"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Six


Review By: Cerasi J.

"Krycek is Swedish. I've heard him speak Swedish. Maybe he can get you a nice Swedish girlfriend for Christmas." -Mulder

The holidays are here! The tree is up, the lights are glowing merrily in the windows, and the presents are all wrapped! Tonight's jolly episode starts with Mulder and Krycek reading some classic Christmas tales--"Frosty the Snowman" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"-- they decide that they haven't been very good to their dear friend Wally, so what else is there to do but grab Spender and drop in for an unexpected visit!

On the other side of town, Scully is trading gumdrops for teardrops. Christmas has always been hard for poor Starbuck, since her father passed away, but this year has been worst than the rest. So why is Scully so sad this year? Her friends can't figure it out. But maybe John and faithful Buddy can. All she needs is a little hope! Will Scully's holiday be ruined by the Ghost of Christmas Past? Or will the season turn out a little better than expected? Find out in tonight's great new episode! =)

6x14 "Silent Night"

Title: "Silent Night"
Written by:
Date: January 26, 2003, February 12 - 13, 2003, July 23 - 24, 2003. Final: November 19, 2003
Air Date: December 17, 2003
Rating: PG-13 (sensuality)
Series: FRVS - Episode #114
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled. 6x08 "Ice, Ice Baby", 6x00 "European Voyage". The X-Files: "Beyond The Sea.
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Summary: It's been nearly ten years since Scully's father has passed away, this Christmas is especially difficult for Scully.


DECEMBER 24, 2003

Mulder and Krycek are seated on the couch, reading. They are both wearing eye glasses and look very articulate. Mulder is reading "Frosty The Snowman" and Krycek is reading "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". Soft Russian Christmas music is playing in the background.

Krycek has a blackeye from when Scully punched him in the previous episode. Though Mulder tried to talk him into covering it with makeup, Krycek decided against it. Of course not without seriously considering it for about five minutes.

Besides their Christmas tree, the boys have decorated for the holidays. A matryoshka Santa is displayed on the coffee table, and multi-colored Christmas lights line the rim of their window.

Mulder licks his finger tips and turns a page in his book. Krycek thoughtfully rubs his chin.

I was thinking. It's been a long
time since we did something
with da SkinMan.

(closes his book)
You don't say.

Mulder sets "Frosty The Snowman" down on the coffee table and takes off his reading glasses.

What do you have in mind?

We could go over to his place
and give him a good dose of
Fox and Alex... or we could be
civil and suggest renting a holiday
movie and watch that and drink eggnog.

Number two. Wally doesn't need
us to be annoying and cause him
a headache. Plus it's finally Christmas
Eve and it's good to be jolly.

Krycek stands up and heads to the door and puts on a winter jacket and grabs Mulder's car keys. Mulder follows him.

I'll drive.

Want to go downstairs and invite
Jeffy to go with us? He shouldn't
be alone on Christmas Eve. I'm
sure Santa wouldn't like that.

Sure! I like Jeff.

The boys happily leave their apartment.



Scully is cleaning out her closet, getting rid of things she no longer needs. As a result her room is a mess. There are a few cardboard boxes marked "CHARITY" by her bedroom door.

She is listening to The Carpenters Christmas album, "Ave Maria" plays.

Right now, Scully is taking a break from her cleaning. She sits on her bed, looking through old photo albums. Her mood is dampened, not cheery as one would expect. She flips through the album she holds in her hand.


Scully (age 9) with her brothers Bill Jr. and Charles. They are sitting in a row boat, preparing to go fishing.

Scully and Mulder before their high school Senior Prom. Mulder has his arm around her waist and she is giving him bunny ears.

High school graduation: Scully posing with her favorite poetry instructor turned FBI Assistant Director, Walter Skinner. Smiles are on both their faces.

Scully (age 4) with Marita, Brad and Marita's twin sister, Maria. They are in England on summer holiday, visiting with the Covarrubias and Follmer families. The four children are sitting in a small plastic pool in a backyard. Brad is kissing Scully on the cheek.

Scully and her father at a reception for her graduation from Quantico. The feelings in this image are forced. The smiles are not sincere. To the unknowing eye, one would believe that her father is proud of her, however, Scully knows the truth.

There's a knock on her bedroom door, Monica enters holding a mug of hot apple cider. She looks at the messy room.

Not exactly a traditional way
to spend Christmas Eve afternoon.

Scully takes the picture of her, Marita, Maria and Brad out of the album and hands it to Monica.

I found a picture of Brad
from when he was a kid.

Monica steps over a pile of clothes and sits on the end of the bed, she takes the picture to look at.

Aw... he's kissing you...

Scully doesn't say anything and puts away her other pictures.

Is something wrong? You
haven't been yourself all day.

What do you mean?

It's Christmas Eve and you're
cleaning out your closet. (beat)
Avoiding your friends, not answering
the phone... I've got "Christmas Vacation"
on in the living room and I am
the only one watching.

Scully looks away from Monica and down at her hands that are resting in her lap. This body language concerns Monica. She places her arm around Scully's shoulder.

You can talk to me, Dana.
No matter what, ok?

There's a hesitant beat, Scully takes a deep breath before speaking.

It's been ten years since I spent
Christmas with my father-

- Then maybe you should drive
up to see your family tonight.

He passed away early January 1994.
I'm trying to keep my mind off of it
by occupying myself with non-holiday
activities, but it's hard to do since there
are so many things I've come across
that remind me of him.

I sense you were close to your father.

Scully wipes a tear from her eye quickly.

Yes, I was. It's just... I was always
special to him. Always made him proud.


He was so proud when I graduated
from Med School, proud to say that
his youngest daughter was a medical
doctor. He didn't take it very well when
I decided to pursue a career with the
FBI. He was supportive, but I knew that
he was disappointed in me. (beat) Anyway,
we didn't talk much after I graduated from
Quantico. (beat) I never found out if he
was really proud of me or my decision to
get into law enforcement. (beat) I always
told myself that he was because he was
my father, but after being in the basement
for so many years and not being recognized
by many in the Bureau, I doubt he would
be proud of where I am now in life.

They are quiet for a few beats.

Scully stands up, not giving Monica a chance to say anything in response. Scully grabs a few photo albums, this distracts her from crying, she doesn't want to break down in front of Monica... or anyone for that matter. Monica senses this.

Dana, I'm sure your father was
proud of you, what father wouldn't be?

Scully gives her a doubtful look.

Yeah, well... I'll still never know for sure.

Scully disappears into her closet.



Mulder, Krycek and Spender pull up in the driveway in Mulder's red convertible (yes, the roof is up, the boys aren't stupid enough to drive around in the winter with it down). They get out of the car and admire the decorations on Skinner's house. They see that Skinner has put up Christmas lights around all his windows, candles are in the windows and a wreath is on his front door with a little red bow on it.

There is another car in the driveway that the three men don't recognize. Mulder points at it.

Perhaps his family is in
town for the holidays.

Mulder reaches out, trying to hold Spender's hand for a "touching family moment" between the two of them. However, Spender dodges his hand quickly and Mulder starts to chase him all the way up to Skinner's front door.

Mulder, would you please stop that.
(beat) Santa could be watching, geez!

Mulder stops chasing his brother. Krycek rings the doorbell and then Mulder knocks obnoxiously, eight times. Spender rolls his eyes.

I can't believe I let you guys
talk me into coming.

But Jeffrey... what would Christmas
Eve be without family?

(under breath)
In bed with a gorgeous Swedish woman.

Krycek is Swedish.
I've heard him speak Swedish.
Maybe he can get you a
nice Swedish girlfriend for Christmas.

I'm Russian.

No. Remember when you played
professional hockey? You were

No. I learned Swedish to
pick up the hot chicks. Chicks
dig foreign men who play hockey.

No they don't.

Yes they do.

No they don't.

We see Skinner peek out from behind a curtain in his window, he doesn't seem thrilled to see Mumbo and Jumbo outside his door.

Yes! They do.



Hey Jeffy, ask Alex if his
hockey gig got him a hot girlfriend.

(not amused)
Alex, did the hockey gig
get you a hot girlfriend.


Liar! Liar! Liar!

Skinner cautiously opens his door, hoping they are only there to sing Christmas songs and then move on to annoy his neighbors.

What are you guys doing here?

We were thinking about how
we haven't hung out with you
for awhile now, so we decided
to come for a visit.

Skinner hesitates, he doesn't really want them here right now.

This isn't really a good time.

He looks back over his shoulder. His assistant, Kim Cook, steps out of the living room and into view of the guys. She's holding a wine glass.

Mulder and Krycek share a surprised look. Kim is with Skinner?! Drinking wine?! Spender waves innocently at her.

What's with the pretty lady?

Is she your girlfriend?

Is this some kind of unofficial
A.D. slash secretary Christmas

Or is it a Christmas party
we weren't invited to?

Did you put up mistletoe so you
would be able to take advantage of her?

Or are you two moping because
you haven't anywhere else to go this year?

Or are you celebrating the holiday
together because you two are in love...

Krycek starts doing a stupid dance, moving his arms in front of him in circular motions, he's is biting the tip of his tongue and looking like the complete fool that he is.

Are you convincing her to join
Super Buddies? Because if you
are, I may have to make you the
Vice President of Super Buddies.

Skinner and Spender share annoyed looks. These boys can be so nosey. Kim walks up to Skinner and whispers in his ear. Then she smiles at Mulder, Krycek and Spender.

Would you three like to come in?
It's cold and we have hot chocolate.

Mulder and Krycek scrunch up their faces in disgust. Then Krycek looks to Skinner and Kim with a devilish grin on his face.

All right Skin Man! Sure!

Krycek makes his way inside, not taking the time to get the slushy snow off his boots.

Do you have Christmas cookies too?


Spender kicks his boots on the side of Skinner's house before entering to get rid of the slush on them. He takes his boots off before venturing into Skinner's home.

(still outside)
Goodie! Goodie! Gum drops!

Mulder is about to charge into the house, but Kim stops him. She points to his boots. He looks down, then back up at her.

My shoe laces aren't untied, silly.

He pats her on the head and enters, with snowy sluch on his boots.

Skinner gives Kim a look. She smiles at him.

Come on, it's Christmas Eve...

You have no idea what you've
just gotten us into.

Kim walks away and into the living room, where the boys have gone.

Skinner looks back outside, perhaps contemplating leaving, but he shuts the door on us.



Doggett is sitting on the floor, wrapping Christmas gifts for his friends.

Since Christmas isn't exactly his favorite holiday, he has not put up any decorations unlike last year when Mulder and Krycek tied him up and decorated his house against his will.

There are post-it notes with his friends' names written on them. The post-its are on unwrapped presents so he doesn't foget what goes to whom.

On a CD titled "Rainforest Showers" is a post-it with Monica's name. On a nice long sleeve navy blue shirt is a post-it with Dana's name. A Santa tie for Mulder, a swimsuit calendar for Krycek, a kitten desk calendar for Marita, the movie "Platoon" on DVD for Skinner, a D.C. Capitals hockey t-shirt for Brad.

Doggett picks up the Capitals t-shirt and wraps it, for a slight moment he regrets not buying Brad a Mighty Ducks of Anaheim t-shirt, just to see the horrified expression on his face. Then he figures he might as well be a nice friend. he finishes wrapping the shirt.

Doggett looks up at Buddy (his pet beagle), who is lying down in the corner of the couch.

Ok, Buddy. I'm gonna wrap
your present. Paws on the eyes.

Buddy's head pops up and then lowers, paws covering his eyes. Doggett looks at his dog, how does he understand everything he says?

The phone rings, he answers.


Hey John.

You sound glum. The holiday
finally getting you down?

No, it's Dana. She's really feeling
down right now. I'm not sure I should
say why. Maybe we could take her
out tonight to see Christmas lights.
Ya know, to cheer her up.

No problem. What time should
I pick you guys up?

Six thirty should be fine.

There's a quiet beat.

Is she all right?

I think she'll be fine. She just
really needs to be with friends
this year.

Ok, I'll take your word for it.
See you later.

He hangs up. Buddy is at his feet, a concerned expression is on the dog's face. He must have sensed concern in Doggett's voice. The dog is worried too.

Hey Bud', how'd you like to go
for a car ride later this evening
with Dana and Mon'?

Buddy perks up and barks a happy response.



Among the couple dozen people skating are Marita and Robert Alfredo. They are skating and holding hands. They are a happy couple.

Robert, this is absolute perfection.
I don't think I've ever been this happy
in my entire life.

She takes hold of his arm with her mittened hand and pulls him close to her.

You know, when I was younger, my
Daddy took me to Russia for a couple
years. I took figure skating lessons and
was quite good. I'm sure if I had had soviet
citizenship that I would have been chosen
by the Central Red Army Club. (beat)
Sesska is how it is called in Russia.


Sport club with the best coaches and
facilities. They hand picked a few
talented children from large groups
and tought those selected so they
could reach their full potential.

You were that good, huh? I should
known since I'm the one stumbling
around out here, not you.

That's because you spent your
childhood on the beaches of Florida.

So you could twist and turn
and jump on the ice?

Partially. I was afraid of jumping
so I did ice dancing. It's like
ballroom dancing, but on ice.

So you had a partner?

Alex Krycek. Sesska paired us up
because he was the only skater that
was able to convince me to let go of
the wall and take his hand as he lead me
around the rink. (beat) That's when I
first met him you know.

I didn't know that about him.
How old were you two?

I was four and he was five. He had
been skating since he was three.
He knew what he was doing.

Did you do any performances?

Yes, we did.

Do you have them on video?

Of course. We competed at beginner
level in Russia. We never won anything,
but we always had fun. I was so upset
when my Daddy had to move back to
England (laughs fondly) I think my Russian
was better than my English by that point.
I thought I'd never see Alex again, but when
I was seven, we moved stateside. Alex was in
my first grade class. Apparently his family
had moved to the states too.

Kinda seems like you two were destined
to be together, huh?

Maybe. (beat) I saw him pouting in
the corner of my classroom. He didn't
understand English at the time and
other kids were picking on him. I helped
him learn it that first year. I was his
best friend, he could speak to me
because I knew his native language.

Sounds as if you two were really close.
Does that hold true today?

Marita's smile fades and she drops her head.

I don't think so... I haven't actually
been that nice to him this past year.
I don't mean to-

She hesitates, how much does she want to open up to Robert Alfredo? How much does she trust him at this point in their relationship?

Sometimes I'm more a bitch to him
and others than I am nice. I guess
I'm just bitter about things that happened
in the past. When I was in a relationship
with him, I always denied it to others.

Marita stops their skating and turns him to face her.

Rob, I've let a lot of my friendships
dissolve recently. I have a feeling
Dana and Monica don't want me living
with them. (beat) I have jealousy issues.
I get envious when I see them happy and
I try to ruin things for them so they will
know how I feel all the time. Because I ruin
things, Dana has the tendency to do the
same to me. Like take away men I get
involved with. I want you to know this
because I'm happy with you. We're working
and I don't want her taking you away from me.

Marita hugs him. Alfredo has a worried expression on his face.

Have you done something recently
to make Dana want to get revenge?

Remember how we were camping
in Colorado last month? Well, Mulder,
Alex, Walter and I ditched them and went
to Disney World in Florida. We didn't like
the cold weather and I know Dana doesn't
either. Typically in the winter she'll take a
week vacation and go someplace warm like
Hawaii. I'm thinking she may be mad at
me for leaving her in Colorado with Monica,
Bradley and John.

Marita starts crying. Alfredo kisses her on the top of her head.

I wouldn't worry too much about Dana.
She most likely didn't mind being in
the cold with John Doggett. You know
how those two are.

Marita smiles up at Alfredo. Then takes his hand again.

Let's go, Robbie. We've got
to get ready for Santa.

They leave the ice rink.



Mulder, Krycek and Spender are sitting on the couch, Mulder and Krycek are munching on candy and Christmas cookies that are on the coffee table. Skinner and Kim are sitting on the love seat, Skinner's arm is around Kim's shoulders.

So... I was just wondering where are
we celebrating Christmas this year?
Last year we were at Doggett's, this
year no one has said anything.

I was planning on being with Kim this
year. Her family is visiting relatives in
Europe and she couldn't get time off
to join them, so she's staying with me.

I heard Dana talking about how she'd like
everyone to go to her place tomorrow morning
to open presents. (to Mulder) She told me she
already sent Santa a note so he'd know to
drop off everyone's presents there.

Wow! She has his address?!

What is he talking about?

Kim looks at Skinner, she is amused. She leans to speak to him quietly.

Why does Mulder seem amazed
that Dana knows Santa's address?

It's a long story.

He smiles at her. Spender glares at them and mouths off "what?"

So, Fox. Do you have all
your Christmas shopping done?

I still have to get something for Scully.
You see, I want to get her something
extra special this year since it's the
ten year anniversary of the last Christmas
she spent with her father. He passed away
after the New Year ten years ago.

I completely forgot about that. You
don't think she'll be upset that I won't
be around this year, do you?

Were you with her when it happened?

Yeah, but times have changed.

That they have...

I'm sure she doesn't need or want
me there. She's got John, Mon'...
you guys. I think all of you are
closer to her now than I am.


- Don't say that, Wally. You are
still her friend. (beat) In fact, I'm
inviting you and Kim over to Dana's
tomorrow to open presents.

Kim smiles, how nice of him.

Kim and I hadn't really planned
on making our relationship
publicly known until we were sure-

- Walter, I think we should do it.
Plus being around a group of people
might make it feel more... homey.

Skinner raises an eyebrow.


Kim smiles at him.

I love you a lot, but I love being
around friends during the holidays
that I'm not with my family. I'd love
to get to know your friends better.

Skinner turns to face her.

Are you sure? It would mean
revealing us to them.

Kim takes Skinner's hand in hers, the look in her eyes tells him that she is serious.

Ok. (to Mulder) Make sure to let
us know what time everyone is
going to be there tomorrow.

There is no response from Mulder.

Wondering why Mulder hasn't responded, Skinner and Kim simultaneously turn their heads to look at the couch. Mulder, Krycek and Spender are still seated there. Mulder and Krycek's mouths are dropped wide open, they are staring at Skinner and Kim, amazed that the two of them are together. Spender yawns, he's getting bored.



Scully is sitting on the couch, eating a microwave dinner. She is wearing black sweatpants and a white long-sleeve t-shirt. Her hair is wet from having recently taken a shower. She's only run a comb through it, no hairdryer.

She is watching ESPN Classic. A rerun of the 1980 Miracle on Ice Olympic hockey game is on.

Monica comes out of her own bedroom, she is on the phone.

(on phone)
... no, it's not a problem Brad, don't
you ever think that... I'll be right over...
Love you too... Bye.

Monica hangs up and walks into the living room.

That was Brad... he's having a hard
time coping with the fact that he hasn't
heard anything from his family this year.
I'm going over there to be with him.

There's a knock on the front door of the apartment.

That must be John.

Why is he here?

I didn't tell you?

Scully shakes her head "no". There's another knock.

We were going to take you
out to see Christmas lights.

Monica runs to the door, opens it and steps out into the hall. She shuts the door behind her.

Doggett looks at her oddly, he's holding a bag full of wrapped gifts. Buddy is at his side...errr... heel.


John. I'm going over to Brad's.
You'll be ok on your own with her, right?

Why wouldn't I be?

I know how you get.

He doesn't say anything, she's right. Sometimes he doesn't know how to handle situations with women.

She still feeling down?

Yeah... she's having a microwave
dinner for Christmas Eve dinner.
She's also watching ESPN.

What happened?

She'll probably tell you. I've got
to get going. I'll see you in the
morning, right? Everyone's coming
over to open presents.

Doggett lifts the bag of gifts that he's holding to show her that he plans on being there in the morning. Monica smiles and then scurries down the hall to the stairs.

This isn't you getting out of dressing
up as Santa Claus, is it?

No answer from Monica. Doggett looks down at Buddy. He lightly knocks on the door and enters the apartment.

He sees Scully is on the phone. She passivly waves at him. He comes in and goes to put his presents under their small Christmas tree. Buddy hops up on the couch and gets comfortable next to Kitty (Marita's pet cat).

(on phone)
... things are going well at work. Nothing
much has changed. I take that back, Mulder
and Krycek decided to clean their office a
few days ago... No. I think they just used
water, nothing anti-bacterial. (laughs) Mom!
You don't have to tell me that! I know that's
a good quality in a man... Mom... Mulder
is married, remember? (beat) You don't have
to remind me, I know I'm not getting any
younger... Walter and I broke up over a year
ago... Well maybe I needed time to- (beat)
What about him? (beat) Of course he's a nice guy.

Scully turns to face Doggett.

Look, mom. Now's not the time to
discuss this. (beat) Sure. Put her on.

Scully covers the mouth piece of the phone.

(to Doggett)
This won't be much longer.
My mom always calls me on
Christmas Eve.

No problem.

They smile at each other. Scully's attention goes back to the phone.

Hey Missy! Merry Christmas!
(her mood changes)
Thanks. I've been trying to keep
my mind off that all day.

Not wanting to stand while talking on the phone anymore, Scully slowly sits down on the couch, next to Doggett. Her mood dampened. She takes a deep breath.

Melissa. I'm fine... It's nice to hear
you say that, but the fact is Dad never
said it to my face. Hell, Mom even tried
to get him to accept it...

Doggett watches her he can tell she is trying to keep herself from crying, but she isn't successful. A tear escapes the corner of her eye, she quickly wipes it with her long sleeve. She hopes that Doggett didn't see that.

Look, Melissa. I need to go, I've got
company. (beat) Don't worry about me
I'll be fine. (beat) I love you too. (beat) Bye.

Scully hangs up and lets out an exhausted sigh. She turns to Doggett. She sees that he is concerned for her.

Sorry about that. (beat) Mon' said
you were coming to take us to
see Christmas lights?

That's correct.

Scully stands up as does Doggett. She heads to the apartment door, ready to leave. Doggett sees her winter coat hanging on the back of a chair in the dining room area. He grabs it.

You may want to wear this,
it's awfully cold out there.

He helps her put on her coat. Doggett turns and whistles at Buddy.

Come on Bud'! We're going for a ride!

Buddy leaps off of the couch and is at his master's side in no time. They leave the apartment.



Monica and Brad are sitting on the couch in front of a fire in the fireplace.

If it bothers you so much, then
why don't you talk with them?

Do you really think they'd listen?
I dishonored the family by not
marrying Marita. I embarrassed
them. My father said I was no longer
a part of the family and I didn't think
he was serious. Yet, here I sit, Christmas
Eve, not having heard from them.

Maybe... you have to face the fact
that they were serious...

Face the fact that I no longer
have a family?

Bradley, I'm your family now.
This time next year I'll be
Mrs. Bradley Markus Westly Follmer.

She reaches out and takes his hand in hers. No words are needed for her to express how she feels about him.

Thanks for coming over tonight.
I'm sure Dana had a party planned,
and I probably took you away from that.

She wouldn't exclude you from
something like that.

There's no Christmas party?

Nothing is going on. Well, John
came over, but not for a party.

You're kidding? Is Mulder upset?

It's not Mulder I'm worried about.

What do you mean?

It's Dana...

Brad sits back, ready to hear this story.

She was upset earlier today about
her father. He passed away about
ten years ago. They were close but
had some unresolved issues.

John's with her now?

Monica nods her head.

Well at least if she needs to talk
about unresolved issues with her
father, she's got John. He's practically
an expert. (beat) Is she crying? John
was never good when it came to
women and crying.

She was... but not when I left.
Even if she does, I have a feeling
John will know what to do. It's
Dana, she's special to him.

Monica smiles at Brad.

Remember how you were when
Stephanie came to you after John
broke her heart? You didn't know
what to do. Then when I came along
and when I got upset, you just knew
how to make things better... that's
what it'll be like with John and Dana.

Brad pulls Monica to him, he kisses her on the cheek.

How 'bout we turn off the lights,
turn on some soft music and
have some wine and see where
it leads us...

He gives her an irresistible smile.



Krycek is feeding Mulder's fish. Mulder sits on the couch, on the phone. He's calling the girls' apartment.

(voice over/on phone)
Hello and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Mulder! Did you see Santa has
just left the North Pole?! I'm so excited!

Is Scully in?

No, she's not.

Oh. Do you know what time
everyone is meeting over there
in the morning?

Dana said something about 9 a.m.

Ok, thanks.

Mulder hangs up on her without saying goodbye.


Marita looks at the phone, disappointed. She turns around to face Alfredo who is in the living room.

See what I mean? Even
Mulder doesn't have time
to talk to me.

Alfredo steps toward her and takes her into his arms.

C'mere babe...

He pulls her close to him and kisses her.

Mmm... maybe tonight isn't
as bad as I first thought.

She kisses him again, running her hands through his hair. She pulls away, takes his hand and leads him into her bedroom.



Doggett and Scully are silently driving through neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. They are listening to a radio station that is playing Christmas music. Right now "White Christmas" is on.

Scully is holding Buddy in her arms. She's rubbing the top of the dog's head with her fingers. She stares out the window. Although there are plenty of decorated homes to look at, her mind is elsewhere. More specifically, her mind is thinking back to when she was a child, when her father took her, Melissa, Charles and Bill out to see Christmas lights.

Scully takes notice of the song that is playing on the radio, dad's favorite. A small smile forms on her face and tears build up in her eyes. She has such fond memories of her father that are both happy and painful to think of.

Doggett sees this out of the corner of his eye, he turns his head to look at her. Scully shifts in her seat, feeling his gaze. She looks at him.

You sure know some beautiful
neighborhoods. Do you do this
every Christmas?

Nah... I just notice things...
you know, driving home from work.

Through their entire ride, John has been thinking about what Monica told him. It worries him that Scully is feeling down and that she hasn't said much more than a casual conversation. He still has no clue what is bothering her today. From the phone conversation he overheard, he has a suspicion that her sad mood has something to do with her father.

You haven't told me much about
your family. I've only met your
mother and sister briefly during
the summer. (beat) What does
your father do?

Scully tenses up, she thought John Doggett would have been the last person in the world to bring up this topic. Just his questioning about her father brings tears to her eyes. She swallows back a cry, she covers her mouth with one hand.

Buddy looks up at her from her lap.

Doggett is worried that he has said something wrong.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say
anything that'd upset you.

Doggett pulls over to the side of the road so he can give all his attention to Dana.

It's not something you said... um...

She takes a deep breath.

I'm just upset because... this time
of year always reminds me of my father.

Are you two not getting along this year?

No, it's not like that. He um... he
passed away ten years ago this
holiday season. (beat/sniffles)
Do you have a tissue...?

Doggett reaches behind him and pulls out a white hankerchief from his pants pocket. He hands it to her and places his right arm on her shoulders.

It's not just that, is it?

She shakes her head "no", and lightly blows her nose in his handkerchief and dabs the tears on her face.

Uh... my father was always very
supportive of my decisions. He
was more than overjoyed when
I got into Med School. Instead of
calling me "Starbuck", a nickname
I've had since I was little, he became
fixated on calling me "Doctor Dana"...

She laughs softly, remembering the good times. John gives her an encouraging smile, waiting for her to continue.

I completed Med School and decided
that I'd rather be out in the field, stopping
violence that threatened lives instead of
working at a hospital after someone had
been injured in domestic violence or other
violent crimes. (beat) I applied to Quantico
and was accepted. It was only after I got
into Quantico that I told my father that
my career goals had changed.

She starts to get choked up with her words, tears threatening to come again. She swallows hard.

I'm guessing that didn't
go over too well with him.

Yeah... he told me that I didn't
belong in an agency that was
male dominated. He didn't like
the idea of me working in the field...
it was too dangerous.

Surely over time, he saw that
you are quite capable in the
field... perhaps one of the best
agents the Bureau has to offer...

I didn't do field work right away.
I did that to please him, I decided
to teach forensics at Quantico. In
March '93 I was assigned to the
x-files division. (beat/tears come)
He uh... he didn't speak to me from
the time I was assigned to the x-files
until that year at Thanksgiving. He only
spoke to me then because I asked
my mother to make him. He was so
angry with me for "throwing my life away".

Scully uses John's handkerchief to wipe a tear from her face.

"Silent Night" starts playing on the radio.

When he spoke to me, I realized
that the closeness he and I once
had was no longer there... (quieter/whisper)
He was so distant, John... I know he was
still angry with me at that time...

She turns her head to look him in the eyes, there she sees compassion, understanding, comfort and love. She leans her head against his shoulder.

After Thanksgiving I didn't see or
speak to him until Christmas.
He kept his distance and I spent
most of my time with Melissa and Bill.
A few days after New Years, he and
my mother came to my place for dinner.
Before they left, he asked me how work
was, I could tell his interest wasn't sincere,
but at least he was finally attempting to
make things better between us.

She dabs her eyes with the handkerchief again before continuing.

A few hours after they left
I got a call from my mother...
dad had passed away...

Scully looks down at her hands, feeling guilty about not making her father proud of her. She sniffles, attempting to keep herself from crying again. A soft sob escapes her mouth.

Doggett kisses her on the top of her head and holds her closer to him. This brings her comfort, but doesn't help the pain in her heart. They sit in silence, listening to "Silent Night". The song ends and Doggett turns off the radio. They are silent for a few beats before anyone speaks.

(soft/very quiet)

I'll never know if he was ever
proud of me... I failed him and
never had the chance to make it up...

He loved you, Dana. (beat) You
may have had conflicting opinions
about your life, but deep down he
was proud. Proud that you were
making your own decisions... even
if they weren't the ones he would
have chosen for you...

Scully wraps her arm around his waist. She knows he is right, his words bring more tears to her eyes.

She feels very vulnerable right now. She's never liked feeling this way, but in John's arms it is ok. It's been a long time since she's cried this hard and been this depressed. It's nice to know that she has him to lean on and he won't expect anything in return from her.

Doggett takes a deep breath.

You're great at what you do, Dana.
I wouldn't want anyone but you
watching my back...

Through her soft sobs, Scully lets out an unexpected laugh.


She gives him a little squeeze to show her appreciation for his comments.

We should probably get going...
before the people around here
start thinking we're up to no good.
(beat) You going to be all right?

Scully sits up, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear. She smiles at him to assure him she'll be fine. Doggett returns to his seat and puts the truck into drive. He pulls back out onto the road.



Mulder and Krycek are waiting in line at a photography store. They are actually behaving in line, that's different.

Finally they get to the front.

How may I help you?

I'm here to pick up a photo
I had restored and framed.


Fracis Dwayne Buttercup.

The Employee gives him an odd look and Krycek giggles. The Employee turns around and searches the shelves behind him for Mulder's picture. He finds it and grabs it, then faces the boys.

That'll be fifty dollars, sir.

Mulder whips out his credit card, it flies out of his hand and hits the employee in the face.

Ohmygosh! I'm so sorry!
I didn't mean to chuck it at you!

The employee gives him a bitter look, yeah right.



Monica and Brad are lying on blankets in front of the fireplace. They are covered with a warm blanket from what we can see, neither one is wearing any clothing.

Monica has propped herself up on one elbow, her other hand is caressing Brad's bare chest.

I don't know about you, but
now I'm worried that the present
you'll open tomorrow won't even
compare to what we just did.

She smiles at him.

It's the thought that counts...
and I think you put an awful lot
of thought into tonight.

Brad flips Monica onto her back and presses his mouth to hers, giving her a slow, loving, passionate kiss.

I love you Monica Isabella...

He touches her face and his thumb caresses her cheek.

She takes hold of his head and pulls him back and kisses him. The flames from the fire give their naked skin a warm glow. Brad runs his hand from her face, to her shoulder, slowly down her arm and to her waist - this sends pleasurable chills through Monica's body. He shifts into a more comfortable position on top of her, kissing her neck.

Just then, Monica's cell phone rings. Monica laughs and sits up, pulling the blanket to her chest.

Damn, just when I thought
we were going to try for three.

She picks up the phone.


Merry Christmas!

Hi Mulder, what's up?

I just wanted to let you know
that Santa has been spotted
up in New York. He's getting
closer to Washington! I'm so

I bet you are. Make sure that
you go to bed early so morning
will come faster.

Mulder hangs up on her, listening to her advice. Monica hangs up her phone.

That was Mulder and I
think he's going to bed now.

So he really believes there
is a Santa?

Why? Don't you?


I believe in the magic of
Christmas. I think Santa
comes in the form of miracles
this time of year.

What miracle are you talking about?

I don't know. Miracles are
happening everywhere, maybe
not to us, but to families that
really need them. Families whose
only wish for the holiday is for
something good to happen.

(in the mood)
I love when you talk miracles.
Come here, Moni.

Why don't we watch Miracle On
34th Street? I want to do something
Christmas-y now.

Monica grabs her t-shirt off the floor and puts it on, Brad sits up.

Aw, c'mon...

Monica gives him a look, he rolls his eyes.

He grabs his clothes and gets dressed.


DECEMBER 25, 2003

All is quiet until Marita's bedroom door creeks open. Her head pokes out, then Alfredo's. Marita places her finger on her lips, indicating they need to be quiet. They slowly walk to Dana's bedroom door. Marita covers her mouth, to keep herself from giggling outloud.

One... two... THREE!

She opens Scully's bedroom door quickly.

Merry Christmas Dana!
Get up!

Marita flips on the lightswitch and runs to Scully's bed and pulls off her blankets. Scully groggily wakes up.

What time is it...?

Seven A.M. baby!

Santa came! We have
to call everyone over right now!

Scully glances at her alarm clock, so much for trying to sleep in a little later than usual this year for Christmas. Marita starts tugging on her arm. Scully sits up.

Ok, ok. I'm up.
I'll call everyone.

She stands up and grabs the phone.


8:30 A.M.

Mulder, Krycek, Skinner, Kim, Alfredo, Monica, Brad, Scully and Doggett are seated around the Christmas tree. The plate of cookies on the coffee table is almost gone. All presents are opened. Everyone got paperdolls from Marita and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer snow globes from Mulder.

Doggett is wearing a new hooded-sweatshirt that Scully gave him. Scully is admiring a restored, framed photograph of her and her father from when she was five years old - Mulder's special gift to her. Monica is flipping through a 2004 Horoscope book that Brad gave her and he's reading directions on how to set the alarm on the new watch Monica gave him.

Scully stands up.

Anyone want anything
from the kitchen?

More cookies!

Water would be fine.

Same here.

If you've got any Pop-Tarts.

No one offers to come help her get all these requests. Doggett comes to her rescue. He puts his hand on her shoulder and bends down to speak in her ear.

I've got something else to give you.

He leads her into the kitchen and leans her up against the counter.

(happily surprised)
What do you mean you
got me something else?

Close your eyes...

He smiles at her. She gives him an unsure look and does as he asked.

Are you going to ask me
something and for some
silly reason you don't want
me to see you?


Scully's heart skips a beat, is he finally going to ask her to be with him. In a relationship...

Doggett reaches out and takes her left hand into his.

You're not going to dip
my hand in something gross, are you?

No. (beat) Dana... after I dropped
you off last night, I began to think...


I think our friendship is beyond
gifts of clothing... that's too...
I don't know... it isn't what I want
us to be, ya know?


So what I'm saying is...

He takes out a silver bracelet from his pocket and begins to put it on her wrist.

... that a special person, such as
yourself, deserves something

The bracelet is securely clasped on her wrist.

All right, open your eyes.

Scully does so and looks down at her wrist. Her eyes are wide and filling with happy tears.

(in awe)
Oh my God, John...

She immediately wraps her arms around his neck, giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Thank you so much. Did
Monica tell you about
this bracelet?

What do you mean?

Well, last week I was admiring
this exact bracelet. Mon' was
with me, I'm surprised she remembered.
She didn't seem like she was
paying any attention...

Mon' didn't tell me anything.
I saw it and knew you'd love it.

He smiles at her, she smiles back. They both know that their friendship is slowly turning into something much much more. Scully doesn't care how long it takes to be with him officially as a couple as long as she enjoys her time with him, watching their romance grow.

Gosh, now I wish I'd
gotten you something
more personal.

What do you mean? I love
this sweatshirt. Every time
I wear it, I'll think of you.

(off screen)
Hey Kitchenville! What's
taking so long?!

Doggett rolls his eyes.

We'd better get everyone
their food... otherwise we
may have worse problems
on our hands.

He looks at her, she's staring at the bracelet. He's not sure if she heard him.


Thank you, John. Not just
for this bracelet, but also
for listening to me last night.
No one's ever given me time to
get that off my chest. No one's
really listened before either. (beat)
I felt a lot better when I woke up
this morning, I owe that to you.

She gives him a smile, he nods his head acknowledging what she has said.

Monica enters the kitchen.

Hey you two... Whoville's fast
turning into Grinchville, the
boys are hungry, though I'm
not sure why since they've
been eating since they got here.

Monica realizes the mood in the room.

Am I interrupting something...?

Not at all.

John had another present for me.

Scully shows Monica the bracelet. Monica takes hold of Scully's wrist and looks at it.

That's beautiful, John.

Monica gives him a knowing smile and then gets two glasses of water and heads back to the living room. Scully grabs a plate of cookies, John grabs a box of Pop-Tarts. They follow Monica and put the food on the coffee table for Mulder and Krycek to devour. Scully and Doggett take a seat on the couch, sitting closer together than they had before. Doggett rests his arm on the back of the couch, behind Scully.

So... Kim? You and Walter, huh?


How'd that happen?

Oh, you know... one minute
you see him and he's just
your boss, the next your siteseeing
Paris with him and one thing
leads to the next... and suddenly...

(finishes her sentence)
... you're in love.

Skinner and Kim smile at each other.

Scully and John share a look. They understand what Skinner and Kim are talking about. Scully runs her fingers over the bracelet. She can't wait until the rest of her life with this man. Doggett removes his arm from the couch and holds her hand, giving it a small squeeze.

Ok everybody! Let's sing some
Christmas songs! (beat/starts singing)
Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!
Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is
to ride in a one-horse open sleigh!

Off of Mulder's singing and a couple other people joining him in near harmony...



Happy Holidays from the gang at FRVS!


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