"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Nine


Review By: Kristi Hsiao

"They may be overtaking the planet, but it’s still ours and I say we don’t go down without a fight." - John Doggett

Holy guacamole! John Doggett's alive!? Or is he? Could it be just another flashback, or the real deal? It must be fate that leads these characters down the path they travel. Like they say, everything happens for a reason.

Painful memories stir as we delve deeper into the mystery. Unexpectedly, our heroes of Fox & Rat stumble upon a hidden secret that is sure to get you saying, "WHAT!?", by the end of the episode. Or at least leave you in deep thought ;)

This new episode brings hope to FRVS readers from all over the internet. Maybe . . . just maybe . . . we can win this war, or go down fighting.

9x05 "Memento"

Title: "Memento"
Written by: Cassie
Date: June 2-9, 2006; December 6, 2006
Air Date: December 11, 2006
Rating: PG-13
Series: FRVS - Episode #178
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: What really happened to John Doggett.


EXT. WOODS – 10:00 P.M.

JULY 17, 2006

The warm glow of the flickering campfire burns near a military truck. Not far from the fire a man sits, silhouetted by the warm flames. His distinguishing features are concealed by the shadows. We slowly move around his body not yet revealing his face.




Shannon McMahon and John Doggett are sitting on their bunks talking.

If you really trust these men,
then you can stay here. I’m
leaving when Knowle leaves-


We continue to move around the man. He’s not wearing a shirt. On his back there are three claw scars running down his back diagonally from the top of his shoulder to his lower back.


John and Shannon see Knowle run past the entry to the room they are in. They share a look. What the hell is going on?

Where’s he going?

I don’t know, but I’ve got
a bad feeling. We need to go.

Shannon stands up and grabs her duffle bag and her rifle. John looks at her, a lost puppy-dog look in his eyes.

I’m getting out of here.

Shannon walks away from John. He watches her, grabs his duffle bag and rifle. He follows. She’s heading down the hallway in the opposite direction that Knowle was headed.


My jeep is out this way.

Suddenly the lights in the barracks flicker and a low rumble is heard. Their eardrums vibrate because of how intense and how loud the noise is. Shannon picks up her pace and starts running. John runs behind her. They burst out through the building doors. They run a few feet and John stops. He turns around and looks up, there’s an alien space craft hovering above the barracks. He blinks his eyes. Now he has no more doubts. Dana was right, he should have stayed with her. Aliens do exist.


John starts running again. Shannon is ahead of him.

Suddenly there’s a loud explosion. John falls to the ground as fire lights up the night sky. He covers his head as debris from the barracks falls all around him.

A truck speeds past him as he lies on the ground, passing him, approaching Shannon. John quickly gets on his feet, chasing after Shannon. She’s grabbed onto the truck and is pulling herself into the back as it picks up speed.

John hears a loud snarl behind him. He looks behind him and sees a lizard-like creature chasing him. He drops his duffle bag and rifle. He runs like hell. Shannon is reaching out her hand to him.

Take my hand, Johnny!

I can’t reach you!
Go on without me!


The silhouetted man reaches back and touches his shoulder where the scar is, remembering the pain.


Shannon continues to reach out to John. She’s not giving up on him, he’s her Marine brother. The truck she’s in hasn’t picked up any more speed, the driver has noticed Shannon and John trying to get on board.

The alien screeches and lunges forward towards John just as his hand touches Shannon’s, she holds onto him tight as the alien plunges its claws into his back, trying to tear him away from the truck. John screams in pain and in fear. A part of him thinks it would be best if Shannon just let him go, let him die, but he can’t bring himself to let go of her. Dana’s back in Falls Church, he needs to be with her.

Shannon leans backward, lifting John up further into the truck. The alien’s claws stay in his back, tearing and ripping at his skin and muscle. Shannon grabs her rifle and does her best to aim it at the alien using only one hand.

He thinks she’s going to shoot him before letting him go so the alien cannot make him suffer more.


John lowers his head and Shannon shoots the alien directly in the head. Green blood splatters all over John. Shannon shoots it again on the wrists, the alien falls to the ground, one of its claws remains in John’s back. Shannon pulls him into the back of the truck. Blood pours down his back.

Shannon pounds on the rear window of the truck and the driver speeds up. Shannon rips John’s shirt off of him and presses the fabric on his wounds.

You stay with me, John…
you hear me? Stay with me…

Her voice fades and all goes black.


The man runs his fingertips over the scar tissue on his back. The warm flames light up his face… John Doggett. He looks emotionally and physically exhausted. His face is calm and sad, but we can still see the inner torment he carries silently inside him.

He looks down at his hand, he’s holding the alien claw that was in his back after Shannon pulled him to safety. He runs his thumb across the razor-sharp edge of the claw, remembering how close to death he had been. He had passed out and came to a few days later, the harsh smell of gunpowder stung his nose and his back felt on fire, Shannon had used gunpowder to seal up the wounds on his back.

It angered him when he found out the driver is a Sergeant Major E-9, and made the call to head northeast. Tennessee is where they were when he woke up, not heading back to Virginia, not heading back to save Dana. That was two months ago.

John leans forward, his dog tags dangle in front of his chest. He looks toward the truck. Shannon is throwing more wood on the fire. She looks at him and smiles.

How’re you holding up?

She walks towards him. She’s wearing an army green tank top, camouflage pants and army boots. Her hair is up in a ponytail.

Still feel weak.

Your strength will return in
time, don’t worry.

She sits down next to him he’s been awfully quiet lately. She’s worried for him.

All this is a lot to handle, huh?
(beat) Death knocking on our
door… all we’ve seen in the last
two months.

John nods his head. He hasn’t really talked about what happened to him as they escaped from the barracks when it was attacked.

We still should have gone back to Virginia.

He looks back down at the claw in his hand, a reminder of what he’s been through. He can’t bring himself to get rid of the claw, it’s a reminder that if he could survive that close encounter, he can survive anything.

Shannon looks at his back, gently touching the scar tissue.

It’s looking better. Better than
it was several days ago.

Itches like you wouldn’t believe.

They hear footsteps coming up behind them. They turn around.

You two taking a break without me?

He stands near them.

Just checking up on John.
His wounds look much better.

That’s good. (beat) There’s a small
town about a mile north of here, Beaver
Dam, like a ghost town now, but it’s not
as destroyed as some of the larger towns
we’ve passed through. I say we go there, see
if we can find a place with running water and
rest up. Maybe even get a roof over our heads.

Sounds like a plan to me. I’d do
anything to rinse off with clean water.

John stands up carefully, minding the healing tissue of his back. It’s been a long healing process since they have no medicines to speed up the process.

He walks alone back to the military truck they are traveling him. Charles and Shannon watch him.

How’s he holding up mentally?

Not sure. He’s been quiet. It bothers
him that we didn’t go back to get his fiancée.

We couldn’t go back towards D.C.,
the aliens were going to hit the
area hard since it’s our nation’s capitol.

I know. It’s just they didn’t have a
pretty parting, so he’s not only down
about that and the fact she may not
have survived, he’s also dealing with
his alien encounter and his beliefs are
nothing now. His world has crashed down around him.

I’m worried PTSD may kick in.

Post-traumatic stress… yeah, I can
imagine after what he’s been through
that could happen.

Could take months maybe even
years to hit him. (beat) Any idea
how he may deal with it?

Well… his son was kidnapped and murdered
thirteen years ago. He pushed people away
and overworked himself, I think he developed
an alcohol problem, though I suspect that
happened after the Gulf War.

Well, we don’t have any alcohol with
us and we won’t stop at any liquor stores.

Charles heads toward the truck. John is throwing dirt on the fire to put it out. John doesn’t look at him. He’s had a difficult time accepting Charles since he found out he was the one that directed them away from Virginia. He doesn’t yet know that Charles is Dana’s younger brother, there’s been no need to exchange full names and John hasn’t talked much about Dana, rather keeping his thoughts about her in his head.

John gets into the truck, he sits in the passenger side. Charles and Shannon get in. Charles starts the engine.

I saw a field house in town,
might mean there’s a campus. Which
means there could be vending machines
we can break into.

Something you know a lot about, Charles?

He smiles at her with a mischievous look in his eyes.

Not very healthy, is it?

Better than nothing, John.

They head out onto the highway, needing to dodge abandoned cars and rotting corpses every so often.

After a couple minutes they pull off the highway and turn left. John looks around the town: McDonalds, Shopko, a small outlet mall, Piggly Wiggly grocery store. Further down the road a shoe store, Burger King, small houses. John sees what looks to be a soccer field to his left and the field house Charles spoke of. The town is dead, no one is around. Charles turns right and pulls up into a large circular driveway in front of a three-story building with four large white pillars.

Definitely a campus.

Charles stops the car and turns off the headlights.

Let’s check out this building
first – we stick together.

No kidding.

The three of them get out of the truck, each carrying their rifles. They head up the cement steps leading to the buildings glass door. The lock is broken. Shannon opens the door and John and Charles rush in, checking corners to make sure that it is safe.

Anyone see a lightswitch?

Feel the walls.

John places his hands on the wall, feeling for a light switch. His heart is pounding in his chest. He’s afraid of what they could find in the dark. Are aliens hiding in the darkness? Will an alien try to kill him again? His fingers run into a light switch, he almost gasps out loud.

Found it.

He flips the switch and florescent lights illuminate the room. The ceiling is high, walls are wooden planks, the floor is white tile like you’d see in a high school hallway. Shannon ventures to the left.

Rec room. Got a billiards table.

Could be a dorm.

I’m going to go up these stairs,
see what’s up there.

You’re not going alone.

Charles gives him a look.

Charles switches on another light and he and John head upstairs together.

Shannon stays downstairs. The building is silent. She hears John and Charles walking above her. She hears the sputtering, hollow clank of empty pipes as John and Charles check to see if showers work.

This can’t be possibly the only dorm on the campus.


She shouts up the stairwell at them.

Let’s try another building, maybe
another has running water.

John starts coming down the stairs.

It’s eerie here. I don’t trust it.

You don’t trust the location
or you don’t trust Charles?


John walks past her. Charles comes down the stairs and stands by Shannon.

Let’s move to the next building.

He nods his head and looks past her at John. He switches off the lights and they exit the building to go check another.



The room is full of steam. John stands underneath a showerhead, his head is tilted back and the water streams hit him. The hot water runs down his naked body, gently gliding over his skin, softening it, moisturizing it. His eyes are closed and his mouth is open, relaxed. The body wash he found smells of fresh roses.



FEBRUARY 21, 2006

Dana’s first night sleeping at John’s since moving out of her apartment.

John sits in bed wearing his reading glasses, he holds a Tom Clancy novel in his hands. He’s wearing his USMC boxer shorts and is shirtless. He hears the shower in the master bath turn off. He can smell the sweet, fresh scent of roses seeping into the bedroom. He smiles, it’s about time a woman moved in with him, his place needs a woman’s touch.

The bathroom door opens and Dana walks out. Her hair wet, the towel is wrapped around her naked body. John looks up at her, he can’t keep his eyes off her, she’s so beautiful. She goes to the dresser and retrieves her stain purple pajamas. She looks over her shoulder at John, he’s still watching her. She drops the bath towel to the floor, revealing herself to John. She slips into her pajamas, the fabric glides over every curve of her body. She comes to bed and curls up next to John. She kisses his shoulder and wraps her arms tightly around his waist. She starts crying, resting her head on his chest.

John sets his book down on his nightstand and takes off his glasses.

What is it sweetheart…?

She doesn’t say anything, in fact she cries harder. He figures her tears must be because of what happened with her a week ago when Scott Williams kidnapped her and hurt her.

He wraps his arms around her and holds her close, protecting and comforting her. He kisses the top of her head, his eyes show that he feels so much pain and would do anything to take it all away from her.

I love you… he can never hurt
you again. (beat) I’ll never let
anything bad happen to you again, I promise.


Water falls down John’s face. His eyes are red, he’s crying. He bites his lower lip. He doesn’t want Shannon and Charles to know he’s crying. What kind of Marine cries in the time of war? He didn’t do it in the Gulf even though many of his good friends lost their lives, why must he cry now?

John turns to face the showerhead. He lets the hot water hit his face.

He regrets leaving Dana the day he got called to duty. He thinks things would be better off for them both if only he had stayed with her.

"I wish I never loved you."

Her words continue to haunt him.

"I hate you."

He hears the sound of her engagement ring hitting the floor after she threw it at him.

"Get the hell away from me, John."

He can feel her small hands push at his chest, to push him away from her.

He knows she didn’t mean what she said, but it tears him up inside thinking how she may have met the end of her life with the regret of ever having said those things to him.

The death and destruction he’s seen in the past two months have been unbelievable. So many lives lost. He thinks by now most of the planet’s population is dead. Dana certainly couldn’t have survived, could she? He knows he’ll never be able to let her go if he never finds out her fate. His heart aches for her to be out there somewhere, fighting, surviving, holding onto hop that maybe he’s out there too. His mind tells him he should hope she didn’t live to see all this death and destruction, but that’s wrong to think about someone he loves so much.

He wishes he could protect her from everything that is going on. He wishes he could give her a perfect, peaceful world, one where they’d live a normal life, marry, have children and grow old together.

More tears sting his eyes. The sting is so sharp it actually hurts.

His entire body aches. He kneads his upper back muscle with his hand. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes and tries to imagine he’s back home in Falls Church. The rose bodywash he smells is Dana’s, and everything is back to normal, the nightmare over when he opens his eyes.

He slowly opens his eyes.

The nightmare continues. He needs to find a way to keep going. Is needing to know Dana’s fate enough to keep him going? Yes. He’s stubborn and determined. He will find out what happened to her before the end of his life, and if needed, he will give her proper burial.

He turns off the shower. He grabs a towel and glides it over his naked torso, across his arms and legs. He’s careful when he dries his back, the wounds from the alien claws are still young enough to cause discomfort. He wraps the towel around his waist and leaves the restroom. The air is cooler in the hallway compared to the steamy warmth of the restroom.

It’s false coolness. The summer weather has been hotter and muggier than usual. His shower was just that much warmer.

He goes into an empty dorm room where they all put their duffle bags. He dropped his at the barracks so he’s been sharing clothes with Charles. He slips on a clean white T-shirt and a clean pair of boxer shorts. He looks around for his dirty clothes, they’re not here.


He exits the dorm room. He doesn’t hear anyone inside the building.



MAY 13, 2006

John hears a loud snarl behind him. He looks behind him and sees a lizard-like creature chasing after him.


John quickly turns around, fearing something behind him. Nothing is there. He rushes back into the dorm room and rummages through Charles’ duffle bag, looking for a weapon. There aren’t any. His eyes go wide. Shit. Shan’ and Charles aren’t here, weapons aren’t here. He’s a dead man. He quickly turns off the light in the room and runs into the hallway. While running he turns a complete 360 degrees, just to make sure he’s not being chased.

He hurries down the stairs of the dorm. He hopes that the truck is still outside. He bursts out of the building, and almost trips and falls over Shannon. She and Charles are sitting on the steps outside the dorm building. John’s panting, out of breath.

Hey John. I’m washing our clothes.
There’s laundry service in the basement.

Charles takes notice of John’s condition. John’s trying to cover how scared he was, how panicked.

You doing all right?


John sits down in between Shannon and Charles.

Shower felt good… you should
have told me you were coming out here.

Sorry about that. I sort of
thought the long shower meant
you were jerking off. We came out
here to give you privacy.

John looks appalled that she would think he’d do that in a time like this.

Yeah, aliens are here. The world
is dead and I’d feel the need to jerk off.

Charles pops something into his mouth.

You’ve got food?

Charles smiles.

I can give you some after you
answer a simple question. (beat)
What’s the weirdest nickname
you’ve ever received?

John gives him a look.

Shan’ told me she got called Aqua
Girl because she’d hit on men
and women in swimming pools or hot
tubs at parties when she was younger.
So what’s yours?

John actually is my nickname.
Johnny is my birth name.

You mean to tell me people
nicknamed you John?

Charles hands Shannon some of the food he’s eating.

John. You don’t get any.

He’s got a few, he makes people
call him John, except his girl.

Charles pops more food into his mouth.

What exactly are you eating?

Nestle baking chocolate chips.

He puts more into his mouth.

At least they’re not Hershey Kisses.

John’s relaxing now. Shannon laughs like she knows why John doesn’t like Hershey Kisses.

Sounds like there’s a story to
be told there. What is it?

High school, winter, we dared-

- Shan’, please don’t.

She smiles at him.

I’m gonna, this is a story whose
evidence only exists in Monica’s
blackmail box, which is probably
destroyed now. Memories stay alive
through story. (beat) I dared John
to streak across campus, not dissimilar
to this campus, and if he did it, at
the end, I’d give him a kiss.

I think I see where this is going.

So he strips down to nothing in the
middle of winter and ran buck nekkid
outside in the snow. He even streaked
through the first floor of the girls
dorm, the academic building and the library.

(to John)
So they call you The Streak?

Thank God, no.

So he finishes streaking and comes
up to me all nekkid and puckers up
his lips, wanting a good one. So he
closes his eyes and I pop a Hershey
Kiss into his mouth. He was so mad at me
for that, but everyone else was laughing hard.

I don’t have a fondness for Hershey Kisses.

So did you get a nickname from that?


Charles pops more chocolate into his mouth.

Mmm… these are really good, John.

John, go on and tell him the nicknames.

John sighs. He’s not going to win this one.

One Position Johnny.
Quick Draw Johnny.
Tight-Jaw Johnny… Mr. Grumpy Bum

Charles blinks, those are odd.

One Position because my friend, Monica,
gave it to me after we had sex a few
times and I used only one position with her.
(beat) Quick Draw because I uh… finished
rather quickly when I was younger. (beat)
Tight-Jaw because when I know I’m wrong about
something, I tighten my jaw. (beat) Mr. Grumpy
Bum because I was unhappy that my mother
showed up at Monica’s wedding, I didn’t think
she’d like my girlfriend.

Grumpy Bum, huh? Well… sounds like you
need to get laid. A good fuck will cure
the Grumpy Bumness.

I don’t need to get laid.
I’m faithful to my fiancée.

You forgot to tell him about
the Super Sperm, John.

Charles hands John a handful of chocolate chips.

Super Sperm?

A stupid thing my friends like to torment
me with. It’s their myth that I impregnate
every woman I sleep with, which isn’t true
and Shan’, it certainly is not a nickname.

It could be.

So you impregnated your fiancée?

No, actually she can’t have children.

That’s too bad. Kids are great.
I have one in China and one in
Germany. Long and complicated stories there.

John pops the chocolate into his mouth and lets it melt slowly. He knows chocolate is not something they will have for much longer.

My sister’s friends Mulder and Krycek
they call me “Chuck E. Cheese”, like
the kiddie restaurant.

You have a sister who
knows Mulder and Krycek?


Fox Mulder? Alex-

- Alexander Sergeiovich Krycek
the Second Junior.

What’s your sister’s name?

I have two sisters, Dana and Melissa.

Dana Scully is your sister?


He pops more chocolate into his mouth.

You’re Charles Scully?


Dana’s my fiancée.

Charles smiles big.

Well, hell! Small world!

Charles goes to pat John on the back, but stops himself. He doesn’t want to hinder John’s healing process.

So you’re like family then.

John rubs the back of his neck. He hasn’t exactly been kind to Charles since waking up in Tennessee a month and a half ago. Charles was the one who decided they weren’t going to head to Virginia.

Yeah, I guess so.

John doesn’t know much about Charles Scully, Dana didn’t speak about her family often. And more times than not she didn’t have nice things to say about them.

Dana’s the reason I joined the Marines.


Shannon stands up to leave the guys alone to bond. She grabs her rifle and goes to clean it. She goes to the truck that is parked in front of the building they’re at.

My dad wanted me to follow in his
and my brother, Bill’s, footsteps
and join the Navy. If I hadn’t seen
Dana stand up to my father when she
gave up a career in medicine, I might
not have had the courage to tell my
dad what I wanted to do. She’s my
role model. I love her to death.

John smiles. He wonders if Dana knew this about her little brother.

She sure can be feisty sometimes.

John laughs.

She’s a good person. I’m glad to find
out she nailed herself a great guy like
you. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you
about Walter Skinner. (beat) John Montgomery
was ok, but a lot older than her. (beat)
I like you though, you get ripped up by an
alien and keep on truckin’. That tells me
a lot about your character, you’re a fighter.

Good to know you like me. She was
worried about Bill, but he wound up
liking me in the end. (beat) I’m sure
I don’t have to tell you Dana doesn’t
have the best memories of her family.

I know.

The two men are quiet, each thinking about what they know about Dana and her family, especially her relationship with her mother.

Dana didn’t take well to
me going to Lejeune.

Charles looks at him.

She got upset. It couldn’t have
happened at a worse time too.
We had been having an argument
about the existence of aliens. I
doubted, she believed. Told me not
to go. I didn’t listen. She told
me she hated me, wished she never
loved me. I know she didn’t mean it,
but… what if those were her last words
to me? What if she didn’t survive?

That’s a possibility, John.

It hurts. I didn’t want to leave.
I wanted to believe her and in a
way, I did. After I got the call, the
first place I went to was the store and
I bought three large boxes of bottled
water. I put them in my basement, incase
she was right and needed the supply. (beat)
I couldn’t bring myself to look at her
when she got home. I promised her I’d never
leave her. I shouldn’t have. She’s had a
hard enough life as it is, and I didn’t make
things any better for her. I broke her heart,
abandoned her, broke my promise to her.

John hangs his head in shame. He feels horrible for having left her. He regrets every decision he made the day he got called to duty. He should have had her come down to North Carolina with him. She wouldn’t have been able to stay in the barracks, but she would have been closer to him and if she had been closer perhaps she’d be here with him right now.

If only he could go back in time and do things differently.

His heart tears apart inside. What if she’s dead? Did she hear him tell her “Semper fi” before he left? Is her spirit here with him now, watching over him and protecting him? He remembers back to when he told her he tried to kill himself one Christmas Eve, the same Christmas Eve that her father passed away. She told him she believes her father jammed his gun and saved his life – because on the other side, the spirit knows everything. She believes her father knew he was the man with whom she’d share her life.

John wipes a tear from his face.

At least if she’s dead she knows how much he loves her, how much he’ll always love her.

He looks up at the night sky, wondering if she’s out there thinking of him too.




The Hummer is parked at a gas pump at a gas station. Scully leans against the door, watching Knowle and Skinner try to find a way into the locked station so they can turn on the gas pump. She hopes they can break in. She hopes there’s a restroom in working order. She’d do anything to splash water over herself, wash off the dirt from her body. It’s been a few weeks since they found a safe location to wash up.

She crosses her arms around her waist and looks up at the night sky. The stars is where John resides, always looking down, watching over her. She can feel him now. Her heart aches to hear his voice, feel his touch… she’ll never know that strength of love again. But she’ll always have it in her heart. It really is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. She lowers her gaze and looks away from the starry night sky. She knows he’s in a better place. He does not have to live in this world anymore. He doesn’t have to live in uncertainty or fear. She wishes she could smile for him because he’s in a better place, but she cannot. Not yet anyway. She misses him so much.

Dana, we picked the lock and
there are clean restrooms inside.

He sees tears in her eyes.

Need to talk?

Scully shakes her head. No, she doesn’t want to talk about John. She has to keep her head on straight and be alert. If she allows herself the luxury of grief she’ll lose control of herself.

I’m fine.

Skinner’s heard her say that hundreds of times and he knows she says it when she’s not all right. It’s only been two months since Knowle removed the chip from the back of her neck. Has her cancer come out of remission already? If it has, would she tell him? Would she tell Knowle? Or is this about John? She broke down once when Knowle first told her John had died in the barracks attack. That break down only lasted a short while. Skinner doesn’t understand how she’s able to remain so strong through all this.

Scully goes to the gas pump.

Let me fill up, you go on
inside and get washed up, ok?

Scully smiles slightly. She walks toward the gas station. Knowle has turned on the lights. She enters.

At least we don’t have to
worry about gas prices.

She stops, Knowle is in front of her. His hair is wet, clean. He smells nice. He’s in cleaner clothes. She smiles.

Are there showers?

The joys of a trucker’s gas station.


In the back.

He points to the back of the store. Scully smiles and finds an aisle that has shampoo, conditioner and body wash, rose, and lotion. She takes a razor too.

I’m gonna feel like a girl again.

She hurries off to the showers.

I’ll bring you a change of clothes.

He smiles, it’s good to see her in a lighter mood. She’s been silently suffering all this time. Knowle leaves the gas station. He walks out to the Hummer. Skinner waves at him.

She’s happy about the shower, isn’t she?

Yeah. We should wash our clothes
in the sink before we leave. We
don’t know when our next opportunity
to wash up will be.

Knowle gets into his Hummer and finds Dana’s bag. He opens it, she sure packed a lot of things. He digs through and finds clean underwear, bra, tank top and shorts. He heads back inside and knocks on the restroom door.

I’m gonna put your change
of clothes on the counter.

All right.

He sets her clothes down on the counter and goes back into the store. He starts wandering up and down the aisles. He grabs a shopping basket and puts more first aid supplies in it along with, a couple lighters, flashlights, a compass, road map, medicines…

Skinner comes up to him. He looks into the basket.

I know there’s not much health
food in these places, but you
should get some food while we can.

Knowle nods his head.

What about… feminine products?
I know she can’t have kids so…
would she need them?

Not sure. You’ll have to ask her.

Skinner walks to the refrigerated area.

I can bring in those boxes and
refill them with new water bottles
and some fruit juices.

Good thinking, Helmet.

Skinner leaves the station to go get the boxes. A few seconds later Scully emerges from the restroom. She looks 100% better now that she’s cleaned up.

I feel so much better.
We should find these places
more often.

Dana. I’ve got a question to ask
you, I hope it’s not rude.


I know you can’t have children so
does that mean you don’t need
us to stock up on feminine products?

Scully’s taken back by the question. That’s something she never even thought of. She rubs the back of her neck where the chip used to be.

That uh… chip in my neck controlled my
fertility. I guess now that it’s out
it’s only a matter of time before my
body kicks back into the swing of things.

She feels she should be happy about this, but she has no one with whom she’d want to create life and a family with. And who knows when her cancer will come out of remission, that is inevitable.

You all right? You sort of
blanked out on me for a few seconds.

I’m fine. Just thinking about how
pointless it is now that I can have
children. I have no one.

Don’t say that-

- It’s true. You can’t tell me
it’s not. John’s gone, the love
of my life. You and Walter are the
men I’m with now. You’re stuck on
Monica and I already know Walter
and I don’t work. I can have children
yet I cannot. (beat) The world has
never been kind to me, and even under
our current circumstances that remains true.

Her words are sad. She walks away from Knowle and goes to Skinner. Knowle watches her place her hand on Skinner’s back. She says something to him, he can’t hear it. He wonders when she’ll deal with John’s death. He sees it in her eyes, the pain she’s going through. She’s been so strong the last two months, how much longer can she hold up?

Turning off emotions like a hardened Marine with a thousand yard stare, that’s what she’s been like. He looks away and continues putting items of necessity in the shopping basket he carries.

TIME CUT: 10:03 P.M.

Skinner lies awake in the Hummer next to Scully, she’s sound asleep. She chooses to sleep close to him. He must bring her some kind of comfort. She’s curled up next to him, her arm draped over his chest. Her hand balled up in a little fist. He’s glad that Knowle found that trucker’s gas station. Dana loves comfort. All this road traveling and lack of hospitality and cleanliness must bother her to some extent, only she doesn’t let him or Knowle know it. She’s quite the trooper.

He wonders what keeps her strong. What keeps her going?

Even in her sleep she does not look at peace. Something is tormenting her, haunting her dreams. Her forehead wrinkles as she sleeps, her dreams even bring her discomfort.

He feels her fist tighten on his chest. He looks at her hand. His eyes rest on the diamond ring on her finger. She hasn’t said anything about the ring, he assumes it’s an engagement ring. Maybe she took his suggestion to heart and suggested to John they go to Vegas and get hitched, he must have replied by asking her to marry him.

A tear trickles down her face. Skinner’s heart breaks. If only she’d talk about her feelings, she may feel better. By not talking about what she’s feeling, she’s isolating herself from them. He knows she’ll wake up tomorrow and be “fine”. Unknowing he rubs his thumb across her wrist that rests on his chest.

He wishes he could make things better.

He feels so guilty for not having grabbed John and Shannon when he left the barracks the night the attacks began. He had time to get them out of there safely. Only he didn’t know aliens would attack that night. John Doggett could be alive if only he had gotten him out of the barracks. That is how things could be better for Scully, only he failed her in not being able to save John.

Now he feels she is his responsibility. She is his to protect, for John. Knowle is too focused on “the plan”, and surviving. Knowle doesn’t know her as well as he does. Knowle wouldn’t know how to comfort her, the words to say. Hell, even Skinner doesn’t know what words to say to her to make the pain go away.

Scully’s arms tighten around him and she pulls him closer to her.

(in sleep/whisper)
Semper fi…

The muscles in her face relax and her fist relaxes, she rests the palm of her hand on his chest now. Her dream must have taken a better turn. Maybe now that she’s not so tense he’ll be able to fall asleep.

Skinner glances up toward the front of the Hummer. Knowle is still wide awake in the driver’s seat, keeping watch for aliens or other potential threats.

Skinner closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He needs his rest, who knows what tomorrow holds.



JULY 20, 2006

John, Shannon, and Charles are dressed in camouflage. They lie on their stomachs, hiding behind bushes. They decided today that they would start heading north. Charles said aliens are weaker the further north they go, the cold makes them weaker. Once they got driving they started to notice more and more alien crafts in the air so they stopped.

Charles is looking at the prison through binoculars. Smaller alien crafts are hovering above it, some landing. This is the most active place they’ve seen since aliens destroyed nearly every town they’ve come across.

Looks to me like the aliens are
setting up headquarters at this prison facility.

Makes no sense.

Yeah, but where else are they
supposed to do it? I’m sure they
destroyed all capitol buildings.

What’s got me thinking is why we’re
seeing the inmates being walked around.
Why not kill them as we’ve seen in the towns?

Maybe all our criminals
were really alien.

Doubt it.

Shannon grabs the binoculars from Charles. It’s obvious that she likes to try to take command, be the leader.

There’s got to be a purpose.
Something we’re not seeing.

I don’t exactly want to get
close enough to find out.

That’s not the plan… for now at least.

She sets the binoculars down.

Look, for all we know we’re the only
three men in the world with military
experience. It’s our responsibility
to find survivors, train them, build
a new military force and kick these
fuckers where it hurts.

That’ll be difficult, we haven’t seen
any survivors at all on our journey
north. I believe there are so few
survivors and we may never come across anyone.

John listens in on their conversation as he watches the aliens order the inmates around the prison facility…



DECEMBER 24, 1983

John Doggett, age 16, sits on the floor of his family’s living room. He’s wearing army green camouflage pajama pants and a United States Marine Corps T-shirt. He sits in front of the TV watching “It’s A Wonderful Life”. His mother and father sit behind him on the couch, their eldest son, Henry, in the corner. John’s younger brother, Jason, sits near the old-fashioned Christmas tree, he’s wearing a Dallas Cowboys cap.

This movie’s stupid. There’s no
way that anyone would be able
to see what their life would be
like if they had never been born.
That’s bullshit.

Johnny Jay, you watch that mouth
of yours or I’ll have to wash it
out with soap.

I’m right anyway.

It’s a movie, Johnny.

Call me John, Johnny’s for wusses.

Especially Johnny Jay.

Henry throws a candy wrapper at his younger brother, John glares at him as a warning.

Cut that out, Henry.

Henry throws another candy wrapper at him.

How’s your girlfriend like
being with a wuss?

Monica’s not my girlfriend.

Yes she is, Johnny.

Call me John, and she’s not my girlfriend.

There’s nothing wrong with
liking a pretty girl, Johnny Jay.

Even if she were my girlfriend
she’s not the one I’ll marry, no
way in hell.

Ma, Johnny said the H word.

Johnny, set a better example
for your little brother.

I’m not that little. I am
almost thirteen years old.

Pa Doggett clears his throat loudly, this quiets the room.

Boys, I want you all to get
the moral of the story.

The boys watch the end of “It’s A Wonderful Life” in silence. Their father doesn’t speak too often, but when he does it’s important and they know it. The film ends.

I want each of you to tell
me what you learned from the movie.

Angels get their wings when
bells ring. Which means they’ve done good.

Pa Doggett looks at Henry.

If you booze up a friend enough
you’ll make ‘im think he’s gone crazy.

Pa’s brow wrinkles, that’s not exactly what he was looking for. He looks at John, expecting him to answer the question more thoughtfully.

It’s a good piece of fiction, but
it’s impossible to see what life
would be like if you’d never been born.

Which means you’ve got to grab life
by the horns, take everything she’s got
to give you, live life, experience life,
accept that everyone you meet in life is
there with you for a reason, whether it’s
a miniscule thing or a life changing event.
Everyone and everything happens for a reason,
and you boys will play a part in someone
else’s life too, so never think that you’re not
important because just remember how dramatically
the world in that movie changed simply because
Jimmy Stewart’s character was never born.

And it wasn’t changed for the better either.


Your pa here thinks that all things that
happen to you boys contribute to a happy
outcome by the time you die. You’ll face
hardships, heart ache, but that’ll build
your character, make you strong.

Like Superman?

No, not muscles strong, character strong.
Your strength of character is the most
important thing. Muscles can only get
you boys so far.

Superman came from the planet
Krypton. That’s far.

But was it Superman’s muscles that
made him great or was it his desire
to do good for mankind that made him great?

He got to screw Lois.
That made him great.

No. He could fly. That’s
what made him great.

John rubs the back of his neck. Perhaps for the first time in his young life he gets what his parents are talking about.

Superman came to this planet and was sheltered
He thought all mankind was good, he was wrong.
I think he set out on a quest to protect the
innocent as the Kent family had done to him.
He believed in the ideals of our country and
he wanted to uphold them, fight to protect the
innocent, bring down the bad guys, but even the
man of steel had his weaknesses, Lois Lane and
Kryptonite… it was those weaknesses that made
his character. Those weaknesses caused him
hardship, and hardships made him even stronger,
they didn’t beat him down. He overcame them. So
I guess that means he had to be exposed to
Kryptonite in order to become an even greater man
because without it all he had was physical strength
and the ability to fly. He wouldn’t have been so
memorable without his hardships. Everyone knows that
Kryptonite broke him down and everyone knows he
overcame it. His ability to conquer adversity made
him a great man.

Henry throws another candy wrapper at John.

Where’d you learn to be all
psychological and stuff?


It doesn’t matter who wins or loses,
it’s who takes the worst beating that
counts. (beat) That means you can win
or you can lose, that doesn’t really
matter, what matters is how you chose
to deal with the beatings, the hardships,
you face on the way to a win or a loss.
Because that beating is what makes you stronger.

Pa Doggett looks at John with pride, his son may have been talking about Superman, but he understands one of the great lessons of life. John meets his fathers gaze and the two of them share a silent moment of respect and acknowledgement of the knowledge just exchanged.



John reaches back with his hand to touch the beginning of the scar on his back. Though it’s covered by clothing, it’s still very sensitive to the touch.

Everything happens for a reason.

He was supposed to leave Dana. He was supposed to get clawed by an alien… his Lois Lane, his Kryptonite. It’s like if Luke hadn’t died, he may have never met and fell in love with his soul mate, Dana Katherine Scully. Whether you believe in a God or not, there is a greater plan.

Fate. Destiny.

If he hadn’t been attacked by that alien would he believe in them completely or would he still have his doubts? Would he be so paranoid? If not, he wonders how many times since the barracks were attacked that his paranoia has saved his, Shannon’s and Charles’ lives.

He could have died from the blood loss after he was attacked, but he did not. He could have died from infection, but he did not. Fate has kept him alive for a reason, a purpose. He has been made stronger because of what he’s been through. He may struggle with trauma now, but he’s going through it again for a reason. He doesn’t know what that reason is and he may find out one day or he might not.

Either way he’s been given more strength through his recent hardships. Strength and courage to keep going. Strength in the belief that he’ll find out what happened to Dana. Mental strength to deal with what the world has become.


He snaps out of his thoughts upon hearing her voice.


You doing ok? You looked like
you were off in another world.

I say we high-tail it out of here.
We don’t want to get caught. Obviously
they have something up their sleeve and
I’m sure in time we’ll find out what that
is. (beat) Like you said, we need to find
survivors. I have a feeling we’ll be needing
trained men and women in the future. They
may be overtaking the planet, but it’s still
ours and I say we don’t go down without a fight.

John looks back at the prison and then stands up and heads back to the truck they’re traveling in.

Charles and Shannon share a look.

That’s the best call that’s been made today.

Shannon nods her head in agreement.

I wonder what got into him.

War, survival, these things
can change a man. Hell, staring
death in the eye can change a man.

Charles and Shannon get into the truck and John starts the engine and they drive away. Charles loads a larger weapon, just incase they need to use it against the enemy in their getaway.

John stares out at the road ahead of them. He wonders where it will lead them. Who they will find and how all of that will contribute to his life… his final outcome.




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