"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Eight


Review By: Gothic Spook

"Semper fi…" - John Doggett

Woo! YES! Can we say FINALLY! And give Mr Doggett a round of applause please! *continues cheering!*

A nice weekend in John's cabin has some odd twists and turns. Monica gets stranded when her car breaks down, and a character who has only ever been mentioned is shown .... I literally gasped and so will you! READ ON to find out who it is and for a sweet and heart warming ending!

8x04 "Silent Promise"

Title: "Silent Promise"
Written by: Cassie
Date: March 19, 27-28, 30; April 10-11, 2005
Air Date: September 26, 2005
Rating: PG-13
Series: FRVS - Episode #152
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: It’s the Fourth of July and the gang is spending it at John’s cabin. Expect the usual, and expect the unexpected.


JULY 4, 2005 – MONDAY

Monica’s bright blue beatle car is cruising down the road. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day.

Though she is still effected by the events of the prison riot a couple weeks ago, she feels quite content. She has a feeling that today is going to be a great day.

She taps her fingers on the steering wheel of her car as she listens to Cyndi Lauper’s “Bee-Bop” on one of her many 1980s Mix CDs.

Today is the Fourth of July, and John Doggett has invited some of his close friends down to his cabin in Luray, Virginia. It’s the perfect place to celebrate Independence Day with friends. John may only use his cabin for lodging when he and Brad go on fishing trips, but there’s plenty more to enjoy than a box of tackle. Monica hopes that he’s brought out his hammock today, she just loves falling asleep under the stars.

Suddenly, the car starts to sputter, indicating that there’s something wrong. Monica rolls her eyes at herself – with all her new psychic gift tells her, she still could not see this coming.

She pulls off on the side of the road and gets out of her car, and opens the hood.

She looks at the guts of her car and wishes she had paid more attention to John when she was younger when he’d talk to her for hours on how to fix and take care of your car.

(to self)
Well, Johnny, looks like you’ll
be rubbing this in my face all day.

Monica retrieves her cell phone from the car and dials John’s number so he can come help her out. There’s no signal. She throws the phone back into the car. She backs away from the car and runs her hand through her hair. Now what is she supposed to do? She hopes that someone else John has invited is running late passes her, and stops to help. Monica leans up against the car and sighs. Ok, perhaps she is wrong and today isn’t so great afterall.



Scully and Marita are in the kitchen making a fruit salad. They face a window that looks out at the river, they can see John and Brad setting up a volleyball net in the sand at the river’s edge.

I made sure that Alex understood
that he wasn’t invited here today.
He seemed ok with it, but… well…
you know Alex.

I don’t mind him being around as long
as he’s mature, but the whole thing
he has with Monica, Brad, and John…
and in some ways, myself, really made
me think it’s best for him to keep his
distance. Everyone is trying to cope
with what his actions put us through
this past year.

And then there’s his Mulder issue.
They have been so cold with each
other since Mulder kicked him out
of the apartment.

He’s living with Jeffrey Spender, right?

Marita nods her head.

How’s that working out?

Ok, I guess. They like to
go out a lot and flirt with
other girls.

Scully bites her lower lip and looks down at the apple she is cutting.

That can’t be good for
your relationship with him.

Alex is Alex. He loves me, but
he also loves to feed his Da Man
ego. He likes to know that he’s
still attractive to women other
than myself.

So you two… are you serious?

He gave me a ring.

Marita hold out her hand so Scully can see the wedding ring that Krycek bought her.

Marita frowns. Despite this marriage of the heart, she wishes that Krycek would treat their relationship more seriously, but considering Krycek now lives with Jeffrey Spender, his treatment of their relationship has been less than ideal. She doesn’t say anything, and the two of them continue making the fruit salad.

A minute later John enters the cabin, looking curiously at a handful of mail in his hand.

Hey Dana…

Scully wipes her hands on a dishrag and enters the small living room area of the cabin.


Who do you know who would send
your mail at my cabin’s address?

Scully wrinkles her forehead and raises an eyebrow.

What do you mean?

Doggett hands her an envelop that does not contain a return address. Scully examines it.

Well, silly, there’s no postage
so I’m guessing someone who’s
here right now.

She begins opening the envelop.

I didn’t know you got
mail at this address.

Mainly junk mail, but every
so often something worthwhile
comes through.

Scully pulls out a letter that has been printed off a computer printer. She reads it to herself.

Does it say who it’s from?

… it is your inner beauty and
strength that allows your external
beauty to shine so brightly. I fell
in love with you the first moment
I ever laid eyes on you. I can’t
wait for our future to begin.

Scully looks up at John with a grin on her face.

It’s not signed. (beat)
Did you write this to me?

Scully gives John a small kiss on the cheek and walks past him, further into the living room.

It’s a really sweet letter, John.
I didn’t know you could write like that.

Doggett turns to look at her, slightly concerned.

I didn’t write that.

Scully looks at him, unsure if he’s kidding or not. She raises a suspicious eyebrow.

Hey, don’t raise your eyebrow
at me. I’m serious. I didn’t write that.

Scully looks down at the paper in her hand, wondering who did write it. Maybe it was Skinner who wrote it, he’s been acting weird around her lately and she figures it has something to do with him still either being in love with her, or still attracted to her. She sets it down on the coffee table and smiles at John. She doesn’t want to waste anymore time today on something that isn’t important.

You know, it was probably Mulder
or Krycek, you know how they get
sometimes, especially Alex, wanting
to start some kind of drama.

Scully sees that Doggett is still worried.

John, there’s nothing to worry
about. It’s writing on paper.

Marita exits the kitchen with a large bowl of fruit salad.

I hope everyone’s hungry.
We’ve got a lot to eat here.

Scully opens the front door for Marita and follows her out.

Doggett waits a beat before moving. He picks up the letter from the coffee table and takes a look at it, reads it. The overall context of the words is caring, observant, loving even. Despite the seeming sincerity of the words, John has a gut feeling that something is not right here. He certainly did not write this letter, and he’s sure Mulder wouldn’t either, nor anyone else. They all know that Dana’s been having a rough time getting back into the normal life since returning from the Facility, they wouldn’t do this to her. His FBI instinct kicks in and instead of throwing the letter away, he takes it into the bedroom and puts it in a dresser drawer for further investigation if needed in the future.

Doggett exits the cabin and goes to join everyone by the water’s edge. Mulder, Brad, Marita, Skinner and Scully are all here to celebrate the Fourth of July with him. Skinner and Brad are lobbing a volleyball over the net, Mulder is snacking on a plate of fruit salad, and Scully and Marita are setting out beach towels to lie on to catch some sun rays.

Doggett grins when he sees that Scully is a little shy about removing the white T-shirt she’s wearing, exposing a gorgeous forest green bikini top.

It’s taken her all summer to feel comfortable again wearing that kind of swimwear in front of others. Back in June when she was over at his place for the day, they had sat out in his back yard to talk and she wanted to sunbathe. She had been nervous about wearing something as revealing as a bikini that he had thought perhaps that she was trying to hide any signs that she had been physically abused at the Facility. When he expressed his concern for her, she was quick to explain that her shyness was due to the fact that they are in a relationship, and showing so much of herself to him made her uncomfortable as opposed to when they were not involved and she was just teasing him, and flirting.

John approaches Scully and Marita, grabbing a tube of sunscreen from the picnic table on his way over. He plops down on the sand next to Scully and gently nudges his shoulder against hers.

Don’t want to give Mulder an
excuse to call you Red Lobster.

Scully sees the sunscreen in his hand and laughs. Mulder would do that if she got sunburned.

Want me to cover your back?

Make sure to get my shoulders too.

Scully shifts position so her nearly bare back faces John. He squeezes the lotion out in his hand and rubs his hands together to warm the lotion up. He carefully places his hands on her back, she tenses her muscles slightly when not given any sign he was going to touch her at that moment.

Scully relaxes as John’s hands run across her back, massaging her muscles. She closes her eyes and sighs. This is how life should always be: summer vacation, company of good friends, and a man who truly cards for her at her side. She feels John’s thumbs knead the muscle below her neck. He kisses her on the shoulder.

I better go make sure Mulder
isn’t eating all the food.

He rises to his feet and walks toward Mulder who is still digging in to all the snacks available.

Scully lies down on her stomach, a school-girl crush grin on her face. She looks to her side where Marita is. Marita smiles at her.

You look as giddy
as a school girl.

I don’t know what you mean.

Scully’s smile widens. Marita shakes her head.

I’ve never seen you so happy
to be with someone in the whole
time I’ve known you.

Scully smiles, and despite some difficult times she’s had with John early on in their relationship, after she first got out of the Facility, she’s never been happier with anyone else.

Yeah… I know…

Scully closes her eyes and enjoys the warmth of the sun’s rays on her back.

So, tell me, is he a good kisser?

Scully’s eyes snap open. She didn’t think Marita would try to talk about something like that!

Umm… actually we haven’t
really kissed like that
yet. It’s been difficult
for me, you know.

Oh. I’m sorry, I didn’t
mean to- you mean you
haven’t and you’ve been
with him for over half a year?

Scully nods her head. That’s right, she and John still have not had an official first kiss of their relationship. They’ve tried, but without success. She’s just been too bothered by what has happened to her to be able to deal with the kind of emotional rush a lovers kiss would bring to her.

It’s not a problem, Marita.
I’m sure in time I’ll feel
comfortable with it.

Scully closes her eyes again to end the conversation. She really doesn’t want to talk about that today.



Monica is being a bad girl while hoping someone is out driving on this lonely road, heading to Luray. She’s smoking a cigarette. This helps keep her calm. Before lighting up she made sure that she brought mint gum to cover the stench of cigarettes on her breath. Brad doesn’t know that she’s returned to this disgusting habit of smoking, and she has no intention to tell him, not yet at least.

Monica sees a car heading toward her, coming from the direction she is heading. She quickly drops her cigarette on the ground and puts it out with her foot. She pops a stick of mint gum into her mouth, and then waves her hands in the air to catch the attention of the driver.

Thankfully the car stops and a man gets out of his black muscle car. He’s a little taller than she is, and he looks to be quite fit. He has dark brown hair, and piercingly sharp brown eyes.

Got car trouble?

Yeah, she just started to sputter
on me. I don’t know much about cars
so I can’t tell you what it could be.

Sounds like it could be bad
gas. Some gas stations around
here like to add water to their
fuel so they can get more money
for their gas over holiday weekends
(beat) Mind if I take a look under
your hood?

Monica motions for him to help himself. He pops open the hood and looks everything over with a knowledgeable eye.

She wasn’t smoking up on you
when you pulled over, was she?

Monica shakes her head “no”. He continues to look.

Well everything here looks fine.
(beat) You going someplace near here,
a gas station maybe? There’s one about
five miles down the road from where I
came from. I can give you a lift and you
can call a tow, I can attach your car to mine.

Monica senses this man’s honest words.

Sure, that’s be great. I have
a friend who owns a cabin in
Luray, he’ll be able to take it
back to his place and figure out
the problem.

The man extends his hand to shake hers.

I’m Scott.

Monica shakes his hand.


Scott goes to his car and pulls out something to attach her car to his. Once that is hooked up, they get into his car and head to the gas station.

I hear Luray’s a nice vacation spot.

I wouldn’t really know, this is
the first time I’m visiting. My
friend, John, says there’s a great
fireworks display set off a little
way down the river from his cabin.
he thought we’d appreciate not being
in and among a large crowd of people.

Sounds nice.


They continue to drive and in a couple minutes he pulls into a gas station parking lot. They get out and unhook her car. Scott goes back into his car.

Thank you for stopping to help
me out. I really appreciate it.

Monica pulls her wallet out of her purse.

Here’s twenty dollars for your time.

Thanks, but no thank you.
There’s no need to do that.
I’m happy just to help out.

Monica smiles. Hmm… and he doesn’t even take money offered to him. What a kind guy.

All right. Well, thanks for helping
me again, and you have a safe and
happy Fourth of July.

You too.

Monica watches as Scott drives away. She smiles, and to think a few months ago she so easily believed that anyone she didn’t know could be a potential threat. The world ain’t so shabby after all. Monica retrieves some quarters from her purse and uses them on the payphone to call John’s cell phone.



John has just gotten into his truck to go pick up Monica from the gas station. He pulls out of the dirt driveway and heads off.

Meanwhile, Skinner and Mulder sit out on the end of the dock, fishing. They keep looking back at Brad who’s sitting at the picnic table with a perplexed expression on his face.

What do you think is
wrong with him?

Well it can’t be because Alex
has said something rude or
uncalled for because Alex isn’t
here. (beat) Why don’t you go ask him?

That’d be awkward, you’re better
friends with him. You ask him.

Look, Wally, do you or do you not
want me to help fix your situation with Kim?

Skinner gives him a look and then reluctantly makes his way to Brad. He sits down next to him as casually as possible.

(casual, friendly)
So… why the perplexed expression
on your face?

John just asked me if I thought
it’d be too early for him to
propose marriage to Dana.

Skinner lets out a long whistle, he wasn’t expecting that.

And then he got a call
and had to go.

What’d you tell him?

All I had time to say before
he left was: I don’t think jumping
into an engagement so soon is a
good idea. (beat) I don’t think
he wants a marriage like my parents have-

- And I doubt he wants to be
engaged and married quickly
because of a balding man’s mid-life
crisis. (beat) He isn’t planning on
reusing any engagement ring he used
when he proposed to his first wife, is he?

No, he’s not that dumb.


They are quiet for a beat.

Has he talked to Dana about this yet?

I doubt it. He still worries and talks
to me sometimes about his frustration
with her not opening up to him. If
they haven’t gotten past that, I don’t
think planning an engagement and married
life has been brought up.

Speaking of planning marriages, have
you and Monica set a date for your
wedding? You know, if you don’t have
a Best Man, I’m always ready and available
for the challenge.

We’ve decided on November in Mexico
at her parent’s house, and I already
have someone in mind to be the Best
Man, just have to ask him.

Well, that wasn’t so snooty.

Brad makes a face, what does that mean?


You know, British people have a
reputation of being snooty, but
you’re not so I guess that generalization
is incorrect.


So, you think we should ask Dana
her whole opinion on that other
thing, find out how she feels?

I don’t think asking Dana
would be appropriate.

(off screen)
Ask me what?

Oops, Brad and Skinner didn’t see Scully approaching them.

Um… gee… err… oh… about
where you bought that
pretty wrap skirt.

Scully looks down at her sheer, black wrap skirt and smiles. It is rather pretty.

Actually I was asking him
if he knew where you got your tattoo.

Scully touches her hand to her lower back where her Ouroborous tattoo is.


You don’t seem like a
tattoo kind of girl to me.

Scully smiles mischievously.

It’s a reminder of a great
one-nighter in Philly.

Brad is shocked that she said that. She lightly punches his shoulder.

I’m only halfway kidding. (beat)
I got it at a time in my life
when I felt everything was going
in one big circle, repeating itself
over and over again without any chance
of bringing change to my life.

Skinner thinks about how she’s talking about breaking the cycle of bad men and relationships in her life. For as long as he’s known her she really had not found happiness with relationships, not even with him. For awhile there she did seem to be unable to get out of that circle and find someone good for her. Though he still loves her, he knows that she no longer loves him, and that her heart belongs to a good man. Skinner takes a deep breath before saying something nice about her and John.

If you ask me, it seems as if
you’ve finally broken away from
the circle your tattoo symbolizes.

Yeah, I think I have. For the most part…

For the most part?

Scully just gives him a little smile as she walks off. She’d rather keep the things that still haunt her to herself. Her inner suffering is still a part of her life now just as it has been in the past. She never told Skinner about her horrible past with men, at least not any of the important details like having been a victim and survivor of rape on more than one occasion. She has only ever told Alex Krycek of those horrors.

She sighs, remembering back a few months to the Barker case when she suddenly remembered something horrible from her early childhood. That she had been molested by a neighbor. No one had suspected that she knows of, and she hadn’t told anyone. Now that she remembers that, she also understands why she’s so protective of children, she had been hurt as a child as well.

How she’s ever going to be able to tell John all this is beyond her. It frightens her to think that if she tells him all that she’s survived in her life, that he will look at her and treat her differently. He may view her as “damaged goods”, and toss her aside so he can continue to search for someone better. Scully can’t stand the thought of possibly losing the only man who’s ever treated her so well, who is so protective of her, concerned and in the true sense of the word, loving. She’s felt used by men all her life until now, and that is something she never wants to let go of. He’s been more patient with her since she’s returned too. Moving at her pace in terms of deepening their physical interaction. They still have not shared a first kiss.

Scully sits back down on her beach towel next to Marita and she looks out across the river. It’s so pretty out here, and peaceful. She hopes that John will bring her back here more often.



Monica is sitting on an old bench up against the side of the building. She’s holding a bottle of water in her hand.

I gotta ask Monica what she thinks I should do, what the hell was I thinking asking Brad? Women know best in these kinds of situations.

She hears the thoughts of John Doggett in her head. She closes her eyes to try to block it just as his truck pulls into the parking lot.

She hears him open and shut his truck door. She opens her eyes.

Women are best in what
situations, John?

The look on his face is priceless. She smiles. Guess this gift can come in handy sometimes.

Doggett sighs.

Why don’t we hook your car
up to my truck and head back
before dinner is ready and
Mulder eats everything.

He holds up some cords in his hand and heads over to Monica’s car and starts to work on tying it up to the back of his truck.

Monica stands behind him, watching him, knowing his thoughts.

I can tell that you love
her, John, but I do think
it’s too early to ask her
to marry you. You’ve only
been with her for seven months.

Doggett’s body language tells her that he’s not pleased with her comment. He doesn’t like it when she uses her gift on him.

You and Brad were together less
than that when he asked you.

That’s different.

He turns to look at her.

Different how?

We had dated before for a
long period of time before
we hooked up again when I
got… transferred to D.C.

Doggett continues to tie up her car with angry body language.

I hope you are less angry
when you argue with Dana.

What’s that supposed to mean?

He stands up.

Nothing, pretend I didn’t say it.

Doggett nods his head, he doesn’t want to fight with her on what’s so far been a really nice day.

I’m sorry, it’s just that I asked
Brad and he didn’t seem to support
the idea either. (beat) I don’t want
to rush Dana and I, but I feel it in
my heart that she’s the one. (beat)
I guess I don’t want to feel like
I’m wasting time by not making her my wife.

Monica allows silence to pass between them for a moment before responding to him.

John, live life in the present.
Don’t worry about what will
happen in the future, because
that future could be over tomorrow.

Doggett listens to her. He knows she’s right.

You know what’s worse?

He quietly laughs at himself.

I can’t even find the courage
to tell her how much I love her.
(beat) I told her “I love you” only
weeks before she and you disappeared,
and I got the feeling that made her
uncomfortable, and rightly so since
she and I weren’t involved back then.

Monica listens.

I almost bought her a ring a few
days ago, but when they asked me
if I wanted it engraved, I realized
that I didn’t want to go with something
general like “always”, “forever”, or
”I love you”. I want the engravement
to be something special between us both.

It sounds to me like your heart
is in the right place, you just
don’t want to jump the gun. (beat)
Can I suggest something?


Don’t try to plan a scene in
your mind of how you want to
propose to her, you’ll feel it
in your soul when the right moment has come.

Monica smiles at him and walks around to the passenger side of his truck. She gets in.

Doggett looks down at the ground, he’s glad that he’s talked to Monica about this. As he gets into his truck he thinks: Monica knows best.. Monica smiles, yes, in this case she does know best.



Skinner is set up at the outdoor grill, attending to Fourth of July hamburgers and chicken breasts.

In the background John Doggett’s truck pulls up and he and Monica get out and go up to Skinner.

Brad looks over at them from where he’s sitting at a nearby picnic table.

Hey John! Why didn’t you tell
me Monica had car problems?

Brad glances at Monica’s car which is hooked up to the back of John’s truck.

Sorry man, I just…

John trails off when he glances around him and does not see Dana. And considering the strange letter she received earlier, this worries him.

Where’s Dana?

What does that have to do
with not telling me that my
fiancé’s car broke down?

I’m serious, where is she?

Suddenly two hands cover John’s eyes. This startles him a bit.

(whispers in his ear)
Guess who…?

Doggett’s muscles relax, and he turns around relieved to see her.

Dana, I thought-

Scully sees the look on his face, and knows that he was worried for her.

John, there’s no need to worry.
I didn’t get eaten by any sharks
in the river.

She goes up on her toes and gives him a kiss on the cheek. She gives his arm a gentle squeeze to assure him things are just fine. She walks toward Mulder who is sitting in the sand by the river’s edge. She lies back down on her beach towel next to him.

I got out of the water before I
got all pruney. You know how
uncomfortable that can be. At least
there’s no chlorine in the river
water, that makes it hurt more because
it’s a chemical and dries out your skin.

Mulder stops rambling and looks down at Scully. She doesn’t seem to be very happy right now. His smile fades. She’s only been back home in Virginia for seven months now, and still having her share of bad days. She’s been very good about not talking about what she lived through while she was held captive by the Cigarette-Smoking Man at the Facility. She prefers to keep as much of her pain bottled up inside herself.

Scully notices the worry on Mulder’s face and quickly flashes him a smile, one he would believe is sincere if he didn’t know any better.

So, how’ve you been lately?
I only ever see you at the office nowadays.

I’m fine. Work’s been going well.
It’s nice having a new boss who
likes to keep his agents busy with
case work.

Scully playfully punches Mulder’s shoulder. He smiles.

How are things going with John?

The usual.

I don’t know the usual.

We’re good.

Mulder leans in like a giddy best girlfriend and speaks quietly.

How serious is it? Has he
said the “L” word yet?

Scully rolls onto her side, lifting her head to glance over Mulder’s shoulder at John who’s sitting with Brad and Monica at the picnic table.

I feel like we’re on the verge of
being more serious, but there’s
something holding us back. And no,
he hasn’t told me that he loves me.
Well, not since we’ve been dating.

What’s holding you two back?

Scully nervously runs her hand through her hair. She knows that her inability to open up to John is what is holding their relationship back, but she doesn’t want to admit that it is her fault that it’s happening.

I don’t know.

Mulder nods his head, knowing that she’s lied to him.

You trust me, right?

Scully nods her head.

John’s a great guy, the best you’ve
ever been with. You know he’d do
anything to protect you. He’d give
his life if it meant saving yours.
(beat) I can tell you’ve been through
hell and back, Scully, he can see it too.
Don’t be afraid to open your heart to him.
He’s a very special man in your life.

Mulder hesitates, wanting to say more, help her want to open up to John and to her friends, but he’s afraid that he’ll upset her.

I know, and everything inside me is
yelling at me to open up to him, trust
him, tell him everything, and I want to
because I see that it hurts him when
I hold things back from him, but…
I’m afraid that he’ll judge me if I tell
him everything. That he’ll look at me differently.

Scully looks away from Mulder, not wanting him to see the tears building up in her eyes. Mulder sympathetically looks down at her. Without thinking, he reaches out and touches her shoulder, she jerks away from him, startled by this sudden contact.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-

- It’s all right. I get on edge
when I think about this stuff. Just
talking about it makes my jumpiness
worse. It’s not your fault, it’s mine.

Mulder doesn’t know what to say, he didn’t mean to get her upset, he only wanted to try to help. He wanted to talk to her in order to open up to someone.

Scully looks at John, he has his eyes on them, paying attention to their body language. He is concerned. Scully wipes a tear from her face then looks at Mulder, her eyes meet with his.

I love him, you know. Despite
how often I’ve pushed him away.
I’ve done that to protect him.
If he knew what I’ve been through,
it would hurt him too, and hurting
him is one thing I never want to do.

Scully rolls onto her stomach and rests her head on her arms, she closes her eyes, signaling the end of this conversation. Mulder’s heart sinks, it hurts him to see his best friend suffer alone, continuing to push loved ones away.

If only there were something more he could do to help her.

(off screen)
Buy your free Fourth of July candy
bars here! That’s right folks, if
you buy ten candy bars at regular
price you get the eleventh free!

Mulder looks behind him and sure enough there’s Alex Krycek decked out for the holiday. He’s wearing a white T-shirt, blue pants, and red shoes. His sunglasses are star-shaped with sparklie glitter on them.

Mulder wrinkles his brow, Krycek wasn’t invited here today. Mulder stands up and heads in his direction.

But before he can get there, Skinner is handing over a twenty dollar bill for a bag of bite-sized candy bars. Krycek hands him one more bite-sized candy bar.

Enjoy your special Fourth
of July candy bar!

Thanks! I just love these!

Skinner quickly heads back to the grill to work on dinner.

Krycek looks at Mulder with a silly smile on his face.

Hey buddy, you want
to buy some candy?

First off, we’re no longer
buddies, buddy. Second…

Mulder grabs one of the bite-sized candy bars and reads the package.

These are not for individual sale.

So? It’s my new J.O.B.
since the FBI sucks.

You’re charging two bucks
a piece with not for individual
sale candy bars!

No I’m not.

Did Skinny not just hand you
a twenty dollar bill for ten pieces?

Umm… hey look! Santa Claus is here!

Krycek points behind Mulder.

The truth about Santa is out.
You beat me up over it, remember?

Oh yeah… umm… Wowie!
The Fourth of July Bunny is here!

Mulder shakes his head, Krycek is impossible.

Hey! Is that Scully?!

Krycek has spotted Scully and quickly dashes away to plop down by her side. He was receiving glares from everyone else, and since Scully is being kind to him, he’d rather be with her right now.

Mulder goes back to the picnic table where John, Monica, Brad, Marita, and Skinner are.

Anyone have a piece of paper and
a red marker. I need to make a
sign to tape to Krycek’s back, warning
others that he’s one big, fat scam.

Monica’s eyes brighten and she grabs the bag that she brought with her.

I was wondering why I wrote
this this morning.

She pulls out a piece of paper. Written in red ink is “WARNING: Do not purchase from me. I’m ripping you off.”

All right! Now I’ve got
to find tape.

Monica pulls tape out of her bag.


You know, even though I’m a
believer in psychic phenomena,
I still need to get use to how
you do this. (beat) You’re so cool!

Skinner makes his way to the picnic table and places a large plate of hamburgers and chicken breasts down in front of everyone in the middle of the table.

Le dinner is served.

Mulder quickly runs from the table with the warning sign for Krycek in his hand. He runs toward Scully and Krycek.

Scully and Krycek talk in hushed tones.

… I’m just glad that you’re able
to forgive me, you know, I really
only feel as if you and Marita are
my only friends.

You have to remember that it takes
time to forgive someone for being
involved in losing a year of your
life, and a child for that matter.

Krycek sighs.

I’m glad we have some good history
together, I don’t know if I could
stand not having you as a friend.

Scully looks at Krycek with eyes of adoration for her friend.

Sure, Krycek has made many mistakes in the past, but for all he’s helped Scully deal with in her dark past, she’s able to forgive him his betrayal.

I wouldn’t be alive if
it weren’t for you, Sasha.

Scully gently gives him a kiss on the cheek. Krycek grins bashfully.

And not just the whole thing
with Charles Spender and that
Alien Bounty Hunter earlier this
year, but also when you saved
my life when I saw taking it as
the only way out of a bad relationship.

From the looks of it, I won’t
have to be doing that anymore…
you’ve got John to protect you now.

Krycek smiles. Scully smiles back and sees Mulder behind Krycek, he’s placing his index finger on his lips to keep her from telling Krycek that he’s coming.

Hopefully I won’t need to
be protected from anyone again.

What about when colonization
begins next year?

Scully lowers her eyes, she hadn’t really thought much about what she was going to do when alien colonization begins. How would she tell John Doggett that aliens are going to come down and invade the planet? She doubts he’d believe her, he’s John Doggett, he doesn’t believe in alien mumbo jumbo.

Suddenly Mulder screams and pushes Krycek’s back, placing the warning sign on him. Krycek screams too.

Scully laughs and rolls her eyes at them.

Geez, Mulder! Why’d
you do that?

To scare you.

Didn’t work. I’m completely unaffected.

Liar. Haven’t you learned your
lesson yet? You shouldn’t lie
to your friends.

I thought you said we
were no longer friends?

Umm… dinner is ready.
Come and get it!

Mulder runs back to the picnic table. Krycek gives Scully a sad look.

See what I mean? Even Mister
President of Friendliness
isn’t considering me a friend.

Scully and Krycek rise to their feet.

Learn the lesson he wants you
to learn. I’m sure he’ll come
around and make up with you someday.

I hope you’re right.

They walk with their backs facing us, back to the picnic table to eat dinner. The piece of paper with the warning is taped to Krycek’s back: WARNING: Do not purchase from me. I’m ripping you off.



The sun has set and everyone is sitting outside, waiting for the fireworks display to begin.

Marita, Krycek, Skinner, and Mulder are sitting out on the dock by the water. Krycek sits with his arm around Marita’s shoulders, she rests her head on his shoulder.

Doggett and Scully have situated themselves on top of a blanket, lying a little ways up from the beach, in the grass yard. They are at a good distance from everyone else to allow them some privacy.

Monica and Brad are lying in a hammock that John set up just for Monica.

Monica is resting her head on Brad’s chest, tears are falling from her eyes, yet she cries in silence. Brad gently strokes her arm to try to comfort her. Tears threaten to fall from his eyes as well. They had been talking about what could have been if Krycek hadn’t helped lure her and John to the Facility last year. Monica had been thinking about how she and Brad would have been married by now, and then she read Brad’s thoughts, and they were about the daughter they should have had. This crushed her heart and brought her immediately to tears.

Despite how well Monica has been showing herself to be, she knows that she is still an emotional wreck. Brad is the only one that knows this, and even then she tries her best to be strong in front of him as well. One of these days she’s bound to break down and show what exactly is really going on inside herself.

Monica tightens her grip on the fabric of Brad’s T-shirt, and she cries more, thinking about how horrible she feels.

A high-pitch whistle and a crack of sparkling color in the sky, indicates that the firework show has begun. There’s cheering and whistling coming from the gang on the dock.

Doggett lies on his back and stares up at the sky, it’s been years, probably since the last July Luke was alive, that he’s watched fireworks. He turns his head to look at Scully who is lying at his side.

You awake?

Scully looks at him and smiles, another firework brightens the darkness around them. She inches up closer to him, her heart alive with the love she feels for him. He senses her feelings and smiles. They return their eyes to the sky to watch the fireworks. Comfortable silence passes between them. After a minute, Scully lifts her head, and rises up on her elbow and looks down at John.

(quiet, soft)
Johnny… can I kiss you…?

Doggett is slightly taken back by this. He hadn’t expected her to want to kiss him anytime soon, especially in the way that her vocal tone indicates. The first time he tried to kiss her was on her birthday, and she spent the night alone in tears. The second time they both had wanted it, but when their lips were connected for only a few seconds, she had backed away, uncomfortable and on the verge of a panic attack. Since then they’ve only exchanged quick kisses on the cheek and small pecks on the lips.

Doggett lifts himself up to look into her eyes. He sees that she is all right with this. Her eyes long for him, she lowers her eyes to gaze at his lips.

Without a word, Doggett reaches up and gently places his hand behind her neck and draws her to him. Her lips are soft against his. He allows her to lead. He feels her lips part slightly and he does the same.

Scully’s heart is pounding in her chest. The feel of his open mouth against hers is exhilarating. She slowly rolls onto her back as John carefully leans half his body against hers.

Hesitantly, Scully rolls her tongue against his lips, wanting to be all right to take the kiss further, more passionate. John slowly and carefully slips his tongue into her mouth. She quietly gasps at the sensation. She feels his hand rest gently against her waist. She lets out a quiet moan, the warmth of his hand against her skin feels perfect. She wraps her arms around his neck, wanting to feel him closer to her. Her fingers glide over the hair at the base of his neck, sending sweet sensations through his body.

Her heartbeat is steady now. No need to worry about a panic attack tonight. She removes her mouth from his for a moment to take a breath of air.

Slowly, Doggett pulls himself out of their first real kiss. He has a cute lopsided grin on his face. He gently kisses her forehead and lies back down on his side, so he can look at her. He wraps his arm around her and holds her close to his body. He kisses the back of her neck, which causes a warm chill to travel through her body. This is the best she’s felt in a very long time.

John finds her hand with his and he holds it. Every ounce of his being wants to tell her that he loves her. The sensation flows through his blood, wanting to be released. He pulls her closer to him, and she readjusts her body to fit with his.

Dana… I…

Sometimes the word “love” doesn’t do justice for how strongly he feels for her. He trails off.

You what…?

Scully smiles, she has a feeling about what he is trying to say to her.

John looks down, not sure he can say what he means. Scully watches him, and when he looks at her again to tell her how strongly he loves her and cares for her, the only phrase that comes out is:

Semper fi…

Scully’s heart skips a beat, for some reason those two words, semper fi, overwhelm her heart with the love and emotion that John feels for her. Tears sting her eyes and she gives John’s hand a slight squeeze.

(quiet, verge of tears)
I love you too, John…

Her tear-filled eyes meet with his, and he gently wipes a tear from her face. He kisses the top of her hand, and she curls up closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder and rests her arm on his chest. She takes in a deep breath and slowly lets it out, not once letting the smile fade from her face.

John may not have said the expected three words, but what he did say says so much more about his feelings, their feelings and love for each other. Semper Fi – Always Faithful. A silent promise to always be here for each other no matter what obstacles they are facing and will face in their life together.

As their attention turns back up to the colorful fireworks in the sky.





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