"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Eight


Review By: Emma Keturah

"He transformed the basement of the FBI into a bomb shelter for him and his buddies to hide out in during the alien attacks." - Dana Scully

That just cracks me up :) It sounds like something FRVS Mulder would totally do.

Meanwhile Skinner drops a bombshell on Scully (and I mean that metaphorically). Scully gets called into OPR over her relationship with John but all is not what it seems.

John shows his romantic side big time in this sweet episode. I'll give you a clue, it has to do with a dozen roses and something more expensive ;)

Watch for a surprise as Scully realizes a connection to John in her past. All in all a great episode for wonderful Cassie!!

8x23 "A Dozen Roses"

Title: "A Dozen Roses"
Written by: Cassie
Date: May 9, 13, 15, 2006; May 20, 2006
Air Date: May 22, 2006
Rating: PG
Series: FRVS - Episode #171
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: Skinner makes things right between he and Scully.


APRIL 10, 2006

The sounds of rain hitting the roof of the house, flashes of lightning, and the roll of thunder aren’t the only things preventing Dana from falling asleep tonight. Ever since Knowle Rohrer got called to active duty a couple weeks ago she hasn’t been able to shake the thought that the Marine Corps may call John any day now. She worries that if he got that call that he would leave her and report to duty. She’s tried before to tell him that aliens plan to colonize the planet, but he never really fully believed her.

She wishes there was something more she could do to try to prevent colonization from happening. She worked with John Montgomery for years to create the vaccine, but when it finally was successful, they were too late and can’t immunize the entire planet population.

Her heart skips a beat. Has John gotten the vaccination yet? It may not save him from violent and destructive attacks, but it would save him from becoming the host to an alien if he were to get infected.

Scully sits up in bed and looks down at John. She touches the back of her neck, where the chip is located. She feels as if it is making her want to go elsewhere. She moans quietly, wanting to remove it, but is scared her cancer will come out of remission.


John sits up behind her.

Did I wake you?

No. (beat) Not feeling well?

It’s the chip again. I feel like
it’s pulling at me, like how it
felt when we were on the island.

John brushes her hair away from the back of her neck. He places his fingertips where the chip is located. He rubs her skin softly, and kisses the back of her neck.

Dana moans her approval and smiles.

Are you sure you can’t remove it?

Tried that once, had to fight
cancer until the chip was
put back. I don’t want to go
through that again.

Sorry. (beat) What’s keeping you up?
Just that?

I keep thinking about Knowle
and this war the government
has gotten itself into.

Knowle’s the best soldier I know.
I’m sure he’ll be fine wherever
they station him.

Dana lies back down. John looks at her.

It’s not him I’m worried
about… it’s you.

John cocks an eyebrow. He lies on his side next to her, and rests his hand on her abdomen.

They’re not going to call me to
duty, Dana. They made me retire
after the war because I was wounded,
plus… even if they did call me, how
could I ever leave you?

He leans down and kisses her lips.

You’re my world.

Dana reaches up and touches his face. Her thumb caresses his cheek. She swears sometimes when she looks into his eyes that she’s looking straight into his soul. He’s so beautiful.

A flash of lightning illuminates the room.

I bet a million girls fell in love
with you before I snagged you up.

He grins, slightly embarrassed, but mostly touched that she’d say that.


You’re so beautiful.

She can’t see it in the dark, but he’s blushing.

I’ve actually been told before
that I’m an acquired taste.

Dana’s brow wrinkles.


I’m not much to look at, not
until my personality wins you over.

Dana over-exaggerates a gasp of disbelief.

Well, whoever told you that
obviously didn’t see who they
were looking at. You’re perfect.

I’ve got pointy ears and
when I worry…

He wrinkles his brow and points to his forehead.

… I look like a wrinkly old man.

He winks at her. Dana playfully punches his shoulder.

But so long as you think
I’m attractive, that’s all that matters.

He kisses her again. Her hand glides up the back of his head, her fingers weaving into his hair. He gently lies half his body weight on top of her. Her lips are soft and moist, her tongue flirts with his in a delectable way. He feels her chest rise and fall as she breathes. He slips his hand underneath his Marines T-shirt she’s wearing, and he gently cups her breast with his hand, sending delightful shivers through her body. He feels her leg wrap across his. He wonders if that is any indication of where she wants this to go.

He pulls away from her mouth. His eyes lock with hers, asking if she wants more than what they’re already doing. She takes a deep breath. He watches her chest rise and fall.

I just want to be close to you…

He lies back down next to her and she kisses him. She pulls away and places her mouth so close to his ear, her soft lips lightly brush across his ear, sending a rush of blood through his center. Is she on her way to discovering that secret little spot that makes him go wild?

Touch me, Johnny…

Her leg rubs against his, she’s spreading her legs for him. She takes his hand in hers and leads it in between her legs. He cups his hand over her center and enjoys seeing the expression on her face, she’s at peace enjoying his intimate hold on her. She places her hands behind his head and pulls him toward her.

You feel good…

She looks at him, a twinkle in her eye.

It’s taking him a lot of self-control not to let his manhood succumb to what she wants from him tonight. She’s made it clear, he thinks, that she does not want sex.

Sure you don’t want to make love…?

He sort of hopes she does.

She shakes her head “no”.

I think your touch, you don’t
hold me like this and try to
make me do more. Makes me
feel good… safe.

He slightly presses the palm of his hand against her moist center. She moans and closes her eyes.

Ever since Scott Williams took her back in February, their sex life has been so-so. It wasn’t exactly working before, with her problem achieving orgasm, but it was better than how it’s been recently. It’s moments like right now that have been good. She’s rediscovering her comfort with him physically, this is important.

You know what I wish?


I wish that we could
have children.

Is this what was really keeping her up tonight? That chip in her neck is the reason why she cannot conceive a child.

Isn’t it a little early to be
thinking about us having kids?

It’s just a wish, Johnny.
I already know it won’t come true.

Maybe when the time comes we
could go see a fertility doctor…
or look into adoption…


You don’t sound sure of that.

He removes his hand from in between her legs.

I just always imagined carrying
a child inside me, especially with
you by my side. I had a daughter
before, and it’s the greatest
feeling, feeling life grow inside
you. Life created from love.

Barbara said the same thing
about Luke.

They are quiet for a couple minutes. A tear rolls down Dana’s face. She wipes it away.

We haven’t talked about what
you found out.

Found out?

He’s not sure what she’s referring to.

What Scott confessed… the reason
why he hurt me with a knife…

John takes a breath. He’s been wondering when this would come up.

The baby?

She nods her head.

I was so young, just turned 16 when
he killed it. It was the result of
a night’s indiscretion with a senior
from our rival school, Northwood.
My friends dared me to sleep with
him since he was this quarterback
who helped win the State Championship
the year before, he must have been
back after graduation to visit friends.

John has a strange expression on his face, almost a grin, but not quite.

He must have been a player because when
we got upstairs, he said he had just
run out of condoms. I said it didn’t
matter, I liked taking risks.

John shakes his head in disbelief, a little smile forms on his face.

I was only 15 years old, but that
guy… forgive me for saying this but…
that guy… there was a connection. Later
when I found out I was pregnant, I figured
I felt his sperm penetrate my egg, but
until then I had convinced myself that
I had slept with the love of my life and
forgot to get his name.

She laughs at how silly she had been when she was younger.


I wanted to have that baby, John.
In the hope that one day I’d be
able to find his father and fall in love.

Dana, sweetheart…

I was hurt so deeply when Scott killed
him that I was able to “deal” with it
by pretending it never happened. (beat)
I haven’t spoken about it since the
doctor told me he had died. I just…
I wanted to share that with you. (beat)
Maybe I’m having a hard time accepting
that I can’t have children anymore
because I’ve been pregnant twice, and
the second time was made possible by
the chip in my neck.

Dana looks at John, there’s an adoring smile on his face.

Why are you smiling? This is
a sad story.

Any chance you tried to dress like
Madonna at that party?

Dana’s surprised by this.

Yeah. How’d you know that?

You said “I didn’t know how lost
I was till I found you”, when you
approached the guy, right?

Dana sits up, surprised.

How do you know that?! Oh!
How embarrassing! You know
I used Madonna lyrics to
pick up guys!

She’s mortified and falls back down onto her pillow, covering her face with her hands.

I specifically remember a cute
red-head hitting on me with lyrics
from “Like A Virgin” before I succumbed
to her powers of seduction and slept
with her without using protection.
(beat) I was the quarterback at Northwood.
And I had come back for the weekend to
visit Monica.

Dana removes her hands from her face. She thinks he’s pulling her leg.

No… there’s no way that
could have happened.

I think I’m the father to that baby…

(shakes head)

I’m not kidding.

(testing him)
Ok, if that was you, what
happened after we finished?

Dana sits up and crosses her arms across her chest.

You rolled me onto my back.
We stayed connected, you kissed
my forehead and whispered something
about how you wished you could run
away with me. Then you rested your
head on my chest… and we lied there
for several minutes.

Dana blinks, she can’t believe this.

Oh and your name was “Danielle”, and
you said you were 17. (beat) I think
you lied…

Oh my God… that was you…?

She holds her hands over her heart.

Love of your life…

Dana wraps her arms around him and holds him. She’s realizing that she’s carried his child before, and that it had been killed by Scott. The two of them just do not have luck when it comes to having children.

Maybe third time will be a charm.

He kisses her cheek. She’s crying again.

Monica told me not too long ago to
believe. She didn’t say in what, but
I’m going to believe in a miracle, Dana.
There’s nothing more in life that I want
than to be with you and have a family.

He pulls away and looks into her eyes. Sometimes when he looks at them he can see straight into her soul. He can see that she wants exactly what he wants, and she doesn’t need to say anything to him to let him know this.

They lie back down to go to sleep, she curls up next to him, a smile on her face. He sings quietly to her. Not a song anyone would know, but one he’s making up on the spot. It helps soothe her mind as she falls asleep next to him.



APRIL 11, 2006

The radio alarm clock sounds off, waking Dana up from her peaceful slumber. She reaches over to her nightstand and turns off the radio. She rolls back over to see if John is awake, or if she needs to wake him with tender kisses. He’s not there, but in his place is a single red rose, lying on his pillow.

She sits up and smiles. When did John go out and buy her a rose?

She picks it up and smells it, it’s fresh. She removes the blankets from her body and walks out of the bedroom and heads downstairs. Not a care in the world that she’s got a bad case of bedhead.


She enters the living room and he’s not there. So she walks to the kitchen.

I found the rose… thank you.

He’s also not in the kitchen. There’s a note on the counter.

Dana sets the rose down and picks up the note.

"Got called in early. I’ll see you later. – John"

Called in early? He’s her partner again, why wouldn’t she get called in too? It’s probably a weird Mulder thing. He has been acting rather strange around the office lately. The canned food supply he keeps bringing in being the strangest thing, like he’s collecting years worth of food.

Dana sighs and heads back upstairs to get ready for the day. It’s possible Mulder has two cases that she and John need to work on, and he felt John needed to be in first.

After taking a shower and getting dressed into a nice pant suit and her favorite green shirt, she goes back downstairs to the kitchen. She pours dog food into Buddy’s bowl. Buddy runs into the room, his tail wagging when he hears the “dinner bell”. Dana pets him on the top of his head.

You be a good dog while
we’re gone, ok?

Buddy barks and follows her to the front door. Dana grabs her keys and leaves, locking the front door behind her.

As she walks to her car, she rubs the back of her neck. There’s that feeling again.

She knows that the chip in her neck was put there by the Cigarette-Smoking Man in order to control her fertility, but if that was the only reason… of course there was the time an Alien Bounty Hunter found her and had intended to kill her… did he find her because of the chip in her neck? And what about on the island? She felt it there too, and aliens were there. What’s going on?

She gets into the car and sees another red rose on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel. Dana can’t help but smile. This is so sweet of John.

She starts the engine to her car and places the rose on the passenger seat. She pulls out of the driveway.

She takes out her cell phone and dials John’s. It rings, he doesn’t answer. She hangs up. Perhaps John is meeting with A.D. Mulder right now and can’t answer his phone.



Mulder sits at John’s desk, a checklist in front of him. He’s biting his tongue thoughtfully as he checks off items from the list: bunk beds, ping pong table, batteries, shortwave radio, big flashlights, water guns, pens, blank journals, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner… he adds ear plugs to the list and nods his head to himself. These are the things he and Alex will need to survive in the bunker for a few months once the aliens come.

Scully stands in the doorway to the office, watching Mulder. She holds two roses in her hand now.

Mulder? What’re you doing down here?

Mulder looks up at her.

Working on my checklist for the
alien colonization bunker.


She walks into the office and sets the two roses down on her desk. She takes a seat.

I turned the basement into a
bomb shelter so you, Alex, Marita
and I can stay here while the
aliens attack.

John too, right?

Of course.

When do you plan on… closing
the bunker?

June 10th, Alex says aliens are
coming the day after that. So if
there’s anything you want from home,
go ahead and start bringing it here.

Scully nods her head. It’s strange. She never would have predicted this would be how Mulder would handle himself leading up to alien colonization which very well could be the end of the world as they know it.

Where’d you get the flowers?

Scully smiles.

I think John is leaving them
around for me.


Yeah, I woke up and instead of
Johnny next to me, there was a rose.
Then there was one in my car, and then
I found one taped to the basement door with
my name on a note card… three so far today.
I’m wondering what he’s done that he feels
he needs to give me roses to make up for.

Mulder laughs.

You know men, sometimes we’re
dumb and do stupid things.

That’s why God created flowers.
(beat) John’s never given me
flowers before. He’s piqued my
interest. (beat) Where is he
anyway? He left a note saying that
he got called in early.

He’s out on a case.


Yeah. I thought it’d be good
for him to investigate sightings
of Bigfoot several miles south of here.

Scully giggles, poor John.

I know, I know… Bigfoot isn’t
real, but I couldn’t resist
not sending him on the hunt.

I wish I could have been in the
office to see the look on his
face when he got that one.

It was classic.

So what am I doing today?

Well, there are no other cases, so
I thought you could help me set up the bunker.

Ok, so… let’s make notes of things
we’ll really need for survival.

She opens her desk drawer and her eyes brighten. There on top of some post-it notes is another red rose.


What is it? A cute, furry mouse?

Scully takes the rose out of the drawer and shows it to Mulder.

NO… another rose.

She smells it and smiles.

That makes four.

Are you sure it’s not from Skinner?

I’m sure. It would be creepy if
it is him… the first one I found
was in bed with me this morning.

Good point. (beat) I actually didn’t
see Cue Ball at the Directors meeting
earlier this morning. I wonder where he is.

Scully sets the new rose down next to the other two on her desk.

I’ve noticed you’ve been
a lot happier lately.

Well… gosh… you know… Kim and I…

You and Kim?

She and I have been dating for
two months, actually two months
to the day. I’m taking her out for
dinner tonight, and then putt-putt golf.

Kissed her yet?

Mulder’s face goes beet red.


You have, haven’t you?


He looks down, embarrassed.

You two are cute together.

She pulls a pen and some paper out of her desk.

She makes you happy, right?

All the time, even when
I just think about her.

Scully smiles. She’s happy that Mulder has moved on from his divorce with Diana Fowley. She’s glad that he’s dating again.

The smile fades from her face and her expression is sad as she thinks of how the world as they know right now will soon come crumbling down around them. She hopes everyone she knows and loves survives the aliens, but that’s an irrational hope, the aliens are coming to take over the planet, and that means destroying the life currently occupying the planet. She has no doubt that people she loves will die.

Mulder… make sure she knows how you
feel about her. Life’s too short to
not express your feelings for those you love.

Why so glum suddenly?

Thinking of colonization. You know,
we focused so much on developing
a vaccine and not on how we’re actually
going to fight back. I have a bad feeling
things will not be good, the Group… it signed
the death papers for the entire planet by
not figuring out how we’re going to survive.
We worried for years about this virus, we
don’t even have a good idea on how they’ll
first attack.

I have a new informant…

Who? Knowle?

No… I don’t know who he is.
He doesn’t give me a name or
alias. He says that Africanized
honey bees have been genetically
altered over in Tunisia… altered
to carry the virus, when stung the
virus enters your system. These bees
will be released on the population.

Did he say how quickly the virus
takes to gestate an alien?

An hour or less, depending
on how warm the air temperature is.

That’s fast.

He says he thinks the virus has mutated.

Mutated? If that’s true that
could mean the vaccine may not work.

All the more reason to get the bunker
prepared to live in. (beat) Why don’t
I give you a tour of the Bunkie. Alex
loved it when I showed it to him a few
months ago.
Mulder stands up and Scully follows him out into the hallway to see what exactly Mulder has done to the basement of the FBI.



Skinner sits on his couch, staring ahead of him at a duffle bag that’s packed full. This doesn’t make any sense. Why would the Marine Corps call him to duty after he’s been retired for 33 years? They discharged him after he was returned from being a P.O.W. in 1973.

His wife at the time, Sharon, hadn’t been able to handle him when he came back from Vietnam. He regrets the way he handled things too. He never should have slept with Dana Scully when he was her poetry teacher her Senior year in high school. She’s so much younger than he is, but she listened to him, she cared. It was Dana who could help him deal with what he went through in ‘Nam, she understood. She was so mature for her age.

He loves her still. He can’t help it, but he does. She graduated in 1988 and he didn’t see her again until 1993 when she became a FBI agent. A couple years after that he was asked to keep a close eye on her for the Cigarette-Smoking Man, so he asked her out and they dated.

It was perfect save for not being able to tell everyone, not being able to be public about their romance. He was her superior, that is frowned upon by the Bureau.

When did things go so terribly wrong between them? He shakes his head, he knows, it was succumbing to Marita’s seductions a few years ago, cheating on Dana, that’s what destroyed them. And then there was John Doggett, the hero, the shoulder for Dana to cry on when she discovered the truth about him and Marita. John swept Dana off her feet, treated her with respect and loves her the way she deserves.

Skinner is happy that Dana has found someone who treats her so well, though deep down in his heart, it hurts. It hurts knowing his chance with her is gone.

And now he’s been called to duty in what has to be a war against alien colonists. A war he will most likely die in. He never got the chance to apologize, sincerely apologize, to Dana and tell her how he feels.

He stands up and picks up his phone and dials her office number.

(on phone)
This is the X-Files Division,
Assistant Director Fox Mulder speaking.

Is agent Scully in?

Yes, please hold.

Mulder puts the phone on hold and goes to find Scully.

He finds her in the ladies room, she’s holding another rose in her hand. She sees his head poke in the door.

There was another rose on
the counter. I don’t know if
this is endearing or if it’s
getting creepy.

She laughs quietly.

I think Skinner’s on line one for you.



Scully walks out of the restroom with the rose. She goes into the office and picks up the phone.

This is agent Scully.


There’s a tone in his voice that she’s never heard before.

Is everything all right?

Can I take you out for lunch?
There’s something I need to talk
to you about.

Scully can tell this isn’t your typical Skinner-wants-to-propose-marriage discussions. This sounds serious.

Sure. Where?

I’ll pick you up at noon.

Ok. (beat) are you all right?

She’s worried for him.

We’ll talk later. I’ll
see you at noon.

All right.

Skinner hangs up without saying goodbye. Scully looks up at Mulder, worry in her eyes.

What’s wrong?

I don’t know. He says he
needs to talk.

Scully sets her fifth rose down next to the others on her desk. She stares at them. She sighs.



Mulder is on the phone, he’s still hanging out down in the basement office.

(on phone)
Ok so I’ll do that. (beat) I don’t
know. (beat) Well… I won’t be able
to have lunch with her, she’s going
to lunch with Skinner. (beat) Not sure,
she seems worried for him though.

Mulder looks at his watch, his eyes bug.

Uh-oh! Gotta go!

Mulder hands up his phone. He goes into his old office across the hallway and grabs two roses from a pile of five. He quickly runs back to Scully and Doggett’s office and slips one rose into the pocket of her coat, and he rushes out of the basement and goes up to the parking garage and places the second rose on the handle of Scully’s car door, he takes Scotch tape out of his pocket and tapes the rose onto her car.

He takes a deep breath and places his hands on his hips.

What’re you doing?

Mulder yelps, he’s been startled.

I uh… um… hey, how’re you
doing, Skinman?

Been better. (beat) Does Dana know
you’re taping a rose to her car?

No. Bye.

Mulder quickly walks away from Skinner. Skinner follows at a regular pace and takes the elevator down to the basement. He walks down the hallway. It’s been a long time since he’s been down here, not since he was A.D. in charge of the division.

He gets to Scully’s office and knocks on the door. Scully is standing at her desk, writing a note.

Ready to go?

Yeah, just need to leave a note
for Mulder, let him know I’ll
be back soon.

She finishes her note. Skinner sees the roses on her desk.

Got a secret admirer?

It’s John. I keep finding
roses all over the place today.

She walks over to her coat and is about to put it on when she sees the rose that Mulder put in her coat pocket.

See. This is the um… sixth rose today.

She smiles and takes it out of the pocket. She puts it on her desk with the other roses.

I’m thinking John has done
something he needs to apologize for.

They walk out of the office and head up the stairs to the parking garage.

We can take your car.


They get to the parking garage and Scully sees the rose that Mulder taped to her car door.

Mulder put that one there.

Scully gives him a look.


Caught him red-handed.

Hmm… seems John has recruited
some help in his quest for forgiveness.

She removes the rose from her car door. They get in.

So where do you want to go?

Someplace quiet, not crowded…

She nods her head.

So you gonna let me in on
what this is about?

When we get there.

Scully pulls out of the parking garage.



Skinner and Scully are seated in a booth in the corner of the restaurant, away from other tenants. Their drinks are in front of them. They are done eating.

Skinner can’t bring himself to look at her, he twirls his straw in his drink. Scully watches him carefully, she’s never seen him like this before. She’s worried for him.

Finally, he looks up and his eyes lock with hers. She’s almost forgotten how beautiful he is. His behaviour since their breakup a few years back tarnished his good looks.

She blushes and looks away, she can’t believe she took that long to consider his good looks.


She looks at him again.

I got called to active duty.

Her mouth opens involuntarily. She didn’t expect this.

Why you?

I asked myself the same question.
I’ve been retired since ’73.
I’m 54 years old.

Scully shakes her head in disbelief.

This scares me, Walter. If they’ve
called you, John is bound to get
called one of these days. (beat)
He doesn’t believe in what’s going
to happen. He says he’ll never
leave me, but… Oh God, what if that’s
why he’s sending me the roses? What
if he’s been called to duty and doesn’t
know how to break it to me…?

She looks away.


He reaches out and touches her hand. She looks at him.

I don’t want to leave here without
telling you how sorry I am for the
way I’ve acted in the past toward you.
I didn’t treat you with respect and I should have.

You’ve apologized before…

Not the way I wanted to. (beat)
I love you, Dana, I know I always will-

- Walter, please –

She pulls her hand away from his.

- Hear me out… I love you. You made
me so happy when we were together.
You helped me forget ‘Nam, and what
I went through. I was stupid to cheat
on you, this is the biggest mistake
of my life, losing you for having done that.
A day doesn’t go by where I don’t think
about what could have been.

He looks her in the eyes.

Walter, I… I care for you, I
worry for you, all I ever
wanted was for you to let go, move on.

I’m not telling you this because I
want you back. (beat) I know John
makes you happy, I see how much you
love him. (beat) I’m telling you how
I feel because fact is, I may not live
through this alien thing. I’m not young
like I was in the 70s (beat) I’m telling you
this because I don’t want any regrets, no
what ifs, I want you to know… how much you mean to me.

Scully is confused. Is he sincere or is he trying to be with her again like he’s tried in the past? She’s frustrated with him, she’s expecting him to drop to one knee any minute and ask her to marry him. She’s so sick of those words… “will you marry me?”.

I should go.

She stands up and starts walking away. Skinner lets out a sigh. He’s upset her. That was not his intention. He stands up and goes after her. He stops and pays for their drinks.

Outside, Scully digs into her purse to find her car keys. She wipes a tear from her face. Why can’t Walter see that she’s happy with John? Why does he always need to tell her that he loves her?


She stops digging in her purse.

Walter please, just stop this.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset
you. (beat) I’m sorry I didn’t know
how to approach you right, to say
goodbye to you forever.

Scully swallows, she hears sincerity in his voice.

I should have just stopped by the
office and said goodbye. I’m sorry
I tried to make things right between
us before I left.

Scully blinks. She doesn’t know what to say. Perhaps her tears aren’t from what he’s saying, but in the truth that if Walter has been called to active duty, surely John will be called too, and that he would leave her if that happens. She’s afraid that is why John is sending her the roses today, he’s lied to her. He said if he got called that he wouldn’t leave her, but what if he’s changed his mind? She’s afraid to be without him, especially with aliens preparing to attack and eliminate them from the planet. That’s what her tears are really for. They were brought out because one more friend of hers has been called to duty. That means she’ll have one more friend she may lose in colonization.

She wipes her eyes.

I’m sorry, Walter… I guess I’m more a
mess over all this than I thought.

She steps toward him.

I’m not upset by your words. I’m
upset because you leaving is one
step closer. I’m afraid of the
day John gets that call. (beat)
I appreciate your apology and I
accept it. Ever since Knowle left
I’ve been a worried mess inside.

That’s understandable.

I care for you, Walter. That’s
why I always hoped you’d get over
me and find happiness with someone else.

You’re a hard one to get over.

Scully laughs softly.

So I’ve been told.

Don’t worry about John. He loves
you, I can’t imagine he’d leave
you for the Corps when he knows
aliens are coming and your life
will be in danger.

He’s good at denial. He keeps
believing aliens don’t exist.
Sometimes I think it’d take an
alien to come up to him and attack
him, for him to believe.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Maybe I’m just used to being
let down. Even my mom told me that
one day John would turn out like
all the rest, that he’d betray me.

And do you really believe that?

She shakes her head “no”.

Then don’t let your mother
hurt you with those thoughts.

Scully nods her head. She needs to be stronger. She takes a deep breath.

You ready to head back?
I don’t know when you need to leave.

Have to be down to Lejeune in
the next 20 something hours.

He opens the car door for her and she gets in. He comes to the passenger side.

Knowle was send to Lejeune too.
Stick with him, he’s paranoid,
which means he’s on top of things, he’s smart.

So you’re saying Mulder’s smart then?

He transformed the basement of
the FBI into a bomb shelter for
him and his buddies to hide out in
during the alien attacks. (beat) He’s smart.

A bunker?

One push of a button and the bomb
shelter walls encompass the basement.

Where’d he get the funding for that?

Alex, I think. Maybe Marita.

After about twenty minutes Scully pulls into the FBI parking garage. She parks her car in her parking spot. Another rose has been taped to the concrete wall in front of her car. Skinner points at it.

How many now?

She gets out of the car. Skinner gets out and shuts the car door. Scully goes up to him. This is it. What could be a final goodbye. She wraps her arms around him and rests her head on his chest.

You take care of yourself…

He runs his hand over the top of her head. He doesn’t want to say goodbye.

I’ll do my best.

She looks up at him, tears in her eyes.

You do the same.

He places his hands on her face and bends down and kisses her forehead.

Keep an eye on John too, he’ll
need you during all this too.

I know.

And for God’s sake, take him to
Vegas and marry the guy.

Scully laughs.

John declares Vegas is the
Anti-Doggett. May have something
to do with-

- The one time he and Monica
got drunk and married me.


Scully pulls out of Skinner’s embrace. She glances at the rose on the garage wall.

I better get that with the others.

Yeah… be easy on him, no matter
what he did.

It’s hard to stay mad at him for long.

Skinner runs his hand down her arm as if it is the last time he’ll ever touch her or be in her presence.

I need to go.

Tell Knowle that John and I say “hi”.

Skinner starts walking to his car.

I will.

He takes out his keys and unlocks the door. Scully wants to tell him something, just to make sure he knows it.


He shuts his car door and pulls out of his parking space and drives off.

I love you too…

Her heart sinks, he didn’t hear her. She loves him, not in the way she loves John, but as a good friend. She hopes she’ll see him again… someday.

She goes to get the rose from the concrete wall. She smiles again. This is the most mysterious way she’s ever received flowers. She needs to stop jumping to the conclusion that John’s been called to duty, and enjoy what he’s doing for her.

She walks back inside the building and walks down the stairs to the basement. She expects to see Mulder at John’s desk where he’s been all day, but he’s not there.

She sets her most recent rose down with the others on her desk. She sits down and looks around the office. She still can’t believe that Mulder has found a way to make the basement a bomb shelter. She’s not entirely sure that a bomb shelter will protect them during alien colonization, anything she ever heard members of the Group talk about included complete destruction of the planet. She’s sure that the aliens would have weapons strong enough to blast right through a bomb shelter… of course there’s always Mulder Luck.

If only things could be different. If only she had never left the Group. If only she had been working on the vaccine all these years so many bad things never would have happened, especially to Monica.

She wonders how Monica is really doing. It’s only two months away from colonization. Her mind has got to be sensing the impending attacks, sensing more and more aliens in the area.

Scully hasn’t been making her take the medication that John Montgomery prescribed her, she wonders if Brad has made her. She worries that Monica’s mind and body won’t be able to handle everything she senses, sees, and hears. Will she go into a vegetative state? Will her mind induce a coma to try to shut everything out? There was no way for anyone in the Group to test the consequences of what was done to Monica in order to get what was needed from her mind to create the vaccine.

And why is the military gathering up men who have been retired for over two decades? What good will that do them? Shouldn’t they have the best trained men to try to fight the aliens off? And why have they waited this long to begin calling men to duty? They should have done that long ago in order to have time to prepare.

She worries for Skinner, he went through so much during Vietnam, some of which he never shared with her. What will this do to him? Will he be able to handle war? Will he be able to keep it together and survive? She’s not sure, he came to tell her goodbye as if he’d never see her again.

Will the President start drafting men and women to fight? Not that it will matter anyway, anyone who survives the aliens initial attacks will have to fend for themselves, fight a war that cannot be won.

The phone in the office rings. Scully answers.

Agent Scully.

(on phone)
Agent Scully, it’s Assistant
Director Follmer. I need to speak
with you in my office within the
hour. It’s important.

What is this concerning?

I can’t say right now, but
I’ll inform you when you get here.

Yes, sir.

Good. I’ll see you soon.

Brad hangs up.

Scully hangs up. Brad sounds serious. Is this about Monica? Or is she in some kind of trouble with OPR? She sighs, best not to overreact.

Scully stands up and heads to the elevator to head up to Brad’s office.


Brad sits at his desk, carefully reading through paperwork. The day couldn’t be going by slower. He got here earlier than usual to attend the Directors meeting. He was a little late since Monica was suffering from some kind of episode just before he had to leave. He stayed to try to help her. He suggested they try her medication, but she refused. He tries his best to understand what she’s going through. He knows that she says the medication doesn’t help her, but if they can calm her, why not take them?

There’s a knock on his office door. He looks up, it’s Scully.

Come in, agent.

She comes in and takes a seat in front of his desk.

How’s your day been?

Rather slow. Yours?

Different. (beat) Walter got
called to military duty.

Brad doesn’t know what to say. He’s not sure how her relationship has been recently with Skinner.

Let’s get down to business.


It’s come to my attention that your
relationship with agent Doggett has
been interfering with work.

Scully cocks an eyebrow. What the heck is this?

Excuse me? (beat) John and I don’t
let our relationship come into play
in our professional partnership.

I’m sorry, but hard evidence has
landed in my hands that says otherwise.

Brad eyes Scully, gauging her reaction. She’s bewildered.

You do understand that the Bureau
frowns upon non-professional
behaviour in the office, correct?


She glares at him. She’s in trouble for something she’s unaware of between her and John in the office.

What evidence are you talking about?

Brad smiles at her in an authoritative way. He opens a drawer of his desk.

Agent Doggett asked that I give
you this sometime this afternoon.

Brad pulls out a red rose from his desk drawer.

You’re going to punish us because
of flowers? (beat) Pardon my disrespect,
but really, I recall you sending daisies
down to Monica nearly every day when you
two were together. This rose thing has
only happened today. If you’re getting John
and I for that, then expect me to inform
the Department of Justice about your little
relationship with Monica when you were her
superior in New York.

Scully angrily stands up, takes the rose from Brad, and storms to the door to leave his office.

Dana, come back.

Scully snaps around to face him, she’s pissed.

This Bureau disgusts me, sir.
The way I’ve been treated here
for the past 13 years… the way
John has been treated, you and I
both know he did nothing to deserve
to be demoted back down to XFD.-

- Dana, you and John aren’t in
any trouble. John asked me to kid
with you about that, he assured me
once you saw the rose that you’d
get that… apparently John was wrong.

Brad laughs and shakes his head.

Leave it to John to screw
up a setting, huh?


I’m sorry I led you to believe
you were in trouble.

Scully shuts her eyes, she was just telling off an Assistant Director for no reason.

Can I say something… as a friend?


If you’re so unhappy with the FBI,
why are you still here? You’re well
qualified. I’m sure you could get
another job.

Scully shakes her head.

That’s what no one understands…
I never really wanted to be a FBI
agent, or a medical doctor, heck,
joining the Bureau was a way of rebelling
against my parents’ wish for me to
be a successful doctor.

What’re you saying then?

I don’t have the qualifications
to do what I want to do.

And what’s that?

Other than be a mother?

She shrugs her shoulders.

I don’t know… something that makes me happy.

Like how Monica became a teacher?

Yeah. (beat) Um, Brad…
I’m sorry I got angry with
you. I didn’t mean to-

- Yeah you did, but it was your
anger with the FBI, not me.

Scully gives him an apologetic smile and walks to the door. She looks down at the rose in her hand, the ninth one today.

So… any idea why John’s giving me roses?

He loves you. (beat) Don’t be
so paranoid, Dana. Flowers
don’t always mean something is wrong.

Scully smiles and leaves his office.



Scully’s car pulls up in the driveway. John’s truck isn’t there, he must still be out investigating Bigfoot.

Scully gets out of her car, carrying the eight roses she received today at work. She’ll have to put them in the vase where she put the first rose this morning.

She walks to the porch of her house. She smiles… her house. She opens the mailbox to check for mail, inside is another red rose.

Hmm… maybe John really is home already. How else would he be able to get this rose in the mailbox?

She unlocks the door and goes inside. Buddy runs up to her, he’s excited, tail wagging, he barks happily.


She sets her keys down on the stand in front of the door. She looks down at Buddy.

Where is he Buddy?

Buddy barks and runs halfway up the stairs. He stops and looks down at her.

He’s up there?

Buddy barks, and runs all the way to the top of the stairs. Scully follows.


Buddy stands in the doorway to the bedroom, his tail wagging.

(to John)
Your flowers almost got me
into trouble today… I started
to chew out Brad…

She enters the bedroom, John’s not there either. Instead there’s another red rose on the bed, a note is next to it.

Scully sits down and the bed and picks up the note, she reads it:

"Dana, go put this in the vase along with
the other ten roses. Put on something warm
and comfortable, and drive out to my cabin
in Luray. I’ll meet you there. I love you. – John"

A tear falls down her cheek, she had no idea that John could be so romantic. She had no idea he knew she is a romantic at heart as well. This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her, she can’t wait to see what kind of evening John has planned.

She stands up and kicks off her work shoes. She rummages through the closet and find a nice brown, long-sleeve shirt to wear, the color helps bring out the blue of her eyes. She puts on black pants and goes to check her hair in the bathroom mirror.

She smiles, wondering what John is up to.



The sun has set. Scully’s car pulls up next to John’s truck. She turns off the engine and gets out. She sees John sitting on the end of the dock that sticks out into the river.

She walks toward him.

He doesn’t turn to face her when he hears her walking toward him.

So… I got your note…

He looks up at her, and smiles.

It’s a perfect night, isn’t it?

Scully looks up at the stars twinkling in the sky above them. She looks back down and sees John pick up a rose, he hands it to her.

A dozen roses…

John starts to stand up, but comes to rest on one knee in front of Dana. He takes hold of her hand.

I’ve been sitting here, thinking
of what I’d say when you got here and
I keep coming back to the same thing…

Dana’s heart beats fast. She feels what’s coming, she doesn’t say anything as tears well in her eyes.

You’re the love of my life, Dana.
Each day I’m with you, you do something
new to make me enjoy life, and love you
more. (beat) You make me smile, you make
me laugh… you saved me. (beat) Saved me
from sadness, loneliness… things that
I never thought I’d be able to erase. (beat)
You taught me that life isn’t about dwelling
on the past, nor is it about staying at home
on a Saturday, cleaning my gun and watching NASCAR.

Dana laughs through her tears.

It’s about the little things, the small
things that make what we have so special.
A touch… a look… the feeling I get in my
heart when you walk into a room… you touch
my soul… (beat) Dana Katherine Scully…

He swallows back a cry as tears well up in his eyes.

… Would you do me the honor of
becoming my wife?

Dana lets a cry escape from her mouth. She drops her 12th rose to the ground without knowing.


John reaches into his coat pocket and retrieves the diamond engagement ring that he’s had for months. Dana wipes tears from her eyes so she can see the ring clearly.

I had it engraved…

He shows her the inside of the silver ring band, the moonlight hits it and she reads the engraving out loud:

Semper fi…

Tears freely fall down her face. He gently holds her hand and places the ring on her finger.

It’s perfect…

She kneels down in front of him, he caresses the side of her face.

I love you Dana Katherine…

He kisses her gently. His fingers weave into her hair, caressing the back of her neck. He slips his tongue into her mouth, she’s perfect. He feels her tears touch his cheek. He pulls away from her and wipes her tears away with his thumb. He looks into her eyes.

I can’t wait to spend the
rest of my life with you.

Dana blinks and looks down at the ring on her finger.

It’s gorgeous. How did you
know I like silver?

Lucky guess… and sweetheart… it’s platinum.

Dana’s eyes widen in disbelief. She looks back down at the ring again.

Oh… John… you didn’t have to-

Yes I did… you deserve the very best.

He smiles at her.

Scully smiles at him, this is the perfect ending to an interesting day. Back here in Luray, where he first told her he loves her… semper fi… always faithful. His promise to her to always be here for her, to love her, and now his promise to make her his wife.

Dana kisses him on the cheek, and wipes his tears away with her thumb.

Thank you.

John looks at her.

For what?


She looks back down at the ring on her finger.

So I bet you want to run, get
your phone and call people and let them know.

Hmm… maybe you don’t know me
as well as I thought…

John gives her a look.

It’s more romantic to keep it
between the two of us for awhile…
our little secret.

She smiles.

(laughs quietly)
At least I’ve got a lifetime
to learn everything about you.

He stands up and offers his hand to her and helps her to her feet after she picks up the rose she dropped.

So… I was thinking I could
start a campfire and we could
relax out here under the stars…

He walks behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. He kisses her neck. They are both beaming with love and happiness.

That sounds nice. Got smores?

A campfire isn’t a campfire
without smores.

They walk back up to his cabin to celebrate their engagement outside in each other’s arms, underneath the night sky.




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