"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Eight


Review By: Emma Keturah

"I wrote a new fanfic that's shippy. Wanna hear it?" - Leyla Harrison

An episode of nail-biting drama needs some comic relief. Cassie has certainly provided this in the form of Leyla Harrison. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. However while I was laughing, "Dogbert" and "Supersoldier" were not.

For the fourth week in a row now I have feared for characters' lives. My tears of laughter soon turned to horror at the terrible things happening on the second Friday in the second month to our Scully. *chills run down spine*

Be warned, at the height of the drama Cassie uses the three most frustrating words in a series - To Be Continued. I await next week's conclusion with bated breath.

8x20 "The Second Friday"

Title: "The Second Friday"
Written by: Cassie
Date: July 19-24, 2005; October 15, 2005; December 6, 2005; February 11, 2006; February 23-24, 2006; March 1, 2006; March 5, 2006; March 15-16, 2006; March 26, 2006 April 6-7, 2006
Air Date: April 10, 2006
Rating: R – adult situations, violence, and a uh... fanfic...
Series: FRVS - Episode #168
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: John Doggett has friends over to watch the opening ceremony of the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics. But... there are suspicious happenings that no one is aware of. Will Monica’s gift kick in on time to save the day?


"The past always meets up with the future. Sometimes itís expected, but most often it is not. Your past will meet up with you on the second Friday in the second month of the new year. You should be prepared for it. Donít let your guard down, Dana Scully, because he is watching you and he is prepared. If you are not prepared for the work of the Devil, he will win." Ė Samuel DeWitt



The apartment is quiet and dark. The only sound heard is the ticking of the clock in the living room. Johnís shoes lie on the floor next to the coffee table. We slowly enter Scullyís bedroom.

John and Dana are in bed. They are covered with a sheet. John lies on top of Dana. They are breathing heavily, their bodies moving together as one.

John lowers his head down and kisses Dana on the forehead. His body moves against hers rhythmically. She closes her eyes and moans softly, he feels so good inside her body.


He gently thrusts into her again. Hearing his name come from her mouth is nearly enough to send him over the edge of ecstacy.

Though Dana is enjoying making love to John, she knows that sheís nowhere near climax. She wonders if she should tell him or if she should fake it so not to hurt his feelings. He may not know since this is their first time together.

She closes her eyes again, wishing she didnít have this problem.

She opens her eyes and sees John looking her in the eyes. He lets out a low, husky moan as his body climaxes, releasing his warm semen into her body. Dana gently places her hand behind him neck and pulls his body closer to hers.

I love you, Johnny...

A single tear falls down Johnís cheek as he rests his head on her chest. She runs her fingers through his hair. He takes a deep breath, inhaling her feminine scent.

(soft, exhausted)
Did you finish...?

He places one hand on her breast and kisses her neck.

Dana wonders if he noticed that she did not climax. She didnít even attempt to fake it with him.


John lifts himself up to look down at her. Heís concerned and worried about her.

You ok?

Scully nods her head.

Yeah, Iím good. You felt amazing,
Johnny. (beat, disappointed) Itís just that... I
have that problem, you know... associating
orgasm with rape. I think my body has
turned it off when the sex is good, I just
feel I canít climax right now...

Scully can see on Johnís face that heís slightly disappointed.

It has nothing to do with you,
you know that, right?

I know, I was kinda hoping that just
being with me for the first time
would... you know... get the job done.

Scully quietly laughs.

Give it time, you know...

John carefully pulls himself out of her body. They reposition themselves on the bed. Itís a might messy since they have no need to use a condom since Dana canít conceive children, and both of them had gone to get tested before taking this step in their relationship.

The good thing is that I want this with
you. Having you inside me felt right. I
think I need more time to get used to this
and then Iíll be able to... have an orgasm with you.

Scully places a kiss on his lips and lies down. He does the same and wraps one arm around her and pulls a warmer blanket up over their bodies to keep them warm.

I want you to know Iíll do anything
to help you, Dana... You donít have to
fake it with me like you have with
others in the past.

I thought about it.

Let me know what I can do to help
you. Weíll get through this together, all right?

I know. (beat/quieter) Thanks for understanding.

Scully presses her body closer to his and shuts her eyes so she can fall asleep in the arms of the man she loves and who loves her.

I love you.

Scully smiles and touches his arm with her hand.

I love you too.

He kisses her cheek and he settles into the bed to be more comfortable as they fall asleep.

As they lie in each others arms, falling asleep, we pan across the room and head towards the bedroom closet door. Itís open just slightly.

We hear quiet, sustained breathing. Someone else is in the apartment. Someone else is in the room, watching them.

As the nighttime lighting adjusts, we see the eyes of a man, theyíre dilated, heís biting his lower lip. His breathing becomes more erratic. We notice his body is not completely still, heís moving rhythmically as he uses his hand to masturbate at the sight of John and Dana. He holds in a low grunt as he ejaculates on the closet door. He closes his eyes in ecstasy and opens his mouth to let out a heavy breath.

After a few seconds, he slowly opens the closet door and closes it without disturbing the sleep of John and Dana.

He walks up to John and Dana who are now asleep, unaware of the stranger hovering above them.

The man uses his hand to brush a strand of hair off of Danaís face. She readjusts herself and cuddles up closer to John.

The intruder stands up straight and as a car passes outside the bedroom window, itís headlights reveal this man to be Scott Williams, we recognize him as the man who helped Monica with her car problems in 8x04 "Silent Promise". He is also the man from Scullyís nightmare in 8x09 "Disclosure".

He has been watching Dana for a long time, taunting her, and he has found his way inside her home. He stands there and stares at Dana for a long time. The look on his face is expressionless, frightening.




The front door of the building opens and Brad and Monica storm out. Brad is dressed nicely in a dark blue suit, Monica is wearing a 2006 Torino Olympics sweatshirt and jeans.

I just donít see why itís so
important to you to go on a date
with Paula Abdul.

Moní, Iím already running late.
Can we talk about this later?

He gets to his car and opens the driver side door. Monica promptly shuts it on him.

No. Weíre talking about this now, Brad.
You get asked out by Paula Abdul when
Mulder made us audition for American Idol,
we get stranded on an island and you got
worked up over my friendship with Knowle...
and here you expect me to be ok with you
going out with a pop music has-been? (beat)
Iím not.

Brad gives Monica a look.

Itís just a date, Monica.

Yeah, and weíre supposed to be
working on our relationship.
(beat/to self) I felt this coming,
I just know we wouldnít work out.

Brad hears this and is unsure of what to say.

Look, Moní, itís just a date
with Paula Abdul.

And youíd rather go out with her
than spend time being with me and
our friends. Please tell me that
you understand why Iím so upset.

Brad pauses.

Moní, itís Paula Abdul. (beat) Itís
also well after 6:30 and I need to
go, Paulaís agent said I need to
meet her at Laoís by 7.

Her agent?

Monica shakes her head. This is unbelievable. If January was bad, will February be any worse?

Brad gives Monica one last look and gets into his car and drives off.

Monica sighs and goes back inside to gather up a box of blank video cassette tapes to take over to Johnís so he can help her record as much of the 2006 Torino Olympic Games as possible.

She told John sheíd be over a little before 7:30 p.m., when the Olympic opening ceremony begins on NBC.

She walks into her apartment and shuts the door behind her. She looks down at the box of video tapes by the door. She sighs.

She picks up her phone and dials a number. A moment passes.

Knowle, itís Monica. Are you
doing anything tonight?



The furniture in the living room has been pushed to the side and Scully sits, Indian style, on a yoga mat in the middle of the room. Her eyes are closed and sheís breathing deep, relaxing. Sheís wearing black shorts and a pastel pink tank top. Her hair is put up in a ponytail, and she is wearing her golden cross necklace.

Sheís listening to classical music, Claude Debussy.

She opens one eye and glances at the digital clock on her VCR, she knows sheís supposed to be on her way over to Johnís to watch the 2006 Torino Olympics, but she just doesnít feel like going. Sheís relaxed and would rather stay at home, and curl up on the couch with a good book.

Her phone rings and she opens her eyes and smiles. Itís probably John. She reaches for her phone.

Hey John, sorry Iím not there yet...

She trails off when the phone goes dead on her. She looks at her phone with one eyebrow raised. She hands up and dials a number.

(on phone)

Itís me. Did you just call?

No. Where are you?

I think Iím going to pass up coming
over tonight. I feel like staying in,
reading a few more chapters in my
book. I hope you donít mind.

I understand, youíre lucky to be able
to get out of this, Monica always
drags me into her Olympics obsession.

Scully laughs.

I know you enjoy it just as much
as she does.

I donít go as far as to dress up
like an Olympic advertisement.

Keep your eyes open for Alex and Marita.
They competed last month at the figure
skating Nationals and made the Olympic
team. He called me the other day saying
heís going to the opening ceremony.

Well, I guess since the ceremony wonít
air live from Italy, that means Alex
didnít cause too much of a ruckus, otherwise
Iím sure we would have heard about it.

He did say that he has a plan.

A plan for what?

He didnít say except itís going
to cause drama.

Well if he ever wants to be on Monicaís
good side, heíll refrain from ruining
the Olympics.

He wonít ruin it, Maritaís there to stop him.

Johnís quiet on the other end for a few awkward beats. Scullyís unsure why this silence is happening.

Johnny? You all right?

Iím just wondering if youíre all right.

I am.

Yesterday you were excited about coming
over to watch the Olympics and now youíd
rather be alone... does this have anything
to do with last night?

What about last night?

She hears John rubbing the back of his neck.

Johnny, last night was wonderful,
you shouldnít worry about that.
I told you it would take time.

Not that. (beat) Iím worried that
it triggered you and youíre bothered
by it and not telling me.

John... I would tell you if that happened.

I know, I just... I worry about you.

You donít need to worry about me.
I can take care of myself.

They are quiet again.

I should get going. Monica will be
here soon and want to make sure my
VCR is hooked up right to tape the
Olympics. Call me if you need to.

You know I will.

Semper fi...

Scully smiles.

I love you too.

Scully hands up and goes into her bedroom and grabs a book from her nightstand. She goes back into her living room and stops. She pauses to look around. Something doesnít feel right.

She shakes her head and laughs at herself. She should stop being so paranoid about nothing.

She takes a step toward her couch and before she knows whatís happening, a manís hand covers her mouth, muffling her scream. She feels the steel cold blade of a knife press against her neck. She drops her book to the floor and grabs the manís arm with her hands in an attempt to free herself from his grasp.

The man breathes on her neck. He rubs his face against hers, his stubble is like sandpaper against her smooth skin.


He inhales deeply.

I told you that you were mine forever...
why didnít you believe me? Why didnít
you regard my wishes...?

His angry, rough voice rings through her memory. Itís Scott Williams. The man who hurt her physically, emotionally, and sexually when she dated him in high school. When she left him he was angry with her, he swore that one day heíd find a way to make her his again.

Scully squirms to try to break free of his grasp. Heís not going to get her, she canít let that happen. She knows what heíll do to her and her chances of surviving him arenít good.

I wouldnít do that if I were you...
you donít want to end things
prematurely, do you?

He presses the knife against her neck. Just hard enough to draw some blood. Scully winces. This is not good.

Prematurely? Isnít that how you
always do things?

I know youíre with John Doggett... I know
you say you love him... (angrier) Youíre
supposed to be with me. (beat) I must punish
you for betraying me.

His free hand roams across her stomach, moving upward to grope her chest roughly.

Only I can touch you now.

He kisses her cheek. Her heartbeat quickens, her breathing is rapid. She canít bring herself to find the courage to fight him, he terrifies her. Paralyzes her with fear.

Weíre gonna leave here niceín quiet, all right?

Scared, Scully nods her head, cooperating with him. Remembering that in the past, failure to cooperate only made things worse.

Thatís a good girl. (beat) Now, youíre
gonna do everything, and I mean everything
that I tell you to do. Understand?

A tear falls down Scullyís face and she nods her head again. She wishes she told John she was coming over to his place. That way when she didnít show up, heíd know something was wrong. She hopes she can figure out a way to get herself out of this situation, and if not that she hopes John senses something is wrong and comes to her rescue.




Knowle sits on his couch, bent over, tying his shoe. Monica stands in the doorway to the room.

How many blank tapes are you
taking over to Johnís?


Knowle shakes his head and laughs.


Why do you find the Olympics so
important that you have to tape
as much of them as you can?

Itís history.

I know that.

You know how you read about great
sports events from before you were
born, but you never got to see them?


He stands up. She looks up at him and takes a deep breath.

Ever since my family first bought a
VCR Iíve taped the Olympics so that
maybe in the future my children would
watch the performances of Mark Spitz,
Dorothy Hamill, Brian Boitano, Eric Heiden,
Dan Jansen and Michelle Kwan, and would be
inspired, if not in sport, but in life.
Olympians are quite an inspiration.

Monica quickly looks away from Knowle so he doesnít see that her eyes have filled up with tears. Saying that was a lot harder than she thought. Knowle looks away, feeling as if heís an intruder to her feelings.

Iím sorry, Knowle. Brad and I
just... we never discussed...

Monica bites her lower lip, she doesnít want to talk about this now. She has no right to drag Knowle into her relationship troubles with Brad. She doesnít want to make him feel obligated to comfort her now that sheís brought up her feelings of having lost her child over a year ago.

Are you ready?

Yeah... are you?

Knowle knows something is bothering her, probably something about the child she lost.

Monica walks into the living room and sits down on the couch where Knowle just was.

Brad would rather be out on a date
with Paula Abdul than be with me.
He wonít even try to fix our problems.
He wants whatís best for me, but he fails
to realize that I need his understanding.
Thatís whatís best.

Monica looks up at Knowle, heís not saying anything, but she knows that he understands.

Heís selfish. I hate to say that because
I still love him, but I donít know, maybe
I need to take blinders off and see things
for how they really are. (beat) I donít
think Brad and I are going to work things out.

Knowle sits down next to her.

Monica, Iím going to speak from
experience here and Iím going to
be blunt. The sooner you tell Brad
how you feel, the better. The sooner
you tell him, the less likely feelings
will be hurt, and a friendship destroyed.

He places his hand on her knee.

No matter how badly I wanted my
friendship to remain in tact with
Shannon after she left me, it hasnít.
Now I know you care about Brad, and
I know his friendship means a lot to
you, and I donít want to see that ruined.

Monica nods her head and wipes more tears away.

It hurts so much being with him.
We donít talk about what Iíve been
through, instead Iím being medicated
every day in order to make it easier on

(not happy)
Danaís still medicating you?

Monica shakes her head "no".

No, she stopped. Brad continues
to make me take the medication.

Knowle is actually surprised to hear this. Perhaps his talk with her on the island changed her mind. And now Brad is medicating Monica. He looks away from Monica to keep the angry expression on his face from her.

Monica is quiet, she knows what is going through his mind. She continues.

We lost a child, it was forced
out of my body, against my will.
He ignores that and as a result I
feel guilty if I try to bring it up,
so I donít. (beat) Iíve never dealt
with that loss, Knowle. I donít know
if I ever will.

I wish I knew how to help you...
I wish I knew what youíre feeling.
I wish I would have done everything
I could have and gotten you out of
that facility before Dana could hurt you.

Itís not her fault, Knowle. I may
be sad about losing my unborn
daughter, but... what happened did save my life.

That still doesnít make it right, what
she did to you. (beat/worked up) I donít
understand why you can easily forgive her.
Sheís hurt you so much, she continues to
complicate your condition by letting Brad
keep that medication to give you. I think
she cares more about saving her own reputation
than she does about anyone else.


Hear me out, Moní, I get it, I do.
She treated you well at the facility and
she hurt you at the facility. I believe
your friendship with her is due to the
fact you are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Monica blinks her eyes.

Stockholm Syndrome?

Yes, it happens when a hostage or an
abuse victim sees hints of kindness
towards them from their abuser. They
grow attached to the abuser and believe
they love them so they remain loyal to them.

Monica shakes her head.

Itís not Stockholm Syndrome, Knowle.
Dana was a victim there too. She did
what she had to do to keep me alive, and
to keep herself alive. I donít hold
any of that against her, and I wish you
wouldnít either.

I just... I canít help but...

He trails off, not wanting to say whatís on his mind.

Please, donít wish harm on her,
Knowle. Sheís a good person.

Knowle takes his eyes off of Monica, he had hoped she hadnít read his mind in that moment. He feels bad for thinking it, Dana is Monicaís friend, and he knows she did what she did for the best for both of them at that facility.

Monica gives him a look, still reading his mind.

Then whyíd you think that?

Iím sorry.

Can you do me a favor?


Make an effort to get to know Dana
better tonight. Whether you like it
or not, she and John will be together,
and sheíll always be my friend.
(beat) Sheís a good person.

Knowle nods his head.

Thank you.

Monica looks at her Olympic rings wrist watch.

Oh my gosh, itís nearly 7:30.
I told John Iíd be over by 7.

She stands up as does Knowle. Monica starts to walk to the door.

Hey Moní...

She stops and looks at him. He walks up to her, opening his arms to pull her into a hug.

Youíre going to be all right.

He pulls away from her and smiles, she returns it.

Thank you.

They walk out the door to head over to Johnís.



Doggett stands in the middle of his living room, alone.

Everyone was supposed to be here by now. Doggett glances at his wristwatch. Thereís almost 25 minutes until the opening ceremony begins on TV. He bought food, soda, even candy for Mulder. And nobody is here yet.

He looks at his watch again. Monica is running late. She never runs late when it comes to the Olympics.

He turns around to look at his TV and VCR. He goes over to where he has video tapes stored. He rummages through them, he should find a tape to use to record the Olympics just in case Monica isnít here by the time it starts. She always brings over blank tapes for him to use.

Thereís a knock on his front door.

Buddy barks and runs, tail wagging, to the door.

John opens the door. Itís Spender, Mulder, and Kim Cook.

Heya, John. Mulder invited me over
for the party. Hope you donít mind.

No, not at all. Come on in.

Doggett steps aside and lets them in.

The party thing is Monicaís idea
and sheís not even here yet.

Fox tells me youíre just as geeky
as Monica is about the Olympics.

Maybe back in the 80s, but I got a life now.

Mulder walks into the living room and grabs some potato chips from a bowl on the coffee table.

Is Scully here yet?

Mulder cocks his eyebrow.

Sheís sittiní this one out. She
called earlier and wants a quiet
evening at home.

Mulder looks suspicious of him.

And where exactly is... home?

Mulder smiles mischievously. He believes that secretly Scully has moved in with Doggett.

Her apartment.

I see...

He grabs another handful of chips and stuffs his mouth.

He thinks that Danaís moved in with you.
Thatís why heís being weird.

Iím not being weird!

Mulderís eyes are wide, trying to indicate to Spender that he didnít want John to know thatís what heís thinking.

Well, Danaís not living here yet, though
I have been thinking about asking her if
sheíd like to move in with me.

Kim takes a seat on the couch.

You gonna marry her?

Doggett shoots her a look. Thatís pretty darn direct.

I heard a rumor that you wanted
to ask her to marry you last
month. Is that true?

Doggett rubs the back of his neck.

Well if it werenít for your American
Idol Super Buddies Reunion, yeah, Dana
and I may very well be engaged by now.

Oh no! I ruined your plans?!

Iím sure you didnít ruin any plans, Mulder.

The front door opens and Monica and Knowle enter. Spender smiles at Kim and sits down next to her on the couch, resting his arm behind her on the back of the couch.

Jeffrey! Donít flirt with Kim!

Monica looks at Mulder with a cookey smile.

Hey John! Weíre here. It
hasnít started yet, has it?

I was about to put in a tape, but
I see you brought your own.

John looks at Knowle who is carrying Monicaís box of blank VHS tapes.

Ready for two fun-filled weeks
of recording the Olympics, John?

Knowle comes into the living room and sets the box down and loads one of the tapes into Johnís VCR.

Is Dana not here yet? I was gonna
tell her all about Michelle Kwanís
Olympic history.

She wasnít feeling up to coming over
tonight. She called and said she was
going to stay at home and catch up
on some reading.


John pats Monica on the back.

Donít worry, youíve got two Olympic-filled
weeks to catch her up on Michelle Kwan.
(beat)Bradís not coming?

Tonightís his date with Paula Abdul.

Monica smiles at him, successfully hiding her true feelings about that matter.

Aww... thatís not right. Paulaís
nowhere near as important as you are.

I thought you were a Paula fan.

Yeah, but... would Paula Abdul really
stick with a relationship with a
hollywood nobody? (beat) Her date
with Brad is a publicity stunt.

I hope to see him in the tabloids.

Like you said, Iíve still got two
Olympic-filled weeks to watch TV with him.

She smiles and walks to the kitchen.

I hope you bought some hot
salsa and chips.

John turns around and Mulder is right up I his face.

Make Jeff stop flirting with Kim.

Doggett looks behind Mulder and sees Jeff Spender on the couch, flirting with Kim Cook.

John gives Mulder a crooked smile.

You got something for Kim?

Gosh... golly...

Mulder gets nervous and shuffles his feet and stares at them.

Hey, thereís nothing wrong with haviní
a crush on a girl like that.

(to himself, quiet)
Gosh my feet are big.

Doggett cocks an eyebrow, did he hear him right? He shakes his head, not wanting to go there.

Kimís a nice woman, pretty, and to
tell you the truth, I think she
likes you too.


Yeah. She keeps looking our way.
I think she wants you to come
rescue her from your brother.

Mulder quickly looks over his shoulder and sees Kim looking his way, their eyes meet and she looks away, blushing, embarrassed to have been caught looking at him.

Mulder quickly goes over to Kim and Spender. He sits down.

So, Jeff, are you bragging to Kim
about all the women youíve banged
so far this year?

Mulder gives Kim a smug smile and puts his arm around her. Spenderís eyes widen, he canít believe Mulder asked him that.

John sits down in his armchair. He sees that the Olympics have started.

Hey Monica!

He hits Ďrecordí on the VCR remote control.

The place is called Stadio Olympico.

Monica comes running into the living room and she sits down right in front of John on the floor, she leans her back up against the armchair.

Still have a crush on Bob Costas?

Knowle walks into the room.

Bob Costas?

Yeah, ever since Atlanta, Monicaís
been all over the guy in an Olympic year.


The 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics.

She met him.

You went to the Atlanta Olympics?

Yeah, I ran into Bob Costas while I was there.

Sheís got a picture of her and him
somewhere, and an autograph. You wanna
ask her about the Terry Gannon Fan Club?

Shut up, John!

The what?

He commentates for ice skating, and
the Rose Bowl parade.

Figure skating.

I think sheís got a crush on him too.

I do not!

Is he a tall dark haired man too?

I guess so.

Knowle sits down on the armchairís footrest and pulls it out of Johnís vision.

So sheís got a thing for tall dark haired
guys, huh? (beat) Is this Bob Costas tall?

Not sure, he looks like heíd be
short. Well... shorter than you or I.

Knowle and John laugh.

Stop picking on Bob, guys.
Letís be quiet and listen.
Itís the opening ceremony.

John, Knowle, Monica, Mulder, Kim, and Spender are quite for a few minutes, watching the coverage of the Torino Olympics.

Alex says heís going to be at the Olympics.

Heís not up to anything, is he?

No. He and Marita are competing in
the ice dance competition.

Alex knows how to ice skate?

Iíve seen him jump and do tricks
on the ice, heís good.

Heís Russian. They have a long
tradition of figure skating excellence.
Thereís talk of a Russian sweep of
the figure skating medals, I think
that Michelle Kwan will prevent that
from happening, sheíll win the ladies event.

I heard Michelle Kwanís getting
too old for skating.

Sheís only 25 years old, sheís still
young. Sheís had setbacks this year,
a hip injury and a groin injury, thatís
why the media is being rude and saying
sheís Ďtoo oldí, they forget that Irina
Slutskaya is a couple years older than
she is and sheís a favorite to win the
gold medal. I mean, Michelle could even
continue on to the next Olympics four
years from now in Vancouver. Can you imagine
if she wins here in Torino and still
continues on to Vancouver and wins there too?
Sheís such a legend, and a very gracious person.

Monica trails off with a smile on her face. Michelle Kwan is the Kween. Sheís the reason why figure skating is so interesting. Sheís been at the top of her game for ten years now.

John leans over to Knowle.

You should have seen her a couple
weeks ago. She was glued to her
computer watching some forum to
see if Michelle Kwan was for sure
going to go to the Olympics.

I canít wait to see her skate again.

Me too.

Knowle gets up off the footrest and goes to sit on the couch, he leans back and watches the TV. He eyes Spender who looks like he wants to make a move on Kim.

Jeff? Thatís your name, right?

Spender quickly stops making a move closer to Kim.


Are you and Mulder close?

Heís my half-brother.

You mind leaving Miss Cook alone?
She doesnít seem all that impressed with you.

Iím a ladies man.

John laughs.

Are you sure youíre not Alexís half-brother?

What does that mean?

It means that Alex Krycek is notorious
for believing heís a ladies man, and heís
made an ass out of himself for acting
upon that belief.

Mulder chuckles.

Oh, if only Pee Wee were here to hear this.

Smoothly, Mulder puts his arm across Kimís shoulders. She looks at him and smiles.

Pee Wee. Thatís a new one. Why
didnít you guys tell me he aquired
a new nickname?

Alex didnít like it... at first.

Then when we were on that island he
grew to like it just as much as
Da Man and Hunky Punk.

I bet you gave him that nickname, huh, Mulder?

Mulder doesnít hear his brotherís question, heís busy looking at Kimís eyes. He nervously rests his hand on hers.

Hey Fox!

Spender whistles at Mulder like a dog. Buddy barks and jumps up on Spenderís lap.

Arenít you supposed to be helping
Walter get back together with her?
(to Buddy) Buddy, down.

Buddy hops off of Spenderís lap and runs over to John and hops up in his lap and lies down.

Kim looks at Spender, obviously he must not know her history with Walter Skinner.

Jeff, Walter and I are over, despite
what he may say about it or want from me,
and if youíre on his side, please tell him
to stop sending me flowers, begging for me
to take him back.

Heís doing that?

Itís the new thing heís doing
to Ďwiní me back.

Sheís not happy about this.

Is he finally over the fact that
he and Dana will never be a couple again?

Spender laughs.

Whyís that funny?

Itís not. Itís just... he pretends heís
so hung up on Kim, but just the other
day I caught him staring at some uh...
how do I put this... well-done nudie photos
of Miss Scully.

Spender wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

Well-done nudie photos?

Looked like she was a nudie model.
I didnít ask where he got the pictures
from, I assumed that Dana, being Dana,
stripped down and let some stranger
photograph her nude.

Was he in his office when you
caught him doing this?


I should let Shaní know so the
D.O.J. can investigate.


John points at himself.


I work in the Office of Professional
Responsibility now, I can let Brad know
and weíll look into it.

Moncia seems to be spacing out, not paying attention to the conversation around her, rather in her own mind.

With the right triggers... ĎNam...
red... oh God.

Monica squeezes her eyes shut.

Monica, are you all right?

John and Knowle turn their attention on Monica.


Monicaís eyes open and she smiles. She needs to keep herself from speaking when visions come to her which is more often now since Dana has stopped forcing her to take the medication, and Brad hasnít been medicating her as often as the directions say he should.

Iím all right.

She smiles at him, but Knowle can tell sheís not all right. Heíll ask her about that later.

Thereís a knock on Johnís front door.

Maybe thatís Dana.

He smiles and stands up to go answer the door, hoping that Scully has changed her mind and has decided to join them all in Olympic fun.

He opens the door and sees Leyla Harrison.

Hi Dogbert. I was told you and
Mulder and Scully were having a
party so I thought Iíd come over too.

Leyla walks inside Johnís home. Heís not thrilled that sheís here.

Everyone, this is Danaís partner-

- You call her Scully, Dogbreath!

This is Danaís partner, Agent Harrison.

Mulder slumps down in the couch, hoping Leyla doesnít see him. Kim pats him on the top of his head sympathetically.

Whereís Mulder and Scully?
I want to watch them gaze at each other.

Knowle looks at John. Why is she here? He met her once and didnít want to see her again.

Danaís not here.

Oh pooh! That just sinks
my shippy heart.

Leyla plops down in the armchair that Doggett was just sitting in before he got up to answer the door.

Maybe Scully isnít feeling well
because of morning sickness.

Mulderís head pops up. Does Leyla know something he doesnít?

John? Are you and Scully having a baby?

John shakes his head "no".

Mulder. You know very well that
Scully is impregnated because of
your donation. At first it didnít
take, but you and Scully made love
and destiny took its course.

Mulderís nose wrinkles. He hasnít had special feelings for Scully in years, and heís never actually wanted to do naked things with her. Sheís like a mommy to him.

Date Walter Skinner!

And thatís the best comeback he can come up with. He slumps back down on the couch.

It looks like youíre all having
such a dull time. What are we watching?

The Winter Olympics opening ceremony.

I hate sports except for the New
York Knicks because theyíre Mulderís
favorite baseball team.

Mulder whimpers.


I wrote a new fanfic thatís shippy.
Wanna hear it?

For the love of my ears, please,
please, please NO.

Leyla, youíve been... delightful. But
I think youíve overstayed your welcome.
I think you should go... you know... not like
I ever actually welcomed you in.

(reciting her fanfic)
The frosty air erected Sculyís nipples
as Fox Mulderís warm lips sucked them
into his warm and luscious mouth. It
had been years since Scully had felt
this type of ecstasy. Her loins burned,
aching to feel his large cock inside her.

Knowleís eyes are wide. Mulderís face is red. John rubs the back of his neck. Monica turns up the volume on the TV. Kim blushes and tries to comfort Mulder, and Spender... well... Spender leans forward to hear more.

Leyla looks at her audience.

I know! Itís the best thing I ever wrote!
(beat) As Mulderís hand groped and
caressed her stimulated skin, he couldnít
help but laugh inside because he had gotten
Agent Dogbert fired from the FBI. Any man
near his Scully was a threat to the MSR.
No man but Mulder could touch her now.

Leyla... I really donít appreciate you
reciting your inappropriate story in
my home, and I know Dana wouldnít appreciate
it either. Can you please leave?

Hold on, Iím getting to the good part.
(beat) As Mulder thrusted into her
small body she quivered, orgasming. This
for sure was the best sex sheíd ever had.
And Mulder would be sure to brag about it
to ratboy the next time he saw him.

Ok. Thatís it. I may not like Dana,
but this is downright unsettling.

Knowle stands up and goes to Leyla, lifting her out of the armchair by her armpits. John promptly comes to his aid.

Iíll get her feet.

John and Knowle carry Leyla to the front door.

Hey! Stop it! The shippers
are going to hate you!

How could they? They donít even know me.

John, crazies are crazies, it just
takes one fuckwit to lead a bunch
of hopeless fools who canít form
an opinion for themselves.

We just hate you Dogbert! You have
no right being near Scully when sheís
pregnant with Mulderís baby! I donít
care that the pregnancy timeline doesnít
make sense. The babyís Mulderís and thatís final.

Leyla stands up and brushes dead grass from her behind. Knowle looks at her like sheís nuts, which she is.

Go home before I call the cops on you.

Leyla goes up right in his face and gives him her best Ďbadassí stare.

You listen here, Dogbert. I have
friends at the Heaven message forum
that hate you so much that theyíll start
threads about you just to bash you, so
Iíd watch out if I were you. Mulder and
Scully love each other, itís obvious.
Youíre mad and stupid for not seeing it too!

Sounds to me like youíre the mad and stupid one.

John gives Knowle a look.

Super Soldier!

She turns on her high heel, almost tripping and falling, and storms off with a pout to her car. We see she has a heart-shaped photo manipulation of Mulder and Scully hanging from her rearview mirror. She drives off.

Sheís a section 8. I think OPR should
have plenty on her to fire her, and
commit her to a mental institution.

Iím glad Dana wasnít here for that.
Lately sheís been coming home in
a sour mood because of that girl.

Coming home? (beat) Is Dana
living with you?

No. (beat) Youíre the second person
who thought that today.

You sound like youíre considering
taking that plunge.

Well her lease expires soon and...
Iíd love to have her around all the time.

Be careful if you do. Shaní and I lived
together for years, never married, and
we didnít work out. You donít want to make
that mistake with Dana, living together
before youíre married, turns into sex,
friends who have sex, and kidding yourself
that youíre in love when youíre not.

Knowle walks back into Johnís home. John lets out a sigh. He wishes that Knowle would warm up to Dana. He puts his hands in his pocket and looks up at the sky. Itís cloudy, smells like they may get freezing rain later that night. He turns around and goes back inside his house.




The car is alone on the highway.

We pan down inside the car and fall on Scott, heís calm, listening to Chris Isaakís "Graduation Day".

Driving slowly, watching the headlights in the rain
Funny how things change.
Think of the good times wishing you were still with me.
The way it used to be, graduation day.

Scott methodically taps his fingers on the steering wheel. He stares at the road ahead of him, knowing what he needs to do. If he canít have her, no one can. He closes his eyes and presses his hand against his growing erection. It arouses him, thinking of the ways heíll hurt her when they get to their destination. Heíll teach her that she never should have left him. Heíll teach her that she would have lived to see tomorrow if she had. He groans, his cock desperate to fuck her one last time.

Watching the stars fall a million dreams have all gone bad.
Think of all we had.
I know then, thought you loved me I was wrong.
Life goes on, graduation day, oh, graduation day.

Ironic. The last time he saw Dana was on his graduation day. He demanded that she drop out of high school to be with him, but with the help of her pesky friend, Alex Krycek, she had stood up against him, and now heíll never allow that to happen again. He feels pre-cum leak from the head of his penis.

He wants to drive faster, but knows he canít. He canít risk being pulled over. It would ruin his plans.

Thinking of a time when everything was right.
Thinking of a time with only you and I.
Makes me sorry that it had to end that way.
Learned my lesson now thereís nothing left to say,
graduation day, oh, graduation day.

Scott slides his hand around his erection. He has to control this. He needs to take control. All in good time and heíll have his way with her, and make her forever unavailable to John Doggett or any other man. He promised her that one day heíd get her back. He only wishes he didnít have to kill her. If only she hadnít fucked John Doggett last night, in front of him no less. If only she loved him and not John Doggett. If things were different heíd be taking her out of the country to start a new life with him, only sheís betrayed him, and for that she must die.

He takes an exit that will lead him up to New York.


Scully lies in the dark trunk. Her hands are bound behind her back, her feet are bound, and her mouth is gagged. Sheís freezing cold and shaking in fear. Her shorts and tank top arenít nearly enough to keep her at any level of warmth. Her skin is covered with prickly goosebumps.

She squirms in place again, trying for another time to writhe her way out of the plastic that binds her. She looks around, Scott canít be driving with the lights out, he wouldnít want to get caught. He must have covered the lights inside the trunk with duct tape to prevent her from trying to kick them out.

Scully grinds her teeth together and grunts as she painfully twists and turns her wrists. Theyíre warm, she wonders if sheís cut herself.

Tears well in her eyes, wanting her to give up and face the fact that this is it. Her final confrontation with Scott, and sheís powerless against it.

She moans a frustrated cry and tears slowly fall down her face. If only she had told John she was coming over, at least her tardiness would alert him. But no, she just had to want to read her book. Sheís done this to herself.

He will beat her. He will rape her. And he will most likely kill her.

Thereís nothing she can do, but hope John has tried calling her and has realized that something is wrong.

Many thoughts run through her mind: the day her brother, Charles, was born, her first cigarette, the first time her mother blamed her for the abuse sheís suffered, her father driving her away from the city to star-gaze, the man who raped her when she was just a child, her first time having consented sex with Alex Krycek, birthday parties, drunken moments with high school friends, her wedding to John Montgomery, giving birth to her late daughter, Jill, the trauma she was responsible for putting Monica through at the facility, the Cigarette-Smoking Man, camping in Colorado and sharing a sleeping bag with John in order to keep warm... the first night John ever told her he loved her back before they officially became a couple, learning about Johnís affair he had while he was married to Barbara and how he blames himself for his sonís death because of it... Fourth of July at Johnís lake cabin in Luray... what she wouldnít give to wake up from this nightmare and feel his warm, loving arms around her body.

She wishes she could tell him that she loves him one last time... semper fi...

Tears are now falling uncontrollably down her face, accepting defeat. Her heart breaks knowing how much this is going to hurt Johnny. He loves her so much.

Her body trembles again. Her throat hurts, itís dry. Maybe if sheís lucky sheíll freeze to death before Scott can hurt her, and she wonít have to endure his death sentence.



On TV we see that the Parade of Nations is being shown.

The Olympics are in Italy, right?


Then why are they playing
American dance music?

Monica shrugs her shoulders.

From the kitchen...

Hush up Jeffrey! I can do
what I want.

Iím telling you, sheís going
to reject you like she rejected me.

No she wonít.

And youíll be a damn fool.

Spender walks out of the kitchen and smirks. He sits down next to Kim.

Whatíd I miss?

Mulder comes out of the kitchen.

Hey, Kim, can you help me with something?

John looks at Mulder wondering what is going on between him and his brother.

Kim stands up.

Call me in if they show Michelle Kwan.

Will do.

Kim goes into the kitchen with Mulder.

What can I help with, Fox?

I need to talk to you.
Please, have a seat.

Mulder pulls out one of Johnís barstools at the counter. Kim sits down.

Kim, for the past few months you
and I have been hanging out a lot.
It started because your ex wanted
me to get you back together with
him, but I always knew you could do
better. (beat) I am a profiler, you
know, and I can see that not everything
is right with the Skinman. Heís too
possessive of you and even Scully for that matter.

I wish he wouldnít take me talking
to him as a sign that I want to
be with him. Heís been so persistent.

Kim sighs and looks down.

Kim? Is there any chance youíd
want to go out with me?

Kimís heart skips a beat and she looks up at Mulder and smiles.

You know because I really like you
and I know Iíd make you happy.

Iíd love to, Fox.

Mulder contains his happy excitement and smiles big.

How about you and I go out tomorrow
night for dinner at La Bella Flora.
You like Italian, right?

My favorite. Yes, letís go
there tomorrow night.

Iíll pick you up at six.

Kim smiles and reaches out to hold Mulderís hand. She feels like sheís on Cloud 9.

And Fox... you already make me
happy. I love spending time with you.


Knowle walks into the kitchen.

Mulder, tell me more about Alex
and his figure skating.

A few years back, more like in the
early 90s he skated in tights.

Mulder chuckles. That ought to give the Big Guy some fuel for picking on Alex.

Whyíre you laughing?

Alex wore tights.

So did Brad when you made him audition
for American Idol. Plus, I already
figured Alex would have worn tights.
I watched ice dancing with Monica years
ago, the male dancers wore tights. Itís
not something to use to pick on Alex.

Mulder blinks.

I thought you liked picking
on Pee Wee?

Maybe back when I first met him.
I was only trying to intimidate
him for his involvement in what
happened to Monica.


Lately heís been doing his best to
get at me. Starting with the time
he peed on me on Halloween, accusing
me of being egotistical, cheering
on people to beat me when John accidentally
punched me on the island, heís ungrateful
for the help I provided him there-

- He really was, wasnít he?

I even defended him when Brad blamed
him for the plane crash, and he
continued to try to cause a scene
with me. I donít get it. (beat)
He actually believed I was going to
kill him when we were hunting for

I think that Alex feels threatened
in a Alex Krycek kind of way, to having
you around. Most likely it has to do
with Marita. Plus... youíre a big man,
taller than me even. Iím sure the way
Alex thinks that he views you as a um...
threat to his uh... manhood.

His manhood?

Alex is like that. Thatís why he
didnít like being called Pee Wee.
He thought you were insulting his...
manhood. So by picking on you, it
feels to him like heís defending
his... honor...?

I may not like the guy, but I
certainly have not wanted all
this to go on this long. I mean
every time I see him he tries to
start something with me and I do
my best to ignore it.

Alex is like that though. Heís got
a flare for the dramatic. Why else
do you think we have to ban him on
Goofy Spooky sometimes? And now he has
his own internet blog so he can post
without being regulated. (beat) Heís
a drama queen. He even teased John that
you and Scully were off having an affair
on the island, all because he wants drama.
I think he does all this for attention.
Heís an attention whore. (beat) I wish
heíd grow up.

Knowle and Kim nod their heads, agreeing with that statement.

Off screen:

Oh my God! Heís gonna jinx her!

Mulder, Kim, and Knowle come back into the living room and see that Krycek is on TV, with Michelle Kwan. His arm is around her. Heís smiling like an idiot.

(on TV)
Hey yo! Iím hanging with da Kween!

Michelle Kwan looks at him oddly.

Sheís gonna win the OGM, the
Olympic Gold Medal. I even
wrote a song about it. It goes like this...

Krycek clears his throat, heís about to perform on television, and he knows it.

Oh shit. Heís so jinxed her.

Knowle sits down on the couch and turns up the volume on the TV.

(on TV, singing/rapping)
Sheís got the A plus, plus!
Sheís gonna kick Iraís butt!
Yo! She da best. She da Kween!
And she gonna win the OGM!
Thatís right yo!
Oh yeah, the OGM, stands fo Olympic Gold Medal!
She da best and Sasha stole my name!
Dat mean she gonna be maimed!
But not by me, but a nagging injury!
Da Kween will rise above them all!
Sasha Cohen will fall!
Oh yeah, Buddy!
Da Kween will win the OGM!
Da OGM! Oh yes, da OGM!
Da OGM gonna belong to da Kween!
Dats my OTP!

Krycek crosses his arms across his chest like a punky rapper.

(on TV)

Thatís... lovely... (beat) I donít
think my sponsors want me near you.

So wanna go out with me?
Have a brewsky?


Michelle Kwan walks away from Krycek.

Whyíd he hunt her down?

We were just talking about how Alex
is an attention whore. Iím sure he
knew the media would show Michelle
Kwan on TV.

Letís home American Idol doesnít
contact him again.

Heís actually not a bad singer.
I was at Fox and Alexís once
and he was singing "Heartbreak Hotel"
in the shower. He was really good.
Surprised me.

Spender sits down next to Monica on the floor in front of Johnís armchair.

So, how long have you been
doing this?


Tape record the Olympics.

Since the 1980 Lake Placid Games.
I have "Miracle On Ice" on tape
from the original broadcast.

Spender looks confused. From across the room, John chimes in.

The U.S. hockey team beat the Soviets
in the semi-final, and went on to beat
Finland for the gold medal.

"Eleven seconds, you got ten seconds,
the countdown going on right now...
Marrow up to Silk... five seconds left
in the game! Four left in the game!
Do you believe in miracles?! YES!

Monica stands up and points her index finger to the ceiling just like team USA did at the medal ceremony in 1980.

Monicaís having an Olympic geek moment.

Didnít she have a crush on-

- Mike Eruzione!

Hey look! Alex is on TV again!

He points to the TV. This time Krycek is with Marita. Marita is sitting on top of Krycekís shoulders. They are wearing outfits supplied by the ROOTS outfitter. Krycek is waving a mini American flag in the air. He waves at the camera.

Hi Mulder! Hi Scully! Bet you
never thought my Marita Lynn and
I would get here, huh?

Mulder, Kim, Spender, John, Knowle, and Monica watch him on TV, still in disbelief that heís an Olympian.

I didnít know the IOC approved
idiocy competitions.

I feel like Iím in an episode
of The Twilight Zone...

Suddenly, "The Twilight Zone" theme song actually plays. Everyoneís eyes widen, how spooky is that?

Mulder looks down at his cell phone on the coffee table. His ring tone is "The Twilight Zone". He picks it up and answers.




Krycek is sitting at a bar. Heís on his cell phone. Itís loud around him.

Mulder! Have you watched the
Olympics yet?


Mulder speaks in excitement.

Ohmygosh! Alex! What time is it there?!

(muffled, on phone)
Going on 5 in the morning. Iím
partying like Iím Italian! The
chicks dig me here! (beat) Iím
going to tell American chicks that
Iím Italian when I get back to the States!

What happened to being Swedish?
And what about Marita?

Iím a Swedish hockey player. And then
Iím an Italian lover. (beat) I love Marita
sheís my shining light, my heart and soul.
(beat) My Marita Lynn, so fair and so sweet
she knocks me off my feet. So beautiful and
kind, and now we donít drink red wine. Dammit
all to hell, I wish I wouldíve fell. Into
the depths of despair. She was my only dear.
Now sheís with another man, and she is no
longer my wo-man. I wish I could die, but
that would make it a tie. She was my only
one. She made my heart run. Like a flower
in the wind. Sheís no longer my Marita Lynn.

Alex... why donít you ever revise that poem?
You wrote it back when she was with Alfredo
or Skinner.

Cuzí itís a Pee Wee classic!

Ok... buddy, donít you have to wake
up early to practice?

Yeah, but I like the party
more right now.

So... are you representing Italy?

No. Marita and I are competing
in ice dancing. (quieter) Iíve made
a deal with Speedy so Marita and
I will win.

Alex! Thatís unfair! Thatís not what
the spirit of the Olympic Games is
all about! (beat) Whoís Speedy?

Ottavio Chinganita something or other.
Heís the head of the International
Skating Union. Plus... itís figure skating!
There has to be a scandal, itís tradition.
Especially if Iím here.

I think that song you sang for Michelle
Kwan is scandalous enough.

Why? Itís not like that Sasha
girl isnít going to fall. Sheís
consistently inconsistent.

Krycek laughs to himself because he knows thatís a true statement. Sasha Cohen can never put two good programs back-to-back. Why would the Olympics be any different?

Anyway, I should go so I can have
more bellisimo fun before I have
to get up for practice.

Please, reconsider your deal-

Krycek hangs up on Mulder and turns to speak to some woman next to him.

Vaíal diavolo, tu puzzi.

The woman is offended. He just told her to go to hell and that she smells. Krycek winks, thinking heís quite Da Man Hunky Punk Pee Wee.

(da man)
Vaía fare una bella cacata.
Ti sentirai meglio, baby.

The woman stands up and slaps Krycek across the face. He just told her if she took a good shit that sheíd feel better.

Thatís right Iím Da Man Hunky Punk Pee Wee!

He picks up a glass of vodka and downs it.

(to bartender)
Il conto, per favore.

The bartender brings him his bill, as he asked.


Krycek pays the bartender and leaves the bar.



Mulder is with Kim in Johnís kitchen, holding the phone to his ear.

Sheís still not answering?

Mulder shakes his head "no".

I just know Scully would want
to know Alex was on TV.

Maybe she went to bed early
and isnít waking up.

Thatíd be so unlike her, even
though it is nearly midnight.

He hangs up the phone.

Out in the living room, John is sitting on his couch, setting his VCR to record the Olympics on the USA Network for Monica, heís glad heíll be taping hockey games and some curling. He enjoys both of those sports.

Donít forget to tape that Olympic
Ice program too, itís hosted by
Dick Button, you know.

Yeah, yeah, I got it.

Monica wanders over to the fireplace and takes hold of a framed photo of John and Dana that is on the mantle. She stares at Danaís photo as if the picture itself is trying to tell her something.

You know, as much as I tape for you, my
VCR is bound to need repair one of
these days. What will you do when that happens?

Monica doesnít answer him. Sheís fixated on the picture of him and Dana.

When was this picture taken?

John looks over at her.

Last year, Fourth of July.

He smiles, reflecting back on that day with Dana. It was the first time since they had become a couple that he had expressed to her that he loves her, even though it came out as "semper fi" instead of "I love you". He now says "semper fi" to her in quiet moments, intimate moments between the two of them. Itís special to them.

(to self)
Car problems... a kind man now uneasy...
years of anger, years of... hurt. Planning.

She goes deathly silent and then SUDDENLY she drops the framed photo to the floor, the glass breaks. She holds both her hands to her head and screams.

Doggett looks up at her again and Knowle rushes into the room.


She looks at him, shaking her head "no", fear in her eyes. Some blood trickles from her nose for no apparent reason.

Oh my God, Monica...

John reaches out to her, but just as he does, her head snaps to the side as if being hit by a strong force, blood flies out of her mouth, and she falls to the floor, lying on her stomach.

Mulder and Kim come out of the kitchen as John and Knowle rush to Monicaís aid.

Should I call 9-1-1?

Knowle rolls Monica onto her back carefully. Doggett grabs his phone and calls an ambulance.

Tilt your head back, Moní, we
need to stop the bleeding.

(mumbling to self)
... son-of-a-bitch...

She groans in pain and squeezes her eyes shut.

I wonít let you...



... I wonít let you... I... I c-canít...

Scullyís face is beaten up, blood coming from her nose and mouth. Sheís been hit bad. Her eyes are squeezed shut.

The sound of a hunting knife is heard and a manís hands come into view and he carelessly cuts the plastic that binds Scullyís hands. The blade cuts through her skin.

Scott places one of his hands on top of Danaís back to keep her pushed down on the bed. The hand with the knife slowly travels down the back of her pink tank top, over her tight-fitting shorts, and down her bare leg, lightly cutting through her skin, leaving a trail of blood. When he reaches the binding on her ankles he angrily cuts them off and quickly flips Dana onto her back, and straddles her tiny body.

He lies his large body on top of hers, crushing her, making it difficult for her to breathe. He grabs her breast and squeezes it painfully, a smug smirk on his face as she winces in pain.

Tears well up in Scottís eyes.

(quiet, angry)
You were supposed to love me...
I never stopped loving you, you bitch,
and you betray me with him.

Dana opens her eyes, theyíre full of fear. She knows she canít be scared if sheís going to survive this, but she is.

He kisses her gently, as if he loves her.

This is it. The last moments of her life. She finds it hard to breathe.


Scott removes his mouth from hers and backhands her viciously across the face, blood flies from her mouth and tears fall down her face.

She feels him begin to pull down her shorts, his hot breath is on her inner thighs. With all her might, she backhands Scott, causing him to lose his balance over her and he falls to her side.

Dana quickly tries to get off the bed and into a better position to save herself. She does not want Scott to hurt her like this again. She does not want Scott to decide when her life is over. Sheís been through too much in her life to go back to this. Sheís a survivor, sheís no longer his weak victim. John helped her find strength in herself, strength to face what Scott did to her, strength to move on. She owes it to herself to get out of this alive.

She scurries to get off the bed, but Scott grabs her hair and pulls her back down and pins her underneath his heavy body. Scully punches him, closed fist, and she feels her skin break upon impact, her blood mixing with his. Yet he holds her down. He manages to hold both her wrists in one hand as his other ventures in between her legs. She feels his growing erection pressing against her leg. It wonít be long now.

She squeezes her eyes shut. She needs to find a way out of this. She needs to find a way back to John. Scott is no longer a part of her life, tonight can end it forever if she could just find a way out.

She groans as she tries with all her strength to work her way out of his angry grasp. She doesnít budge.

Stop squirming, Dana, youíre only
making this worse for yourself.

She feels his hand slip inside her shorts, fondling her.

She remembers back to the island when Knowle Rohrer had pinned her down... she closes her eyes and musters all the strength she can to her core and she uses her body weight to roll herself on top of Scott, temporarily freeing herself from his grasp. She quickly stands up and runs to the door, and the large hunting knife is thrown into her shoulder.

Scully screams and falls to the ground, her hand resting on the handle of the knife that is in her shoulder.

Menacingly, Scott approaches her. Scully looks back at him, knowing she will be killed for her actions. Despite the knife being in her shoulder, she reaches up despite the pain, and quickly switches off the light in the room.

OVER BLACK we hear signs of struggle, more violence, Scully screaming, and then... complete silence.



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