well…

Ok, so thus far, Kyd Miller has learned part of the lyrics to “Informer” when Agent Mulder decided to sing part of that song to everyone in the room while telling his story of his first X-Files case with Agent Scully. And now he’s showing off a slide of Director John Doggett’s wife, in her underwear?! Kyd covers his eyes so not to look at her. This is inappropriate.

… Once Scully and I got drunk and
line danced to Garth Brooks’ “Friends
In Low Places,” and we made out on
my couch – which apparently saw a lot
of action, not usually including myself –
but that wasn’t on our first case, that was
just a random weekend-

Mulder stops abruptly, noticing the strange looks he’s getting from the female agents in the room. Hmmm... this is rather inappropriate, he better try to stop now before it gets really bad.

I can share slides with you of me
in my underpants. (beat)
Gee golly… Umm… errrmmmm…

There’s a really awkward silence in the room. “Inspector Gadget” raises his hand. Mulder points at him, thankful someone has a question.


“Inspector Gadget” keeps his head lowered so Mulder cannot see his face, and speaks in a strange way as to disguise his voice.

Mulder. What is inappropriate sexual
behaviour while working on X-Files
cases? (beat) Haven’t you had… relations
with a vampire? (beat) In the casefile
named… “3?”

If the lights were on in the room everyone there would see that Mulder’s face has gone bright red! He looks at his five year old daughter, Pookalina Shmi, who is sitting in the room. Who in the?! What in the?! Who would know about that casefile who is a new X-Files Division recruit?! Mulder thinks hard on this for only a few seconds and it dawns on him…

Alex Krycek.

Mulder bends down to try to get a look at “Inspector Gadget’s” face, there’s no mistaking that stupid, stupid, stoooooooopid smile that’s on “Inspector Gadget’s” face, "Inspector Gagdget" is Alex Krycek!

Mulder shakes his head in disbelief. It was only yesterday that Krycek had his interview with Doggett to try to get his old job back at the FBI. And John Doggett, the man whose political career Krycek single-handedly-ish destroyed, was appointed FBI Director, by he, former President Fox William Mulder. Krycek knows that he isn’t allowed inside the FBI building! They aren’t even running tour groups (yet)!

But poor, poor Alex Krycek. What is he supposed to do? It’s not like the Syndicate is still around for him to try to cover up, or prevent any kind of inevitable alien invasion. That already happened! All Krycek had was his job at the FBI, and now he has nothing. Unless, of course, he wants to go back to flippin’ burgers at the Burger Boy fast food restaurant at the mall.

Dish on the vampire sex, dude!

(to the group)
Mr. Gadget brings up a good point.
This is a serious issue to address, kids.
I mean, agents. (beat) Often you will
find your co-workers attractive, but it
is a bad idea to get sexually involved
with your partner, and it is also a real
bad idea to fall in love with one too.

No, I mean… is it ever appropriate to
have sex with a suspect of a case?

Mulder’s face goes bright red again (so glad the lights are out!). His little girl, Pookalina Shmi, sees that her daddy is getting really embarrassed so she speaks up to try to help him.

It’s always a bad decision to have
sexual relations with suspects, uncle Alex.

Kyd Miller smiles at the little girl, and shakes his head in disbelief at this “Inspector Gadget” character.

That’s correct, Pookalina-

-Pookalina Shmi, dad, don’t
forget the Shmi.

Unlike her father, Pookalina Shmi takes great pride in, and adores, her full name. Mulder smiles at his daughter and continues to address the agents in the darkened office.

How many of you believe in
the existence of parallel worlds?
(beat) A show of hands please.

Mulder looks over the group of agents in front of him, only his daughter, and Kyd Miller raise their hands. Einstein, Drummy, and Whitney look at him unamused.

Good, a healthy dose of skepticism
can be helpful in the X-Files Division…
Anyway… parallel worlds. During the
Alien War, my friends and I were living
on the Pequod air craft carrier,
and we found a woman and brought
her on board, she claimed
to be from another world… a…
parallel universe, where the X-Files were
referred to as the X Designation. This
Agent Olivia Dunham, whatever world
she came from, they managed to avoid
alien attacks, and the Alien War. In her
version of 2012, Earth was as it had been
before the aliens.

Kyd Miller is on the edge of his seat. This story is eye-opening. The existence of parallel worlds opens the doors to so many possibilities. If they could harness the ability to travel between worlds, maybe- he stops his thoughts, he’s thirty-four years old, even if he could go to a parallel world where 9/11 never happened, he wouldn’t be able to live out the last twenty years of his life with his parallel world parents. But really, his parallel world parents wouldn't be his actual, real parents. They'd be alternate universe parents.

In Agent Dunham's world they
were on the verge of war with
another parallel world. (beat)
It's so weird to think that there
are hundreds, if not thousands,
if not a gazillion other us'es out there…

Mulder trails off thinking of what kinds of different lives the other Fox Mulders of the parallel worlds are living right now.

He wonders… in how many of these parallel worlds is he married to Scully in?! That would be so weird! He's always liked her, she's always beautiful in his eyes, but when he really considers what it would be like to be married to Scully… it's like… he's married to his mother! He shudders. Why can't he (a happily married man) get over his boyhood crush on Scully?

Ah well, doesn't matter. He will always love Scully.

It’s like… is the internet immune to
what keeps our universes divided?
Can we reach across to parallel worlds
through things like discussion forums,
or Twitter, or Facebook, or even email,
and what about Skype? (beat) Is it
possible that when we Skype with people
we haven’t actually met in real life, that
we could be chatting with someone that
lives in a parallel world…?

The very thought of this possibility has stunned Mulder into temporary silence. Everyone else in the room however, is wondering where these thoughts even came from. Mulder's scatterbrained, that's for sure!

This is the best assignment!
Parallel worlds! Imagine if
we could find a way to travel
from one parallel world to another.

Kyd is thinking about how in other parallel worlds his parents are probably alive and well. He just knew getting assigned to the X-Files Division would be opportunistic! Even if he could meet his parallel world parents, he would want to hug them and tell them he loves them, and that he's sorry for running away.

Pookalina Shmi stands up and goes over to her father, she tugs at his hand.

Daddy… daddy…

Mulder looks down at his little girl. Right, he’s in his office, presenting the X-Files Division! Where was he, oh right… parallel worlds… the potential of there being an infinite number of Fox Mulders, and an infinite number of Dana Scullys… if only Scully had a twin! He married Marita’s twin, Maria, but oh! oh! if only Scully had a twin that could have fallen in love with him too!

Errrrmmm... umm… it’s not that he doesn’t love his wife, Maria, it’s that Scully will now and forever be his What If Girl – you know… what if she had dated him instead of Scott in high school? What if they had gone to Europe the summer of 1988 and fell in love on a beach in Greece? What if… Mulder’s hand pats the pocket of his slacks, checking to make sure that his Lucky Rabbit’s Foot is still there. Recently Mulder has kept the old Lucky Rabbit’s Foot on his person, he’s not exactly sure why, just he has a gut feeling that he’s going to need it.


Mulder snaps out of it again!

No! Those details
are not for you, Alex!



They hesitate to continue on for a few more minutes exchanging “jerk” and “bitch” to each other, but *GASP* they don’t!

Mulder settles down, and composes himself, and continues.

There are some instances in which it’s
ok to stay overnight in a hotel room
with a suspect. For example, in 1996,
I took custody of John Lee Roche, and
overnight he managed to um…

Mulder’s reconsidering this poor example.

He handcuffed you to the table and
stole your FBI issue weapon, and
your FBI ID, and used it to kidnap a girl!

Yeah… Mulder, that’s a really bad example.

Moving on… Once Agent Scully and
I enlisted the help of a psychic named
Clyde Bruckman… and he had a…
final repose…


It’s 1995, and Agent Mulder is standing outside a hotel room door, he’s listening in on Scully’s conversation with the psychic, Clyde Bruckman.

(off screen)
It’s something you haven’t explained.
Can you see your own end?

(off screen)
I see our end. (beat) We
end up in bed together.

Mulder’s jaw drops! Is Clyde Bruckman making a move on Scully?! Mulder takes his ear off the door, and wonders if he should bust into the room to stop this! He’s known Scully since her family moved to Lake Placid in August of 1974. He’s been her friend since forever! He’s been in love with her almost all his life! And here’s this old psychic dude, making moves on her! He can’t believe it! He puts his ear back on the door to continue listening in.

If he hears moaning or lip smacking, he’s gonna break that door down!

I’m, I’m, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have
said that. I, I, I don’t mean to offend
you or scare you, but, uh, not here, not
this bed. I, I just mean I, I see us
quite clearly in bed together.

Mulder feels jealousy raging through his blood! If Scully falls for this guy’s terrible pickup lines! Why won’t she fall for his? Why won’t Scully fall in love with him?!

You’re holding my hand, uh… very
tenderly and then… you’re looking
at me with such compassion and I feel…
tears are streaming down my face. I
feel so grateful. It’s just a… very
special moment neither of us will ever forget.

Mister Bruckman, there are hits and
there are misses. And then there are misses.

WAY TO TELL HIM OFF, SCULLY! Mulder jumps up really high, and almost “high fives” the hotel room door! But he doesn’t! Whew!

I just call ‘em as I see ‘em.

Satisfied with Scully’s response to Clyde’s “pick up” line, Mulder walks away. Maybe, just maybe, he’s still got a shot with her!

A few days later, he and Scully were on an airplane headed back to D.C. Scully sitting by the window, reading the book “Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” by Barack Obama. Mulder sits next to her, kind of squirming in his seat. Ever since he watched Scully get teared up and holding Clyde Bruckman’s hand when they found him dead, he’s wondered if maybe something did happen between the two of them last night after he stopped spying on them.

What exactly happened yesterday?

Scully lowers her book and looks at him.


Yesterday? You, dead Clyde,
tears, hand holding.

Scully would rather not talk about it. She was extremely moved by Clyde Bruckman. His prophesy had come true. They ended up together, in bed, holding hands. It made her question the validity of his prophesy when she asked him how she dies, and he answered her with two simple words, “you don’t.”

Everyone dies eventually, that’s the only inevitability in life. No one lives forever. No one is immortal.

Clyde Bruckman had been right about everything. She has worked on the X-Files now for a couple years. She’s learned that things she once thought to be scientifically proven as truth, can be disproven. What if…? She doesn’t even want to entertain the idea that one day she won’t die. Maybe Clyde meant she wouldn’t die in a car crash, or of an illness, or some other way a person could get their life cut short, right?


He was a kind man. (beat)
Too young, and too kind to die.

Satisfied enough with her answer, Mulder goes back to tipping his head back, and staring at the ceiling of the airplane. Scully returns to reading her book.



Mulder flips his slideshow to another picture. A picture of Scully’s Ouroboros snake tattoo on her back.

Cool tatt.

But, you see, Scully did face
her own mortality when she
was diagnosed with terminal
brain cancer. Something,
something between her sinus
and cere… cerebo…


Yes, cerebereboom.

Pookalina Shmi giggles at her father’s mispronunciation of the word.

Mulder flips to another slide, a picture he took of her journal she kept when she was in the hospital being treated for her cancer. Then another slide of Mulder and Scully hugging in the hospital after Penny Northern passed away from the same cancer Scully had. The slide of them hugging is a screen shot from the hospital security camera. Frohike had hacked into the hospital’s security system to capture the video for him to keep. Langley said it was creepy, and Byers said she would be mad if she found out, but at the time, Mulder didn’t care.

Mulder pauses on this photo of he and Scully. Back in those days he had been so frightened that Scully was going to die. He even considered calling Krycek to let him know what was going on, but decided against it when he remembered why he was so mad at him in the first place.

Mulder tilts his head to the side, much in the way a dog would when trying to figure out what its master wants from him. Hmmm… he wonders, Scully hasn’t really aged much since the late 1990s, has she? What is her secret? What moisturizer does she use? Geez!

(breaking the silence)
Agent Mulder, what are your
thoughts on immortality?

Mulder turns around and looks at Kyd. He walks over and turns on the light in the office. At some point in Mulder’s X-Files presentation, everyone except Kyd Miller and his daughter, left the office.

He guesses it was too much to hope for a large, bullpen-worthy, X-Files Division with dozens of agents. Mulder looks at the chair next to Kyd, Pookalina Shmi is falling asleep in it.

Any other day, Mulder would be sad that the other agents had left, but this new guy, this Agent Miller, has asked a good question. Mulder pulls a chair over to Kyd and sits down.

I have limited experience with
casefiles dealing with immortality.

Limited experience?

I once thought vampires were
immortal, but then Kristen Kilar,
from the casefile titled “3,” killed
herself, and the other vampires when
she blew up her home. (beat) But
there are different kinds of vampires.
The Bulgarian Ubour, Mormo, Ekimu,
Nosferatu, Kuang-Shi, and the Motetz
Dam of the Hebrews.

Doesn’t the Ubour eat manure, not blood?

Mulder perks up! This kid knows his stuff! Impressive! Where was this guy back in the 90s when Scully was being Little Miss (Pain In My Butt) Skeptical?!

Point is that not all vampire, or
vampire-like creatures are immortals.
(beat) What are your thoughts on
immortality, Agent Miller?

Mulder is especially curious about this. It’s not every day that a fellow FBI agent asks questions that are pertinent to X-Files investigations. And perhaps the lack of casefiles about immortality only means that this is an avenue that they need to explore!

I have a kind of… history, so
to speak, with immortality.

If Mulder were a dog, his ears would be perked up as high as they could reach!

With vampires?

I don’t believe in vampires.

Non-vampiric immortals?

Kyd gives Mulder a look. What he wants to say, he’s never said aloud. Not even to his fiancée, Kayla.

My parents… I they died in
the 9/11 attacks. (beat) The night
before they sat me down at the
kitchen table. A “family meeting”
they called it. My first thought was
that they were getting a divorce-

-Divorce is hard to go through as a kid.

That wasn’t what they wanted to
tell me. (beat) Up until that family
meeting, my parents were normal
parents: concerned with my grades,
nosey about girls I liked, grounded
me when I deserved it. But… they…
they sat me down and told me that
they were immortals.

Mulder takes this in.

He had his Samantha story driving his passion for the truth. And it seems Kyd Miller might possibly have the question of whether or not his parents are immortal or not, driving his.

Agent Miller, in all my time on the
X-Files there’s only ever been one
case of non-vampiric immortality,
and I barely helped with that case.
Agent Scully worked it. (beat)
I called the case “Tithonus.”

I felt like they sucker punched me
when they told me, in all seriousness,
that they will never die. That they'd
been around since the Civil War.
They hurt me. I thought they had been
lying to me my entire life. I thought
they hated me, and wanted me to
run away from home. I thought
they deserved to be locked up in
an insane asylum. But I was only
fourteen, what could I do?

What did you do?

I packed up my backpack and before
sunrise the next day I was gone. (beat)
I left them a short note saying that
I never wanted to see either of them
again, and that I didn’t need them in my life.

Kyd controls his emotions well. All he sees in his mind’s eye is his mother, standing maybe only fifty feet away from him when that first plane hit the North Tower.

I saw my mom at the Trade Center
towers moments before that first
plane hit, Mulder. If she was there,
my dad was there. (beat) I never saw
them again after that day.

At least you know they came looking
for you. They knew you well enough
to know where you would go. That
tells me that your parents loved you.

But… but what if… what if they
didn’t really die in the attack?
What if they really are immortals?
Wouldn't they have to pack up
and start over? Change their names?
If they were really immortal,
that could mean they’re still out
there somewhere, right?

In theory, yes.

Not knowing for sure is another
reason why I wanted this assignment.
The X-Files are the only investigative
division that can open doors to finding
out the truth about my parents. Find
out if they really lied to me or not.

Agent Miller… you’ve come
to the right place. (beat) We
can make finding the truth
about your parents one of our
top priorities.

Mulder gives Kyd a reassuring look, and a pat on the back.

Mulder has a good feeling about this Agent Kyd Miller. He might even have to look into what size Tshirt Kyd wears so he can make him a member of Super Buddies, and give him the traditional bright red and green Tshirt.


4:57 P.M.

John Doggett steps out into the hallway, and turns around and locks the door to the waiting area for his office. He makes a mental note to stop by the grocery store on the way home to pick up milk and… what was the other thing that Dana wanted him to get? He’ll call her when he gets to the store.

He walks down the empty hallway of the third floor, towards the elevators just around the corner. He smiles. It took him twenty-six years to reach the Directorship. Twenty-six long, strange, and turbulent years. He looks around at the photographs of fallen FBI agents that line the walls of the hallway: Brad Follmer, Alvin (Bernie) Kersh, Kim Cook, Diana Fowley… and many other agents who had been in the original J. Edgar Hoover Building when it was attacked by aliens.

Brad Follmer hadn’t actually been in the building, but he was a respected Assistant Director and it wouldn’t have been right to exclude him from this memorial. Brad actually died trying to save the life of Alex Krycek, or so that’s the story that Krycek has told all these years. John doesn’t doubt the story though, the way Krycek tells it convinces him that it’s all true.

John steps into the elevator and hits the button for the lobby. The doors shut and the elevator descends.

Sometimes he misses the days before the aliens attacked. When he was just a Special Agent working in the X-Files. He misses the little vase and daisy that Monica kept on her desk – a daisy that Brad Follmer had brought her. He misses pre-girlfriend/pre-fiancee/pre-wife Scully flirting with him in the office, making him uncomfortable.

Heck! He even misses hearing strange noises coming from Mulder and Krycek’s office, and wondering what the heck they were up to now! He doesn’t miss the water slide in the basement hallway though. That went a little too far for his liking. Actually, a lot of things went a little too far for his liking in that basement. He smiles at the memories, and at the memories he’s made since then – not all good, and not all happy, but the good out-weighs the bad.

When he got transferred to the X-Files in 2001 he thought that was the end of his career at the FBI. That the only agents who got assigned to the X-Files were agents with no future with the Bureau. While that may have been true, at the time, he wouldn’t change a day.

If he had quit, or hadn’t been transferred he would probably be a grumpy old man by now, living alone, cleaning his guns while watching NASCAR on weekends. Instead, this weekend, he will be coaching Will’s little league baseball team.

He never would have met Dana, well… maybe not that. Fate certainly seemed to have it out for them, what between the San Diego Zoo incident in 1973, to Christmas 1985, to Las Vegas 1988, then Rammstein Air Base in Germany in 1991, again when they sat next to each other on the opening night of “Titanic” in December of 1997… they had a knack for running into each other. He likes to believe if he hadn’t been in the FBI, he would have met her and married her just the same.

The elevator doors open at the lobby, and Doggett continues to the exit. He can see outside the windows facing out onto the street that there is a crowd of news journalists lined up outside.

Shit, what’s happened now and how long will I be working tonight?

He takes out his cell phone, and dials home. It rings a couple times, then Dana picks up.

(on phone)
Milk and dog food, John.

She laughs. She fully expected him to call to ask what she needed him to pick up at the store on his way home.

Sweetheart, there’s a load of
reporters outside the building,
something might be going on,
I think I’ll have to stay late tonight.

(on phone)
What? (beat) Hold on, let
me switch the channel.

In the background, John can hear Katie and Will protesting their mom changing the television channel over to one of the cable news networks.

(on phone)
Oh no…

What is it?

(on phone)
You’re not going to like this.

What’s happened? (beat)
And why don’t I know
about it yet?

Behind him, John hears the squeaky sound of sneakers walking on the freshly cleaned floor.

(behind him)
John? (beat, meek) Help me.

John slowly turns around, like how in horror movies, someone who is about to get decapitated turns around slowly and then SWISH! There goes the head!

(glaring at Krycek, to Dana)
I’ll be home as soon as possible.

(on phone)
Go easy on him, John.
(beat) I love you.

I love you too.

Doggett ends his call with Scully, and glares at Krycek.

You are not supposed
to be in this building, Alex.

I have a hard time letting things go?

A question really isn’t a good excuse now, is it?

I swear, you sneak me out of here
and help me avoid the news reporters
and I’ll never step foot in this
building again. I swear.

How did you get in here?

I bypassed security.


I dressed up like Inspector Gadget.

Doggett’s forehead wrinkles in disbelief. What the hell kind of security does this building have if a grown man, dressed like a cartoon character, can waltz right in here without being figured out that he’s Alex Krycek?!

Doggett rubs his forehead with his hand.

If Alex weren’t such a good friend to his wife, and to Mulder, and sometimes even to him, Doggett would walk him right out to meet the press.

John… I can’t go out there.
I can’t fess up to-

Fess up to what, Alex?

That thing that I didn’t do,
that they think that I did,
but I didn’t.

You mean when you were
the President?

(matter of fact/living in denial)
I don’t know what
you’re talking about.

Yes, Krycek hopes to pretend that his little stint as POTUS never happened.

Doggett looks out the window at all the news media that has compiled there, waiting for Krycek to emerge. He wonders how it got out that Krycek was even in this building? The media gathering here will make the FBI look bad. People are watching this on TV right now, wondering why the former (misguided!) President is meeting at the FBI with the new FBI Director, who also served as his Chief of Staff. Doggett shakes his head. Krycek really got in deep this time.

Some of the reporters outside start banging on the glass doors and windows.

Doggett gives Krycek a look.

Stay here.

With a heavy sigh, Doggett makes his way towards the front entry doors of the building. He gets out his keys, and unlocks it, steps outside, then quickly shuts the door behind him. Krycek watches on, from the shadows of the FBI lobby. He wonders what exactly Doggett is saying that will get all of them to leave him alone.

A few minutes pass, and Doggett comes back inside. Some of the media starts to leave, some linger.

What did you say?

Watch the talking heads
later tonight.

Doggett gives him a look.

(as if bailing his own son out of trouble)
C’mon. Let’s go.

Doggett heads towards the exit for the FBI’s private parking garage, where he gets to park his truck each day in the reserved spot for the Director.


10:36 P.M.

A bright blue Beetle car pulls up in front of the house. The lights shut off, and Monica (Reyes) Rohrer gets out. She opens the back door to her car so that her twin son and daughter, JJ and Carolina (age 7), can get out of the car. They sleepily stumble out of the car, carrying overnight bags.

The three of them walk up the front stairs to the porch. Monica rings the doorbell. They hear Buddy barking inside, then see him looking at them from the living room window, his tail wagging back and forth happily.

Dana moves the curtains of the window, next to the front door, aside to see who is at the door. She opens the door, it's just past ten thirty at night, she's concerned that Monica and her kids are here at this hour.


Dana steps aside to let Monica and the kids inside.

(she sounds exhausted)
Can we stay over tonight?

Dana nods her head and touches Monica on the shoulder.

Of course.

They walk into the living room, passing the staircase. John is coming down to see who is at the door. It looks like he's just out of the shower, his hair is wet, wearing a white Tshirt, sweatpants, and he's barefoot.

Monica is obviously upset and trying her best to conceal it so her kids don't get upset. John notices that Carolina and JJ look like they're ready to crash and sleep right there on the living room floor.

Hey, JJ, Carolina!

He's quiet enough so not to wake Katie and Will.

John gives Dana and Monica a look, letting them know that he will get the twins to bed. Monica smiles at him appreciatively. He leads the kids upstairs to the guest bedroom.

Dana and Monica walk into the living room.

Can I get you anything to drink?

No. I'm good.

Monica sits down on the couch, and struggles not to cry. Dana sits next to her, placing her hand on Monica's knee.

Dana, I… I can't…
I just… with Knowle.

Tears start falling down her face. Dana reaches over and hands her a tissue box.

Our marriage has been over for
a couple years now. We've been
pretending for so long because
of his political career… and after
he tried to assassinate Alex… and
how he's changed… and tonight…

Dana's mind starts to overreact, she's worried that maybe Knowle did something to really, physically, hurt Monica, or their kids. Dana moves closer to Monica, rubbing her lower back.

Tonight… he came home drunk,
and… with another woman…
that Julia Vixen whore.

Dana's jaw drops, she never in her life would have thought Knowle would bring another woman home with him when his wife and kids were home!

Oh, Monica…

Monica turns to her, and they hug. 

We got into a fight right there in
the living room, in front of the kids
while they were watching TV. And
that Vixen slut just stood there,
impatient, waiting to go (whispers)
fuck him up in our bedroom.

Monica sobs in Dana's arms, and in the corner of her eye, Dana sees John coming back down the stairs. He stops when he sees them. Dana motions for him that he can go back upstairs, she'll handle this.

John nods his head, and without a word turns around and goes back upstairs. His heart sinks in his chest for his friend (and for hers and Knowle's kids). He spent a lot of time on the campaign trail with Knowle. To be honest, he expected something like this to happen eventually. The fame and power got to Knowle and changed him. Yes, the arrogance, and the womanizing had always been a part of Knowle, but not as bad as he suspects it got while he was running for President.

Nevermind the fact that Knowle intentionally made important decisions for his family, without talking to her first. Monica never wanted him to become Vice President, he did so anyway. She didn't want him to run for President, he made that decision without her too. That Presidential campaign was what ultimately tore them apart.

John's heart aches for Monica, she gave her all to her marriage with Knowle. She loved him. She loved him enough to walk away from Brad Follmer on the day she was supposed to marry him. She walked away from Brad - who loved her more than anything else in the world - to be with Knowle, who she believed had come to understand her better.

And Knowle did, he honest to god, really understood what Monica was going through at that time in her life. Knowle treated her well, protected her, dropped his arrogance when he was with her. When they got married Knowle told him that it was the best day of his life, then when their twins were born, that was the best day of his life. Knowle freakin' loved his family. And all that ended, and it ended only a few years ago. It's unfair. But it's reality. You can't close your eyes, and wish to go back in time and change things. You have to keep living, moving forward, adjusting to the hits life sends your way.

John knows that Monica will get through this. He knows that she will do everything in her power to keep things civil between she and Knowle as they, as he suspects, divorce. She has to, for herself and for the kids.

Dammit, that son-of-a-bitch! John enters his and Dana's bedroom, shaking his head at Knowle. He's known him longer than he's known Monica. He grew up with him. He grew up with them both. He wishes he knew what he could do to help Knowle, to help save his marriage to Monica. How can he drag Knowle out of the dark hole he's put himself into?

John's eyes rest on a photo of him and Dana on the flight deck of the Pequod, the evening after they said their wedding vows to each other. He picks up the photo and looks at it. It's been almost fourteen years since he and Dana married. She still looks just as beautiful today as she did all those years ago. Sure, they're life and marriage aren't perfect. They have their problems, but he can never ever see an instance in which something could tear them apart.

John would never cheat on her, and Dana would never cheat on him. He had an alcohol problem years ago that he overcame, and in the rare occasion that he has a drink, he has one. He would never go out and get drunk and come home in that state and fight with her with their kids right there in the same room!

Dammit, Knowle! Why do you have to be such an asshole?!

John sets the photo back on the top of the dresser. He gets into bed, and picks up the book that he is reading, "Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War" by Mark Bowden.

He can hear that Dana and Monica are talking downstairs, but he can't hear every word. He hears the words: Julia Vixen, drunk, yelled at me, divorce, lawyer, made the kids cry, Brad, biggest mistake of my life.

John rests his head on his pillow, and cracks open his book. He'll wait up for Dana to come to bed. He shakes his head again in disbelief of what has happened to Knowle and Monica.

No, never in a million years would he and Dana ever end up like that.




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