"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Eight


Review By: Gothic Spook

"Brad and I found it a couple years back at a bookstore in Cyprus. Thought we’d pick up a copy for you, and give it to you when the occasion called for it." - Monica Reyes

Raise your hands if you remember what the book was??? *raises hand!* Hehehe, what do you think John's reaction will be when he sees it?

More insights into Dana's dark and mysterious past. She lets her heart show to John! Have your tissues at the ready!

Marita and Dana play a little trick on Krycek. Fellatia Blow and Candy Caine ... should they look familiar to him?

John reveals a little more about his past with Monica!
Monica decides what she's going to do now she's not with the FBI, will Brad be against her plans?

And Knowle is still out to get Krycek ... I cant wait until he does!

8x09 "Disclosure"

Title: "Disclosure"
Written by: Cassie
Date: April 20, 2005; May 5-10, 2005; May 19-21, 2005; July 22-23, 2005, July 29, 2005
Air Date: November 7, 2005
Rating: R (sensitive material: sexual situations)
Series: FRVS - Episode #157
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Disclaimer: "The X-Files" and its characters belong to 20th Century FOX Broadcasting. If you recognize it, it's not our own creation. Original characters belong to Cassie and Kristi (FRVS).
Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: John and Monica hang out, and later Dana spills the beans.



Out of darkness we steadily and eerily creep into Scully’s bedroom. Scully is asleep in bed. John Doggett lies next to her, his arms wrapped underneath his pillow, lying on his stomach.

Though she is asleep, Scully is not at peace. Fear is written all over her face, and she is unable to wake.

She’s dreaming. Not a pleasant dream, but a nightmare. A nightmare of a time when she was a teenager. It’s a Friday night and she’s hanging out at her boyfriend, Scott Williams’s, home. His parents are out of town.

Scully and Scott are sitting on a couch in what appears to be a basement. The lights are low and slow music plays in the background.

Scully is timid, obviously fearful of her boyfriend. He tenderly caresses her face with the back of his hand. Scully pulls her head away from his touch.

I should go.

She tries to stand up, but Scott has a tight grip on her arm. She can feel the bruise forming there already. She’ll have to wear long-sleeves again tomorrow to hid the bruise from her friends.

I spoke with Bill, he said he’d
keep your parents from worrying.

Scott cups her face in his hands and places his lips on hers, opening his mouth to devour hers. He pushes her down on the couch. His hands run down her body and then forcefully pull her shirt off over her head.

Scully cautiously pushes his chest. She’s pushing her luck and she knows it.

(afraid, weak)
Not tonight…

Scott roughly unhooks her bra and tears it off her, throwing it to the floor. Scully tries to cover her exposed breasts with her arms, but he takes hold of both her wrists with one hand and raises her arms above her head. His other hand squeezes her breast hard, he pinches her nipple causing her to wince.

Tears form in her eyes, she’s so sick and tired of being Scott’s sex toy. She wants this to end, but sees no way out of the relationship.

A tear trickles down her cheek and she feels his mouth suck hard on her nipple. He’s using his free hand to undo her jeans. He strips them off of her body. She squirms beneath him, wishing death over rape.

You’re mine forever, remember that.

He removes his penis from his pants and forces himself into her body, forcing the entire length of his penis into her with minimal lubrication.

Scully’s eyes shoot open and she quickly sits up in bed, awakened from her nightmare. She covers her mouth with her hand to hold back a terrified scream.

Her heartbeat is quick. Her breathing rapid.

She realizes she’s safe in her own bedroom. She continues holding her hands to her mouth as she sobs uncontrollably. Tears stream down her face.

She glances down at John. He’s peacefully asleep next to her, unaware of what she is going through.

Her heart breaks.

She doesn’t want him to wake up and see her like this. Despite how badly she wants and needs him to comfort, protect, love, and help her, she can’t bring herself to do it. To open up to him and tell him what bothers her so much. She’s afraid of what he might think of her if she tells him what she’s been through in life. She’s afraid that he will leave her because she’s damaged goods.

She’s been so trusting of others in life even after all the horrible things she’s been through, but now after what she endured at the hands of the Cigarette-Smoking Man at the Facility, she’s finally started to doubt her trust in others, including John Doggett. If she told him about what she experienced as a child, what Scott Williams did to her, what the Cigarette-Smoking Man did to her, her true feelings about having been lust buddies with Alex Krycek – would he one day use all of that against her? Would he one day break trust with her as so many men have in her past?

There’s no way of knowing other than to let down the walls and open herself up to him as completely as she can.

She’s frightened to open up. Frightened to speak of the crimes committed against her body. Frightened of what opening up will mean for her relationship with John. She’s frightened more of the future than of her past and the present.

Scully removes the blankets from her body and leaves the bedroom, closing the door behind her. She feels the wetness of her arousal between her legs – arousal her body could not prevent. This sickens her and she runs to the bathroom to throw up.

Her tears fall harder.

Minutes later she cautiously flushes the toilet, praying to God that will not wake John up. She walks into the living room and lies down on the couch. She grabs hold of a decorative pillow and presses it against her face to silence her cries.

Her body involuntarily twitches when she thinks about all that happened to her next if she had not woken from her nightmare. She feels sharp pain inside her body. She slowly moves her hand to protectively cup around her center.

Her body shakes and her cries become more intense as she fights back a very real, and very horrific flashback of Scott Williams’s rape.

Her mind races: why is she reliving the hell he put her through so many years ago?

She thought she had recovered from the physical and emotional abuse, and sexual assaults he put her through. They’ve never bothered her this much since the attacks first happened a little less than twenty years ago.

Apparently, she thought wrong.

And like in the past, she feels she has no one she can turn to for help and support. Not family, not friends, not even John Doggett. She feels she must endure this alone.

Her silent suffering continues as John Doggett sleeps in the bedroom, blissfully unaware of the pain and heart ache she is going through.

Off the muffled sound of her cries.




John Doggett has the afternoon to himself since Scully is meeting with Marita at the mall for lunch. He walks casually down the sidewalk, Buddy at his heel, on a leash. They are returning from a nice walk in the park. Doggett is in his favorite white T-shirt and jeans.

He can’t keep his mind off of having seen Dana asleep on her living room couch this morning when he woke up. At first when he didn’t see her lying next to him, he figured she got up early to try to make him breakfast as she had joked about the night before. He realized he was wrong when he entered the living room and saw her curled up on the couch.

From the position she was in, he could tell something was bothering her. He carefully sat down on the coffee table in front of the couch and watched her. Wondering what he should do. Finally, he spoke her name and lightly touched her arm. She startled awake then smiled at him, hiding her initial reaction to him.

She got up and carried on as if nothing was wrong. But he knows better. Over the past several months that they have been together he’s learned to tell when she’s fine and when she is not. This morning she definitely was not fine.

Buddy barks happily and begins to run, the leash he is on tugs at John’s arm and snaps him out of his thoughts.

They are in front of his house now and Buddy is dragging him up the driveway.

John spots Monica Reyes sitting on his porch by the front door. She’s holding a book in her lap. Her arm covers it to conceal the title. It looks as if she’s been here for awhile.

Hey Mon’! What brings you here?

Monica looks up at him and smiles. She stands.

Oh, the usual. I was bored and
thought I’d come by to pester you.

Doggett takes his house key out of his pocket and unlocks the door. He unhooks Buddy from his leash. Monica follows them inside.

(nosey, curious)
I hear you spent last night
at Dana’s. How’d that go?

Doggett enters his kitchen and opens a cabinet door. He takes out a glass and fills it with water.

How’d what go?

Monica raises an eyebrow in a suggestive manner. She has a feeling that he and Dana are well on their way to becoming more physically intimate.


Doggett wrinkles his brow and takes a drink from his glass.

Nothing happened if that’s what you’re
wondering about. Besides, it’s not the
first time Dana and I have shared the same bed.

But you two are considering
having sex, right?

Making love. (beat) And that’s really
none of you business, is it?

So you are talking about doing it?

Doggett doesn’t answer her. Yes, he and Dana discussed sex last night, but that is a discussion and topic that should only be between them. No one else.

Doggett eyes the book Monica is holding. It’s time to change the subject.

What’s the book?

Monica smiles mischievously at him, a twinkle in her eye.

It’s a little something Brad and I
have had for you for a couple years now.

She places the book on the kitchen counter, face up. Doggett reads the title: “The Sexual Journey To Ecstasy: 202 Inventive Positions To Kinkier Sex” by Dana Scully and Alex Krycek.

Doggett blinks his eyes, not sure what to think of this. He sets his glass of water down and picks up the book, believing it to be a Monica Reyes joke.

What kind of joke is this?

He flips through the book, not expecting what he sees. He quickly slams the book shut. From the quick view of pictures he saw, this book seems to be some sort of variation on positions of the Kama Sutra. He’s embarrassed to have looked at it.

Monica giggles, highly amused by the expression on his face.

(trying not to laugh)
Oh man… I wish I had my camera.

Shut up. (beat) Why… how… what
the heck is this book?

Doggett rubs the back of his neck nervously.

Brad and I found it a couple years
back at a bookstore in Cyprus. Thought
we’d pick up a copy for you, and give
it to you when the occasion called for it.

Doggett hands the book back to Monica.

Thanks, but no thanks.

You don’t even want it
for future reference?

The look on his face expresses his thought: he can’t believe she’s doubting his ability to please a woman in bed.

Monica rolls her eyes.

I don’t doubt your ability, John.
I only thought that after such a
long dry spell that maybe-

- That maybe what?

That maybe you’re behind on the times.

Doggett rolls his eyes at Monica.

What is it, John? Twelve years now?

Since I last had sex? (beat) Technically
three if you count that time with you, me, and
Skinner in Las Vegas.

Monica gasps.

Ew! I thought we’d agreed to pretend
That never happened!

I only brought it up since I don’t
want it to be twelve years since
I’ve done it sober.

You weren’t sober in Vegas!

Doggett hesitates with panic. Why did he bring this up?

I was.

No you weren’t. Skinner talked to us
so much about… I don’t even remember
what. We ordered drinks, a lot of them.
Then when we woke up… we were hammered, John.

John is quiet, so is Monica. They both can’t believe Las Vegas was brought up. A moment passes and then it’s as if it was never brought up at all.

Doggett picks up the book.

So… Dana wrote a sex book
with Alex Krycek…

Believe it or not, but it’s not corny
like you might think. I recommend
position number 23, it helps prolong
the climatic sensation.

Doggett’s face turns a soft shade of red. He rubs the back of his neck.

I guess maybe I’ll give this
a try sometime…

She may not know the book
has been published.

Doggett looks at her: is that so?

It’s published by DA MAN Productions.
I have a feeling only Krycek is seeing
the profits.

Why does that not surprise me?

Monica sits down on a barstool at the counter.

So where’s Dana? I thought
you two were inseparable?

She’s meeting Marita for lunch
out at the mall.

Doggett takes a sip from his glass. There’s something else on his mind that he’d like to talk to Monica about.

Can I ask your opinion on something?


When I woke up this morning at Dana’s,
I found her asleep on the couch. She
said she couldn’t sleep so she got up
to watch CNN.

A lot of people watch TV when
they’re having trouble falling asleep.

The TV wasn’t on CNN when I turned
it on. She lied to me and I want to know why.

Did you ask her?

No. She was in the shower and
then onto other topics later. Never
got back to it.

Don’t overreact to that, John, You’re
no dummy. You must know by now that
she’s been through tough times and is
trying to deal with it.

I’m not even sure what she’s been through, Mon’.
She doesn’t talk to me, she wants me to believe
she’s “fine”… even after the nine months she’s
been back it’s like she doesn’t trust me.

Maybe her trust in others has been
compromised. Hard times and traumatic
situations can do that to a person.

I’ve worked the streets, and I’ve seen
a lot of shit that people go through. I
see signs that she’s been through horrible
experiences, and all I want to do is help
her, be here for her, comfort and love her.
I don’t want to ask her outright for details
because that could upset her.

Monica nods her head, she knows exactly what he’s talking about. She and Brad have already been through her hiding her feelings and pretending she is fine when she isn’t.

Let her open up at her own pace. She
needs to be comfortable with you, trust
you completely before she can begin breaking
down the protective walls around her. (beat)
I know she wants to, but it’s difficult.

Maybe I worry about her too much. Or
maybe my mind is thinking the worst
and really when she says that she’s
fine, she really means it.

Monica looks John in the eyes.

Just continue to understand she needs
time, and support her regardless, and you’ll be fine.

He nods his head. He only wants to help Dana to be happier.



Marita and her co-worker, Samantha, are behind the counter filing paperwork.

The only good thing about fall
is being able to curl up with a
loved one to keep warm.

Ain’t that the truth.

So are you still with that boyfriend?

No. I found out that he doesn’t like
Star Trek, and that he hates Stratego
so I broke up with him.

Sam smiles.

So how’s Alex?

He says he’s finally landed a good
full-time job, though he didn’t say
where. I really think that he wishes
he had a second chance at the FBI.

I once wanted to be a FBI agent. I’d
be great, helping people. (beat) And
then I’d have the chance to… nah, nevermind.


I’d be able to use federal databases
to look into who my biological parents
are. I found out a couple months ago
that I’m adopted.

You could always ask the adoption
center for info on your birth parents.

I tried, but they had no records.
That made me worry… maybe I don’t
want to know.

Marita looks up toward the front of the store. She sees Scully walk in waving at her.

Ready for a lunch break?

I’ve been waiting for you to get here.

Marita takes off her employee name tag and comes out from behind the counter.

I’ll be back soon, Sam.

Have a super time!

Scully and Marita head out of the store and to the Food Court.

Busy day?

Not really, which is nice. This is
the slowest day we’ve had in months
since the summer rush. But before we
know it, people will be coming in to
get their Christmas portraits done.

I’m amazed with you, Marita. When I
worked at the mall in high school, I
got so unhappy, dealing with awful
customers and their ignorance. I was
much happier once I got out of retail.
Yet, here you are working at the mall
on a weekend, happy as can be.

Marita shrugs her shoulders.

I can’t wait for all the Christmas
shopping season sales to begin.

Going to take John with you on
your infamous shopping sprees?

Maybe, he’s a Marine. He should
be able to handle it.

They walk quietly for a few minutes. Scully looks around her, smiling at the children she sees.

There was a meeting I had to go
to up in New York this morning.

Scully looks at her.

A group meeting?

Scully hasn’t heard anything from the Syndicate since January when she last spoke with John Montgomery about the chip in the back of her neck.

The vaccine is at 95% success rate.
Montgomery believes by the end of
next month we’ll be able to mass
produce it and begin distribution.

Scully sighs and slightly shakes her head. Her heart is heavy.

We’re nine months away from the
estimated day of invasion. That’s
not nearly enough time to inoculate
the entire population of the planet.

The Secretary of Defense has agreed
to all any and all military personnel
to duty in time for the invasion. Including
any retired officers. (beat) That will
include John, I’m sure of it.

Scully looks at Marita, her heart skips a beat.

Hopefully neither he nor I will have to
deal with that. I’ll explain the situation
to him so that he’ll stay with me. I don’t
want to have to deal with alien invasion
without him, and I think if he fully understands
it, he’ll decide to not return to the Marine Corps.

Silence falls between them.

The vaccine will be distributed
on a first come, first serve basis.
Members of the Syndicate will be
inoculated first due to our knowledge
of what’s happening. We will be the
leaders of those who survive.

I’m not considered a member of the
group any longer, am I?

I don’t know. That’s why I told
you about first come, first serve vaccinations.

Scully’s eyes look at the ground. She can’t believe how quickly all of this is going to happen. She turns her head to say something to Marita, but a man deliberately bumps against her and continues walking away from her.

Scully looks back at him, for a second she could have sworn he looked just like Scott Williams. For a moment she’s terrified. She sighs, her nightmare last night is making her see Scott in everyday people. That’s all this is.

Scully has unknowingly stopped walking.

Dana? Are you ok?

I’m fine.

They enter the Food Court area.

Marita can see that something is bothering her friend.

Why don’t we sit down and you
tell me what’s wrong. Is it what
I told you about the meeting this morning?

Scully walks to a table and sits down. Scully looks up at Marita with tears in her eyes.

I had a dream about Scott last
night. The guy who bumped into
me looked like him. That’s all.

Marita sits next to Scully and places her hand on her back to comfort her.

The worst part of this is how badly
I want to talk to John about my
problems, but I can’t bring myself
to do that to him. It would break
his heart to hear of everything I’ve
endured in my lifetime.

Scully sniffles and wipes a tear from her face.

Before I was brought back to the Facility,
John told me things about himself, about
his son and his marriage that he’d never
told anybody else. I think of that now
and I hate how closed off I am with him.
He’s able to talk to me, and I just shut
him out and push him away.

Do you trust him?

I know I can, but my mind and body
won’t let me. (beat) I’m so sick of
pretending everything is fine. I’m sick
of lying to him about what I’m going
through. John woke me up this morning.
I fell asleep on the couch. He was
worried about why I slept on the couch.
I lied and told him I watched CNN to fall
asleep when really I dealt with flashbacks
and tears all night long.

Marita is quiet for a beat, she wants to give good advice to her friend. She thinks back on advice she was given by Dr. Peterson.

You know what I think? (beat) Open
up to him little by little. Until
you feel comfortable telling him
what happened. Start with the small
things like telling him about irrational fears.

Scully wipes another tear from her face. She smiles weakly.

I guess I could do that. Like tell
him about my fear of snakes and
gradually getting more and more serious.

Right, and as you gain trust
with him, the easier it will get.

I hope so.

They are quiet. Scully appreciates Marita’s advice.

Why don’t we pick one of the
healthier places to eat here and
have some lunch.

They stand up and start walking towards the Subway restaurant in the Food Court. They pass by the teenager favorite, Burger Boy. They both stop and stare at who is standing behind the counter, wearing a white paper hat… Alex Krycek. He’s smiling at them and wiggling his eyebrows up and down. He winks at them.

Hey chicas, if you want to be like
Stella and get your groove on, I’m
off in four hours.

Scully and Marita share a look.

Of course if you needed my sexy
bod’ immediately I could get
pimply-punk up front so I can
pleasure you out back. You’d be
as sizzlin’ as an Outback Steakhouse.

Krycek licks his lips… trying to be seductive.

So what’re your names, hot chicas?

Candy Caine.

Marita giggles and acts flirtatiously shy. Scully looks at Marita. What is she doing? Marita whispers to her that Krycek doesn’t realize it is them.

Candy Cane… that’s my favorite
sweet, my lovely sweet tart.

Marita giggles again.

I’m Fellatia Blow.

She reaches out to shake Krycek’s hand. He looks devilishly horny.

It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Fellatio.

Fellatia, and the last name’s Blow.

That sounds like a hooker name.

Maybe it is.

Scully winks at him.

You gals wanna head to the back
room and have some roaring sex?


Krycek leans closer to her, across the counter. He gives her his most seductive smile.

And why not?

Because it seems to me as if
you’re already involved with
another woman.

But she’s ok with me seeing
other women.

No she’s not. You promised her
that your body is only for Marita
Lynn. That you will not have sex
or fool around with anyone else.

Marita lets out an unhappy giggle.

And how do you know, Miss Cane?

Maybe because Miss Caine is
really Miss Covarrubias.

With kung-fu swooshing sounds, Krycek’s eyes pop open and he looks back and forth from Marita to Scully, over and over again. He rubs his eyes with his hands. He lets out a nervous laugh, having realized his bad.

(trying to cover it up)
Hey Marita! Hey Dana! What brings
you two to Burger Boy?

He smiles wide, hoping his bright smile will make everything all right.

(clears throat)
Welcome to Burger Boy, America’s
little-known number one hamburger
joint. Whether you like your burger
with pickles or cheese, we’ll do anything
to please your hunger needs. Are you
ready to order?

Suddenly Mulder gently shoves Marita out of his way.

I’d like to order two Big Boy Burgers
with cheese and pickles. No mustard on
one. Two orders of Big Boy’s Curlies French
Fries and two large bottles of water.

Mulder. Bugger off. I need to
take Marita’s order.

Mulder rolls his eyes.

Look, I hyped up Burger Boy’s
hamburgers to Kim, she wants to
try one. Take care of the order-


Do it.

Only with Marita.

Then why did you hit on
Fellatia Blow?


You guys fooled him with fakes names?

He didn’t recognize us.

Yes I did. (beat) Marita what do you want?

She won’t eat here, you half-wit!

Then why is she at my counter?

Because it was surprising to see
you working at Burger Boy again.

And then you didn’t recognize us so
we thought we’d see how long it’d
take you to realize it is us.

Krycek sneers.

Well then who’s ordering food?

I already did, and you better
remember what I ordered because
I’m not repeating myself.

Kim Cook approaches them.

Hey guys, funny running into you all here.

Mulder grins once Kim is in his presence. Scully notices this and smiles. Mulder’s got a crush.

Hey Kim. See who works at Burger Boy.

Scully points at Krycek. He’s crossed his arms and is pouting.

Out of nowhere, Knowle Rohrer walks by and Krycek squeaks and ducks out of view. Knowle pauses when he sees Krycek, he waits for Krycek to poke his head up from behind the counter, then he mouths off “I’ll get you”.

Krycek hides again.

Tell me when he’s gone.

Scully, Mulder, Marita and Kim look at Knowle. He keeps on walking. Not bothering to come closer to Krycek, just walking by was enough to scare Krycek for today.

Nobody tells Krycek when Knowle is out of sight. Kim taps Mulder on the shoulder.

Fox, you told me that Dana loves
shopping, think we should ask
her to join us?

Mulder ponders this.

(overheard them)
I’d love to join you guys. I could
be a professional shopper if I
weren’t with the FBI.

I guess that’s my answer then.
Plus, Scully is so good at finding sales.

Hey, Mulder would you and Kim like
to join Dana and I for lunch. We’re
going to have Subway.

Mulder leans over the Burger Boy counter and looks down at Krycek.

Cancel my order. (beat)
See you later, Alex.

And so Mulder, Kim, Scully and Marita head off to grab lunch elsewhere as Krycek remains hiding behind the Burger Boy counter.



Doggett is slowly driving his truck through a car wash at a gas station. Monica is with him in the passenger seat.

You’re wrong.

Of course you’re going to say
that, she’s got you whipped.

Doggett glares at Monica.

I am not whipped.

All these years your favorite movie
has been “Austin Powers”, and now you’re
saying if you were stranded on a deserted
island the one movie you’d take would be
”Gone With The Wind”?

Yeah. (beat) It’s got everything.
Action, drama, angst, comedy, romance.

You’re only saying that because it’s
Dana’s favorite movie. Reclaim your
cajones, John, be your own man, get
your balls out of her purse.

My boys are not in her purse.

Monica rolls her eyes.

Talk to your mom about her yet?

Doggett is quiet for a beat.

Yeah, I uh… called Ma yesterday.
She asked why I wasn’t marrying
you because she got the invitation
to your wedding.

What’d you tell her?

I told her to carefully reread the
names on the invitation, that you
and I were never meant to be, and
that I’m involved with a very wonderful woman.

Doggett lets out a heavy sigh.

She asked what she looked like and-

- She overreacted to the color of her hair?

Yeah. She started saying that Dana’s
a Devil Spawn and that anyone who’s a
redhead is bound to be a loose “lady
of the night”. (beat/angrier) She hates
her and hasn’t even met her. I just hope
that when they meet each other at your
wedding that Ma will be civil.

I can talk to her if you want.
Sometimes she listens to me
because I’m Monica.

The car was rinses the soap from John’s truck.

Are you nervous?

About what?

Getting married in a couple months.

I haven’t really thought about it I
feel nervous or not. (beat) Should
I be nervous?

Well, when I got married to Barbara
I couldn’t stop thinking about how she
was the last woman I’d ever be with all
because I knocked her up. I was nervous
because marrying her wasn’t really what
I wanted to do, and I was scared because
I was… well… till death do us part.
Unfortunately it was our son’s death that
drew us apart, not each other.

Way to give an inspirational and
comforting speech, John, really.


It’s all right. I just hope that
my marriage is good and lasts a
long time. I also hope that you
marry someone who makes you happy.
(beat) Want me to throw my bouquet
directly at Dana?

She playfully nudges him with her elbow. He smiles.

I bought a ring for her, did
I tell you that?

Monica shakes her head.

I spent a lot of money on it.
I was going to get a silver
band, but wanted something more
lasting so I put out money for
a platinum band.

Wow. (beat) So where do you
plan to propose?

Well I wanted to back in July,
even after you and Brad told
me to wait.

You already proposed?

No. Some old boyfriend of hers
showed up and ruined my setting.

Then guess that’s a sign that
wasn’t the right time to propose.

I’m actually not sure when I’ll
get around to asking her. I think
that she and I need to work on
strengthening our relationship.

Good thinking.

Doggett shoots her a look and drives his truck out of the car wash.

What’s that supposed to mean?

It’s just that the last time you
got married it was rushed. I don’t
want to see history repeat itself
with you and Dana.

History won’t repeat itself. When Dana
and I get married, I will not have knocked
her up. In fact we’ll plan when we will
have children.

I find it funny that you think so much
about the future. Have you decided on
baby names yet?

Ha. Ha. No I haven’t.

Monica is a nice name.

Should I take you home now?
Brad’s probably wondering
where you are.

I guess so. I mean… (sighs)
He’s been wanting me to be
more aggressive in job hunting.

You haven’t found one yet?

Well I got an offer at the D.C. Police
Department, but decided that I don’t
really want to continue in law enforcement.

So what have you been looking into?

I’ve actually not been looking anywhere
else. I’ve been thinking about going
back to school to get a teaching degree.
Only… that would mean Brad would be the
only one working, and I don’t think he’d
like that. I mean… he has been pestering
me to quickly get a new job.

You’re not thinking he’ll be mad, are you?


Mon’, you know Brad has enough money
to support you both if you decide to go
back to school. You should tell him what
you want. Remember communication is good
for a relationship.

Monica says nothing she knows he is right.

Within a few minutes Doggett pulls up outside of Monica and Brad’s apartment building. He puts his truck into park. Monica takes off her seatbelt.

Thanks for spending the day with me.
It was nice just you and me again.

Good luck talking to Brad about that
teaching degree thing.

And good luck using that book with Dana.

Monica winks at him and gets out of the truck.

I’ll see you later, Mon’.

Monica shuts the door and waves as he drives off. Monica shuffles her feet in place before slowly making her way upstairs to her apartment.


Brad is sitting at the kitchen table with paperwork and file folders. He looks slightly stressed out and in need of some relaxation.

The apartment door opens and Monica enters. She walks into the kitchen and sits down across the table from Brad.


Brad looks up.

Hey. (beat) How’d job
hunting go today?

Good. (beat) I figured out
what I want to do.

Brad returns to filling out his paperwork.


I want to go back to college
and get a teaching degree.

Monica worries slightly, expecting Brad not to be supportive of this. For some reason she cannot read his thoughts. Then she remembers that Dana mentioned something about psychics not being able to see things that relate directly to them. This is one of those instances.

Brad looks up at her.

If that’s what you want why
were you going out and applying
to the Police Department?

I wasn’t sure you wanted to be
the only one making money for us both.

Brad looks up at her.

Money’s not a problem.

Monica looks at him, unsure if he’s lying to her.

I said I want to go back to
school. Paying for classes… tuition.

Ok, do you need me to help
pay for the classes?

I don’t know. I haven’t looked into
what I need to take for the degree.

You should look into that. Then
this January you can get enrolled.
(beat) What did you want to teach?

History… literature, maybe Spanish.

Brad smiles at her.

Well, there’s your smile. I thought
it was lost forever.

Brad stops doing his paperwork.

I guess I’ve been stressed out.
I’ve been catching up on old
OPR cases that never got filed.
Kersh keeps trying to use me as his
shrink, planning our wedding, and
dealing with the fact that my parents
stated quite frankly that they will not
be in attendance at our wedding.

I thought you weren’t going to let
your parents bother you.

Well, I try, but God dammit, they’re
my parents. You’d think they’d be a
bit more mature.

Monica wants to tell him not to let that bother him, but she knows that her words will not comfort him or help the situation.

Why don’t we pick out a movie to
watch and relax the rest of the
evening. (beat, smiles) Who knows if
we decide to just watch TV, we may
catch one of those “Serenity” trailers…

Brad looks at all the paperwork in front of him. He can surely procrastinate and relax tonight. It is a Saturday night. A weekend. He should spend time for himself.

What the hell. I work too
much anyway. (beat) And in
about four weeks we’ll be sitting
in a theatre watching “Serenity”.

Brad puts papers back into the file folders and then he stands up.

What movie did you want to watch?

One of the greatest movies ever…
Austin Powers.

Monica smiles big. Brad shakes his head. He’ll never understand why Monica perceives “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” as one of the greatest films ever made.



John sits on his couch. He tosses a tennis ball to the kitchen and Buddy runs to fetch it.

John picks up a can of beer that is on a coaster on the coffee table in front of him. He takes a drink, hating himself for falling back on a can of beer when things are bothering him.

He hasn’t seen Dana since noon when she left to go meet with Marita at the mall. He hasn’t heard from her since then either.

He wants to call her cell phone to make sure she’s all right, but he doesn’t want to make her feel as if he’s keeping track of everything she does. He knows she needs her space, independence, and control over her life. He’s only worried this much today because he found her asleep in her living room this morning.

A part of him wonders if she’s at her apartment now and not wanting to be with him.

Buddy runs back into the living room and hops up next to John on the couch. He rests his head on his lap and looks up at John with his sweet puppy dog eyes.

John sets his beer can back on the coaster, and runs his hand over his face.

There are three soft knocks on his front door. Doggett slowly stands up and goes to answer it. It’s Dana on the other side. She’s holding a few full shopping bags.

Hey John. Hope you don’t mind,
I had Mulder drop me off here
instead of my place.

Scully walks into his house. Buddy runs up to her, his tail wagging in happiness.

Hey Bud’, you’ve been taking
care of Johnny for me?

Scully sets her bags down in the kitchen and then walks back to the living room.

Did you have a nice lunch with Marita?

It was interesting. Did you know
that Krycek is working at Burger
Boy? They have him do this whole
speech before he asks if you’re
ready to order.

So you wound up with Mulder?

And Kim. We went shopping.

I see.

I got some new outfits and a new
pair of shoes. All on sale. A new
bikini too. Now that summer’s over
you can get swimwear on sale.

Scully sits down on the couch and kicks her shoes off. She lets out an exhausted moan and leans her head back. John sits next to her. She rests her head on his shoulder, and lets out a sigh.

How about we play a game?

What kind of game?

I tell you something about myself
that you don’t know and vice versa.

Ok… I’ll go first. (beat) You know
how Mon’ and I were each other’s
first time? Well, we always tell
people that after that initial try
at a relationship that we never went
down that road again. (beat) We did.

Scully lifts her head from his shoulder and looks at him with a grin on her face.

You did?

Yeah, the next summer, Mon’ and I
dated and didn’t tell anyone. We
didn’t tell anyone after because
our attempt at romance was such
a disaster. A John and Mon’ disaster.

Scully giggles softly.

How was it a disaster?

We actually tried to make
the relationship work.

So what happened?

We were us. We bickered at each
other like brother and sister. She
flirted with Knowle. I flirted with
any given Texas beauty… we broke up
mutually. My Ma may have known about
it because anytime I see her she makes
a comment about how she wants me to
marry Monica.

Scully kisses John on the cheek.

Well, your mom’s going to have
to get used to you being with me.

Ok, your turn.

I’m completely and utterly
terrified of snakes.

A lot of people have a fear of snakes.

I know, but a snake is actually
the reason I had an interest in medicine.

Doggett cocks an eyebrow.

Bill, my older brother, dared me to
shoot a garden snake with a BB gun
when I was a kid. I did, hit it, and
then felt bad. So I started to cry and
went to hold the poor thing. In doing
so I hoped to will life back into it.
After that, wanting to save lives
became my obsession.

Everybody’s got an obsession.

Remember Ed Jerse, the guy who
had dinner with us at La Tour?


Well when I hooked up with him
in Philadelphia, I wound up
getting a snake tattoo.

Scully turns and lifts the back of her shirt to show Doggett the ouroborous tattoo on her lower back. Doggett carefully places his hand on her tattoo, she tenses up and quickly makes herself relax under his touch.

It’s gorgeous. I especially like the red.

I was slightly tipsy when I got it
and quite rebellious.

She turns to face him, she’s a little uneasy since his hand is how resting on her hip. Her eyes slowly make their way from his hand up to linger on his lips for only a second, and then lock with his comforting blue eyes, and somehow her uneasiness is soothed.

The room is quiet… The silence hums in their ears.

Doggett coughs to break the silence.

(more serious)
See that can of beer?

He motions his head toward the coffee table. Scully nods her head.

John takes a deep breath. This is something he’s been wanting to talk to her about for a long time now. Scully eyes him and knows he’s about to tell her something very important. She only hopes he isn’t expecting her to get all serious with him after this.

I used to have a big problem
with alcohol. Actually… I’m
still struggling with it.

Scully doesn’t know what to say just yet.

It started when I was in high school.
I did it because I was considered
popular and it was expected of me. I cut
back during college and then gave it up
completely when I joined the Marines.
(beat) After the first Gulf War, I used
alcohol to cope with everything I saw and
went through. It got bad, real bad…

Scully looks him in the eyes. She appreciates his honesty.

How’d you stop?

My ex-wife, Barbara, she was a therapist
back then. She helped me beat it. Having
Luke around was my motivation.

How long had you been sober
before you opened that can tonight?

Doggett rubs the back of his neck.

I’ve fallen off the wagon two times
since Barb’ helped me. The first
after Luke’s death in ’93. (beat/hesitant)
I found my own way to get sober then.

He pauses, wondering if he should tell Dana how he cured himself of alcoholism back in 1994. He decides against it.


Doggett runs his hands over his face. He doesn’t want to talk about what he did to beat the craving back then.

The second time was last year when
you and Monica were presumed dead.
I just… I didn’t know how else to cope
with you two being dead.

Scully nods her head, she knows that men tend to fall back on alcohol to deal with grief, and the loss of a loved one. Men have a hard time letting out emotions.

Eventually I started having nightmares
about the war again. I realized that if
I didn’t reach out for help that things
would only get worse. I told Brad about
my problem and he helped as best he could.
(beat) I also talked with the Bureau therapist.
Not an easy thing for me to do, you know.

He smiles nervously. He’s not sure how to read her reaction to what he’s said.

Scully eyes him with tears in her eyes.

I want to tell you something else, but
I’m worried that it could upset you…

Scully nods her head, telling him to go on.

When you got back earlier this year and
you kept pushing me away, and we had our
little fights… I… I wanted to drink just
to help myself cope with that.

He looks into her eyes. Her eyes are wide open.

I didn’t drink because I didn’t need
to deal with that problem, and you
don’t need to deal with me and alcohol either.

Scully wipes a tear from her cheek with the back of her hand.

Ok… um… that makes me feel guilty.

Doggett’s face is painted with worry. He puts his arm around her shoulder.

Sweetheart… don’t feel guilty.

You had a beer tonight. Is that because of me?

She wipes another tear away. John takes a deep breath.

I try not to worry so much about you,
Dana, but this morning when I saw you
fell asleep on your couch, I thought
again that you were pushing me away.
And then when the TV wasn’t on CNN…
I thought you had lied to me. I got so
caught up in thought about it… I…
I didn’t mean to…

Scully lets out a sigh and leans forward. She picks up the can of beer. She lightly shakes it, there’s still some in it.

Ok. Go pour the rest of this
down the drain.

She hands him the can and they head to the kitchen together. Doggett pours the can down the drain. He throws the can in the trash.

The rest of the case is in the fridge.

He opens the refrigerator and takes the other five cans out. He opens them one by one and pours them down the drain. Scully stands at his side to support him.

John is glad that he told Dana about his problem. This way he doesn’t have to fight the craving on his own as he did soon after his son was found murdered up until Christmas of 1994 when he found his own way to beat the habit. He never wants to feel that way again, so alone in the world. Having Dana here at his side, though silent, is enough for him to know that he no longer has to fight this on his own. She’ll be here with him every step of the way, and he for her and anything she has to cope with.

He empties the last can and grasps onto the sink. For the first time since last year he feels he’s really attacking the problem and quitting for good. Dana wraps her arms around him and he pulls her close to him. They hold each other for a few minutes. John’s thankful that finally there’s someone in his life who he can trust and turn to for support.

(verge of tears)
I don’t like Christmas, actually
the entire holiday season…

Dana looks up at him and sees he’s trying hard not to cry.

(weak, vulnerable)
Christmas… 1993… worst point in my life.
My son was dead, wife divorced me, I blamed
myself for everything. I was so badly caught
up in alcohol that some mornings I’d go into
work drunk or with a hangover… I was at home
alone Christmas Eve that year… cleaning my
weapon. As I stared at the gun barrel I thought
of one thing only… to end my pointless life.
(beat) So I loaded five rounds of six…

Scully bites her lower lip, holding back a cry. John takes a deep breath, he’s never told this to anyone. Not Barbara, not Monica, no one.

I held the gun to my head and
told myself that if by some
miracle I didn’t die when I
pulled the trigger that there was
something to look forward to in life
and that I’d clean myself up…

(soft, crying)

(still holding back tears)
I closed my eyes, knowing my odds
were not good. (beat) I pulled the
trigger. (beat) It jammed.

Scully looks at him.

Yeah, I know. Five rounds of six, and
I had just cleaned my weapon, no excuse
for it to jam.

You mean the empty round wasn’t
there when you pulled the trigger?

He shakes his head “no”.

(serious, soft)
I was saved by a miracle, Dana. That
gun should have blown my head all over
my home, but it didn’t.

(quiet, soft)
They say that the dead watch over us
from the other side… my father died
that same day, Johnny… maybe it was
my father who saved you. (beat) Did I
ever tell you that the night he died
I saw him in a visitation…?

John shakes his head, she hadn’t told him that before.

I had fallen asleep on the couch
and I woke up and there he was,
sitting in the armchair. His mouth
was moving, saying something that
I’ll never know. Maybe he was trying
to tell me about you. I read once that
the dead know everything on the other
side. He would have known you are the
right man for me. (beat) Maybe it was
he who saved your life that night.

Doggett thinks about this for a moment. It’s not his typical way of thinking, but it just feels like that is what happened.

About six years later I finally
met that someone I had to look
forward to… you. (beat) Dana…
you’re the one I want to be with
for the rest of my life.

Scully is breathless. Never in her life would she had thought John Doggett to be a man who attempted to take his own life and then take surviving because of a gun jam as a sign that she is the one.

She wraps her arm around him again and sobs into his chest as he lets tears fall freely down his face. He feels his heart opening up to her, and he feels relieved to be able to speak to her about this.

Scully feels every ounce of her soul loving this man. She looks up into his sad and relieved eyes. She touches the side of his face and places her lips on his in a soft, lingering kiss.

John opens his mouth to her and she gently slides her tongue into his mouth. She slips her fingers up the back of his neck and into his hair. He pulls her tightly against his body. Her heart beats quickly, she fears he can probably feel it pounding through her breast.

John’s mouth leaves hers and he slowly plants small kisses down her throat.

His hand cups her left breast gently and Scully moans her approval as his thumb rolls delicately over her hardening nipple.

His mouth returns to hers and he kisses her again, his hand resting on her breast, continuing to glide over her nipple. Scully lets out a breath and she rests her forehead against his. He’s breathless as well, and she can feel his erection pressing against her leg.

Without a word, John takes Dana’s hand in his and leads her upstairs to his bedroom. He lies her down in his bed and then removes his T-shirt, pulling it over his head revealing his well-toned chest.

Scully sighs at the sight of his body. She watches as he removes his jeans. She runs her own hands slowly down her stomach to her pants and unzips them and peels them off, dropping them on the floor next to the bed.

Scully eyes every inch of his body, admiring his naked body. Her center throbs as her eyes fall upon his hardened penis.

He crawls into bed next to her. He kisses her as he unbuttons her blouse, exposing her white cotton bra. She sits up, breaking their kiss and throws her shirt to the ground. John unhooks her bra and tosses it on the bed. He looks at her now with love in his eyes.

This feels good. This feels right.

He cups her breast in his hand and kisses her erect nipple. Scully writhes from the sensation. John runs his hand down her body and feels in between her legs. The outside of her panties is moist with her arousal for him.

He hooks his thumb on her panties and pulls them off of her body. He looks up at her, into her eyes and he smiles. He then rolls over toward his nightstand and opens a drawer and takes out a condom. He tears the package open.

Scully’s heart skips a beat. That’s right, he doesn’t know that she can’t have children.

Her heart breaks. She closes her eyes to keep from crying. Her thoughts reflect on the Facility, Montgomery, the Cigarette-Smoking Man, Jill… the chip in the back of her neck that prevents her from being able to conceive a child… the man who planted the chip in her neck… the Cigarette-Smoking Man… and what he did to her while she was at the Facility…

John puts the condom on himself and repositions himself in between her legs. His hands gently push at her inner thighs to spread her legs apart.

He looks at Scully’s face. She looks confused now. It’s as if she’s unsure of what they’re doing is pleasing or revolting.

He lies down on top of her, not inserting himself into her. He brushes a strand of hair from her forehead.

Sweetheart… what’s wrong…?

He kisses her forehead. She quickly kisses him as passionately as she can as she breaks down crying. She’d rather have sex than deal with her emotions and talk them out.

He feels her small hand take hold of his penis and she guides him to her warm opening. She wraps her legs around him in order to push him inside her body.

John closes his eyes as he feels her inner walls tighten around his dick. He prepares to begin slowly thrusting into her, but doesn’t when he sees her wincing and turning her head to the side.

Something is wrong.

She’s holding her breath. Every muscle in her body is tense. She’s so quiet, if he were to stop breathing they’d be able to hear a pin drop downstairs in the kitchen.

What should he do? Her mouth is moving, as if she’s saying something, but he cannot hear her.

He decides to pull out of her. He pulls a blanket up to cover their naked bodies. Her body trembles and she’s shaking her head “no”.

Doggett tries to wrap his arms around her so he can hold her close to comfort her through whatever it is she’s experiencing. However, she elbows him away.

Dana… sweetheart… it’s me, John.

She takes in a quick breath at the sound of his voice.

Talk to me… tell me what
I can do to help…

Her body shakes again and she lets out a terrified cry, and covers her eyes with her hands.

(almost inaudible)
Please… stop… make it stop…

Doggett’s forehead wrinkles with concern. He should know what to do. He can’t be helpless in a time like this.

(a little louder)
Dana… it’s John Doggett… please
open your eyes and look at me.
You’re at my home, you’re safe.
No one can hurt you…

His heart breaks seeing her like this.

Scully rolls over to face him, her eyes are still shut and her face is pained. This strikes his heart with so much emotion. This is all his fault. He triggered her. He suspected she had been raped, and he let them go as far as they did and now she is suffering because of it.

Dana… please…

She lets out a sharp breath and she grabs hold of the blankets on the bed. She tightens her fist, squeezing her eyes shut tighter and tighter. She arches her back and her breasts rise, her nipples are more erect now than before. She lets out an muffled orgasmic scream, and then her body falls limp and she lets go of the blanket and curls up against John’s body. She lowers one hand to cover her moist center as if protecting herself.

She cries and finally opens her eyes, but does not look at John. She’s ashamed and embarrassed that she had a flashback, orgasm included, in front of him.

(crying, quiet)
I’m so sorry, John…

She cries harder.

Don’t be sorry, Dana… what can
I do to help you…?

She inches up closer to him, wanting his comfort now that she knows she’s where no one can harm her.

Hold me… tell me everything
is going to be all right…

Doggett wraps his arms around her and kisses the top of her head.

I probably should have told you
something before we did what
we did… I’m sorry.

Scully feels that she’s let him down by not being able to make love to him. Doggett is quiet, he wants her to be able to say what she needs to say.

I’ve been a victim of sexual abuse
ever since I was a child when a neighbor
hurt me. (beat) Recently my repressed
memories have come back of those attacks...

Is that what this was?

Scully shakes her head, no.

(composes herself)
That… shit, John, I never wanted
you to know…

If knowing can help me to help you,
I need to know. (beat) Talk to me…

Last year… at the Facility… I was
forced into a relationship with
an old man. He threatened yours and
Monica’s lives if I didn’t do as he
pleased. He made me make love to him.
Consented rape, John.

Anger is emerging in her voice.

So many times, all of which he knew
I didn’t want. He wanted to have a
child with me. He even made me get
engaged to him… I tried to remain
strong, to endure his violations. And
I did because I kept remembering that
he wasn’t the worst that ever happened
to me. (beat) Scott Williams… he was the
worst. I would remember his attacks on me,
one of which hospitalized me… it made the
Smoking Man’s attacks seem less horrible.

Doggett’s heart breaks and in doing so reaches out to love her even more than he did before. Her opening up to him finally is bringing them closer together.

He continued to rape me over and over
again with my consent, and one time I
had had enough and told him “no”. He
continued anyway, against my will. He
raped me once, twice… I don’t remember
how many times after I told him to stop.

She starts crying again.

I just had a flashback of that…
(quieter/embarrassed) My flashbacks
feel as if they are really happening.

You orgasmed…

Scully’s face twitches as she tries unsuccessfully to prevent tears from falling from her eyes. She nods her head “yes”.

I’ve really only ever had an orgasm
while being raped, John. (beat) I faked
it with Alex. I faked it with Walter, I
even faked it with one-night stands.
Even with the man I was once married to,
John Montgomery.

She sniffles. She hates herself for this.

I’ve never experienced a good orgasm in my life…
That’s something I’ve never told anyone before…
I only orgasm when sex is forced on me.

It happens, Dana, not because you want
it, but the mixture of sexual stimulation
and adrenaline can bring you to orgasm
against your will.

Scully is quiet. It’s so much easier for her to blame herself for all the bad things that have happened to her.

Scott was what you’d classify
as a borderline exploitative-anger/sadistic rapist.

Doggett could swear his heart stopped at this moment. Scully sits up to look down at him.

Please tell me if you don’t want
to hear this, John. I think I’m
about to go off on a tangent.

Say what you need to say to get
everything off your chest. I’m
here for you.

Scully lies back down.

Scott wasn’t able to keep it
up very long and it angered him…

She lets out a quivering sigh.

I tried to end my own life via
sleeping aid overdose one night
after he was… experimental and used
a knife to rape me as he tongue
fucked my… (quieter/embarrassed) clit…

Scully rolls away from John, thinking that saying that has made John hate her, or never want to be near her again. She sits up, holding the sheet against her body. She picks up her blouse.

Concerned, Doggett sits up as well.

Dana, it’s all right…

He hears her crying.

No, it’s not, John!

She stands up and puts on his boxer shorts.

It’d be better for us both if
we just broke up, ok?

Stunned, John watches Scully quickly leave the bedroom. He’s not sure what to do. Should he let her be alone, not help her since it seems like she doesn't want his help? Or should he go after her and let her know that he loves her despite all she told him, and that he'll always love her.

Downstairs, Scully stops as soon as her hand wraps around the knob of the front door. Tears are streaming down her face. It hurt her so much to tell John that she thinks they should break up. It hurts so much having told him everything that she's been through. It just hurts.

She looks back over her shoulder towards the stairs. She doesn't hear him.

What on earth is she doing? All he wants is to help her, and all she wants is to be helped. Why is she running away and breaking up with the one person who’s ever actually listened to her about this? The only person she trusts to tell this to.

She lets go of the knob and rests her back against the door. She lowers herself to the ground and rests her head on her arms as she wraps them around her knees. She cries.

She’s so overwhelmed by her grief that she doesn’t notice John coming down the stairs.

(soft, loving, quiet)
Semper fi.

Scully hears this and looks up at him. Her face tear-stained, and her eyes red. He walks up to her, now wearing his T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. He sits down next to her on the floor, resting his back against the front door.

Dana, I want you to know that I love
you no matter what you tell me about
your life. The more you tell me, the good
and the bad, the more you open up to me,
the more I love you.

Scully sniffles, she looks him in the eye.

(soft, quiet)
No one’s ever loved me, John. Not my
family. Nobody. (beat) I’m not used
to how you’re reacting. In the past I’ve
always been ignored. My parents didn’t
want to acknowledge what happened to me.
They didn't want to believe that their
neighbor hurt me when I was such a young child.
Bill didn’t want to accept that his friend,
Scott, had hurt me so badly I had to be
hospitalized. (beat)Lord knows Alex tried
to be there for me. He did help me, he
even saved my life by finding me overdosed
on those sleeping pills, but his care for
me always led to sex. I used him to prove
to myself that my sex life wouldn’t be
affected, and he used me for my body,
at least that’s what it felt like.

Scully stares at her hands in front of her. She wishes she could start her life all over again from a clean slate. She wishes she could have met John Doggett long ago before Scott was in her life. She wishes a lot of things, but knows that she can't go back and change anything. At least she has John now, now that everything is coming back to haunt her.

(gentle, serious)
I’ll always be here for you, Dana.
Bad times, good times, boring times…
I never want to leave your side. That’s
what I mean when I tell you semper fi.
It’s my promise to you.

Scully nods her head.

I’m still sorry you had to witness
me endure a flashback.

You have nothing to be sorry for. You
can’t help it when you have a flashback.
I used to have ‘em all the time about
the war, the building collapsing all
around Knowle and I. Every so often I
still get them. It means you’re strong
enough to cope with the trauma.

I’m sorry. I still feel bad about it.

How can I help you the next
time you have one?

He turns his head to look at her.

Improve upon what you did tonight.
Your voice was interrupting my
mind. I remember most clearly you
telling me your name and that I am
safe. That helped me realize what
I was feeling wasn’t real.

They sit quietly. Oddly enough, after all that just happened, in comfortable silence.

I didn’t say or do anything
to trigger you, did I?

Scully thinks back to when she first got bothered by what they were doing.

You went for a condom.

Doggett raises an eyebrow.

It made me think about how I can’t conceive
children, which led me to thinking about the
Facility. The Facility is connected to what
the old man did to me and voila – the trigger.

(soft, hurt, caring)
You can’t have children…?

She shakes her head. She pulls her hair away from the back of her neck.

See this mark here?

Doggett tries to see what she’s showing him, but it’s too dark.


Scully takes his hand and places his fingertips on the scar tissue where the chip is implanted in the back of her neck.

What is that…?

A microchip that was implanted
in the back of my neck twelve
years ago. I believe it’s alien
technology. The old man who hurt
me, Charles, he has it programmed
so that it controls my ability to
conceive a child. He wanted me as
his wife back then and when he couldn’t
have me… he made it so no man could
have a family with me.

Couldn’t you remove it?

I did once and I got cancer because
of it. When a new chip was put back…
my cancer went into remission and
has remained that way since.

You had cancer?

Scully nods her head as more tears sting her eyes. She touches her forehead in between her eyes.

It’s here. (beat) If it comes out
of remission it’s inoperable, and
back in ’97 they tried chemo, but
it did nothing. I would be dead now
if it weren’t for that chip.

Scully leans against him, resting her head on his shoulder. Everything that she’s said in the past few minutes is more than she ever thought she’d tell him. She never wanted him to know Scott used a knife on her once to rape her. She never wanted him to know about her cancer. Yet here she sits now feeling as if a ton of bricks have been lifted off her shoulders. She feels so much better getting all that off her chest.

John reaches out to her hand and takes it in his. Scully takes a deep breath and exhales slowly.

I’m afraid, John…

She lightly squeezes his hand.

Afraid to go through that again.
(beat) Last night I had a nightmare
of the time Scott used the knife.
I woke up and went to the couch because
I didn’t want you to have to deal with
me. (beat) I’m sorry I lied to you.
I thought I was protecting you.

Doggett doesn’t say anything, his fingertips caress her hand gently.

Can we work on becoming more intimate
without being sexual? I’m not ready
for sex yet. I need to regain trust
in myself to trust you so completely
so that when I’m ready I can make love to you.

Doggett nods his head.

I think that’s a good idea. I want
you to be comfortable when we get
to that point. I’m sure there are
things we can do to help you until then.

Scully smiles up at him. She’s slightly embarrassed by all of this still.

Thank you.

Doggett gives her a small grin.

I didn’t really mean it when
I said I think we should break
up. I was scared and wanted to push you away.

I know. (beat) I’m just glad
you didn’t run outside wearing
my boxer shorts.

Scully looks down, she hadn’t even realized that she put on his boxers as she rushed out of his room. She laughs quietly.

Yeah… that would have been… interesting.

Their eyes meet, and they hold each other’s gaze for a long beat.

(soft, serious)
I love you, Johnny…

She leans over and kisses his cheek. He grins. This is the first time she's told a man she loves him and is sincere about it. This is the first time in her life she's been with a man who she feels loves her sincerely. She caresses the back of her hand across his cheek, and returns his smile.

She rises to her feet. She tugs on his hands to help him to his feet.

What do you want to do now?

Scully thinks for a moment.

We can go back upstairs, lie down,
and continue that game of telling
each other things we don’t know
about each other. Though… if we do
that… let’s keep it light. I’ve had
enough serious issues for one night.

Sounds good to me.

They head back upstairs, hand-in-hand.

What’s your favorite color?

Shades of green.

I like blue. (beat) Especially
the color of your eyes.

What did you want to be
when you were a little kid?

A Navy Captain like my father.

I wanted to be an Olympic
hockey player. (beat) Ideal
place to get away for a quiet weekend?

I think I like your cabin in
Luray. It’s close so there’s
not a lot of traveling… and
it’s quiet, peaceful. You?

Same as you.

Sounds like we’ll have to plan
a weekend getaway sometime and
go there, just the two of us.

Sounds like a plan.

They enter John’s bedroom.

Can I wear your Marines T-shirt
tonight? This blouse isn’t all
that comfortable for sleeping.

Doggett retrieves his T-shirt from the dresser. He hands it to her. She uses her finger to tell him to turn around as she changes. Doggett hears her crawl into bed. He joins her.

Do you prefer your bed or mine?

What do you mean?

Which do you find more comfortable?

I never thought about it. I guess
I’d say mine, but I’ve been sleeping
in it for years.

I like your bed too…

She curls up next to him, wraps her arm around his chest, and closes her eyes. She lets out a heavy sigh. John can tell that she needs her sleep so he doesn’t ask another question. He reaches over to the lamp on the nightstand and turns it off. The time on his wristwatch reads 8:20 P.M. He closes his eyes and falls asleep next to the woman he loves.



The food court is silent. Everyone has gone home. Krycek’s head cautiously pokes up from behind the counter where he has been hiding all day from Knowle Rohrer. Yes, he’s been there despite the fact he was supposed to get off a few hours ago.

He checks his watch. It’s way after closing time. He quickly shuts the gate, turns off the lights, and opens the drawer to count down the money.

(to self)
We only made three dollars and
eighty-four cent. profit today?
(beat) That is so not worth taking
to the bank.

Krycek looks both ways and then deviously pockets the three dollars and eighty-four cents.

(Off Screen)

Krycek’s eyes widen. He turns to see his manager, who is very, very mad at him.

Oh, hey.

You’re stealing from the company.

Krycek rolls his eyes and shuts the cash register.

Oh please, it’s only three
dollars and eighty-four cents.

If you leave with that money,
you’re fired.

Krycek laughs.

You would fire me over four bucks?

You’ve also been hiding under
the counter all day.

Some punk ass was out to
kill me. I had to!

Krycek starts to walk to the exit.

You’re fired.

Bite me.

He leaves the Burger Boy area, with the $3.84.

Now you’ve stolen money.
(beat) Security!

Krycek quickly bolts towards the exit doors just as two security guards tackle him to the floor. He screams, trying to get away.



The two security guards throw Krycek out the doors and lock him out after giving him dirty looks. Krycek sneers back at them and gets up off the ground, dusting himself off.

He turns and heads towards the empty parking lot. He sees his car, parked alone under a light. As he gets closer he sees a figure of a man – a very tall man with a strong muscular build.

He stops when he sees who it is: Knowle Rohrer.


He goes up to his car and stops. Knowle is leaning against Krycek’s car.

What do you want?

Your car wasn’t hard to find, “da man”.

Krycek rolls his eyes.

What kind of person waits all
day in an empty parking lot for someone?

Knowle smiles.

The kind of person who is
out to hurt someone.

Leave me alone. I just got fired.

Knowle laughs.

From Burger Boy?


Aw… what did pee-wee do wrong?

Nothing. I was protecting
myself from you!

Knowle smirks at him.

Why’d security toss you out?

Krycek “bravely” goes over to his car door and pulls out his keys.


Did you steal money, pee-wee?

Krycek glares at him.

Stop calling me “pee-wee”!

How much?

Three dollars and eighty-four cents.

Knowle bursts out with laughter.

They fired you for three dollars?

He laughs again. Krycek sneers.

Oh pee-wee… really.

Knowle pats him on the back and starts to walk away.

Looks like you’ve gone and
done the torturing for me.

He turns and smiles at Krycek.

I’ll get you another day.

He smirks and walks off.

You can’t you already got me
once in that bar fight! Remember?!
(beat) Plus you’re all talk anyway!

Am I? (beat) Correct me if
I’m wrong, but didn’t you
just say that I already
got you in a bar fight?

Krycek gulps.


I promise you this, pee-wee…
I will have you hanging by
your ankles one of these days.

Knowle gives him one last smirk, turns, and leaves.

Krycek sneers at him and gets into his car. He tries to start his car, but it won’t start. He screams in a fit of frustration and slams his head on the steering wheel, causing the horn to honk continuously, even after he raises his head.

Off this we…





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