"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Eight

8x21 "One of Their Own"Title: "One of Their Own"
Written by: Cassie
Date: April 8, 9, 18, 25; May 2, 4, 5, 2006; May 7, 2006
Air Date: May 8, 2006
Rating: R
Series: FRVS - Episode #169
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Summary: Continuation of 8x20 "The Second Friday".


The opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy is upon us, and John Doggett is holding an Olympics party at his home.

The night before John and Dana made another important step in their relationship, and they made love, but they were not alone. Someone was watching them… Scott Williams.

Brad couldn’t make it to the party since he is following up on that date he got asked out on by Paula Abdul when Mulder made everyone audition for “American Idol” back in January. Monica was not happy with this and he left mid-argument.

Scully decided she’d rather stay home and catch up on some reading, so after speaking to John about this she was surprised as we were that she would not be spending the evening curled up with some good fiction, rather she’d spend most of the evening tied up, gagged in the trunk of a car. Scott’s determined to make her his forever by ending her life.

Meanwhile at the Olympics party at John’s, Mulder and Spender fight for Kim Cook’s attention, and later Mulder gets up the courage to ask Kim if she’d like to date him. She does. Scully’s new FBI partner, Leyla Harrison shows up and shares her latest in bad fan fiction, a supposedly smutty story about how Mulder impregnated Scully. When Knowle and John carry her out of the house, she threatens to stick her shippy friends on them because well… the shippers hate them or something.

Everyone’s been suspecting that Dana lives with John, she doesn’t, and John tells Knowle that he does plan on asking her to move in with him once her current apartment lease expires. He’s also informed some of the gang that he intends to propose marriage to Dana soon, and if it weren’t for the “American Idol” Super Buddies Reunion, he and Dana would be engaged now.

Everyone can’t believe their eyes when they see Alex Krycek on TV at the Olympics opening ceremony, he’s hanging out with Michelle Kwan, figure skater (most decorated in the history of the sport), and he sings his brand new rap song. Mulder receives a call from Alex, he’s out partying like he’s Italian, he believes the chicks love Italian lovers so now he says he is one.

After the Olympics opening ceremony ends, John is setting up his VCR to tape the next day’s Olympics coverage for Monica. She’s staring at a picture of John and Dana that was taken last Fourth of July at his cabin in Luray. Her mind begins tapping into what has happened to Dana, and she falls to the ground as if someone has hit her hard, blood flying out of her mouth. This transitions us to current time, Dana trying her best to get away from Scott.


INT. BASEMENT – 11:38 P.M.
February 10, 2006

... I won’t let you... I... I c-can’t...

Scully’s face is beaten up, blood coming from her nose and mouth. She’s been hit bad. Her eyes are squeezed shut.

The sound of a hunting knife is heard and a man’s hands come into view and he carelessly cuts the plastic that binds Scully’s hands. The blade cuts through her skin.

Scott places one of his hands on top of Dana’s back to keep her pushed down on the bed. The hand with the knife slowly travels down the back of her pink tank top, over her tight-fitting shorts, and down her bare leg, lightly cutting through her skin, leaving a trail of blood. When he reaches the binding on her ankles he angrily cuts them off and quickly flips Dana onto her back, and straddles her tiny body.

He lies his large body on top of hers, crushing her, making it difficult for her to breathe. He grabs her breast and squeezes it painfully, a smug smirk on his face as she winces in pain.

Tears well up in Scott’s eyes.

(quiet, angry)
You were supposed to love me...
I never stopped loving you, you bitch,
and you betray me with him.

Dana opens her eyes, they’re full of fear. She knows she can’t be scared if she’s going to survive this, but she is.

He kisses her gently, as if he loves her.

This is it. The last moments of her life. She finds it hard to breathe.


Scott removes his mouth from hers and backhands her viciously across the face, blood flies from her mouth and tears fall down her face.

She feels him begin to pull down her shorts, his hot breath is on her inner thighs. With all her might, she backhands Scott, causing him to lose his balance over her and he falls to her side.

Dana quickly tries to get off the bed and into a better position to save herself. She does not want Scott to hurt her like this again. She does not want Scott to decide when her life is over. She’s been through too much in her life to go back to this. She’s a survivor, she’s no longer his weak victim. John helped her find strength in herself, strength to face what Scott did to her, strength to move on. She owes it to herself to get out of this alive.

She scurries to get off the bed, but Scott grabs her hair and pulls her back down and pins her underneath his heavy body. Scully punches him, closed fist, and she feels her skin break upon impact, her blood mixing with his. Yet he holds her down. He manages to hold both her wrists in one hand as his other ventures in between her legs. She feels his growing erection pressing against her leg. It won’t be long now.

She squeezes her eyes shut. She needs to find a way out of this. She needs to find a way back to John. Scott is no longer a part of her life, tonight can end it forever if she could just find a way out.

She groans as she tries with all her strength to work her way out of his angry grasp. She doesn’t budge.

Stop squirming, Dana, you’re only
making this worse for yourself.

She feels his hand slip inside her shorts, fondling her.

She remembers back to the island when Knowle Rohrer had pinned her down... she closes her eyes and musters all the strength she can to her core and she uses her body weight to roll herself on top of Scott, temporarily freeing herself from his grasp. She quickly stands up and runs to the door, and the large hunting knife is thrown into her shoulder.

Scully screams and falls to the ground, her hand resting on the handle of the knife that is in her shoulder.

Menacingly, Scott approaches her. Scully looks back at him, knowing she will be killed for her actions. Despite the knife being in her shoulder, she reaches up despite the pain, and quickly switches off the light in the room.

OVER BLACK we hear signs of struggle, more violence, Scully screaming, and then... complete silence.

Falls Church, Virginia
Saturday, February 11, 2006

John Doggett and Knowle Rohrer are in a hospital room with Monica, she’s lying down in bed. A doctor speaks to them.

I don’t know what to tell you.
There’s no physical signs on
her that explain the nose bleed.

What about her losing her
balance and falling, screaming?

Doggett stands in the corner of the room, arms crossed across his chest. He listens, remaining calm.

Nothing abnorbal shows up on
the MRI. (beat) Has she been
getting enough sleep? Eating
right? Stressful job?

As far as I know, she’s doing fine.
Maybe some stress in her life, but
not work related.

I would suggest she take
some time off, a vacation.

John walks over to Monica, she’s awake, remaining extremely quiet. He takes her hand and holds it. She looks at him with dead eyes.

(to Knowle)
We could call her family,
maybe she could go visit
her grandmamma.

Knowle nods his head and runs his hand over his face.

There is one more option…

Knowle looks at the doctor.

There could be a psychological
problem, a trauma she’s been
through that would cause her to
act the way you described.

The doctor walks over to Monica, she winces, not wanting him to look her over any more.

I noticed scarring on her
rib cage when I examined her.

The doctor raises the hospital gown and shows John and Knowle the scars on Monica’s rib cage. These are the scars from when she was attacked on the island by aliens.

Knowle goes to Monica and pulls her hospital gown back down to cover her underwear. He gives the doctor a look.

We were stranded on an island
and she was attacked by some animal.

I’m saying if she’s been through
something traumatic, she may
have experienced a flashback.

Doggett looks at Knowle.

Dana has those sometimes.
They can seem very real.
(beat/to doctor) She’s going
to be all right tonight, right?

As a precaution we’re going
to keep her here over night.

Monica responds for the first time, shaking her head “no”. She doesn’t want to stay here tonight, not against her will, and certainly not when she feels that Dana is in trouble. She needs to calm her mind, find her voice again, she hasn’t been able to express her concern about Dana to John or Knowle yet. Her mind is so messed up that she can’t even find the words to mumble when she is spoken to. She needs to let John and Knowle know something bad has happened. She’s not sure what it is, just that Dana is in trouble.

The doctor leaves the room.

John, I’ll stay here with her tonight.

What about Brad?

I’ll call him in the morning.

In the morning? Why not
right now?

Do you really think Brad will
handle this right? He’s probably
fresh off his date with Paula
Abdul, or still on it. It’s obvious
to me where his priorities lie, and
if you disagree, tell me. I’m not
calling him tonight.

John is silent for a moment, and then nods his head, agreeing with Knowle. He knows that Brad hasn’t been handling Monica and her gift well.

I’ll come by tomorrow with Dana.
Maybe she’ll know how to help
Monica with what happened.

John goes to Monica and bends down and kisses her on the forehead. He squeezes her hand.

You take care, ok, Mon’?

So cold… I’m so cold…

Knowle comes to her and pulls a blanket up over her. He touches her arm, her skin is warm.

John looks at Knowle.

Keep a good eye on her.

I will.

See you in the morning.

Night, John.

John leaves the room and Knowle sits down in a chair next to Monica’s bed. He takes hold of her hand to let her know he’s there.



Marita is standing in front of the mirror, pulling her hair up into a ponytail. She’s wearing running pants and a long-sleeve T-shirt with the Olympic rings on it and USA. She looks well-rested considering she was at the Olympics opening ceremony the night before.

The door to the room opens and Krycek enters, he’s finally back from all the parties he hit last night. Marita turns to face him.

There you are. I was wondering
where you were. I lost track
of you last night after the ceremony.

I’m so tired I can’t see straight.

What do you mean?

She pauses, realizing.

You didn’t come back at all last
night, did you? I figured you
returned when I was asleep, and
you were early to rise.

I was out partying like an Italian.
I haven’t slept yet.

Marita places her hands on her hips.

Alex, we were going to go to
the USFS practice rink to work
on our compulsory dance today.

Krycek crawls onto the bed and lies down.

We can skip practice today,
Marita, I’m pooped.

He closes his eyes and hugs his pillow. Marita sits down next to him and runs her fingers through his hair.

Alex, I think now is a good time as
ever to work on responsibility. (beat)
You’re not a kid anymore, you’re 37
years old, most men your age are married,
hold a solid job, and have a couple kids.
You have a hard time getting to bed in
order to get up early in the morning.

I love you Marita…

I know we’re married by heart, but
you know my daddy would appreciate
it if we actually legally got married.

Krycek opens his eyes.

You mean move away from Mulder?

Yes, and marry me legally.

Are you dad and Maggie
pressuring you to have babies?

Even if they were, I still do what
I want to do. (beat) I’d like to
have a little Alex someday, when
you’ve matured.

Krycek sits up and rubs his sleepy eyes.

I’ve matured.

Marita laughs.

Remind me why you lost
your job at the FBI.

Krycek looks down, ashamed.

I harassed Monica.

And have you found a new job?

No, but I’m at the Olympics.

This isn’t a job.

I know… ok, in four months from
today aliens are going to invade
and any job I could have won’t
matter anymore, unless you know
something I don’t, and the Group
has found a way to prevent colonization.

The Group is so stupid, Alex.
They’ve known for decades what
the aliens plan to do, and they’ve
really done nothing to try to stop it.

Scully was at that facility to
help make the vaccine.

But it’s too late, we can’t
save everyone, most people
on this planet are going to die.

We won’t die. Mulder turned the
basement of the FBI into a nuclear
bomb shelter, we’re going to hide
out there until things blow over
once the aliens come, and I want
you there with me.

Not sure about that one. (beat)
John Montgomery wants all members
up at some new Headquarters in the north.

But Marita…

He reaches out and touches her arm. He doesn’t want her not with him when the aliens come to colonize.

I know…

She places her hand on top of his.

Why don’t you get a couple
hours sleep, that’ll help with
the jetlag.

Krycek lies back down and Marita lies next to him. He spoons up next to her and kisses the back of her neck.


Saturday - February 11, 2006

John lies in bed, awake. He can’t sleep. He’s been home for a little under an hour. A part of him thinks he should call Dana now and take her to see Monica at the hospital. He knows Dana knows what happened to Monica at that facility, he knows she may be able to figure out how to help her, and tell him and Knowle, explain it to them, what happened to her last night when she collapsed.

He turns to grab his wristwatch from his nightstand. He presses a button that turns on the small light on the watch. It’s going on 2 A.M.

He’s sure Monica will be all right. He shouldn’t worry. But… it’s not Monica he feels worried about, it’s Dana. He doesn’t know why, but he’s worried for her, and she’s at home sleeping.

He turns in bed again, looking at the empty space next to him. He wishes Dana were here with him now. The next time she brings up her lease expiring, he’ll ask her if she’d like to move in with him. Which would be beneficial to them to live together for awhile since he’s planning to propose marriage to her soon. This would be the next natural step in their relationship.

John sits up in bed and looks around the room. He can’t put a finger on what else is bothering him. He stands up and heads downstairs. He picks up an empty bowl from his coffee table and takes it into the kitchen.

All he hears is silence.

Something is wrong and he has a gut feeling that it has something to do with Dana.

He grabs his cordless phone and dials Dana’s home number. He’ll feel better if he talks to her. He’ll feel better if he tells her now what happened to Monica. She’ll be just as worried as he is.

Her phone rings and rings, but there’s no answer. He hangs up and tries her cell phone. It rings and rings. No answer.

John sets his phone down on his kitchen counter and sighs. He could go over to Dana’s place and wake her up. She did give him keys to her apartment last month.

John heads back upstairs and slips out of his sweatpants, and puts on jeans. He pulls on a white T-shirt, and sits down on the end of his bed and puts his shoes on.

He heads back downstairs. Buddy is by the front door, looking worried, he senses that something is wrong too, he lets out a doggy whimper.

John grabs his keys and heads out to his truck. He gets in and sees a folded piece of paper on the passenger seat, he must not have seen that yesterday morning when he left Dana’s apartment. He picks it up and opens it. It’s a note from Dana:

I love you.

The note is sealed with a kiss. John smiles. He turns on his engine and drives away.


Falls Church, Virginia

John Doggett’s truck pulls up and the headlights turn off. John gets out of his truck and runs into Scully’s building, it’s colder out than he thought. The weather has been acting winter-like recently after a very unusual heat wave the past few months.

John gets inside the building and goes up the stairs to get to Dana’s apartment. He takes his key and puts it in the lock, he turns it and is surprised that the door has been left unlocked.

He opens the door cautiously and enters. He turns on the living room light. He sees that the end table by the couch has been knocked over, a glass of water has been spilled from the coffee table onto the floor. Dana’s book is lying on the floor.

John’s brow wrinkles, what the hell happened here? He bends down and picks up Dana’s book, he sees small drops of blood on the carpet. His eyes widen.


He rushes to her bedroom, and flips on the light. He sees that her bed has not been touched, not since he made it himself yesterday morning.


He runs his hand through his hair. His gut tells him this is not good. Something bad has happened here. He takes out his cell phone and calls the police.

(on phone/after a beat)
My name is John Doggett, I’m a
special agent with the FBI.
Service number A6-27109. I’d
like to report a possible B and E
and abduction of a federal agent
at 627 Freemont Drive, apartment
37, Falls Church.


2:03 A.M.
7 Hours, 12 Minutes missing

A couple police officers are inside Dana’s apartment analyzing the scene. A female police officer speaks with John.

We can see on his face that he’s worried and wanting to be every much in charge of the situation.

When was the last time you saw Dana?

Friday after she and I got off
work. I spent Thursday night here.
We took my truck to work Friday
morning and I dropped her off here
around 5:40 that evening.

Did you notice anyone loitering?
Anything out of the ordinary?

No, not that I can remember.

Is there anyone who she’s had
trouble with recently who
may wish to harm her?

John pauses to think. He can’t think clearly. He can’t lose Dana, not after losing his son, failing Barbara… he can’t fail Dana too by forgetting any small detail.


No one that I can think of.
I’m sorry, I wish I could be
more helpful.

You’re doing fine. Anything
you have to offer can help.
I’m sure you know this.

John runs his hand through his hair.

Do you know if she’s received
any strange or threatening phone calls?

A few months ago she was getting hang ups.

Behind John, Monica and Knowle enter the apartment. They are stopped by one of the cops on scene, Knowle flashes his Department of Defense credentials. Monica stares at John, watching as the female officer pats him on the shoulder, assumingly reassuring him that everything will be all right.

John walks over to Dana’s bedroom door and leans on the door frame. All this is what was bothering him, how did he sense it? How did he know?

He looks into the room, thinking of how perfect everything felt in here just the night before. He held her, he loved her, he protected her, their souls became one.

You may not want to lean against
the door frame, they could find
latent finger prints.

Doggett looks at Monica with worried eyes.

Finger prints are useless unless
they’re in the system.

He stops leaning on the door frame.

What’re you doing out of the hospital?

Knowle used his creds to get me out.


I have a connection to what
happened here… I think what I
went through at your place
has to do with Dana.

Monica wanders into Dana’s bedroom.

You’re sayin’ she’s in trouble?

You mean to tell me your instinct
doesn’t tell you that too?

John rubs his finger under his nose, why else was he making his way over here at such an early hour in the morning? His gut instinct was telling him something was wrong.

Why do you think I came
here in the first place?

You were worried about Dana
and wanted to use your worry
for me as an excuse to see her.

Monica gives him a look and walks to Dana’s bed. She closes her eyes. Doggett watches her, he doesn’t roll his eyes, he knows now to trust Monica’s senses. She’s special in ways he’ll never understand.

Did you and Dana make love here?

What business is that of yours?

Monica opens her eyes and turns her head to look at the closet door. She walks to it and opens it.

He was watching.

She points to dried semen that remains on the door from when Scott watched John and Dana make love.

John’s eyes widen.

Knowle comes into the room and stands by John.

I talked to the police out there
and they asked me if you and Dana
were having any problems-

- John, you need to get a forensics
team in here to pick up this sample and
run it against CODIS.

John nods his head and pulls out his cell phone and dials the FBI to get their forensics team to Dana’s apartment asap.


10 Hours, 15 Minutes missing

John, Monica and Knowle stand outside the lab, looking in through the window at Pendrell who is hard at work, knowing how important it is for him to process the evidence collected at Dana’s apartment. John even pulled some strings with Deputy Director Kersh to get Dana’s case bumped up and set at the highest priority than all others… at the moment.

John hasn’t said much in the past couple hours. He’s been quiet, filling his mind with worse case scenarios of what happened. Who would watch him and Dana make love? Who would get off on that? His mind is so clouded with images of finding his son dead in a field, the worry of finding Dana the same way, he can’t pause long enough to think rationally, to reflect on the past several months leading up to right now.

He’s frustrated with himself for not being able to take a step out of his personal involvement with Dana and this case, in order to look at it like a non-subjective investigative agent.

(to self/quiet)

John turns his back to the lab window and leans against it.

John, let’s go sit down
and wait on this.

Knowle puts his hand on John’s back to try to lead him to some chairs in the hallway.

I don’t want to sit down.
I want for this to hurry
up. All this waiting is wasting
valuable time we could be out
looking for her.

John, you know this is all part
of the process. Now unless you know
something we don’t, there’s nothing
else we can do for Dana right now.
The police have spoken to her neighbors
and no one saw anything. This semen
sample is the only lead we’ve got. (beat)
Now why don’t we go sit down, all right?

Reluctantly, John takes a seat in the hallway. Knowle joins him.

I can’t stop from thinking
about Luke and how I don’t
want Dana to end up like him.

You keep talking like you
know her life is in danger-

- Did you see her apartment?
There were signs of a struggle,
and blood drops on the floor.

But not enough blood to suggest
something fatal. I’m thinking
forcible kidnapping.

Then who the hell would want
to do that to her?!

Knowle looks at his friend.

John, calm down. Dana wouldn’t
want you to get worked up, she
knows when you do, you don’t always
think straight. She wants you to
think straight, ok?

I’m sorry. I just… I just keep-

- Blaming yourself?

Yeah. I think maybe I should have
told her she had to come over last
night, how I shouldn’t have dropped her
off at her place since she has a few
changes of clothes at my place.

You can’t blame yourself for these
things. Dana’s a strong woman,
she’s trained to fend for herself,
to kick some ass.

Knowle smiles just a little, hoping to get John’s attitude more positive.

Monica looks back at them.

You need to believe, John.

Doggett looks at her.

Believe in what?

Just… believe.

Monica looks away.

Monica, if you feel connected
to what happened, then why can’t
you tell us who did this, why and
where she is?

Monica looks back at him sympathetically.

Because I don’t feel it
anymore. I’ve lost connection
with her…

Monica trails off. She’s not sure why she can’t feel what Dana was feeling, and she doesn’t want to say this in case John takes it to believe that Dana’s dead.

Knowle stands up and walks to Monica.

This lost connection… that
doesn’t mean she’s gone, does it?

It’s like he’s read her mind. Monica shrugs her shoulders.

I don’t know.

Knowle looks back at John.

If this ends up like Luke, it’ll
destroy him. Dana’s brought so much
to his life. I may joke about them
not lasting, but I can’t imagine
either one without the other.

Monica looks down. She knows that if they don’t find Dana alive that John may blame her for that as well. Hell, she’d blame herself since she wasn’t able to tap into the situation earlier than she did. This could be the Luke case all over again.

Pendrell comes out of the lab, holding a piece of paper with DNA results printed on it.

Agents… we got a match on
CODIS, Scott Williams.

Upon hearing that name, John stands up with a very worried expression on his face.


10 Hours, 45 Minutes missing

Monica is seated at John’s desk, Knowle has pulled up a chair and sits on the other side, across from her. John is not in the room at the moment. They are quiet, unsure what to do. Neither one of them is FBI and really shouldn’t be helping, but how can they not?

John walks into the room at a fast pace. He’s holding a file folder in his hand.

Aside from the sex offender
registry info, the FBI doesn’t
have much on our boy, Scott.

Doggett looks at Monica and Knowle. He sits on the edge of his desk.

Dana hasn’t said much about Scott,
but what she has told me is disturbing.
She described Scott as a borderline
exploitative-anger/sadistic rapist.

Those are pretty different types, John-

- He’s sadistic, but holds a job
and has the ego of an exploitative
rapist. His abduction of Dana was
brought on by a stressor, Dana
making love to John. He believes
that she should only love him, nobody
else, and he views her relationship
with John as a rejection of his
affections for her. This angers him.
She angers him and it doesn’t matter
how much he thinks he loves her…

Monica closes her eyes, trying to get inside Scott’s mind.

He raped Dana with a knife when
she was younger, put her in the hospital.

He believes if he can’t have her,
nobody can, and he intends to kill her.

So she’s still alive?

I don’t know. I’m only profiling
Scott. His perception of Dana tells
us that he wishes to kill her so she
can’t be with anyone else. It’ll teach
her a lesson… that she should have been
with him rather than with John.

The room is quiet for a beat.

What we need to be doing is finding
where Scott would take Dana. I called
Doug up in background, and he checked
the sex offender registry, and Scott
hasn’t updated since 2004, and someone
else is living at the address listed
as Scott’s current address.

Knowle looks at his watch.

Crap. (beat) John, I wish I could
stick around and help, but I’ve
got a meeting in about an hour
and a half. I’ve got to get home
and prep for that.

Knowle stands up, wishing he didn’t have to leave.

Don’t let us hold you back.

Keep me informed, and let me
know if you need anything from the D.O.D.

I plan on it.

Knowle walks to the door. He pauses and looks back at John.

You’ll find her, just keep
your head on straight.

He shares a look with Monica and John, and then walks out.

John sits where Knowle had been seated.

There aren’t any hits on the
APB we put out while you
were getting that file.

It’s only been 30 minutes.
I wasn’t expecting anything so soon.

Have you called Dana’s family yet?

No. I’m undecided if that’d be
a wise decision this early on.
Dana’s mother hasn’t really been
all that supportive of her through
hard times.

What about her brothers and sister?

Bill was Scott’s friend back in the day.

Doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for Dana.

I know.

John runs his hand through his hair again. He takes a deep breath. He has to remain calm. Being calm always produces the best results.

Maybe Alex would know or at least
have an idea of where Scott may
be going with Dana. He was very
involved with this in the past.

He’s in Italy.

Got a name of the hotel he’s at?

No, but Mulder might.

John picks up his phone and dials Mulder’s phone number.


11:45 A.M. – ITALY TIME
11 Hours missing

Krycek and Marita are seated at a cafeteria table with other members of Team USA.

I heard about Michelle’s practice
session today. Rumor has it that she
reinjured her groin injury.

I sure hope not. I spoke with Silvia
awhile ago and she said Michelle’s
triple toe loop was textbook. I think
Michelle Ma Belle is just sore from
last night’s cold opening ceremony.
She’ll be back in tip-top form by tomorrow.

I can’t wait to watch the pairs
short program tonight at the
Palavela. I hope that Marcy and
Aaron do well.

I overheard Peter Opegaard say that
John and Rena are going to attempt
to make Olympic history by landing
a throw triple Axel in their short
program. That’s such a risky move.

But if they land it maybe
they could medal.

Krycek snort laughs.

Hate to say it but the sob story,
happy ending is pretty much cemented
for Tat’ and Max and with the way the
Chinese have been competing the past
couple years, and my suspicions that
Shen and Zhao may get a sympathy medal
because of his anchilles injury, I doubt
the judges or the system will allow a US
team on the podium in pairs. Kyoko and
Jason were robbed of a medal in Nagano, and
Kyoko and John were robbed in Salt Lake.
This’ll be no different. (beat) Though a
part of me can’t wait to see what kind of
sore winners the Russians will be.


You know I’m right, don’t Sasha me
And please don’t call me that here.
I don’t want people thinking I’m Sasha Cohen.

Krycek’s cell phone rings.

If that’s NBC wanting an
interview with me. I’m going
to tell them to shove it.

Alex, what did we talk about
being immature?

Krycek answers his phone.

(answering phone)
This is Italy, baby.
Whaz’ up?

Marita continues eating her lunch as Alex talks on the phone. He hasn’t told anyone to shove it, so it must not be NBC.

Marita would give her life for Alex to act his age for just one day. If only he’d listen to her, he’d be much more respected by everyone.

(on phone/yelling)
Holy shit! He did what?!

Krycek stands up, spilling his carton of milk all over the table. Marita smiles sympathetically at other athletes around her as she wipes up the milk with her napkin. One guy is looking at her weird.

Don’t worry, this is normal.
He’s quite the drama queen.

The guy nods his head and stands up and leaves the table.

Find out where his mother lives.
back in high school that’s where
he’d hurt her the most. If she’s
not under her married name, she’ll
be under her maiden name… Alice Ann
Cooper… unless she remarried. She lives
in the outskirts of New York City.

Marita looks at Alex. Why’s he talking about Scott Williams’s mother? She gives him a look, he doesn’t motion to her at all.

Yeah. I’ll be there as soon as
I can. We’ll fly in directly
to New York. (beat) See you soon.

Krycek hangs up his phone.

Who was that?

Doggett. Dana may have been
taken by Scott.

Oh my God.

I told him we’d fly
into New York asap.

Marita nods her head.

We better go tell the proper
authorities that we’ll be
withdrawing from the competition.

Krycek grabs his lunch tray and leaves. Marita follows.


21 Hours, 45 Minutes missing

It’s been a little over twelve years since John Doggett has walked the halls of the FBI field office in New York City. Twelve years since he was here working with the Missing Persons Unit to find Luke. The smell hasn’t changed much, to him it still stinks of the time Luke was missing. He stands next to Monica in the elevator as their FBI escort takes them up to the Missing Persons Unit. John knows without doubt that Monica is thinking the same thing he is.

John looks down at the ground and sighs, letting his thoughts of Luke out of his mind. He has to remain focused on Dana. He has to for her sake, if he gets off track the same thing that happened to Luke could happen to her.

The elevator door opens and they follow their escort down the hallway. John looks around, uncomfortable with how familiar this field office is to him. They pass the office of Jack Malone, an agent Monica worked with in Missing Persons when she was assigned to his son’s case back in 1993.

Here you are.

They enter an open room with many desks and agents busy at work.

Agent Taylor is right over there.

He points toward the middle of the room.

Danny Taylor, a handsome, thirty-something Cuban American, with dashingly cute pointed ears. He stands with his arms crossed, he’s looking up at a TV screen that is set on a channel covering the 2006 Torino Olympic Games. Alex Krycek is sitting at a long table, wearing a white T-shirt, his black leather jacket and a white Torino Olympics baseball cap on his head.

(on TV/very serious)
… that it is in protest of the
Bielmann position that Marita
Covarrubias and I withdraw from
these Olympic Games.

Danny Taylor hears John and Monica walking up behind him, he turns around and flashes Monica a huge lop-sided smile. He hasn’t seen his former partner in so many years, and after what he heard about what happened to her last year, it’s so good to see her again, alive and well.

Hey, Little Texacana, so good
to see you again.

He goes to her and gives her a friendly hug and kiss on the cheek.

Good to see you too, Danny. Only
wish it could be under better circumstances.

Hey, it comes with the territory.

You remember John Doggett, right?

Of course, how could I forget.

Danny reaches out and shakes John’s hand.

I brought an anonymous letter that
Dana received last July, and a knife
that was sent to her this past
Christmas. I never was able to shake
a bad feeling when she got this letter.

John digs into his coat pocket and hands Danny the love letter Dana received on the Fourth of July last year. He sets a box down on the bullpen conference table, the box contains the knife.

(on TV)
Dammit! Stop asking me questions
about figure skating! I have a friend
who’s in trouble, and friends are more
important than Olympic medals!

They all look up at the TV and see Alex rushing away from the press conference, then he promptly comes back.

(on TV)
Oh and look into Speedy… I cut
a deal with him that Marita and
I would win gold in the ice
dance competition. The governing
body of the sport is still as dirty
as it was back in 2002!

(on TV)
What?! Alex!

Krycek grabs her arm and runs from the media room. The TV cuts to Bob Costas.

(on TV)
Well, we’ll be looking into that
story to bring to you this evening
in prime time. (beat) And when we
come back we’ll take you back out
to Sestriere for more bobsledding.

Danny looks back at John and Monica. He grabs the remote control and turns off the TV.

I’m taping at home, we’ve got work
to do. (beat) Jack will be here
momentarily, I know he wants to
speak with you, John.

John nods his head, he figured as much. He’s sure he’ll have to recap what he told police back in Falls Church at Dana’s apartment earlier this morning.

So is the whole unit on this?

I’ve been working with Vivian to
find the address of Scott’s mother.
Jack’ll be with us on this once since
Dana is one of our own. Martin and
Sam are out on another case right now,
and if they finish, they’ll be back with us.

Jack Malone walks into the room, he’s a man with no tolerance for bullshit. He walks as if he owns the place, even though he’s only a Supervisory Special Agent.

John, let’s not be wasting time.
Come with me, I’ve got a few questions
I need to ask you about Dana.

Without missing a beat, Jack is already on his way out of the room, John following him. Finally things are starting to pick up in the investigation.

Danny sits down at his desk. Monica pulls up a chair. She looks at all the security, police, and fire department badges that Danny has decorating his desk space.

We’ve got it narrowed down to
a good twenty Alice Ann Coopers
in the area. It’s a matter of finding
out which one is his mother.

The snow storm outside won’t
make that any easier to do.

Tell me about it. I took a cab
into work this morning, what
normally takes twenty minutes
took and hour and ten. (beat)
What’s the significance of the knife?

John said that Scott raped
her with a knife when she
was younger.

This makes Danny uncomfortable. He hates hearing about bad things that happen to good people.

I don’t have a good feeling about
this, Danny. (beat) You know how I
am… I can’t feel her anymore.

Danny sees Jack and John through the glass walls of the unit. They’re in Jack’s office across the hall. John doesn’t look happy.

Poor guy… why does this keep
happening to him? First his son,
and now this…

Danny and Monica both take a moment to watch John.


Tension between the two men is thick.

I’ll ask you again, how is your
relationship with Dana, and don’t
give me that B.S. that it’s none
of my business because the moment
someone is missing it is my job to
find them and that means learning
every intimate detail.

(worked up)
You’re treating me like a goddamn
suspect when you and your agents
ought to be out there finding her!

You’re not giving me any reason to
think you’re not a suspect. What’re
you hiding? (beat) Is she having an affair?

John gives him a death glare.

Fuck you.

Is it possible she’s cheating on you?

Both men are extremely stubborn, not a good mix.

My relationship with her and any
problems we have have nothing to
do with her disappearance, Jack.
I told you this guy, Scott Williams,
is who you need to find. Stop wasting
time asking me questions.

You know I need to look at more
than just one potential suspect.
What if it isn’t this Scott?

John gives him a look that could kill, anger is written all over his face. He wants to punch Jack right smack dab in the middle of his face, but he doesn’t. That would worsen the situation.

If Dana’s been with someone
else, I need to know about it.
Now sit down and tell me what
I need to know.

Jack pulls a chair out and motions for John to sit.

This is exactly why your team
couldn’t find Luke before he
was killed! You wasted too many
hours questioning people who you
knew were not my son’s kidnapper
and murderer. And I’m not going to
let you let Dana die for the same
goddamn reason!

John storms out of Jack’s office, and heads down the hall. He doesn’t want to go back where Monica is, so he’ll go calm himself down elsewhere.

Monica sees John storm off and walks to Jack’s office. She taps on the door.

Agent Malone?

Jack rubs his hand on his forehead, he feels like a jackass.

I screwed up. I went with
procedure and I know this guy.
(beat) Is he all right?

He looks at Monica. He knows John, he knows John isn’t capable of murder or kidnapping his girlfriend.

He’ll be al right. (beat)
What happened?

Criticism of the team from
his son’s case. The usual you’re-
wasting-time lecture. (beat)
I asked how his relationship is
with Dana, and if it’s possible
she is having an affair.

Monica looks down.

Asking these questions is part
of my job. I was only going
by the books.

John isn’t exactly a textbook
example. (beat) Look, they’re not
having any problems. I’ve never
seen him or her happier than when
they’re with each other. Of course
they hit a few bumps in the road,
but doesn’t every relationship?
She takes a step towards him.

Dana’s faithful to him and he
to her. You’re going to have to
take my word for it. He’s helped her
so much. She was stuck at that
facility, same as I, and she was
emotionally and sexually abused there.
John’s brought her up from that low, and
made her a stronger person. That’s what
we’ve got working for us, her determination,
her love of life and of John. (beat) Scott
is who we need to find. We find him, we find
her. I know that for certain.

Danny have any luck with the address?

I don’t think so.

Monica is unsure if she should elaborate on another reason why John may be extra-worried and uptight here.

What is it?

Last year we thought we finally
caught the man that took his
son, and the man that killed him.
The man asked for federal protection
from the mob and was placed in Witness
Protection, turned out the name he
gave us was a decoy. A decoy so he
could get placed in WITSEC, and get
out of there by the time the decoy told
us he lied for him. So John may be a bit
more on edge here because New York stirs
up his emotions on that case as well.

What’s the name of the WITSEC guy?

Robert Harvey.

I’ll keep my eyes open for anything
that may pop up. If he took Luke from
the New York area once, perhaps he’ll
come back again.

I appreciate it.

As for John, he’s not working this
case anymore. He can’t keep his emotions
in check and if we want to find Dana soon,
we don’t need him breathing down our necks.
I’m going to have Agent Johnson sit with
him, help keep him focused on the positive.
I assume you’ll have no problem working with
agent Taylor?

I’m not a FBI agent anymore, but
the Deputy Director issued me
a temporary badge so I can assist
on the case. I can’t make any arrests
or question, but I can help investigate.

Jack nods his head.

Well, let’s get back in there.

Jack and Monica go back to the other room where they see Danny at his computer, looking excited.

I think I found something here.
Alice Ann Cooper, 57891 Oakland
Park Road… says here they get
frequent disturbance calls from
neighbors, so I called the NYPD
to see if they could give me the
names of those involved. Alice’s
son, Scott Williams, he’s been there
for every one. Not in the past year
but before. Looks like we’ve got a
strong lead with this one.

Danny looks up at Monica and Jack.

What’re you two waiting for?
Go bring him in.

Danny stands up and grabs his winter coat, and he and Monica head out of the office to go speak with Scott’s mother, and hopefully to find Scott and Dana.

An African American woman comes up to Jack. This is Vivian Johnson.

Saw Danny and agent Reyes
on their way out…

Get John some decaf, settle
him down. Tell him that I’ve
taken him off the case. Try
to get some positive thinking going on.

Vivian smiles, she doesn’t mind playing the role of ‘mom’ in cases like these.

I’d give him a few though.
I uh… I pissed him off.
Jack walks away and Vivian rolls her eyes at her boss, he certainly has a way with people.


22 Hours, 25 Minutes missing

Danny Taylor and Monica Reyes exit the FBI Bucar they used to drive out to this location. The snow is coming down heavy, it took them much longer than they wanted to get here.

The house is small, run down and in a crummy area. The neighborhood looks like it’s seen much better days, but it’s been years.

They walk up to the house, making their way up snow-covered wooden steps to a covered porch, a white garbage bag is placed outside the front door. The lights in the house are on, and they can hear the TV blaring from inside.

Danny knocks on the front door loudly, five times. From inside they hear a woman who sounds like she’s smoked one too many cigarettes yell: “Who the hell is that?!” Danny and Monica share a look.

After a beat, the door opens and an older woman opens the door. She squints up at Danny.

Who the hell are you?

Danny pulls out his FBI credentials.

I’m special agent Danny Taylor
of the FBI, and this is agent Reyes.

Are you Alice Cooper?

Scott’s not here. Now just
leave me alone.

The woman slams the door on them.

Let’s try that again.

He knocks on the door again. After a moment the woman answers.

You’re trespassing, don’t make
me call the police.

Ma’am we need to speak with
you about your son, Scott Williams.
Can we come in?

Danny steps inside the house and gets a nasty look.

Alice, we need to know when
was the last time you saw your son.

He isn’t here. He’s moved
to Virginia.

Alice seems on edge. Perhaps as if she’s hiding something.

You wouldn’t be lying to us,
would you? Because right now
your son is the prime suspect
in a kidnapping case, and failing
to tell the truth is obstruction.

Kidnapping? That’d be a first.

So you’re well aware of your
son’s criminal record?

Of course, I never miss
a court hearing.

Do you have an address for
your son? We’d like to
question him in person.

Someplace called Church Falls.

Falls Church?

Yes, that’s it.

Monica gives Danny a look.

Dana lives in Falls Church.

Elsewhere in the house they hear the sound of a pot or pan crashing to the ground.

(off screen)
Goddammit! Stupid fucker!

Alice’s eyes open wide.

Who’s that?

Scott Williams comes storming into the room, he doesn’t notice Danny and Monica.

Mom, your fucking pans need to be-

He stops speaking when he sees Monica and Danny.

Who the fuck are you?

He’s angry. He’s wearing a dirty T-shirt that looks to have dried blood all over it. His face is bruised, he’s taken quite a beating. He’s scratched and cut in various places on his arms and face. Dana’s cross necklace is now worn around his neck.

Danny looks at Scott’s hands.

How’d you get hurt? Bar fight?

Yeah. Bar fight.

Mighty nasty cuts on your hands.
Don’t look like they’ve been
cleaned, I can help you out with that.

Danny comes off as friendly, genuinely so.

Show me to your bathroom.
I can clean the wounds and
then I’ve got something I need
to talk to you about.

Danny follows Scott out of the living room area. He gives Monica a look telling her to preoccupy his mother.

I was in a couple bar fights
when I was going through
law school. Took a few beatings
from my dad too.

They pass a door, and Danny notices bloody finger prints on the handle.

Your dad home?

No. He left my mom for
another woman years ago.

They get into the bathroom. It looks as if it hasn’t been cleaned in months, and smells of cheap air freshener.

Got rubbing alcohol in here?

He points to the cabinet.


Danny takes out the rubbing alcohol.

So when was the last time
you spoke with Dana Scully?


C’mon, Scott, everyone we’ve talked
to so far says she was your high
school sweetheart, and you moved to
Falls Church, Virginia, she lives
there so I kinda figure you two have
something going on.

Really? Yeah, so I know her.

Danny lets out a sigh.

Got a wash cloth?

Danny stands up and walks out of the bathroom and down the hallway to the door with blood on its handle. He takes out latex gloves and carefully opens the door.

Hey! What the fuck are you doing?!

Danny opens the door and finds a concrete stairwell, leading down to the basement, there’s another door at the bottom of the steps. There’s dried blood on the wooden railing.

That all your blood or is it
going to tell me how long
ago you spoke with Dana?

Scott gives him a look.

Look, I don’t know what that’s from.

Agent Reyes!

He points at Scott.

Sit tight.

Monica comes into the hallway.

Call Jack, tell him we’re going
to need a forensics team, there’s
blood all over the stairwell heading
into the basement.

Is she there?

Monica comes toward him and starts heading down the stairs, being careful not to touch any blood, and there’s a lot of it.

She gets to the bottom and opens the door. This is the room where we last saw Scully. The hunting knife is now on top of a bed that is in the middle of the room. No one is here. There is no sign of Dana.

Danny is at the top of the stairs, watching Monica and keeping his hand on Scott’s shoulder. Scott’s mom comes to the hallway.

Door to that basement’s been
locked for years. I lost the
key so long ago that I even
forget the room exists.

She stops walking when she realizes the basement door is open. She looks at her son accusingly. She knows him, knows the crimes he’s committed.

Scott?! You son-of-a-bitch!
Is this where you brought
that girl the last time?!

She walks up to Scott and hits him on the back of his head.

You lied to me!

Shut up, mom!

Monica comes up, tears in her eyes, she knows what they found is not good news for John.

There’s enough down there to
make an arrest, Danny.

Is Dana down there?

No, but… I’ve seen my fair
share of homicide scenes
to know what happened.

She wipes a tear from her face with the back of her hand and walks away. She needs to go outside, get fresh air. Her stomach twists and turns, not just from what she saw in the basement, but because she knows now why she couldn’t feel Dana anymore.

Once outside, she goes down the stairs and behind bushes. She bends over, holding her stomach and she throws up.

Tears can’t stop falling from her eyes. This is why she can’t feel Dana anymore. That son-of-a-bitch killed her. Stole her life from hers, from John, from Dana’s family. His delusions, his perceived rejection from her… that’s why this happened. It doesn’t make it fair, but there’s nothing anyone can do to turn back time and save Dana before Scott was able to take her.

Monica stands up straight and does her best to compose herself. She needs to call Jack and tell him they need homicide out here, and that they need to find Dana’s body.

She takes her phone from her coat pocket and dials.

(on phone)
Jack, it’s Monica. We need
homicide out here… yes, we got
him… no, she’s not here, but
there’s so much blood…

Monica chokes back more tears. She needs to remain strong in order to stay on this case for John.

(on phone)
No, wait until I get there. I should
tell him… I don’t know, Danny’s been
speaking with him… yes, sir. I understand.

Monica hangs up her phone as Danny leads Scott from the house in handcuffs.

What the hell were you thinkin’
Scotty?! You don’t kill women!
You don’t kill women you love!

Shut up, mom! She betrayed me!
She had it coming! She needed
to be punished!

Danny helps Scott into the backseat of the Bucar and slams the door on him. Alice stands on the porch.

I called Jack.


He won’t tell John anything until
we’ve got a confession, or find her body.

He told me “she had it coming”
when I read him his rights. Doesn’t
sound hopeful. (beat) Want me to take
him in or do you?

You should. I’ll stay here with Alice
and wait for the forensics team to arrive.

Danny looks at Monica, he can see she’s hurting and trying to cover it up.

Hey, stay strong. We’re gonna
get this guy for Dana.

I know. It’s just… she was
my best friend… John’s going
to be devastated. I don’t know
how he’ll find the strength-

- He lived through this before
and he’ll do it again, and so will you.

Danny gives Monica a heartfelt hug.

(verge of tears)
I threw up… I cried, but
it still doesn’t feel real…

Want me to call in Martin to
come out here? I can do that if
you need to take yourself off this case.

Monica pulls out of his embrace.

No, that’s not necessary.

She doesn’t want to give John any more reason to blame her for what has happened to Dana.

Ok, you take care. His mom is
pretty worked up, saying she’s
mad her son had a torture room
set up in her basement.

Monica nods. Danny squeezes her shoulder and gives her a calming look, then he walks to the car, gets in and drives off. Scott will have to deal with Jack Malone when he gets into the interrogation room back at the FBI field office.



Three hours in a heated interrogation room has not weakened Scott. He sits on the table, looking down at special agent Samantha Spade, an attractive blond woman in her 30s. Jack Malone stands behind her in the corner of the room, his arms crossed across his chest. The look on his face says it all: his patience is running thin, and he’s about had it with Scott’s inability to give them any clear answers.

… and because I’m graduating
she sees it as reason to break
up with me. I tried to argue it
with her, but her scrawny friend,
Alex something-or-other gets in the
way when she walks away, he won’t let
me pass, and since I’m a good guy, I
don’t punch him one and go after her.

So what did you do?

I yelled at her that this
wasn’t the end for us, and
that one day she’d be mine forever.

Sam slides the love letter Dana received back in July across the table at him. He recognizes it immediately and smiles.

So you recognize this?

Of course, sent it the first time
I got the nerve up to make contact.
She kept ignoring my calls.

That’s because you hung up on her.
What did you call her for? Was hearing
her voice enough to get you off for
awhile? (beat) But it wasn’t enough, was
it? You needed to see her, touch her, remind
her you were still out there. That’s why
you sent her that knife, isn’t it? You
wanted to make sure she was thinking of
you, but even that was not enough.

Samantha eyes Scott, he’s not responding to what Jack is saying.

Jack approaches the table.

How’d you gain access to her apartment?

I don’t know what you’re
talking about.

Don’t give me that crap. Your
DNA is all over her closet door
back in Virginia. (beat) Your
semen. What got you off that night?
Was it just seeing her or was it
seeing her being intimate, making
with another man, not even
one thought of you?

Scott stands up, angry.

She fucking thought of me!
That’s why she didn’t have
a fucking orgasm with him!

And that’s why you got off.
(beat) Now sit down.

Jack pulls a chair up to Scott.

I wanted to help her. If she
had been fucking me, she
would have had multiple
orgasms, I always brought her pleasure.

And that’s why she wounded
you, right? Because she liked
what you tried to do to her.

Yeah, she got off.

So you raped her?

Scott looks nervous.

She didn’t give me the chance
to fuck her, fucking bitch
stopped me and tried to kill me.

The look in Scott’s eye is mischievous. He sits down in the chair.

She tried to kill you? How?

Got a hold of my hunting knife.

And why’d you have a hunting knife?

Scott looks at Jack.

Don’t look at me, I’m
not your mother.

She liked knives, they got her off.

That’s interesting that you say
that because we were able to contact
St. Mary’s Hospital and get our hands
on their records. One of which tells us
she was admitted to their facility for
knife wounds to her genitalia back in
February 1985.

Samantha leans down and pulls out a file folder. She lays it on the table and opens it.

That’s not all, the doctor who
treated her made a note that
the wounds were so severe that
she probably would not be able
to carry a child again.

Jack eyes Scott, he’s still, silent. They’re getting to him.

You knew she was pregnant
then, didn’t you?

Scott looks away from Samantha.

She told me it wasn’t mine.
Some football player from
another school. She cheated
On me with another guy, and
was carrying his bastard.

And you wouldn’t allow that, right?

Right. Her body was mine.
She belongs to me. I killed
that child inside of her as
punishment for fucking someone
else. She fucking got off
on that knife, that wasn’t my
intention, but she did.

Jack looks at Samantha. They just got Scott to confess to murdering an unborn child.

She was too young to be
a mother. I helped her.

She was three months pregnant.
You murdered an unborn child.

Jack can sense Samantha’s anger with Scott. He touches her shoulder and she takes a deep breath.

Jack sits down and pulls a chair up next to Scott.

Look, Scott, let’s be honest here.
My team has recovered evidence
from your basement, we’ve got your
blood and Dana’s blood. Agent Taylor
told me you said she had it coming,
what did you mean by that?

I love her.

I know you do. Now if you love
her so much, do the right thing.
Tell us where she is.

Scott smirks and laughs.

You want to know if I killed her.

Jack nods his head, yes, for heaven’s sake, that’s why they’ve been in this interrogation room for over three hours.

No one can ever be with her again.

Scott fingers Dana’s cross necklace that is around his neck.

Her mother gave her this
necklace when she was 13.
Now I have it and it’s like
she’s always with me. I finally
conquered her.

He looks Jack in the eye with a cold stare. Jack rips Dana’s necklace from around Scott’s neck.

She’s dead. I killed her.
And I’m glad.


Glad no other man can be
with her. I was the last
man to love and touch her.
She lives on in my heart.

The room falls silent. Jack and Samantha finally got what they needed: a murder confession.

Can we get you to write down
on paper exactly what you did
to her, and tell us where you
put her body?

Samantha slides a piece of paper across the table towards him. He picks up the pen.

I’ll tell you everything but
where I put her. Since this fat guy
here took her necklace from me, I’ve
got to have one thing that I keep, right?
I like the idea of me being the only
one who knows where her final resting
place is.

That’s not good enough.

Make it good enough. You got
me. I’ve confessed. I’m going
away again. I have nothing to lose.

He starts writing down his confession.

Hell, I’ll even include that thing
about killing her unborn kid back
in 1985, sound good?

Jack and Samantha share a look and exit the interrogation room. They stand outside the observation window, and watch him.

Sick son-of-a-bitch.

Should I go tell John?

No. Monica wants to be the one
to break it to him. I’ll go
speak with her now. Take care
of this, will you?

Jack walks off to go find Monica. Danny called Martin and Samantha back to the office to help out with Dana’s case, and sent Martin over to Alice’s to bring her back to the office. She’s got to be around here somewhere.



John Doggett sits on a couch, unaware that Danny Taylor brought Scott Williams in over three hours ago. Jack didn’t want to tell John anything until they got some answers.

John leans forward and clasps his hands together and stares at the floor. It’s driving him crazy not being able to help on the case. Vivian Johnson had to break the news to him earlier that Jack removed him from the case. He’s calmed down considerably since then and asked to be left alone.

He keeps thinking back to how he should have talked Dana into coming over last night to watch the Olympics. She would have fallen asleep at his place, under his care and protection, and she never would have been taken.

His gut twists and turns every time he lets himself think about what Scott could be doing to Dana right now, and he’s helpless to stop it.

He knows Dana is strong, but how strong and how long can she endure what Scott could be doing to her before breaking down? This will bring her back so many steps that they’ve accomplished in their relationship, perhaps both emotionally and physically.

He wants nothing more than to hold her in his arms and tell her she’s safe and everything will be all right. He wants to tell her that her tears are a sign of strength.

(off screen)

Her voice is weak. John looks up and sees her standing in the doorway. She’s been crying. She comes into the room and sits down next to him. She’s not sure how to say what needs to be said. She can’t bring herself to look him in the eyes.

What’s the latest?

A tear falls down Monica’s face, she shakes her head, not wanting to say it, since saying it is accepting that it has actually happened.

Monica? What is it?

Oh Johnny, I never wanted it
to come to this.

Come to what? (beat) Did
you find her? Is she all right?

He stands up and heads to the door.

What hospital is she at?

She’s not at a hospital, John…

He looks at her, that tone in her voice… he pushes the thought out of his mind. He needs to stay positive.

Is she here?

In spirit…

John walks back to Monica and sits down. A blank expression on his face.

(near tears)
Johnny… he confessed to killing
her… she’s gone.

John loses all emotion on his face, he goes pale.

There’s a team out right now
looking for her body.

Monica shakes her head in disbelief.

Scott refuses to tell us
where he put her body, it’s
his way of keeping his claim on her.

Tears are welling up in John’s eyes. This can’t be happening. Not again. Not to the one person that has made such a positive difference in his life. Not the love of his life, the woman he had intended to marry. He bites his lower lip to keep himself from crying and letting his emotions out.

Why did he find it so easy to express his feelings earlier when he was being questioned and when they still believed her to be alive? Why shut out his emotions now? He had learned with Dana to share his feelings, and now that she’s gone, he so quickly bottles them all up again.

What will he do without her? What will he tell her mother? Her brothers and sister? How will be break this news to Mulder?

A flush of anger flows through him when he thinks of what Knowle might say. He knows Knowle didn’t like Dana all that much, and certainly he didn’t like them as a couple. John shakes his head to himself, Knowle’s his best friend, he’d be sympathetic and genuinely sad, he knows it.

This is Luke all over again. Nothing good ever happens in New York. He’s not sure what’s worse – and eh shouldn’t even be comparing – finding his son’s dead body, and not bringing anyone to justice, or finding his soul mate’s killer and not her body. Equally they each shatter his heart and wound him, wounds that will take a lifetime to heal, if at all.

John looks at Monica, this is difficult for her too. He places his hand on her knee. He looks at her, he wants to say something, but he can’t find words.

Monica nods her head, knowing what he wants.

She leans over and hugs him and wipes a tear from his cheek. She stands up and leaves the room, he needs to be alone right now to try to comprehend what has happened.

It breaks her heart to see him go through this again. She feels tears sting her eyes. She’s done enough crying in public for one day. She quickly makes her way to the restroom.

She rushes in, and checks to see no one else is in the room. She goes inside a stall and locks the door, and lowers herself to the floor, hugging her knees to her chest. She sobs uncontrollably, just as she did when she worked Luke’s case back in 1993.

The New York FBI field office haunts her, and it always will.

After a few minutes, Monica hears someone enter the restroom, she does her best to quiet down, she doesn’t want anyone to know how upset she is. She understands that death is a natural part of life, even when it’s premature, but she has a very difficult time dealing with it.


Monica doesn’t answer, she hopes Vivian will go away.

Monica, I know you’re in here.
I saw you come in a few minutes ago.

Monica fails to muffle her cry and gives Vivian her location in the stall. Someone is actually coming to check up on her. She probably would have seen this coming if she hadn’t been so caught up in her own thoughts.

Vivian knocks on the stall door.

Sweetheart, why don’t you unlock
the door and we can talk.

Monica stands up, her legs feel weak. Hell, her entire body feels weak. She unlocks and opens the stall door. Seeing the concerned look on Vivian’s face makes her break down. Vivian holds Monica in her arms and comforts her.


I should have tapped into this
earlier. I should have tried harder.
He’ll never forgive me for this…

Of course he will, he doesn’t
blame you in the first place, and
you know you don’t need to be
blaming yourself, these things happen.

But why to her? She was such
a wonderful person… I… I never
told her that I forgave her,
in my heart, for what happened
at the facility… I never told her
that I love her and see her as if
she’s my sister… I’ll never…

Monica chokes up again.

I’ll never be able to congratulate
her on her wedding day, or be there
when she has her daughter… John…
this will destroy him, he loves her so much.

But now he knows what true love
feels like, he will be able to
look back one day and appreciate
what he had with her.

Monica pulls away from Vivian, tears are streaming down her face. She sniffles.

And to think this is only
the beginning of bad things to come…

Vivian gives her a look, not knowing what Monica is referring to.


Sunday - February 12, 2006

Krycek and Marita are sitting in a departure gate. Their flight from Rome to New York got detoured because of the snow storm that is hitting New York City. They’ve been stuck in Memphis for several hours, waiting for a flight that can make it up to New York.

Krycek’s wide awake, he’s not happy with the current circumstances. He wants to get to New York to help John find Scott and be there to help Dana. Marita rests her head against his shoulder, she’s trying to get some sleep, but can’t.

Alex’s cell phone rings. Marita lifts her head. He answers.

This is Alex.

(muffled/tired,emotionally exhausted
It’s John… uh… I don’t know
how to tell you this…

What happened?

(tired/emotionally exhausted)
There’s a team out looking
for her body. Scott confessed
a few hours ago to killing her.
He’s been placed under arrest.
I will push the death penalty.
Dana deserves that much.

She’s dead?

Marita looks at Alex with wide eyes, she couldn’t be hearing that right.

He’s refusing to say where
he put her body… uh… there’s
um… no need for you to come to
New York, airports are closed anyway.

I’m coming anyway, maybe I can
get him to give up her location.
It’s freezing cold outside-

- The cold will preserve her body.
Once we find her, the M.E. will have
a good chance in finding out what
else he did to her before he took her life.

That son-of-a-bitch. (beat)
Have you called Mulder yet?

Alex takes a deep breath to control his emotions. He’s upset, angry, and feels sick to his stomach. He knows all too well what Scott did to Dana in the past, and he’s sure his criminal behaviour has only escalated over the years.

No. I was hoping you could
call him for me.

Sure thing.

I need to make some more
calls. I’ll uh… I’ll see
you whenever I get back to D.C.

John hangs up. Krycek looks at Marita. She’s crying, sitting with her knees curled up close to her chest. She’s quiet in her grief. Alex wraps his arms around her and pulls her close to him. He kisses her on the top of her head, tears start falling down his face as well.



John hangs up the phone and places his hands on Jack’s desk. His legs are weak. His eyes sore from being up so long without sleep.

John has been alone in Jack’s office for a couple hours now. He’s grateful that people have left him alone. He’s been able to keep inside himself in order to handle what has happened to Dana. It makes it easier for him to become the investigator when his friends are not around. Makes it easier for him to begin calling Dana’s friends to inform them of what has happened.

John picks up the phone again and hesitates… he looked up Maggie Scully Covarrubias’s phone number on Jack’s computer. He hesitates to call her, Dana never said her mom was understanding in moments like these. He doesn’t want to know what Maggie might say now. Instead, he dials Knowle’s number. After a few rings, Knowle answers.


Knowle. It’s John.

John hears Knowle sit up in bed.

Been keeping me in the dark?
How’re things going up there?

Not good…

Need me to come up and lend a hand?

John hears Knowle get out of bed and open up dresser drawers.

She’s gone, Knowle. He killed her.

All goes quiet on both ends until we hear Knowle sit down on his bed. He sighs.

John I… I don’t know what
to say. (beat) I’m sorry.

Thank you. (beat) There is
something you can do for me.

You name it.

Go by my place, take Buddy over
to Mulder’s, throw some of my
clothes in a bag and bring them
up here. I’m going to stay in
New York until they find her body.
I need to be here with her when
the M.E. examines her…

Saying these words, knowing a medical examiner’s exam is going to violate her body, this brings him close to tears again.

She wouldn’t want to be alone for that.

A tear falls down John’s cheek. He doesn’t wipe it away. Behind him, Monica enters the office, she doesn’t say anything.

She was never brave enough in the
past to stand up against this guy,
and I’m going to do that for her.

More tears fall down his face, and he’s given up trying not to cry. Knowle listens.

You hang in there, John.
I’ll be up as soon as possible.

I’ll be at the FBI field office.
Ask for Jack Malone.

You’re going to be ok, you got that?

John nods his head even though Knowle can’t see him.

Make sure you get some rest.

I will.

John wipes his face with his shirt sleeve.

I’ll see you soon.


John hangs up and rubs his hand across his face. He hadn’t realized how tired he is. His mind has been everywhere except for on himself.

Monica coughs quietly to let John know she’s there. He turns around and his eyes meet hers. She sees his heart breaking all over again, she sees that he wants someone to comfort him.

Monica goes up to him and wraps her arms around his neck and holds him. His arms wrap tightly around her, his face buries into her neck and he sobs uncontrollably. Monica runs her hand through his hair to comfort him, she rests her cheek on top of his head.

His body trembles in her arms, and his grip on her tightens. He’s shivering and cold. His body can’t handle the shock his mind is going through.

No words need to be spoken between them. They both have suffered this grief before.

Monica closes her eyes and hopes to find a way to ease his broken heart.



Knowle drives on I-78 North towards New York City with his hands on 10 and 2. He stares straight out ahead of him on the road. Tears are streaming down his face, he blinks his eyes to clear them so he can see better.

So much regret fills him now. Regret in the way he treated Dana to her face when all along he liked her. He hates that he was rude towards her and John’s relationship.

What kind of an asshole is he to say he didn’t want the two of them to be happy together? What right did he have to be so cold towards her? To blame her for what happened to Monica at the facility. Hell, when he had wanted to get Monica out of the facility, he was going to save Dana too, and then quickly jumped to the conclusion that Dana was bad just because she ordered Monica back to her cell. He knew back them, even told Monica, that that time wasn’t the right time to save either one of them, but because he was never allowed back in the facility, he blamed Dana for in inability to save Monica.

His grip on the steering wheel tightens. He’s such an asshole. John doesn’t deserve to go through this hell, he does. It’s him that deserves a lonely life without anyone to love him the way any descent man deserves, not John. John deserved all the happiness Dana brought into his life. It isn’t fair that this happened to John, just like it wasn’t fair when Luke’s life was taken from him as well.

Knowle really thought everything was finally falling into place for John. After the Gulf War everything fell apart: alcoholism, Luke’s death, divorce… and then along came Dana, she changed John for the better. No, she brought out traits in John that had always been there, but had never been let out. She completed him, and he doesn’t doubt he completed her.

He should have apologized to Dana for his rude behaviour towards her. He should have let her know that he considered her a friend.

Knowle wipes away more tears. Damn tears just won’t stop falling.

Ahead of him, Knowle notices a rolled up rug partially laying out on the road. With the winter storm wind gusts, it’s only a matter of time before it rolls out onto the highway and causes an accident. He wipes his eyes again, and swallows. He’ll pull over and move it off the road, perhaps into a ditch. He flips on his blinker and slows down. There are no other cars on the road, weather is getting really bad for driving.

As he pulls up next to the rug, he realizes it’s a large blanket. He turns off the engine to his Hummer and goes outside in the bitter cold.

Once he’s standing over the blanket he sees red hair sticking out of the top. Scully red.

His heart skips a beat. Is it her? Has he found her dead body?

He lowers himself to his knees and pulls the top of the blanket down just a bit. He gasps and looks away. It is Dana, and she’s beaten severely. On her face, multiple cuts and bruises, dried blood around her nose and mouth. He’s glad John isn’t here to see this, at least the medical examiner would clean her up a little before they got him to come to identify her body.

He should call the proper authorities to come pick her up.

Like he learned in the Marine Corps, he first checks for a pulse, one he knows isn’t coming. He brushes some loose strands of hair off her neck and places his fingers on her cold skin.

Her body startles and she moans upon his touch.

Scared, Knowle loses his balance and falls backward into the snow.

She’s alive.

He blinks his eyes in disbelief. How in the world did she make it all the way down here from New York City, and in this cold no less?

Dana, can you hear me?

He crawls back to her side and lightly touches her wounded face. She’s unconscious.

Dana, I don’t know if you can
hear me, it’s Knowle, and
I’m going to pick you up and get
you to a hospital.

He stops himself, he should make sure her spine isn’t broken before moving her. He stands up and runs to his Hummer and grabs a pair of scissors from the glove compartment, he comes back to her and cuts the blanket off her body.

She’s still only wearing her tiny tank top and black shorts. Her skin is pale and covered with bruises. He doesn’t see any signs of frost bite, that’s good. He runs his fingers along her spine and checks for obvious breaks. Thankfully there are none. He rolls her onto her back and puts his arms underneath her, and easily picks her up.

She moans in pain, and her face winces, responding to him. Another good sign.

He carries her to his Hummer and puts her in the passenger seat. He digs around in the back of his Hummer and pulls out a warm blanket, one that he keep sin case of emergencies. He wraps her in it carefully, making sure to cover her head to trap in her natural body heat.

He shuts the door and goes back and picks up the blanket she was wrapped in. John may need this for further evidence against Scott Williams.

Knowle gets back in his Hummer, drives over the median and heads south. He saw a sign for a hospital about thirty miles back.



John Doggett is asleep on the couch in Jack’s office. The blinds have been shut to keep the light out.

John’s cell phone rings, he sits up immediately and answers.

John Doggett?

John. It’s me. Are you sitting down?


He rubs his eyes.

Snow storm too bad and you
can’t make it up yet?

I found her. She’s alive.
I got her to LeHigh Valley
Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania,
right off of Interstate 78.

You found her alive?

I would have called sooner, but
I wanted to stay with her while
the doctors checked her over and
ran a rape kit on her. I know you
wouldn’t want her to be alone for
that so I held her hand for you.

John runs his hand through his hair in disbelief.

How’s she doing? (beat)
I-I can’t believe…

She’s still unconscious, but
responsive. Rape kit came back
negative, the bastard didn’t
hurt her like that.

Thank God.

They’re running precautionary
tox screens on her and blood
tests. (beat) He beat her good
John, she’s got cuts, bruises…
she looks worst than she really is.

John is quiet. Is this too good to be true? Is he dreaming?

I haven’t left her side since
I found her on the side of
the road.

Did he dump her body, leave her for dead?

Not sure. I’m sure she’ll let
you know when she wakes up.

I want you to stay with her
until I get there.

John grabs a pen and paper.

What hospital are you at?

We’re in Allentown, but I told
them I want her transferred back
to Falls Church so she can be near
friends and family. I already spoke
with her mother, she’s going to meet
us at St. Vincent’s when we get there
in a few hours.

John’s heart sinks, he hopes Dana’s mother treats her well when she wakes up.

Good to hear the doctors
don’t object to relocating
her to a different location.

She’s going to be fine, John.
And I’ll stay with her until
you get here.

I’ll book a flight out of here today.

(off screen)
Might be a wait, all airports
in the New York area have been
closed due to the snow storm, even
that figure skater can’t make it
out of here to go to the Olympics.

John looks up and sees Jack has entered the room.

Knowle… it might take longer
for me to get out, the snow
storm we’re getting up here has
closed all airports. (beat) Stay
with her, don’t let her mom give
her any crap, call me every few
hours to keep me updated on her
condition, and when she wakes up
you tell her that I love her and
that I’ll be there soon.

You tell her you love her, she’ll
want to hear that from you.

John smiles.

Yeah… I’ll let you go. I need
to let our guys here know what’s
going on. You stay with her, ok?

Even if it means not going
in to work tomorrow.

All right, I’ll talk to you soon.

John hangs up. Jack looks at him.

That sounded promising.

Dana’s alive, my friend Knowle
found her on the side of a road
in Pennsylvania.

That’s a few hours out of
New York. Did Scott leave
her there?

Don’t know yet. She’s
unconscious, but is going
to be all right.

Monica comes into the room a somber expression on her face.

I’m sure Knowle will have the
doctors send up their findings
from their exam of her and the rape kit.

She’s alive?

Monica blinks her eyes. She feels it in John’s aura that Dana is alive. John smiles at her and nods his head.

Let’s hope the snow stops
so we can get home soon.


Tuesday – February 14, 2006 – Valentine’s Day

Knowle, Alex, Marita, Mulder, Kim Cook and Walter are sitting together in a waiting room outside the hospital room Dana is in.

Mulder is holding a large bouquet of pink and yellow tulips. He wants to give them to Dana for Valentine’s Day, but isn’t being allowed in her room to visit just yet.

The elevator doors open and John and Monica enter the waiting area. John quickly walks to them.

What room is she in?

Knowle stands up and goes to him.

Dana’s mom is here and is
only allowing family in to see her.

What room is she in?

Knowle knows John’s determined to see Dana now.


He points a little way down the hallway. John runs to the room and opens the door. Maggie is sitting in a chair next to Dana’s bed.

And what man would really want damaged
goods? You wouldn’t have a problem
not being married if you had just
conducted yourself better, then these
men who hurt you wouldn’t have hurt you.

Dana turns her head lazily when she hears the door open. Her mom has been lecturing her and blaming her for what happened ever since she first showed up the other day.

Dana sits up straight when she sees John come into the room. He rushes to her side, without even a glance at her mother, who gives him a nasty look. He takes her in his arms as he sits down on the bed next to her.


She bursts into tears upon feeling his touch. He hugs her and kisses her on top of the head. He pulls back to check her over for himself, to see that she is fine.

Tears well up in his eyes when he sees the cuts and bruises all over her body.

I… I tried… so hard… hit him…
tried to rape me… I didn’t know
how… I was so scared, Johnny.
I thought I’d never see you again.

He looks her in the eyes and kisses her cheek where her tears are falling.


Maggie rolls her eyes.

Sir, you’re not family, please leave
this room. I don’t need you upsetting
my daughter.

Dana clings onto John and he wraps his arms around her protectively, never wanting to let go. He speaks to her softly.

You’re safe now.

He holds the back of her head with his hand and rests her head in the crook of his neck. She continues to cry.

I got away… ran away… in the cold.
Stole a blanket… got a cab…

She lets out more tears, more sobs.

I couldn’t pay… he dropped me
off middle of nowhere…

She wraps her arms around him tightly, with her mom here the past few days she hasn’t been able to let it all out, let it go, help herself heal.

You’re the bravest person I know, Dana.
You saved yourself… I’m proud of you.

His words make her sob more and more. Tears fall down his face too.

You’re safe now, I’ll never
leave you unprotected again…

He kisses her forehead.

Semper fi…

Dana sniffles and a small smile forms on her face upon hearing those words. Not too long ago she thought she’d never hear him say those words to her again.

I love you so much.

Maggie stands up and taps John on the shoulder. He looks at her and doesn’t let go of Dana.

I asked you to leave. Family only.

John closes his eyes. He can’t believe her mother is being like this.

Dana pulls out of John’s arms and wipes her tears away. John looks at her, he hasn’t see this facial expression on her before.

Mom, you can leave. I am so
sick of hearing you talk about
everything so negatively. What
kind of mother would come to her
daughter after she’s been hurt and
talk about what happened is all my fault?

Dana, you’re being unreasonable.

(worked up)
Unreasonable?! (beat) It was not my
fault that a pedophile molested me
when I was a child, you ignored it
even after I tried to tell you about
it. (beat) It was not my fault that
Scott abused me or, or raped me. It’s
not my fault that he tried to kill me.
It’s not the clothes I wear or my
sexual history… the men that hurt me
did so because something is not right
in their minds. They’re the ones at
fault. Not me. I’m the victim. I’ve
survived and I’ve learned who my real
family is, and it’s not you, mom. It’s
Mulder, Alex, Marita, and most important
my family is John.

They’re not your family, dear.

Scully leans closer to her mom, she remains sitting in bed.

They’re more family to me than
you ever could be. None of them
have ever blamed me for what I’ve
been through. They love me, they
help me when times are tough.

Scully glances at John. She knows very well just how much John has helped her and that he’ll help her through this ordeal as well.

Family doesn’t let you down…
you’re not my family, Margaret.

Scully swallows back tears. That hurt to say.

Johnny is.

Are you disowning me? What would
your father think of that?

If I know dad like I remember him,
I’m sure he wouldn’t argue against
my point. (beat) Now please, leave.

Maggie glares at her daughter, she’s offended that Dana had the guts to say all this to her. Maggie grabs her coat and walks to the door. She pauses and turns to say one last thing.

Who will you turn to when he turns
out to be like the others and beats
and rapes you? Because when that
happens, I want you to know that you
are no longer welcome at my home.
I’ll make sure to inform Bill, Charles,
and Melissa of this too. You’re so
confident this John is the one. Just
wait… you’ll see, you are always wrong.
He’ll betray you.

And with that, Maggie leaves the room, slamming the door behind her.

John looks at Dana. She’s holding up well considering what just happened.

You all right?

He touches her arm, she jumps, startled by his touch. It was unexpected.

Yeah. I’m fine.

She leans back in the bed and looks at John. Her mom’s words echo in her mind.

You’ll never hurt me will you?

She doesn’t want to ask this, but so many times in the past she’s believed who she’s been with was a great guy, and she only wound up hurt.

I think you already know
the answer to that.

He takes her hand in his and holds it, rolling his finger tips slowly over her knuckles. Once again he feels that special connection that they share. She squeezes his hand and she knows everything is going to be all right.


Tuesday – February 21, 2006
One week later

John’s truck pulls up in the driveway, the back is full of moving boxes. The truck stops and John and Dana get out and start unloading boxes.

Give me the light ones.

She smiles at him as he climbs into the back of his truck. He hands her a light box.

There are still remnants of the bruising left on her face, but they are healing quickly and should be just a memory in no time.

I’m so glad these are the last
of your boxes to bring over.

Gonna need a massage later tonight?

Dana rests the box she holds on her hip.


He picks up a couple boxes labeled “books” and heads toward his house. Dana checks him out and smiles.

Been working out, Johnny?

Gotta, FBI requires it.

They stop at the front door. He looks at her like he’s been forgetful.

Mind getting the keys out
of my pocket?

Dana sets her box down and gently reaches into his jeans pocket, taking her time to find the keys. John laughs.


Guess so.

She smiles at him and he gets the feeling she’s in a flirty mood. She slides the keys out of his pocket and unlocks the door and opens it for him. His eyes lock with hers as he enters their home. He gives her a grin to acknowledge that he knows she’s in that mood.

She picks up her box and follows him in. He sets his boxes down on the floor in the living room next to other boxes they have brought over today. He places his hands on his hips. Dana puts her box on top of the coffee table.

She goes up to John and draws him toward her and kisses him. She lets her hands playfully caress his bicep. After a few seconds she moans into his mouth, and pulls away just a bit and looks up at him. She smiles.

I’m so happy to get out of
that place and to live here
with you now.

It’s something I think we both
wanted for a long time.

He leans down and kisses the top of her head, and walks back to the front door to go back outside and bring in more of her boxes.

Knowle called yesterday.

She follows him outside.


He said he can help move my
furniture over this Saturday.

So now he’s callin’ to talk
to you, not me?

I think what you guys went
through made him take a
good look at life and who
he wants to be.

John climbs back into the back of his truck.

Suddenly they hear a car honking at them and Brad’s luxury car pulls up in the driveway. Monica is in the passenger seat, waving at them. Dana waves back.

They’re here early. I wasn’t
expecting them until seven.

It is the Olympics, John. Ladies
figure skating at that. I figured
they’d be here early.

Monica and Brad get out of the car.

I hope you’re making John
do all the work.

I try.

Monica hugs Dana.

There’s something I have to
show you. (beat) Brad, bring it here.

Wasn’t the Alex incident bad enough?

He walks over to Monica in defeat and hands her a tabloid newspaper. Monica shows it to Dana. On the cover is a picture of Brad and Paula Abdul on their dinner date from the other week.

Brad’s brush with fame.
(happy) Isn’t it a horrible picture?

Dana covers her mouth to try not to laugh too much. She looks at Brad, and curious, John puts down some boxes and comes to see what the fuss is about.

Alex came over with a few copies
and asked me to autograph them.

John bursts out laughing.

Did you?

Yes, it was the only way
to get rid of him-

- So I bring you your autographed
copy of Brad and Paula in the tabloid.

Monica hands John a copy signed by Brad Follmer. Monica looks at Dana.

It’s for both of you.

John can’t stop laughing. He covers his face.

Mon’ thought this would make your day.

How did you two get caught like that?

Long and painful story, not
worth getting into.

Dana goes up and gives him a sympathetic hug.

It’s good to see you again.
Monica told me what happened.

He gives her a kiss on the cheek.

It’s good to be alive.

She pulls away from him, thrown off a bit from the kiss on the cheek.

John hands Dana the autographed tabloid.

You and Mon’ go on inside.
Brad and I will bring in
the rest of the boxes.

Monica and Dana head inside.

What’s the latest with Scott?

Well, he’s being charged with
kidnap of a federal agent,
attempted rape in the first
degree, aggravated assault
with a weapon, attempted murder
in the first degree, obstruction
of justice, violation of his parole,
plus his past criminal record will
surely come into play.

Sounds like he’ll be put
away for life.

And I think he should be.
Perhaps even the death penalty.
John said he admitted to murdering
a child I was carrying back in 1985.

Dana feels uncomfortable talking about that. At least Scott didn’t know about the daughter she had when she was married to John Montgomery, perhaps he would have been more aggressive with her last week when he wanted to punish her and kill her.

Dana’s mind slips and she hopes that one day she and John will be able to have children, but because of that chip in her neck, and how it’s programmed, that is unlikely. She’d have to remove the chip in order for nature to take its course, and in doing that she would most likely develop cancer again and die.

Monica can hear her thoughts.

Dana… everything happens for
a reason. Don’t worry about
such things until they are before you.

Monica sits down on the couch and turns on the TV. Dana joins her.

I admit I haven’t seen much
of these Olympics, John and
I have been dealing with
everything else. Have I missed much?

No. That tomato kid wants
to meet Sasha Cohen, and
Michelle Kwan had to withdraw
due to injury –

- Aww, that’s too bad. She’s
my favorite. I wanted her to
win this competition for a long
time now.

I know. Unfortunately these
Olympics haven’t really
been too eventful.

But life isn’t TV and sports
celebrities, there’s so much
more life has to offer and for
that I’m so happy.

They are quiet for a beat.

I love you, Dana.

I love you too.

The front door opens and John and Brad come in. Again, John is carrying two heavy boxes at once, Brad can only handle one.

Olympics starting already?

No, but soon.

Dana, you ought to tell John
to stop showing off, he’s likely
to hurt himself by carrying
too many heavy boxes at once.

I think it’s sexy.

Brad rolls his eyes and John playfully punches his shoulder.

Anyone want anything to drink?

I’ll have water.

Me too, with ice.

None for me, I’m good.

John disappears into the kitchen, smiling. He steps around some of Dana’s boxes that have been placed on the ground, he pushes some boxes on the counter out of his way so he can reach glasses. Out in the living room he hears all three of them laugh about something.

Once again everything is falling back into place.



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