"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Seven


Review By: Gothic Spook

"Oh God… John..." - Scully

A heart breaking episode full of angst! Doggett is shot, how would this effect Scully? I say not in a good way. What do you think?

There's more news on Monica's condition! Woo! Brad's a lot happier finally! Will what happened at the facility always haunt Scully in her relationships? What affect does this have when Doggett kisses her? Read on and find out more...


7x21 "Not So Easy"

Title: "Not So Easy"
Written by: Cassie
Date: April 14, 1999; October 13, 2004; October 21-22, 2004
Air Date: February 21, 2005
Rating: PG
Series: FRVS - Episode #144
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: Scullyís relationship with Doggett is shaken after a shootout during a case in Texas.



The early evening sun beats down on the hot pavement of the highway. Despite being the middle of February it is warm down here in Texas. FBI agents and local police officers are positioned behind law enforcement vehicles in the middle of the road. They are anticipating the arrival of their suspect.

Mulder, Scully, and Doggett stand behind their issued Bucar looking out to the road in front of them. They are wearing black pants, white t-shirts and blue windbreaker jackets with the letters FBI attached in a bright yellow color.

Mulder digs into his jacket pocket and retrieves a sunflower seed. He eats it, spitting the shell out behind him. Doggett looks at Mulder and then to Scully. She hasnít said much since they come to the realization that the supposed psychic they were sent out to investigate turned out to be a serial killer. John is worried because this type of situation is something she may not be ready to deal with, no matter how ďfineĒ she claims to be.

At least this way A.D. Follmer
wonít have to read three case
reports about psychic ability
and this guyís ability to predict-

(on edge, but calm)
- John, please, I need to
stay concentrated.

Scully drops her hand to rest on her weapon in its holster around her waist. Her eyes remain fixed on the highway as a trashy, light blue car screeches its way towards them, going at least twenty miles over the speed limit.

Ok, this is it!

The federal agents and police officers draw their weapons. Scully hesitates. Mulder notices and is immediately concerned for her.

Iím good, Mulder.

She draws her gun and aims toward the car as it screeches to a stop in an attempt to quickly turn around to get away. The tires of the car are destroyed Ė blowing out on this guy from spikes that were laid out on the road.

The suspect exits the car, screaming and yelling at the officers to get out of his way or heíll open fire. Another officer yells back at him to drop his weapon. Doggett watches on knowing how intimidating he can be when he yells Ė he wants to help this officer.

(to Scully)
Watch my back.

Doggett quickly makes his way towards this guy, keeping his upper body low.. Scullyís eyes widen.

Agent Doggett?

Mulder leans towards her.

Heís sure got balls.
I wouldnít ever want
to do that.

Doggett passes up other agents and comes within ten feet of the suspect.


The suspect quickly aims his gun at Doggett upon hearing his authoritative voice.
Listen, why donít we talk
about how we can end this
so no one gets hurt.

I swear to God Iíll
fuckiní shoot you!

Scully turns her head to look at Mulder. Her eyes question him as to what made Doggett be the one to step forward to try to deal with this guy and get him into custody.

Suddenly! Several gunshots are fired and everything is pure chaos. Agents are yelling ďget downĒ, and Dallas PD officers are returning fire. A bullet clips the sleeve of Scullyís jacket and before she realizes it, Mulder pushes her to the ground to protect her. There is no way in Hell that heís going to lose his friend again.

The next few seconds seem like forever and an eerie silence falls over the scene. Scully lifts her head from the ground and blows a strand of loose hair from her face.

You okay, Scully?

He rolls off of her body and she sits up. Mulder glances over her. Ok, sheís not hurt. There are a couple of scratches on her face from when he pushed her to the ground, but thatís all.

Yeah. Iím fine.
Whereís Agent Doggett?

Scullyís legs shake as she brings herself to her feet and looks out over the highway. Jack has been shot fatally and lies in the middle of the pavement. Her eyes scan the agents who are walking about. She doesnít see Doggett. Her eyes rest on a small group of men kneeling around a man who is lying on the ground. Her heartbeat stops and she freezes in place.

Oh GodÖ JohnÖ

Scully runs toward the group of men, knowing in her heart that it is John Doggett they are surrounding.

Iím a medical doctor.

Scully pushes two agents out of her way and she drops to her knees in a small pool of blood next to another agent who is using his hand to apply pressure to Johnís abdomen Ė where he was shot. Thereís blood all over the front of him. Scully looks at his face, heís wincing in pain, his eyes are shut tightly. Heís holding his breath until he feels he must take in oxygen.

John. Iím here, ok?

He nods his head and opens his eyes to look at her. His eyes are apologetic. He can feel that if he is not treated as soon as possible this could be a fatal wound.

Scully places her fingertip on his neck to check his pulse.

Everything is going to be
fine. Tell me what youíre
feeling. Cold? Blurry vision?

Doggett shakes his head ďnoĒ, and moves his arm so that his hand might find hers.

Scully isnít paying attention to his attempt to hold her hand, she uses her hand to wipe blood splatter from his face. She looks away as she hears the arrival of an ambulance. She no longer has control of her emotions. She weakens and a tear falls down her cheek. She quickly wipes it away so no one will notice. She feels a hand rest on her shoulder and she knows that it is Mulder. She takes a deep breath.

>>> Shut it out. Shut everything out, Dana. <<<

Move aside, letís get this
man out of here. (to Scully)
Maíam, please step away and
let us do our job.

Scully nods her head and rises. She steps backward, keeping her eye on Doggett. The paramedics quickly transfer him into an ambulance and leave the scene.

(quiet/sensitive to her feelings)

She wraps her arms around her waist, dirtying her clothing with Johnís blood that is on her hands. She is still holding back tears. How fitting would it be for John to die from a gunshot wound so soon after sheís left the facility and anticipating her future with him?

Through her blurred vision she watches the ambulance disappear from view. Finally she turns to Mulder, looking him straight in the eye. She swallows hard.

I guess we need to finish
things up here then, find
out where theyíre taking him.

She forces a quick half-grin and walks past Mulder to ask the SAC of the Dallas FBI field office what she needs to do next.

Mulder watches her walk away from him, knowing how upset she is at what has happened to John. Heís concerned Ė very concerned. In the past sheís always been able to say whatís on her mind Ė maybe not to everybody, but sheís been capable of being true to her emotions. Heís not sure where she was while she was missing, but wherever it was it sure has had quite an affect on her.

Mulder? Can you call either
Agent Fowley or A.D. Follmer
back at Headquarters and inform
them of whatís happened?

Sure. What are you going to do?

Scully walks up to him, her hands on her waist. She speaks to Mulder without looking him in the eyes.

I need to go over details
of our end of the case with
SAC Quinn. He wants to make
sure there was nothing we could
have done to prevent this from happening.

Mulder bends his knees a bit and tries to make eye contact with her. She turns her head slightly so not to look at him directly.

DanaÖ Iíll talk with SAC
Quinn after I call D.C.
(beat) I want you to go to
the hospital to be there for
Agent Doggett.

Scully nods her head and looks Mulder in the eye. The muscles in her face are tense and her jaw is set.

Sure. Iíll go there and
make sure everythingís ok
on that end.

SAC Quinn approaches them. Heís an older man, balding head with traces of grey hair.
Agent Scully, Iím all yours.

Actually sir, my partner, Agent
Mulder is going to go over the
case with you. I need to go to
the hospital where Agent Doggett
was taken to. Our A.D. will be
expecting me to do so because of
my medical background.

All right. Iíll have Agent Mitchell
drive you down there.

SAC Quinn points to a younger agent standing a couple feet away from them.

Thank you.

Scully walks away from Mulder and Quinn. Mulder watches, hoping that sheíll be ok until he can get out to the hospital to be with her while they wait for news on Doggett.

Tell me about this guy.

He pulls out a small pocket-size notebook from his back pants pocket.
Jack Cabrey. Twenty-seven
years old. Loner. He claimed
he had psychic abilities. His
biggest claim to fame was that
he could tell his clients when
they were going to die.

Enter in the serial killer.
(beat) Do you know other states,
cities that heís worked?

El Paso, Corpus Christie, Beaumont,
Houston, Odessa, Amarillo, and
here in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Only Texas?

That was what he wrote
in his note to Agent
Doggett. He liked Texas blood.
Itíll take awhile to compile
the M.O. and signature from the
killings heís admitted to before
we can compare them to any other
unsolved murders nationally.
Shouldnít be too hard, Iíll go over
some myself. I started with the BSU.
That is where my talent as a federal
agent shines, sir.

Quinn pats Mulder on the back.

Keep in contact. If he likes
Texas blood Iím sure my office
has dealt with his crime scenes
before or at least aided local
PD with the cases.

Quinn walks away. Mulder looks toward the setting sun as he pulls out his cell phone to cal his boss, A.D. Follmer. He lifts the phone to his ear.
Assistant Director Follmer, XFD.

Sir, itís Agent Mulder.
Iíve got some bad news.
Agent Doggettís been shot
and has been taken to the
hospital. I sent Agent Scully
to be with him.


The psychic turned out to
be a serial killer here in
the grand olí state of Texas.

Why wasnít I called
when you discovered this?

The guy left Agent Doggett a note
saying he was leaving and then
included a list of other murders
he committed. We figured heíd be
heading south on I-35 towards
his hometown, Austin. We didnít think
we could spare the time to call to
let you know.

Whatís Agent Doggettís condition?

Far as I could tell the bullet
was in his gut. No one was
reacting as if it were a
through-and-through. He was
conscious when the paramedics arrived.

And what of Jack Cabrey?

Dead. I believe he was
shot down moments after
shooting Agent Doggett.

You know that OPR should
look into what happened, but
A.D. Rose may be a bit lenient
and let it pass unnoticed. Make
sure you write up a very thorough
case report.

I will, sir.

As soon as youíre done there,
I want you to go check on
Agent Scully.

Mulder doesnít say anything. He wonders if Brad knows what happened to Scully while she was missing. If he didnít know something, wouldnít he be more worried about Doggett right now?
Sir, if I may askÖ Iíve noticed
that you and Agent Doggett have
been rather protective of Agent
Scully since she returned to work.
Could you tell me exactly what you know
about where she was and what sheís been through?

I donít feel that I even know
all the details of what she was
doing so youíll have to ask her
yourself. Sorry I canít help you there.

Thatís quite all right, sir.
I should get going, see what else
I can do around here.

I look forward to reading
your case report. Make sure
to keep me informed of Agent
Doggettís condition. If you
need to contact his family,
I can give you their contact information.

Thank you, sir.

Mulder hangs up his phone and walks toward the other agents. Some CSI agents are processing the area where Doggett was shot and where Jack Cabrey was killed.



Scully is standing alone, leaning up against the wall outside of the operation room where doctors are still working on John. She feels numb inside and her facial expression expresses that. She is oblivious to her surroundings. She is still wearing her FBI jacket and has not washed Johnís blood from her hands despite several nurses having approached her about it.

The hospital elevator dings and the doors open. Mulder enters the room. He approaches the receptionistís desk.

Excuse me, Iím looking for
John Doggett, he was admitted
about two and a half hours ago.

The receptionist points in Scullyís direction.
Heís in the ER right now, you
can wait in the waiting area
with his partner.

Thank you.

Mulder heads towards Scully. He doesnít know what to say to her. She and John havenít said it outloud to anyone, but Mulder can tell that they are most likely involved in a relationship. Mulder has never seen Scully this emotionless, not since high school when she was being hurt by Scott Williams. Mulder sees that her hands are still dirty with Johnís blood.

Howís he doing?

Scully looks up at Mulder when she hears his voice.

I asked how John is doing.

Scully brushes a strand of hair behind her ear and lets out a sigh.

Doctors donít know anything
yet. They said he was in and
out of consciousness when he arrived.

Scullyís lower lip trembles, she quickly looks away from Mulder. Her eyes fill with tears. Despite the emotionless look she has, she hasnít been able to keep thoughts of losing John forever out of her mind.

Mulder steps towards her and wraps his arms around her. Scully coughs uncomfortably and pushes herself away from Mulder. All this emotion sheís been feeling is not having a good reaction on her. Sheís uncomfortable being so close to him. Sheíd rather be alone.

Mulder doesnít like that she is trying to distance herself from him.


Iím ok, Mulder. Iím fine.
(beat) Did you get ahold of Brad?

I did. He wants us to keep
him informed of Johnís condition.
(beat) He gave me the number
to call his family if needed.

Thatís good. Itís important
that his family knows what happened.

Scully leaves Mulderís side and heads toward the ladies room. She doesnít want to talk about John right now. She doesnít want to think about how she could lose him today if he doesnít pull through in the Emergency Room.

She enters the restroom and goes to the sink to wash her hands. She rinses the hand soap from her hands and then splashes the cold water onto her face. She looks at her reflection in the mirror. The cold water drips off her face.

She deserves to lose John Doggett today. She believes she deserves this because of all she has done in the past year while she was at the Facility. Despite all that, she also feels that she and John share a connection that sheís never shared with another man in her life. Her gut feeling tells her that John Doggett is the man she will spend the rest of her life with Ė or would it be until the end of his lifeÖ?

Scully grabs some paper towel and dries her face. She takes a deep breath to compose her emotions before she throws the paper towel away and exits the restroom. She sees that Mulder is on the phone. He hangs up and approaches her.

I just got off the phone
with Johnís mother. She said
sheíll catch the next flight
out of Harlingen to Dallas
so she can be here.

Scully nods her head and sits down, picking up a magazine to flip through.

TIME CUT Ė 9:57 P.M.


The room is dark and the blinds are closed. John Doggett lies in a hospital bed, sleeping. Scully sits in a chair by his side. Sheís hooked up to monitors and has an IV in his arm. Mulder left Scully an hour ago to go pick up Johnís mother. Scully hasnít taken her eyes off him since the nurses let her into the room. She wants him to know that she is here with him, even if he is not yet awake.

Once the doctors got John out of the ER, they decided to keep him under for awhile longer so he can rest without the pain he will feel once he awakes.

Mulder pokes his head inside the room.


Scully looks at him.

Liza Doggettís talking with
Johnís doctor right now. I thought
maybe youíd want to talk to her as well.

Scully stands up and squeezes Johnís hand as if saying goodbye to him. She walks to Mulder.

I donít think so. Heís her son.
She probably wants to sit with him
alone. I think Iíll head back to
D.C. to report to A.D. Follmer in person.

Scully tries to walk past Mulder, but he puts his arm out to stop her. She gives him a look to express that she doesnít want to hear what he has to say to her.
Stop pushing others away
from you, Dana.

I need to go, Mulder.

I donít know what happened
to you, but I am a psychologist
and I can see when something
is bothering you. I see that-

-Call me when you and Agent
Doggett will return to D.C.
Iíll pick you up at the airport.

Scully lifts Mulderís arm out of the way and quickly walks away from him and to the elevator. Mulder watches as Scully storms right past Liza Doggett Ė who is now glaring at her disapprovingly. Liza comes to Johnís room.
Whatís got her britches
in a bundle?

I donít know.

A woman with that kind of
attitude has no place being
near my Johnny Jay.

Liza enters Johnís room. Mulder watches her. She walks up to John and angrily crosses her arms across her chest.

Johnny Jay! Wake your behind up!
This is no way for any son of
mind to make a living!

Mulder raises his eyebrows Ė why is Johnís mother yelling at him?
Mrs. Doggett, I think the doctors-

- I donít care about the
doctors. When my son is ill,
he needs to be up doing
exercise otherwise heíll only
feel worse.

The doctors are keeping him
under so he can rest. I donít
think he needs yelling at right now.

Do you have any children, Mr. Mulder?


Then you donít know what youíre
talking about and you have no
right telliní me how to raise my boy.

Mulder nods his head in respect and ducks out of the room. He sits down alone in the waiting room. With his luck, Liza Doggett will stay here as long as the doctors require John to stay with them. Mulder doesnít like his mother, sheís rather bossy and rude to him. Plus she doesnít seem to approve of Scully.




Scully is heading to her front door to answer it. Sheís pretty sure the knocks she heard are from her mother and her sister, Melissa, coming over to visit her on her birthday. Scully is wearing sweatpants and a white t-shirt. Her hair is up in a ponytail and sheís wearing no makeup.

Scully opens the door and sees her mother and sister. They smile at her.

Happy birthday, Dana.

Melissa gives Scully a hug. Sheís holding a small box in her hand thatís wrapped in pretty, shiny, pink wrapping paper with curled ribbons.
Feel any different now
that youíre thirty-five?

Not at all.

Scully eyes the wrapped box in Melissaís hand.

Is that for me?

Melissa nods her head, a mischievous grin on her face.

We didnít bring any cake
over for you. Thereís no
reason for a woman who
lives alone to eat an entire
cake on her own.

Melissa sits down on the couch in the living room. She looks around the apartment. There really isnít much furniture and a few cardboard boxes are open with clothing hanging out over the sides of them.
You really havenít done
much with the place, have you?

Dana, mom has something
to tell you.

Maggie looks at her eldest daughter as if they spoke earlier about Melissa not bringing something up.
Well if itís about me not
finding a suitable man to
be my future husband, I will
let you know now that I am with someone.

So soon after youíve returned?

Mom, donít try to get
out of telling her.

Mom, what is it? (beat)
Youíre notÖ pregnant are you?

Scully seriously wonders this Ė she hasnít seen her mother for months before she returned to Virginia, she knows perhaps her mother could have found a boyfriend.
Heavens no! (beat) Iím actually
getting married this weekend.
(beat) So whoís this new man
in your life?

Youíre getting married?!


Maggie shows Scully her hand. A large, sparkling diamond ring is on her finger.
To who?!

Joseph Paul Covarrubias.

Scullyís eyes go wide, very wide.

Maritaís father?!

Scully blinks.
That means that-

-You and Marita are
going to be step-sisters.

Scully doesnít say anything. Yes, Marita is behaving much better now than about a year ago, but she never imagined that her friendship with Marita would become a family thing. Very strange indeed.

Scully quietly sits down next to Melissa.

Am I invited?

Invitations were sent out
months ago. The catererís
planned according to how
many people RSVPed back in November.

OhÖ wellÖ okÖ I donít
think Iíd be able to make
it anyway.

Scully is obviously hurt by this, but tries to shrug it off casually.
Weíve been pretty busy in
the X-Files Division since
A.D. Follmer became the head
of the division.

So whoís the guy you are
seeing? Do I know him?

John Doggett. You met him
briefly at Maritaís wedding
a couple summers ago. (beat)
ActuallyÖ (hesitant) I donít
really feel like we are official
couple yet. We havenít had time
to sit down and discuss that
aspect of our relationship-

-I donít remember him.
What does he do for a living?
Hopefully something that pays
more than what the FBI is paying you.

Heís actually a special agent
with the FBI, one of my partners.

I thought FBI agents couldnít
be romantically involved with
their partners.

That didnít stop her and Walter.

WalterÖ I like him. Whatever
happened between you and Walter?

(sighs, saw this coming a mile away)
He cheated on me, so I left him.

Youíve never really had much
luck with men, have you? Maybe
you and Walter should try to
work things out again. Three
times a charm.

Scully looks at Melissa in disbelief of what sheís hearing come out of her motherís mouth.
Or maybe you should find
someone who isnít a federal
employee, like Roger.

Here we goÖ

Dare I ask, whoís Roger?

Roger Dalton. Heís a friend
of Joe Covarrubias. Heís the
head surgeon at a hospital
in New York City. I set you
up on a blind date tonight
with him as my birthday present to you.

Well, I appreciate the thought,
but I already have plans with
John tonight. I havenít seen him
in almost a week. He hasnít been
to work since he got injured
last week in Dallas. The last I
saw him was on Sunday when I picked
him and Mulder up from the airport.

Dana, Iím going to be blunt with
you. I donít think youíre capable
of making good decisions in regard
to the men you let into your life.


Melissa, right now this doesnít
concern you. (beat) Dana, you
know as well as I do that your
decision to date that Scott was
not a good decision. Getting involved
with, Walter, a Marine, was a bad
idea. Military men have trouble
settling down. Why else do you think
you were engaged to Walter twice
and nothing ever came of it?

I thought you approved of Walter.

I like him, but I just
donít think my youngest
daughter should be with
a military man, abusive
men or other agents in the
FBI. I think you need a man
whose job isnít dangerous.

Scully canít believe that her mother is lecturing her about this. First off this is rather hypocritical of her, since she married a military man herself and had a wonderful marriage. Scully looks away from her mother in disbelief of what has come out of her mouth.

Her mother, who blatantly ignored what was happening to her when she dated Scott Williams in high school. Her mother, who chose to pretend that nothing bad had ever happened to her youngest daughter. Her mother, who was never there for her after she was hospitalized by Scott, and who was never there once the relationship ended and she needed love and understanding from those who were supposed to love her unconditionally. Tears wish to sting Scullyís eyes, but she holds her emotion back.

Cancel your date with John
and go out with Roger. I think
you two would really work out well.

Mom, Iím sorry, but Iím
with John. Iím not going
to cancel my birthday date
with him to go out with
a surgeon from New York.

Suit yourself, but donít
come crying to me when this
fling with John doesnít work out.

Scully rolls her eyes, what does her mother know. She hasnít even met John formally before.

Scully eyes the present in Melissaís hand.

Is it all right for me
to open that yet?

Melissa hands her the wrapped present. Scully unwraps it and opens a white cardboard box. She takes out a silver necklace with a crystal pendant on it.

Itís a spiritual healing
crystal. It works to help
your soul heal from its pain.

Scully laughs nervously as she hooks the necklace around her neck, not looking Melissa in the eye.
I donít know what youíre
talking about, Missy.

Well, thereís nothing that
can heal your soul better
than a wealthy man. Iím sure
youíre aware that surgeons
make much more money than
special agents of the FBI.

Scully and Melissa ignore their mother.
Thank you, Missy, itís beautiful.
(beat) SoÖ I uhÖ havenít heard
from Bill or Charles yet today, how
are they doing?

Charles is on his second tour
in Iraq and Bill is still in
San Diego with Tara and Mathew.
(beat) That reminds me Michael
and Clare want me to wish you
a happy birthday for them too.

How are they doing?

Melissa pulls a piece of folded paper out of her purse, itís paper torn from a coloring book.

Clare wanted you to have
this for your birthday.

Melissa hands Scully the paper. She unfolds it and smiles. Itís a coloring book picture of the ď101 DalmationsĒ.

Have I told you that Bill
and Tara are going to have
another child? Sheís due in
July. I think theyíre going to
have another boy. (beat) You two
have me worried that my little
girls arenít ever going to have
children or families of their own.

Scully and Melissa share a look, and thankfully, the phone rings. Scully picks up the receiver.

Hello. (beat) Unpacking. Sorry
I havenít had time to come and
see you yet. (beat) Yes, weíre
still on for tonight. (beat) I guess
we could talk about that later.
(beat) Ok, Iíll see you then.

Scully hangs up the phone. A smile is on her face. Just hearing John Doggettís voice has lifted her mood.
Who was that?


He must be very uplifting.

Melissa winks at Scully. Maggie checks her wristwatch.

Missy, we had better be going.
Our flight for London leaves
in about four hours. We need
to make sure everything is packed
and ready to go.

Maggie stands up, so does Melissa. Scully walks them to the door Ė keeping her distance. Melissa startles Scully when she suddenly reaches out and holds her hand.

ListenÖ if you ever need someone
to talk to, you know Iím here
for you, ok?

Tears sting Scullyís eyes. Leave it to her sister to know that life is very difficult for her right now. Scully nods her head, wanting to let her tears fall freely Ė to relieve herself of all the stress sheís been through and is putting herself through. However, she prefers to keep it all bottled up Ė she doesnít want others to see her weak side.
Tell Clare that Iíll
hang her picture on
my refrigerator door.

Weíll video tape the
wedding for you since you
canít make it.

Thatíd be nice.

Scully wants to tell her mom to call her if it doesnít work out, but she bites her tongue.

Scully opens her apartment door and stands by it so it is blocking anyone from trying to hug her. This entire visit of her motherís has been rather unnerving and she doesnít feel comfortable enough right now to accept a hug. Nevermind her mother mentioned Scott to her. Typically in the past her family (with the exception of Melissa) has chosen to pretend that Scott had never abused her physically, emotionally, and sexually. They ignored that he hospitalized her after one of his many sexual assaults on her. Why now must her mother choose to bring him up? She canít shove thoughts of Scott from her mind.

Maggie moves the door out of the way and gives Scully a big hug. The muscles all over Scullyís body tense with unease and she feels light-headed and dizzy.

Happy birthday, honey.

Maggie lets go of Scully.

And please reconsider
what Iíve said.

Yeah, for that she just might sleep with John Doggett tonight and make sure her mother finds out about it during her honeymoon. That would surely ruin her motherís day. Scully forces a smile.

Happy birthday. Donít forget
to channel any negative feelings
into that crystal.

Melissa doesnít hug her as she steps out of the apartment. Scully appreciates this since she isnít feeling touchy today.

And enjoy your evening
with John. Tell him I canít
wait to meet him.

Scully waves goodbye and shuts her apartment door Ė deadbolt and chain. She disappears into her bedroom to get ready for her birthday date with John.

Though she and John have been together since her return she still has been trying to get comfortable with the fact that they are pretty much involved. It still doesnít feel like much has changed in their friendship since sheís been back. It doesnít help that sheís been avoiding him since he got shot in Dallas last week.

How will he act toward her if heís figured out sheís purposely avoided him? Will he be angry with her? Will he ditch her? Will he break up with her because he doesnít understand sheís afraid of their relationship? How she was so terrified of losing him that she couldnít bring herself to face him once he returned? Will he and could he ever understand her and what she is going through?

She doesnít know the answers to any of these questions, but surely tonight some of the questions will be answered.



Brad Follmer is sitting down on Doggettís couch, watching the television. Heís channel flipping. Doggett slowly makes his way down the stairs, tying his navy blue tie around his neck.

So are you moving around
any better than a few days ago?

Doggett gives him a look.
If you mean to ask if the pain
has died down, yes, it has. As
for moving aroundÖ I still have
to be careful.

Is the wound not healing as
fast as they said it would?

Itís healing, I just donít
want to take my chances on
it ripping apart. (beat) So
what are your plans for tonight?

Doggett sits don in his chair next to the couch.
Not sure. I havenít really
felt motivated to do much
lately. (beat) How about you?
You and Dana going to do anything
after you have dinner?

I havenít really thought about
it. Maybe rent a movie, stay in
and talk. Whatever she feels like
doing. I actually called her to
see what she wanted to do, she
said weíll talk about that later.

So youíre not going to
ask her why sheís been
avoiding you since Dallas?

Doggett lets out a heavy sigh.

You know, I thought that if
she came back that everything
between she and I would be easy,
but itís been anything but that.
Some days sheís just as she was
before she disappeared and other
daysÖ itís as if her mind is off in
some other world. Iím not even sure
where she and I actually stand in
terms of our relationship.

Doggett grabs his dress shoes from the floor and puts them on. He angrily ties them, obviously heís frustrated.
So she hasnít explained
exactly what happened while
she was gone?

No. She tries to act as
if nothing is bothering her,
but I know thatís pure bullshit.

Brad sees that John is letting this anger him.

I havenít seen her in
almost a week, and sitting
next to her in the car on
the way back from the airport
doesnít count.

Doggett runs his hand through his hair. He knows that he shouldnít let this bother him, that perhaps Scully just needs more time, but it bothers him that he hasnít been able to help her.
Have I done something wrong?
(looks at Brad) Have I angered
her for some reason that Iím
just not aware of?

John, I donít think itís
anything that youíve done.
I think that whatever is
bothering her is something
that happened to her while
she was away.

Doggett looks at Brad with heartache in his eyes.
Then why wonít she talk
to me, tell me whatís going on?
(beat) Anything sheís ever told
me about when she was gone has
been about what she had to do
to Monica. Itís as if sheís
pretending something didnít happen
to her, and I can tell sheís
been through somethingÖ

Maybe sheís afraid.

Doggett looks at Brad.
Afraid of what?

Only she can answer that, John.
Just try to be understanding.

John nods his head, he knows that Brad is right. He knows that Grandmama Reyes has even told him that he needs to be here for Scully.

Doggett stands up and goes to his kitchen. He holds his left hand over the gunshot wound on his abdomen. He needs to take some Tylenol to dull the pain that he still feels.

You and Monica ever have a
hard time communicating when
you first hooked up?

Doggett fills a glass with water and takes a Tylenol.
Every beginning of a relationship
has its awkward moments, and
every relationship is different.

Were there things Monica
didnít tell you that she
was afraid to tell?

WellÖ she was hesitant to
tell me her oldest brother
is on Death Row and that her
brothers never wanted her to date
until they found her the perfect
Latino to marry.

Doggett returns to the living room.
How is Monica doing anyway?

Sheís showing some improvements.
I went to rehab with her on
Sunday, theyíve started building
her muscles so she can walk on her own soon.

Thatís good. (beat) Do you
know when sheíll be coming home?

Weíre hoping sometime
in March. (beat) I think
sheíll show even more improvement
once sheís out of that place.

Doggett nods his head.
I just hope that she and
Dana donít have any problems.

I donít know, she hasnít
really talked about her.

Doggett looks at his watch: 5:43 P.M.

I better get going. I told
Dana Iíd pick her up at six.

John and Brad stand up.
Tell Dana Ďhappy birthdayí
for me.

I will.

Brad heads to the door. Doggett grabs the keys to his home and locks up. They can both hear Buddy barking inside the house.



Scully and Doggett are seated at their booth, awaiting the arrival of their meals. They have glasses of water in front of them.

So let me get this straight.
Your mother informs you, on
your birthday, after youíve
been missing, that sheís going
to England to get married and
itís too late for you to be invited?

Itís not that surprising, my
family isnít very close anyway.
Well, at least not my mother and I.

At least your family communicates
better than mine. I just found out
this past Christmas that my younger
brother, Jason, is married and has
a seven year old son.

You just found this out?

Turns out he didnít want me
to know so I couldnít tell our
parents and get him in trouble.

Trouble? What kind of trouble?

My Ma doesnít like red-heads.
Chris, Jasonís wife, sheís a red-head.

Scully laughs.

Well I guess I should stop
dying my hair if Iím ever
going to meet your mother.
Actually, I could have met
her down in Dallas, but I
left before she came to your room.

Doggett doesnít say anything. He wants to know why she didnít stay in Dallas with him. He also would like to know why it seems sheís avoided him since Dallas. Up until now, sheís been playing it as if Dallas never happened. Doggett looks at Scully in the eye, she doesnít look away from him.
Iím sorry I didnít stay with
you in Dallas. I didnít know
how to handle the situation both
professionally and especially
personally. I couldnít handle
it. I was afraid so I decided to
come back here.

I understand. I donít handle those
kinds of situations very well myself.
I mean I did want you there with me,
but another part of me was glad you didnít
have to meet my mother.

Iím not sure you really
understand my reasoning, John.
Iím not sure that I do myself,
but I appreciate you accepting
what I did and not being angry
with me about it.

Their waiter brings their dinner to the table, lifting silver covers to reveal artistically laid-out meals.
Is there anything else
you would like?

No thank you, this is fine.

The waiter nods his head and leaves. Scully looks at John with a smile on her face.

You almost donít want
to touch it, they make
it look so nice.

Scully picks up her fork and pokes around her meal, not really eating anything. She watches as John eats. She doesnít think her stomach can handle this much food. Sheís glad that heís enjoying it. Scully sets her fork down and nervously plays with the crystal necklace around her neck.

Want to know what my
mother got me for my birthday?

Doggett looks up at her and notices the necklace her fingers are wrapped around.
That crystal necklace
youíre touching?

No, my sister gave me this.
(beat) My mother set me up
on a blind date tonight with
some surgeon from New York.

Doggett laughs.
So you havenít told
her about us yet?

I told her about us, but she
seems to think I should be
involved with a man in a less
dangerous field of work. She
said she doesnít want me with
any military men or FBI agents.

Did you tell her Iím a Marine
and a special agent?

I thought you retired
from the Marine Corps.

Once a Marine, always a Marine.

They canít call you back
to duty, can they?

Scully is reflecting back on a meeting she attended while at the Facility in which they spoke of calling all military back to duty before alien colonization so that the country could be as best prepared as possible.
I guess they could if the
threat was more dangerous
than anything the United
States has faced in its
entire history, but I doubt
that would ever happen.

Youíre retired, they canít do that.

If I got a call from the Corps
I would report for duty wherever
they needed me within the following
twenty-four hours.

Scully has a worried expression on her face.
Dana, you all right?

Iím fine. Itís just if you had
to fight in some war, you could
die, and after Dallas, I donít
think Iíd handle something like
that all too well.

Doggett sets down his fork and knife and leans closer to Scully, heís concerned.

DanaÖ I can see that youíre
trying to be your old self from
a year ago, but I can also
see that there has been a lot
bothering you since youíve returned.

Scully sits up straight. Her head is dizzy from his words. And to think all this time sheís thought sheíd been hiding her own inner pain so well.

Youíve said so much about
the horrible things youíve
had to do to others, but you
havenít said a word about
anything that happened to you.

Scully is having difficulty concentrating on John. Her head is pounding with thoughts of what she went through at the Facility Ė hurting Monica, pretending to be the Smoking-Manís lover, being raped over and over again. She cannot tell John what the Smoking-Man did to her, that would mean that she is seeking help. She doesnít deserve to be helped. She hurt many innocent people, children. She deserves to rot in her inner turmoil.

Scully feels John take hold of her hand. She quickly and defensively pulls it away from him.

Maybe we should go now.

Scully stands up. Doggett watches her. Ok, heís a jerk for bringing this up at her birthday dinner.

Dana, Iím sorry. We donít
have to talk about that now
if youíre not comfortable about it.

Scully looks at him accusingly, what kind of game is he trying to play here? Cautiously, she sits back down.

All Iíll say right now is that
Iíve been through a lot in the
past year, and I do not want
to talk about it. Not now, not ever.

This breaks Johnís heart Ė he sees the pain in her eyes, and hears the fear in her voice. He wants to help her, but first she must be willing to accept and want help. Thereís nothing he can do to speed up that process.

Scully picks up her fork and has a bite or two from her meal.

They finish their dinners in silence. After several minutes pass, John summons the waiter and pays the bill.

Without saying a word to each other, they walk to the restaurant exit and retrieve their coats. John helps Scully into her's and they walk outside.

Snow is just beginning to fall around them. Thereís already a thin sheet of snow covering the sidewalk. Scully wraps her arm through his as they walk to where Johnís truck is parked Ė a few blocks down the road.

For some reason Iím remembering
a night where we were both
standing out here. I watched
you standing alone on that curb
there. Youíre so beautiful when
you donít think anyone is watching you.

You asked me a question that
I never got a chance to answer.

Yes, I did, but Iím pretty
sure I know what your answer was.

How can you be so sure?

I had never seen such a sincere
smile on your face before or
since then. However, if youíd
like to humor me, I have a question
to ask you.

Scully smiles, how ďJohn DoggettĒ is it that he wants to ask her to be his girlfriend again even though thereís kind of been this mutual agreement between them that they are in fact a couple.

Doggett stops walking and faces Scully.

DanaÖ youíre the most
incredible woman Iíve ever
had the chance to spend time
with. When Iím with you, Iím
the happiest I can ever remember being.

This is sounding like a
prologue to a marriage proposal.

Would you like to give us a try?

Scully opens her mouth to say ďyesĒ, but SUDDENLY Mulderís red convertible slides down the street and crashes right into a street light post. Scully and Doggett turn around to see what all the ruckus is. Diana Fowley angrily gets out of the car, slamming the door shut, Mulder scurries out as well.
God dammit, Fox! What the
Hell is wrong with you?! First
off, itís snowing out and you
want to drive with the hood down
and then you squeal something
about Ďohmygosh-itísScully!í
and weíre doing a three-sixty
down the icy road!

Please forgive me. I wanted
to stop quickly to say happy
birthday to Scully.

Mulder points at Scully. Diana turns around, glaring at her. Mulder walks to Scully. Scully leans closer to John.

(to John/quiet)
My answer is yes, by the way.

She looks up at him, smiling.

I know.

And let's never eat here again.

Doggett smiles, it does seem that this restaurant is gaining a reputation for car crashes...

Happy birthday Scully!

Mulder throws his arms around her and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Mulder smiles at her and then returns to Diana and they continue their bickering. Scully and Doggett share a look and then continue on their way back to his truck.

Doggett unlocks the passenger-side door and helps Scully inside, then he goes around to get in.

So is there anything you
want to do to end your
birthday on a high note?

I think the high note
was having you asking me
out again, John. (smiles)
Actually, to be honest, I
donít really feel up to
doing anything.

AwwÖ címon. Thereís gotta
be something you want to do.

John, please understand that
Iím still getting used to
being back. Iím still not
sleeping very well and all I
want to do now is go home,
put on my pjís and relax.

Doggett canít argue with that. Who is he to say what she does or does not need to do in order to get back to a normal life? A few awkward seconds pass.
Iím sorry. I didnít mean
to snap at you like that.

Iím sorry too. I didnít
mean to make it seem like
I was pressuring you
to do something else.

Doggett shifts his truck into drive and pulls out into traffic and heads back towards Scullyís apartment in Falls Church.
So are you going to go buy
a nice vase for the flowers
I got you?

I may actually have one
somewhere in one of the boxes
I have yet to unpack.

I thought you said youíve been
spending the past few days unpacking.
I didnít think you had that many
boxes to go through.

I donít. Actually, I lied
when I said Iíve been unpacking.
Fact is Iím still living out
of boxes.

Doggett looks at her, why would she lie about something like that?
It was a phony excuse for
why I hadnít come by to see
you since I picked you up
at the airport. (beat) Are
you doing ok, or does it still
bother you?

I still have another couple
weeks of taking antibiotics.
I scheduled an appointment
around that time too.

Youíll still want to be careful
you know, donít move in a way
that may tear the stitches or
prevent the wound from healing properly.

You see, thatís why itís a good thing
I know you, before I do something
I shouldnít I think to myself that
if you were there with me, youíd be
telling me not to do it because
Iíd hurt myself. So I stop.

They smile at each other.

When I thought you were dead,
I didnít handle it very well.
(beat) I uhÖ I fell back on an
old alcohol habit. It was only
once I remembered that you
were alive that I really got
serious about fighting the
problem because there was the
chance you could come back. I
didnít want to have to deal with
that on top of working out the
thing weíve got going here.

Scully looks at him surprised. That confession was out of nowhere.

Are you still struggling
with the problem?

Doggett rubs the back of his neck.
I havenít had a drink since
around the beginning of
September Ė five months now.
Brad thinks itís been since
earlier than that, only because
I refused to drink in front of others.

If you ever have another craving,
call me up instead of heading
out to buy a drink, ok?

I get cravings every now
and then, especially recently
with this injury. I typically
get the urge when I feel hopeless or useless.

Scully looks down at her hands. The light from a street lamp hits the silver bracelet she wears on her wrist Ė the bracelet John gave her for Christmas a little over a year ago.

Youíre not useless, John.
Donít ever think that.

Doggett takes his eyes off the road and looks at her.

The bracelet you gave me.
I havenít taken it off since
the day you placed it on my
wrist. I think of you when
I look at it. (beat) It Ė you
gave me strength and hope
when I was at that place.
I donít think I could have
survived without the thought of youÖ

Scully wipes a small tear from the corner of her eye. Doggett puts his eyes back on the road, he clears his throat. Scully has opened a door of opportunity for him to ask (again) what sheís been through. He wants to know so badly so that he can help her readjust to life outside of where she was held.
Iíve been worried about you, Dana.

What do you mean?

Since youíve been back thereíve
been days where itís as if you
were never gone, and there have
been times where youíre so distant
itís as if youíre not here anymore.

Iím fine. Iím just having
some difficulty readjusting
to life outside the facility.
(takes a deep breath) I still
wake up from nightmares about
things that happened to me, and
things that I saw and did.

What happened to you?

Scully is quiet. She should tell him that she was emotionally abused and raped on more than one occasion, but she does not want him to look at her as a victim. She feels she does not need his sympathy and understanding for what sheís been through, no matter how much she denies it. She knows that he wants to help her, but she cannot accept his help after all that she did to Monica Ė she is the one that needs the sympathy, care, love, and understanding. Monica, not her.
Iíd rather not talk about
this anymore, ok?

Iím sorry. I didnít
mean to upset you.

In silence, Doggett continues driving to her new apartment. Scully stares out the window at the snow that is covering the ground. Only a year ago at this time her life was seemingly on its way to ďhappily ever afterĒ, little did she know how much that would change in less than a year.

Doggett comes to a stop outside her apartment building.

Iíll walk you upstairs.

Scully is about to open the door to get out of the truck, but John stops her, holding her arm.

Hold on just a second,
birthday girl.

He reaches behind his seat and pulls out an envelop and a wrapped prestent. He hands it to her.

You didnít have to get me
a present, the flowers were enough.

She unwraps the present and tosses the wrapping paper to the floor.

Not one for reading
cards first, are you?

Scullyís eyes go wide.
Oh, Iím sorry. Is it
important to read the
card first?


Scully looks down at the blank journal in her hand. It has a light purple hardback cover and an image of a puppy beagle sleeping among pink and red roses.

Scully flips through the empty pages. She looks up at John.

A blank journal?

A smile creeps onto her face.
You donít like it?

No, I love it. Iím just
wondering how you knew
Iíd like this.

You know all the boxes
I gave back to you that
Marita dropped off at my


Doggett rubs the back of his neck.

I hope you donít mind, but
I kind of went through some
of your things when I thought
you were dead. I noticed you
had several personal journals
so I figured you could use
a new one now that youíre back.

He points to the picture of the puppy on the cover.

Buddy really liked the cover too.

Scully raises an eyebrow.
You read through my journals?

I did. I know I shouldnít have,
and Iím sorry. (beat) I thought
you were dead, and I wanted to
get to know you better than
I already had.

Scully looks away from him, slightly embarrassed.
Donít worry. I didnít
read everything.

But still, you read it.
What do you remember?

What sticks out in my
mind the most were letters
you wrote to your husband
when you were a child.

Scully bursts out laughing.
Yeah, I was a silly child.
(laughs) You remember that the most?

I especially enjoyed the
fact that way back when you
knew your husband wouldnít
like the ocean.

Scully chuckles.
Thank you for the journal, John.

Iím afraid of oceans.

Scully sits up straight. She canít believe this.
Youíre kidding me! You
must not have ever seen
a beach or ocean in your
life. Youíd love it.

I lived less than two
hours from South Padre
Island when I was a kid.
Iíve seen beaches before.
My aunt and uncle would
always take my brothers and
I out to the island. One year
we were out on a boat, watching
dolphins and I fell off. The
boat kept on going. I had to
swim to shore. ďJawsĒ had already
been in theatres and though we
were only about seven years old
at the time, Moní and I snuck
in to see it. (beat) Swimming
out in the Gulf was enough to
make my mind think I was going
to be eaten by a killer shark.
Ever since then, Iíve stayed
away from oceans.

Scully places her hand on his lap.
WellÖ one of these days
Iíll find a way to get you
in an ocean.

Iíd rather go bungee jumping.

(playful, raises eyebrow)
That can be arranged.

Scully winks at him and gets out of the truck. Doggett follows her and they enter the apartment building, and start walking up the stairwell.

It doesnít hurt you
to go up stairs, does it?

Scully is concerned about his injury. Heís holding his hand over his abdomen as they climb the stairs.
Go up and down them
everyday at home.

When will you be back
at work? Itís been awkward
with being around Mulder, Diana
and Krycek without you there.

I start up again next Monday,
but I canít go out in the field
until after I meet with the
doctor in a couple weeks.

Once up on the third floor and in front of Scullyís apartment door, they are quiet, wondering what to do or say next. So, Scully steps forward and wraps her arms around him, holding him close in a hug.

Thank you for helping
me have such a nice birthday.

Scully looks up at him and smiles. Doggett wonders Ė should he kiss her or should he not? He leans toward her, his mouth inching closer and closer to hers.

Scullyís heart is racing. What should she do? Let him kiss her or tell him that sheís not comfortable with that right now? She doesnít want to tell him ďnoĒ, she doesnít want to hurt his feelings. She doesnít want to make it look as if sheís not interested in him. Her heart hurts from the conflicting emotions sheís feeling inside. Tears threaten to fall from her eyes. She hates the way sheís reacting to something that should be so welcome and wanted in her life.

Johnís lips touch hers and she quickly pulls away from him, and steps away, digging into her purse for her apartment keys. She finds them and unlocks the door, and without looking at him, keeping her head down she says:

Goodnight, John.

And then she shuts the door on him without an explanation of her reaction to his kiss.

Inside, she leans her back up against the door and slides down to a sitting position on the floor. Tears stream down her face. God damn that black-lunged son-of-a-bitch. Though Krycek killed him, his presence and what heís done to her now haunt her in her relationship with John Doggett. What heís done to her will always be a part of her and can never die away as the bastard himself.

Outside, John can hear her crying. He hesitates to knock on her door to make sure sheís all right, but he does not. He quietly turns and walks away, sorry that he tried to kiss her, and hurting because she doesnít want to help herself by talking to him or anyone about what continues to hurt her.

Doggett slowly heads down the stairs and back out to his car. He gets in and sits. He does not start the engine and does not leave. He glances up at the window that is Scullyís apartment. The lights have not been turned on, indicating to him that sheís still in tears, and all alone. Doggett lets out a heavy sigh and starts the engine of his truck and pulls out into traffic. He doesnít know what more he can do to try to get her to open up to him. He knows itís best to let Scully come to terms with what is bothering her on her own rather than to push her to cope with it sooner like he wishes she would do.

Doggettís truck fades into the darkness of the night.




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