"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Nine

9x16 "Sub Rosa"Title: "Sub Rosa"
Written by: Cassie
Date: October 7-8, 2007; October 13-14, 2007; October 16, 2007; October 18, 2007; October 24, 2007
Air Date: October 29, 2007
Rating: PG-13
Series: FRVS - Episode #189
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Summary: Knowle becomes paranoid of Scully's illness. He risks his life to go into New York City thinking her secret is something else. Meanwhile, Scully discovers he's been hiding something as well.


APRIL 25, 2007

Knowle Rohrer knocks quietly on Scully's bedroom door as he slowly opens it. He's here this morning to check up on Scully. Lately she hasn't been feeling well, she's been calling it a "common cold", but after over a week of her not showing any signs of feeling better, he's grown more and more paranoid that maybe the aliens have tracked them down and are trying to weaken them by shutting down their immune systems, starting with Scully.

As he walks into her bedroom he hears her throwing up in the bathroom. He stops walking in order to give her some privacy. She does not yet know he is here. His mind is racing, without proper medical care a "common cold" could become fatal. He hears the sound of water running from a faucet and a toilet flushes, he makes his way to the entry to the bathroom. He stands in the doorway and sees Scully hunched over the sink, splashing water onto her face.

Still not feeling well?

Scully is startled by him. She didn't notice he was there. She looks up from the sink and at Knowle's reflection in the mirror.

You scared me. I didn't hear you come in.

Knowle walks up to her and places the back of his hand on her forehead.

You don't feel like you've
got a temperature.

At least I'm not getting
any worse, right?

She lies. Of course she's getting worse. Back in 1996 a growth was found and at the time it went into remission it hadn't yet pushed into her brain where it surely would have killed her. As a medical doctor she knows symptoms of brain cancer... some of which have recently become a part of her daily life.

Do you feel better?

Scully doesn't know what to say. She wants to lie and say she's fine, but everyone knows it's a lie when she says that.

Sore throat won't go away and
neither will the headache.

Why are you throwing up?

Scully looks away from him, unsure of how much longer she'll be able to keep her secret from him.

I don't know.

It can't be food poisoning.

It might.

No. You've been nauseous all week.

If it's not the aliens, Knowle can only think of only one other thing that may have made Scully feel this way...

Are you pregnant?

Scully gives him a look, a defensive look.

It's a legitimate question, Dana.
Don't think I haven't noticed you and
Walter got close after John's death.
(beat) Have you two had sex?

No. (beat) And even if we have, one, that's
none of your business and two, I can't
conceive a child after what I went through
at that breeding camp. So no, I'm not pregnant.

One, yes it is my business. In order to keep
us functional as a group I... we need to know
what's going on even if that means letting
everyone know than any one of us is having
sex with someone. (beat) Two, you don't even
know for sure if you can conceive a child or not.
I removed that chip from your neck, you said with
it gone that you could conceive, and Montgomery
said he didn't think you'd be able to conceive.
That in no way means it's impossible.

Please remember that I already said Walter
and I have not had sex.

What about you and Montgomery?

No. (beat) Why do you think I've
been sleeping around?

You're nauseous, vomiting, moody...
signs of pregnancy. I think I have
the right to suspect-

- Shut up, Knowle. I've had
it with your presumptions.

This is the only presumption I've made.

No. You've made three. (beat) You
presumed that I've slept with either
Walter or John. You presume that it's
a possibility that I could become
pregnant when I cannot, and despite
what you know and what I've told you,
you still think that I am pregnant.

I bundled that all into one presumption.

And you presumed that I understood that... four.

Scully angrily passes him, leaving the bathroom. She has to grasp onto the doorframe to keep herself from falling as she temporarily loses sense of her balance. Knowle turns to watch her. She sits down on her bed, placing her hand to her forehead to try to soothe a headache.

I want you to take a pregnancy test.

Scully looks up at him in disbelief. He's really getting on her nerves.


Dana, don't make me make you do this.

(being difficult)
Is that a threat?


Then you'll have to accept my refusal.


Your distrust in me is uncalled for.
If we're going to survive we have to
trust each other. Now please, leave.

Knowle gives her a look. He wants to know what is making her sick and he's almost positive that she's pregnant. That's the only thing that makes sense.

Every symptom of her "common cold" tells him she may be with child. Perhaps he'd get honest answers from either Skinner or Montgomery in regards to finding out which one of them has had sex with her.

Knowle walks out of Scully's room and out into the hall. He passes Skinner.

Good morning.

I'm heading into New York City.

Skinner steps into Knowle's stride.


I need to pick up a pregnancy test
to see if Dana's knocked up.

Skinner is surprised.

I had no idea you and Dana were...
together... like that.

Skinner is uncomfortable. He remembers not too long ago Scully had kissed him with intent. He wonders if she succeeded in seducing Knowle.

We're not. (beat) You haven't
slept with her?

No. (beat) But she kissed me awhile back
and it could have led to that but I stopped her.

Knowle and Skinner exit the building, stepping out into the sweltering sun. Knowle heads straight to his Hummer.

What about she and Montgomery?

Knowle gets out his keys and unlocks the Hummer door.

I don't know.

Knowle gets into the Hummer and slams the door shut and opens the windows. He starts the engine.

You're going in alone?

It may be safer that way. I should
be back in no more than two hours.
If I'm not back for the sake of your
own life and that of Dana and Montgomery's,
don't come looking for me.

And with that Knowle drives off, leaving Skinner in the dust. Skinner watches the Hummer fade into the distance and then recasts his gaze at the facility's dormitory where he and Knowle came from. He knows that Scully hasn't slept with anyone, she has cancer and is dying. All he can think about is how much all of this is tearing her up inside. Knowle's paranoia about her being pregnant can't possibly make her feel better, in fact, it probably makes her pain that much worse.

Skinner walks toward the research lab building of the compound to let John Montgomery know that Knowle has gone off to the city to pick up a pregnancy test for Scully.


INT. HOUSE - 9:40 A.M.

Mulder and Samantha have successfully broken into a house in Long Island, New York. They are rummaging for supplies to take back to their beach camp.

Samantha is looking at framed pictures on the wall, a family used to live here. A mom, a dad, three kids, and a family cat. By the looks of the photographs they were a happy family.

It's so sad, Fox. So many
happy families with dreams
for their children's future
died when the aliens attacked.

She's talking more to herself than him. Mulder is in the other room, rummaging through the kitchen pantry, he may not have even heard her.

In the kitchen, Mulder opens the door to the refrigerator. He waves his hand by his face, the stench from whatever food was in there is disgusting and rotted.

You know, Alex and I used to let food
in our fridge rot, but nothing as
gross as what is in there.

He shuts the refrigerator door and walks out into the living room where Sam is. He sees her looking at the pictures.

(re: what she said above)
When I think about that... I remind
myself that they're in a better place.

But this world - despite it's human
flaws - is so beautiful. Sometimes
I still can't believe that our race
is near extinction.

And I always thought the human race
would be its own destruction.

Even though you believed in
the possibility of alien invasion?

Yes. (beat) I can't wait to see Doggett
and hear his perspective on all this. He
didn't believe in aliens. I'm sure by now he does.

I'm so glad that we found him. If we
keep finding more people we'll be able
to be settlers in this new world.

Mulder is thoughtful.

It really is a new world and we are like
the settlers from Europe who gave birth
to our nation only... those of us who have
survived the aliens will give birth to a new
human civilization. I just know it.

Hopefully we'll find men and women who
aren't related so our race can begin to reproduce.

We'll have to let John and that girl he's
with know how important it is for them to have babies.

Both Mulder and Samantha are quiet. Mulder looks thoughtful in a way that he seems almost embarrassed.

When I lived with Alex... um...
we designated the nicer of our
bedrooms as the Love Room.

Samantha raises an eyebrow. Where is he going with this?

Love Room?

It's almost as if she's expecting her brother to come out of the closet.

We weren't to use it unless one of us
was getting lucky, which actually didn't
happen a lot... so I'm thinking that we
should find a mattress to take back to the
beach and maybe another tent so we can have
a Love Tent where people can go to you know...
create babies and make love.

That's a really good idea, Fox. That way
those who want to be intimate will have
a specified place to go at it.

Mulder snort-laughs at his sister's choice of words.

Maybe we should find a grocery store
and get tons of condoms.

Tons? How much sex do you think John
and Shannon are going to have?

(eyes bugging)
A lot.

But if they're going to have babies
they won't need condoms.

Mulder slaps the palm of his hand on his forehead.

Stupid me! (beat) I wasn't thinking.

Samantha touches Mulder's shoulder.

That's ok, Fox. Now let's go figure
out how to get a mattress back to the beach.

Samantha walks toward the stairs that lead upstairs where the bedrooms of the house are located. Mulder follows. He feels excited. His super buddy, John Doggett and some woman he's never met (possible new Super Buddy!) are going to be here any day now, and he's going to be the one to play match maker with them so that the human population can start to grow again.



Knowle's glad that he left his Hummer outside of Manhattan Island, he crossed over the Brooklyn Bridge by foot, into the heart of New York City. With all the aliens lurking around there'd be no way he could quietly and unnoticeably drive around. It's better with him on foot. He's comfortable in dangerous situations like this.

He stops running near a corner of a building and presses his back up against the brick wall. He listens intently. It's scary being in such a big city, alone, when nobody is around. It really makes it seem like the end of the world. He begins to wonder if finding a pregnancy test for Dana is worth the danger he's putting himself in. If she is pregnant she'd show in a few months and God dammit - Knowle shakes his head - John Montgomery could have run a blood test on her, why he thinks of this now he's not sure. Perhaps it's his need to always be working.

As a member of a Special Forces unit, he was always on call, always ready for a mission, always thinking, always working. Sitting around at that facility makes him feel like a schoolboy the night before Christmas, fidgety, nervous, anxious. Not that Knowle feels nervous or anxious at the facility, he's always calm and aware of what is going on. Perhaps he craves a little action.

Knowle peers around the corner of the building. He's already come this far, he might as well get what he came for, and maybe some extra necessities on the side: vitamins would be needed if she is pregnant, maybe a chocolate bar or two, condoms for future use to prevent pregnancy.

At this time he doesn't think it would be a good idea to bring children into this world, they wouldn't be able to fend for themselves and there's not set establishment in which to raise them properly or safely.

The coast is clear. Knowle turns the corner and runs down the street. He sees a pharmacy down 117th and Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Rite Aid. He hopes it is well stocked.

His feet hit the pavement and it sounds so loud against the silence around him.

he hears a loud snarl behind him. Oh shit! They've found him. Knowle quickly glances behind him and sees about seven aliens, in their true form, chasing him down, gaining on him by the second.


He says this calmly, it's not an exclamation.

To his right, Knowle sees a sign for the subway, he pushes himself harder, running faster and faster, knowing that if he slows down or if he trips up he is a dead man. Knowle descends the stairwell into the underground subway. Some of the florescent lights still work, flickering, threatening to cut out light at any moment. Knowle runs, still hearing the aliens behind him. He sees the control room door, it's been destroyed.

He quickly enters the room, weapon first, to make sure power in the rails is turned off. The control panel has been damaged, shot up. He can't tell if the power is off or not on the rails.

Hell, he needs to get out of there quickly. He exits the room and hears the aliens snarling. He runs to a metro stop and jumps down in the middle of the rails. He's careful not to touch them, he doesn't want to be electrocuted.

Running down the dark tunnel of the metro rail reminds him of a mission he had in London years ago. Stealing top secret documents back from an enemy country's embassy proved to be one of his sloppiest missions. He was distracted then and almost got himself killed. It was one of his first missions for Special Ops in 1998, not too long after Monica had visited him on her way down to New Orleans and he had tried to ask her to stay in D.C. with him. He should have been serious about asking her to stay with him instead of protecting his ego for fear of being rejected. He loved her then and he loves her even more now.

Knowle keeps running despite the diminishing sound of the aliens. He runs to stay alive. He runs because he feels she is out there somewhere, looking for him. So he keeps on running.

Minutes later, Knowle stops dead in his tracks. He no longer hears the aliens behind him. He finds it strange that they stopped pursuing him.

His ears ring in the silence. His breathing is heavy. He hasn't had to run this hard for awhile now, he and everyone at the facility have been damn lucky that the aliens or other enemies haven't found them and attacked them.

SUDDENLY, Knowle is forcefully grabbed. His weapon is knocked out of his hand and the side of his face is SMASHED into the cool, damp cement wall of the underground. He never saw his attacker coming, nor did he near it.

Knowle is quick to react. He spins around despite the strong hold on him and he uses his elbow to hit the man square in the jaw. The man doesn't flinch as he kicks Knowle on the side of his knee, knocking him to the ground. Knowle grunts as the man pins him down. Knowle cannot let himself be overtaken so he quickly flips onto his back and punches the man, a large African American, in the face with a closed fist. Knowle feels the skin on his knuckles tear upon impact.

Knowle shakes his head to clear his mind. He thinks he recognizes the man who he is fighting. The man punches him square in the gut, with a closed fist. This knocks the wind right out of him, and despite not being able to breathe, Knowle manages to stand up and take a defensive position. The man looks at him, as he also recognizes him.


Any alien mind-reader could know that.

Knowle quickly picks up his weapon and attacks the man again. He tries to knock the butt of the gun over the man's head. The man moves quickly to avoid being hit.


Knowle freezes and looks at the man, he's quick to respond.


The two men look at each other like old friends now, smiling. They drop their defensive behaviour as if they had never been fighting. Knowle and the man smile and extend their arms to embrace.

Hey man, how's it goin'?

Pretty shabby, but that's the
shit the Good Lord throws at us.

Knowle and the man hug. This now feels like two men who have run into each other at a local bar after not having seen each other for a few years.

What they hell are you doing down
here, Ray? Last I saw you was on that
mission in Kampala, didn't think you
resurfaced from Lake Victoria alive.

Let's just say it's a good thing that
I can swim and hold my breath for a
very long time. (laughs) I've made camp
down in the subway because the aliens
don't like to come too far down here.
We've managed to keep the air conditioning
running. The further in you go, the colder
it gets. For some reason the aliens don't like the cold.

Guess that makes sense. Up there, temperatures
are generally in the hundreds, upper 90s overnight.
(beat) You said "we"?

Ray leads Knowle further into the subway. This feels awkward to us since Knowle typically wouldn't trust anyone after what happened with Scully when Henry Gibb took her. It doesn't feel right for Knowle to so easily trust Ray Douglas.

I've managed to find survivors and bring
them back here to protect them, sort of
like starting an underground civilization.

Knowle shakes his head and laughs.

Matrix geek.

Great movie trilogy, man.

Ray slaps Knowle on the back as a friendly gesture.

It's not so bad living down here once
you get used to it. The only bad part is
having to resurface to get supplies. The
aliens seem to be gathering here in New
York to build a civilization. I've estimated
there are probably 80 aliens inhabiting each building here.

Doesn't seem that way. I saw
only a few up there.

You were being hunted.

No doubt.

When they hunt most stay indoors while
a pack of about ten chase you down. They
hide to protect their numbers, to make
it seem safe for humans to enter the city.
(beat) They'll never let you leave alive.

They'll have to. I've got my own
group of people to protect.

They'll never let you leave alive.
I've seen men try to leave the city
only to get taken by them or killed.
You're stuck here with us now.

Again, this doesn't feel right, as if Ray isn't being truthful, but Knowle doesn't seem shaken or concerned at all. In fact, he trusts Ray.

Regardless, I'm getting back to
my friends. And I believe that you
and your people will help me.

Ray shakes his head and laughs.

You always were a stubborn bastard,
you know that? Fearless, good trait to have.

Or a bad one. You can never get too confident.

But that works for you. I always
knew you'd get through a mission
the more cocky and over-confident you were.

Knowle gives him a look that says he'll take that as a compliment.

The two men continue walking and the air gets colder and colder around them. Knowle actually shivers. They approach an area where people are spread out on the metro rails, some people even making a home out of the metro cars. They are sitting on sleeping bags or couch cushions. Most everyone is wearing a jacket. Men, women, children and even a couple dogs are here.

Knowle almost can't believe his eyes. He hasn't seen this many people since he ran out of the Marine barracks nearly a year ago.

Greg! We need some medical assistance!

An older man, 50s, hurries up to them. His black hair is turning grey. He's much shorter than Knowle and Ray (who happen to share the same height).

Aliens attack you?

No. We attacked each other.

Greg looks at Knowle, he's unsure of him, but if Ray brought him down to their subway camp, he must be all right.

I'll get some ice to reduce the
swelling on your face, and I'll
clean up the cuts on your hands. Come.

He indicates for Knowle and Ray to follow him.

Anyone have the time?

Knowle is sure that it's been over two hours since he told Skinner he'd be back in that time. Greg looks at his wristwatch.

It's about 11:15 in the morning.

I can't stay for long. I've
already been gone longer than
I intended. My group will be worried for me.

If we can get you out of here, you're
welcome to come back with them and help
our little civilization grow. We call
this place Sub Rosa.

That's fitting... under the rose, Latin,
in secret. (beat) Do you really live
in secret down here?

We like to think that we do, but
I'm damn sure the aliens are all
aware we're down here.

Knowle looks around at all the people as Greg works on patching him up.

How many of you are there?


What happens if the power cuts out
of the air conditioner breaks?

We're all prepared to fight to the death.

Even the children?

We'll protect them for as long
as we can.

Fifty-seven of you... the aliens would
wipe you out in less than a minute if
it's true about their numbers.

That' how life is, Knowle.
No one is truly safe anymore.

Which is exactly why I need to get
back to my group. They can fend for
themselves, but they need me. I know
they look up to me, see me as their leader and-

- That's the way it's always been with
you, Knowle. I may have been officially
team leader in the unit, but you always took
the lead and you always got the job done.

I'm gonna need you and two of your
strongest, quickest and fearless men.
You three will distract the aliens from
noticing me as I leave the city.

Ray nods his head. He trusts Knowle without question.

We'll have lunch, have some
water and we'll get you outta here.



Skinner is pacing back and forth in the lobby of the building. Knowle should have been back hours ago. Skinner's worried that he's gotten himself killed or taken or fatally wounded.

John Montgomery joins him.

I just got done speaking with Dana.


She's getting worse.

We're not going to be able to keep
this from Knowle much longer.

She insists that we do.

And there's absolutely nothing
we can do for her?

We can do our best to keep her
comfortable but I'll admit I'll have
a hard time wanting to give her
pain killers when this gets even worse.

Skinner gives him a look. He doesn't think it would be right to not give Dana pain killers when the pain becomes unbearable.

She's dying, Walter, there is not cure,
nothing anyone can do to save her. I don't
want to waste pain-killers on a lost cause
when we may need it later down the road
for our own survival.

Does she know this?

I don't want to upset her.

What's the difference anyway?
Dana's been upset since all this began.

She seems to be handling her illness
very well. Her will seems stronger now
than ever. She told me... she told me
she doesn't fear death. That she wants
to really live her life as best as she can
because that's what he'd want her to do.

Skinner shakes his head.

I hate to say this but I'm glad John
Doggett died because if he didn't...
just imagine how she'd be right now. She
may be strong but I don't think she'd be
able to handle death so easily if he were here with her.

I agree, but never tell her you think
this. She needs to know that we know she's strong.

But for how long? How long before this
thing gets the better of her?

Without treatment she could pass at anytime.
I'd guess a few more months. With primary
brain cancer, the uncontrolled growth of the
tumor in her skull will cause death. We have
no way of controlling its growth.

With her current sypmptoms... how far
along do you think she is?

Epistaxis... tinnitus... headaches,
sore throat... nausea, vomiting. (beat)
I'd say she's well on her way. I pray that
she passes from a cancer related stroke before
the illness drags her through unbearable pain.

Has she said anything about if it gets
to be too much that we should... put her
out of her misery?

No, but that is something we need to ask her.

Montgomery nods his head at Skinner, indicating for him to look behind him. Skinner looks and sees Knowle's Hummer pull up and come to a stop.

we really should let him know.

I agree, but I think Dana should tell him.

They watch as Knowle gets out of his Hummer.

Oh my God, he looks like he's
been through Hell and back.

Skinner and Montgomery leave the building and approach Knowle.

What the hell happened to you?

Ran into a little trouble in Sub Rosa.


Sub Rosa, a survivalist civilization in
New York City's underground. An old buddy
of mine is there, invited us to join him if
we want, but I declined for the time being.

Knowle looks around.

Where's Dana? I want Montgomery
to run a blood test on her, see
if she's pregnant or not.

Dana told me about your suspicions
and to make sure I already ran a
blood test and I assure you she's not pregnant.

Then I guess we should worry about what
it is that's made her sick for so long.

Montgomery and Skinner share a look, both of them know that Knowle should be told about Dana's cancer.


EXT. BEACH - 8:01 P.M.

Mulder and Samantha are sitting on the sand of the beach. It's a clear night and they can see all of the stars shining in the sky. Mulder has changed clothes and is now wearing a "Space: Above and Beyond" T-shirt that he found in one of the houses he and Samantha went through earlier in the day.

I used to want to get
abducted by aliens.


I thought that if the aliens took
me that I'd be with you.

Sam looks at him lovingly and reaches out and holds his hand.

Mom and dad put up quite a show to
make everyone think they were putting
forth one-hundred percent of their time
and effort towards finding you. I believed
their charade for a time, but when they
stopped looking, I didn't.

Tears well up in Mulder's eyes when he thinks about that time in his life. Not much could cheer him up back then, not Alex's lame attempts at cracking jokes nor the hugs that Scully gave him.

I blamed myself for your disappearance
I was there. I saw them take you. I was
twelve, I did what I could but it wasn't enough.

Mulder shakes his head, almost laughing at himself.

My therapist used hypnosis and made me believe
that I witnessed aliens abduct you. When I was
sixteen I did some snooping and found out my
father and mother had told him to make me believe that.

Mom and dad were behind it?

Sam's emotion is raw. It hurts to hear that her parents were a part of what happened to her, her abduction from home. She has vague memories of what happened to her soon after she was taken, and she's tried to remember so many times, but nothing traumatic ever returns to her memory.

(anger building)
I used mom and dad's money to get me
through college and I slowly distanced
myself from them. I couldn't be a part
of a family that arranged my sister's
kidnapping and denied it and put on a show
to make everyone think they were worried about you.

Mulder looks Sam in the eyes.

I never ever gave up hope of finding
you, Samantha. (laughs) Ask any of my
friends, they can tell you word for word
the story I told them about your abduction.
Well... I left out the part about when I was
sixteen, the alien abduction story was more X-Files-ish.

He smiles.

So you were obsessed?

Focused. I prefer the word "focused".

Sam leans her head on Mulder's shoulders and looks up at the stars.

Do you ever think now that aliens
have come that one day you'll get
to travel among the stars?

Are you asking me if I stole a U.F.O.,
would I fly it up in space?


Mulder takes a moment to think about this.

Only if I'm on a mission like
Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum.

Here come the men in black.
Galaxy defenders.

"Independence Day", Sam, not "Men In Black".

Sam lifts her head and looks at Mulder.

Well, I got Will Smith right,
he's in both movies.

Ever think that Will Smith is an alien?
He's been in a lot of alien or futuristic
"what if" movies like "Men In Black",
"Independence Day"-

- "I-Robot"...

Sam cracks a smile.

I can't believe we're theorizing how
Will Smith is part of government conspiracies
involving aliens and men in black.

I don't think "I-Robot" had anything
to do with aliens.

I don't know either. Never saw it.

Me neither.

Mulder and Sam are quiet, listening to the sound of waves crashing onto the shore ahead of them.

I haven't watched "Plan 9 From
Outer Space" in over a year. I usually
watch that film once every two months.

(dramatic/quoting Plan 9)
There comes a time in each man's life,
when he can't even believe his own eyes.
Saucers seen over Hollywood! Flying
saucers seen over Washington D.C.!

You know that movie too?!

Of course I do. I can say every line
of dialog in that film word for word.

Mulder and Sam smile at each other and take a deep breath.

(quoting Plan 9)
Greetings my friends. We are all interested in the
future, for that is where you and I are going to spend
the rest of our lives! And remember, my friend, future
events, such as these, will effect you in the future. You
are interested in the unknown, the mysterious, the unexplainable -
that's why you are here. And now for the first time, we are
bringing you the full story of what happened on that fateful day.
We are giving you all the evidence - based only on the secret
testimony of the miserable souls who survived this terrifying
ordeal. The incidents, the places... my friends, we cannot keep
this a secret any longer! Let us punish the guilty, let us reward
the innocent. My friends, can your heart stand the shocking facts
about Grave Robbers From Outer Space?

Mulder and Samantha both make thunder sounds, and giggle immediately. Then they continue quoting "Plan 9 From Outer Space" to pretend that they are watching Ed Wood's cult classic.



John Montgomery stands in the lobby of the main research building. He can't get Scully off his mind. She's showing many signs of cancer now, moreso than a couple weeks ago when he found out the disease had come out of remission. He doesn't think it's right for her not to let Knowle know of the illness she is suffering. Grandmama Reyes told him he would know the man who would be leader when he saw him. When he first saw Knowle when he was injured and Skinner brought him into the facility, he knew he was the man that Grandmama Reyes had spoken of so many years ago. Knowle has taken on the role of leader among them and it is for this reason that Montgomery think that he needs to know about Scully's illness. The more Knowle knows the better off he'll be in making decisions.

(off screen)
Deep thoughts?

Montgomery turns around upon hearing Knowle's voice.

You sure have a way of sneaking up on people.

Knowle smiles.

I had to be good at that in Special Forces.

There's nostalgia in Knowle's eyes. Since running into Ray Douglas he's thought back to his time with his unit on his way back to the facility.

There'd be times myself and my bud', Ray -
big, booming man - would be on a mission,
snooping around in a hallway and our enemy
would walk out of a room, turn his back to
us, and never even notice we were there, clear
as day, standing behind him, hoping that he
wouldn't turn around and see us.

Knowle laughs at the memories.

You think I'm a big guy, you should
see Ray. He's as tall as me, bulkier,
has these huge muscles, the guy could
rip your head off no problem.

Sounds menacing.

If you're on his bad side, but he was
the kindest man I ever met. Father of two
married over twenty-five years.

Must've been difficult maintaining a marriage
while being a part of Special Operations.

No doubt.

Were you ever married?

No. (beat) You?

Dana and I were married once, long ago.

Knowle's eyes widen in surprise. He never would have guessed Scully would have married a man so much older than she is. He regards Montgomery in a way of curiosity. Once again Knowle realizes how very little he knows about the people he's protecting.

For how long?

About three years before
the group split us up.

Split you up?

Dana and I were head scientists in the
research to develop a vaccine against
the alien virus. Not too long after our
daughter was born, we decided to leave
the group, but Charles Spender didn't want
that. They removed Dana from the plane minutes
after she was taken Jill and I were taken. The
plane was later shot down and Dana was told that
Jill and I had died.

Knowle listens, this Montgomery is more interesting than he thought. And Dana... who knew that she has had a child before and had been married. He wonders if John Doggett knew any of this.

It's hard to look back on. (beat) I loved
her then, I loved our daughter, I love the
idea of being a husband and father and more
than anything I loved the idea of leaving
the group, but it wasn't meant to be.

Never say never... you're alive, Dana's
alive, maybe that's a sign you two could
have a second chance together.

Montgomery shakes his head.

No. I may still love her but her heart
will always love someone else and I could
never replace what he means to her. I love
her from a distance and would never let her
know that there are times when I wish for a second chance.

Maybe everything that has happened
has happened for you to have that second chance.

Montgomery shakes his head, knowing of Scully's fatal illness. She may have months left to live, maybe even less depending on how quickly the cancer eats her life away.

I actually came to see you to
pass a theory by you.

Montgomery looks at Knowle.

What theory is that?

Dana's cold. She hasn't been feeling
well for a little over a week now. You
said she's not pregnant so...

(lies for her)
Could be stress.

What if the aliens are using our bodies against
us? What if Dana's cold was given to her
by the aliens to weaken her immune system.

Montgomery shakes his head. He has to tell him the truth.

She has cancer.

Knowle is stunned into silence. His heart feels like it has stopped. If Montgomery knows this, why doesn't he? Why won't Dana tell him?

The chip in her neck was put in her
years ago to put the cancer into remission
after her first bout with the disease which
was brought on after she removed the original
chip implanted in her neck by Mr. Spender's men
in 1993... the chip was removed recently and as
a result the cancer is back.

Why didn't she tell me?

His heart is breaking. He removed that chip from her neck eleven months ago and destroyed it. In a way he is responsible for her illness.

She doesn't want you to feel to blame.
She knows you feel it is your duty to
protect us all and she doesn't want
to distract you. She asked Walter and
I not to tell you.

Knowle looks down at the floor.

Walter knows?

He was the first she told.

Knowle shakes his head in disbelief.

She needs to be open with all of us.
If I'm out of the loop, I can't help anyone.

I predict soon the illness will quickly
deteriorate her health. I've already
noticed her short-term memory is going.
It won't be long before she may not recognize
you or I. Nosebleeds, ringing in her ears,
nausea... indications the cancer is in her brain.
We have no way of fighting it, she will die.
It's only a question of when.

How long has she been out of remission?

Hard to tell, could be months, and
just now we are beginning to see the signs.

Knowle starts walking out of the building with determination.

Where are you going?

I need to talk to her.
I'm going to her room.

Don't upset her.

That's not my intention.

And with that, Knowle is out the door. The humidity sticks in the night air, it's thick. Recent rain storms have brought some cooler temperatures but the humidity makes it feel worse than it really is. Knowle hears Montgomery walking closely behind him.

I think I should go with you
to talk to her, explain that
I needed to tell you-

The WHIZ of a bullet flying through the air passes Knowle's ear.

What the-?

Another bullet hits his forearm, blood flies everywhere. Knowle looks in the direction of the bullet and sees two figures running toward them. For a moment he wonders if he was followed out of the city and has brought danger to Montgomery, Scully and Skinner.

We've got company! (to Montgomery)
Go get Helmet and get Dana someplace safe!

Montgomery nods his head and runs for the facility dormitory. Knowle takes a gun out of its holster and returns fire. He hits one of the figures and it falls down. He hears a man yell at his counterpart to get up, Knowle takes aim again, but the male silhouette falls to the ground to prevent getting hit. Ok... these aren't aliens, they're human and they are a threat.

Knowle quickly walks toward the men who are attacking him. He intends to kill them if they mean harm and detain them if they try to talk him out of that. After what happened with Henry Gibbs months ago when Dana was taken to a breeding camp, he's not taking anymore chances.

Drop your fucking weapons or
I kill you where you stand!

Knowle doesn't stop walking and one of the men charges him. He is tackled to the ground. It isn't a man who has taken him down, it is a woman and her yell is that of a woman with many years of military experience. She pins Knowle down for a second before he flips her onto her stomach and holds her head firmly to the damp ground. She yells like a madwoman and struggles to get free of his grasp.

What the fuck to do you want?!

Knowle feels the chill of a lead gun barrel press against the back of his neck.

Back of the neck, right? All I gotta
do is pull this trigger and you die.
(beat/threatening) Let her go.

Knowle can't believe his ears, it's the voice of John Doggett. Before he has a chance to react, another gun is fired and the man holding a gun to Knowle's neck falls to the ground, having been hit. He screams in pain. Knowle looks and sees Skinner rushing to help him.

Identify yourselves and your intentions
and I may spare your lives!

Skinner's of the same mindset as Knowle, trust no one. Skinner stops dead in his tracks when he sees John Doggett standing in front of him. Doggett smiles upon seeing Skinner.

Skinner, it's John.

Doggett is relieved to see his friends.

His smile fades when Skinner fast approaches him and punches him in the face, he falls to the ground again.

The hell you are. John Doggett's
dead. I saw the building blow up.
No way he got out, so again... who are you?

It's me. I'm alive.

Skinner kicks John in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

(yelling at Knowle)
Get the fuck off me!

She struggles underneath Knowle's large body. He's too strong and she can't break free.

Mother fuckers! I'll fucking kill
you if you let me go!

Knowle and Skinner look at each other. They both know they haven't seen anyone around these parts in a very, very long time, it's too convenient for John Doggett and Shannon McMahon - both dead - to stumble upon their whereabouts.

What do we do?

Detain them. There are holding cells
in the research building. I'm sure a
couple cells are still in tact. We'll
figure out who these two really are and
what they want with us.

Skinner looks down at Doggett.

I suggest not telling Dana about this.
Seeing him could really do a number
on her and she's been through enough already.

I was about to say the same thing.
Let's lock 'em up and let John know
about them and we'll go from there.

Knowle gets up and pulls Shannon up with him. He holds her arms behind her back in such a way that she can't put up a fight. Skinner pulls Doggett up from the groud, he's still gasping for air, his mind is racing... Dana's here and she's alive?

Knowle and Skinner quickly take John and Shannon to the research building to lock them up in the cells where people were put in back in the days when this facility was used to try to create a vaccine against the alien virus.

Knowle, God dammit, it's me.
John. You say Dana's here?

John and Shannon share a look. Shannon's eyes say only one thing: don't trust them, they may not really be Knowle Rohrer and Walter Skinner. She can't believe John wants to trust them so quickly after all they've been through.

Shape-shifters, John, they could
be fucking aliens!



Knowle forces Shannon through the door of the main research building.

You gonna probe us? Test on us?
Kill us? Make us go mad to use us
as a weapon against other survivors?

She struggles again and manages to free an arm. She drives her elbow hard into Knowle's ribcage. He barely flinches and regains his strong grip on her.

Where the hell is she?

You want to take her again? Why?!

Take her again? I don't know
what you're talking about.

Knowle opens the door to one holding cell and throws Shannon in and closes it before she can stand up. He can hear her pounding on the door as he and Skinner throw Doggett into another holding cell further down the corridor. They shut and lock the door on him as well. The room falls silent as the cells John and Shannon are in are sound proof.

We're safe now. Just have to make
sure Dana doesn't come here.

She's been in bed rest all day.
Her cold is really slowing her down-

- I know about the cancer.

Knowle gives Skinner a look that says he didn't appreciate not being told about Scully's illness sooner. He leaves the room to go let Montgomery know they have two shape-shifting aliens in their custody.

Skinner listens for a moment to the eerie sounds of Shannon and Doggett pounding on their cell doors, he sees John's face, a look of desperation is washed all over it. Momentarily afraid to be in the corridor alone, he shivers. He turns off the lights of the lab, shuts the door and follows Knowle out and to the dormitory.



Scully lies on her back in bed. She has a romance novel in her hand and is reading it. One of her hands rests on her forehead, reading is not helping her headache, but it sure is a sweet escape.

There's a knock on her door.

Come in.

Scully looks up as Knowle enters her room. He looks serious, as if something dire has happened. Scully sets the book down next to her.

What's wrong?

She sits up and feels dizzy. She closes her eyes for a long beat to regain her positioning.

I know about your cancer.

Scully's breath is taken away. She wonders how he figured it out.

Montgomery told me.


Probably because I was starting
to think aliens were giving you a
common cold to weaken your immune system.

Scully looks down. Now she feels ashamed for not telling Knowle about her illness. She should have told him as soon as she knew. She shouldn't keep things secret in times like these. She has to trust him, has to trust that he can handle-

He told me it's out of remission
because the chip in your neck was removed.

Scully looks up at Knowle and their eyes meet. She sees tears threatening to fall down his face. It's not often that Knowle shows this much emotion. She knew he'd be hurt by knowing about her cancer, and how he played a part of it taking her life, but she had no idea that he wouldn't be angry with her for not telling him, but rather he is sad. She pulls herself forward on her bed as he sits down.

I never would have removed that chip
if I had known it would take your life, Dana.
(beat) I'm sorry. I would have found a way
to protect you, I could have protected you-

- No, you wouldn't have been able to-

- You don't know how determined I can b-

- When I was taken to the breeding camp
I was taken to one of their leaders, they
wanted that chip because there was important
information inside it-

- Dana -

- Information that was vital to them
being able to take complete control over
the planet. You and I may very well still
be alive because they were not able to
obtain that information and it has been
permanently destroyed. In that way, Knowle,
you have protected everyone who has survived.

Knowle wants to find a way to argue that he didn't do the right thing, but how can he argue with someone who has spoken directly to the aliens themselves and who used to be a part of a group who knew about alien plans to colonize for years before it happened. He can't argue with her. He knows she is right.

Scully touches his hand and smiles at him weakly.

I'm not afraid to die, Knowle.
I told you to remove that chip
knowing the consequences. (beat)
I don't have much to look forward
to in this life without John, and
I can accept my death because he is
waiting for me on the other side.

Knowle looks away from her, he himself, keeping a secret from her. He's holding a man in one of the holding cells who looks just like John Doggett. He knows concealing this from her is the right thing to do. He knows it's not John Doggett and it would be wasted energy for Dana if she were to find out.

Skinner and Montgomery want me to ask
you something.


If the pain gets to be too much...
if living becomes too painful...
Would you want us to...

Stop right there, Knowle.
That is not something I want
to discuss right now.

Montgomery says that you could
forget things, even forget who
we are. I think the sooner you
can give us an answer, the better.
I for one, would not want for you
to suffer.

Scully looks away from him. Recomposes herself and smiles back at him.

I found a romance novel in the
glove compartment of your Hummer
awhile back. It's a nice escape from this world.

She changes the subject. She may be unafraid of death, but that doesn't mean she wants to talk about her own mortality.

Shannon gave that book to me
years ago, you've probably noticed
she highlighted in yellow all the
juicy parts. That was her way of
talking to me about what she wanted
me to do to her in bed.

That's not the healthiest of ways to
have that kind of talk.

Our relationship wasn't the best.

I understand. Walter and I weren't good
at that sort of thing either.

Scully picks up the book and leans forward, giving Knowle a soft kiss on the cheek. She smiles at him just to let him know that she really is all right with what she's facing.

Knowle nods his head and stands up.

Just remember, Dana, you can
talk to me at any time if you need
to. I want you to know I'm here for you.

Thank you.

Knowle walks slowly out of her room. That didn't go exactly how he thought it would. He expected her to cry, to breakdown, to confide in him about her fears of death. Instead she was brave, strong and accepting of her fate. He wonders if John Doggett were really alive if that would change her ability to cope with her illness, her impending death. At least in her death she will be reunited with him. He understands that that brings her comfort.



John Doggett is examining the holding cell that he was thrown into. He's determined to find a way out. There's no handle on the door, no windows. He moves his hand along the wall, the blood on his hand is staining the wall. The blood from the wound where Skinner shot him. The wound hit him on the arm, a far cry from being fatal, if give medical attention.

John goes to the prison-like bed in the room to see if he can dismantle it. He prods around it for a few minutes and stops when he sees Monica's handwriting engraved on the metal:

"John, cooperate. She'll find you."

John blinks in realization that he may be at the facility Monica and Dana were held at a couple years ago. He kneels down, realizing that he's in the holding cell that Monica was held in at that time. She knew he'd be here to find her message that long ago?

He runs his fingers over her handwriting. "She'll find you". He reads her words again, she must mean that Dana will find him here.

He hears the latch of the door click and he's quickly back on his feet. A man he's never seen before, John Montgomery, enters the room. Knowle is behind him, armed with a stiletto and handgun.

We just got done trying to talk to
you friend and she wasn't much help.
So we're hoping you can give us some answers.

What answers are those?

To start with, who are you?

Johnny Jay Doggett.

I don't like liars and I know you're lying.

I'm not lying.

John Doggett died when you guys
attacked the Marine barracks last
May. I saw the place explode.

I got out. (beat) Look.

John points to where Skinner's bullet hit him.

Red blood, not green. Didn't
Mulder ever tell you aliens bleed green?

We know about the mutation in shape-shifters.

Knowle gives John a look and grabs him by the neck, slamming him up against the wall.

Henry Gibbs send you here? How'd you
track her down? Did you implant a tracking
device in her? Is that how?

Knowle is squeezing John's neck too tightly. He can't respond. Knowle eyes the blood smear on the wall.

You're not getting out of here.

Knowle drops Doggett to the floor and he gasps for air, holding his hands to his neck. Knowle walks away, showing no fear by turning his back to John.

Is Dana here? Is she alive?

Knowle faces him again.

I don't know. Is she?
You found us. How?

Shan' and I contacted Mulder by
radio, we're on our way to Long
Island to find him.

That right there tells me you know
nothing. NOTHING. Mulder is in D.C.

And last I saw you, you were in North
Carolina, but here you are now in New
York. People move around, Knowle, it's
how some of us are surviving.

Where were you born?

Savannah, Georgia.

What's John's military rank?

Inactive, honorably discharged in
1992 after being wounded in an
attack in Al-Khobar, Sergeant E-5, USMC.

Names of his children.

Luke John Doggett. I've only had one
child, Knowle, you know that-

All things you could know.

Bring Dana here, she knows me
better than anyone else.

We're not bringing her to you.

So she is here?

Knowle walks over to Montgomery and says something that John can't hear. Montgomery and Knowle leave the room and within a few seconds the lights in the room are turned off. And a minute after that John hears what sounds like an air-conditioner turning on.

Doggett makes his way to a corner of the holding cell and sits down. He can understand why Knowle is paranoid, maybe in time Knowle will cool off and come to his senses.


EXT - BEACH - 11:20 P.M.

(quoting Plan 9)
Eros! Fire, Eros! Eros, for God-

Samantha screams and Mulder does his best to make a sound that sounds like a flying saucer exploding.

(quoting Plan 9)
My friend, you have seen this incident based
on sworn testimony. Can you prove it didn't happen?
Perhaps on your way home, someone will pass you in
the dark, and you will never know it, for they will be
from outer space! Many scientists believe that another
world is watching us this moment. We once laughed at the
horse-less carriage, the aeroplane, the telephone, the
electric light, vitamins, radio, and even television! And
now some of us laugh at outer space. God help us in the future.

Mulder and Sam humm the last notes of the score from "Plan 9 From Outer Space". They are quiet for a beat. They share a look and burst out laughing.

Next time we should act out the motions.

Is it sad that we know that
movie that well?

How many times have you seen it?

Seventy-eight times. Did you know that
Alex used to claim that he directed it?
Ed Wood inspired him to try his hand at
film directing and writing. (beat)
Ever seen "Robot 2000"?

Yes! I love that movie! I thought
it was a great homage to Ed Wood.

Alex would appreciate that.
I hope one day you can tell him
that in person.

Mulder turns hi head away from her and bites his lower lip. He misses his little buddy, Krycek. Sam wraps her arm around him and kisses him on the cheek.

You miss him, don't you?

Of course I do. He's my best friend.
Well, one of my many best friends.
Ok, he is my best friend.

Mulder faces Sam and tears are streaming down his face.

I'm scared I'll never see him again, Sam.

There, there, Fox. Remember what you
told me about keeping an optimistic look on things?

Mulder nods his head.

Always remain optimistic in the darkest
of times because that positive energy
will play a part in better things to come.

I know, but sometimes it's so exhausting
keeping a positive attitude, especially
with all the death we've seen and come
close to. I just... I wish to go back in
time, back before aliens came.

You wish for a genie or a gypsy woman
who can snap her fingers and do that?

Mulder nods his head.

Or a time machine.

That's what memories are for. To take
us back for just a moment to remember
parts of our lives that are special to
us. Plus... if you went back in time I
wouldn't be here with you.

I know, you'd be the pretty girl who
worked at Photoshoppe at the mall with Marita.

Yep, the pretty girl. (beat)
Ever think if aliens never came
that you would have eventually
found out I am your sister?

No. (beat) There's Mulder Luck and
then there's Mulder Unluck. Mulder Luck,
I found you after we had both left D.C.
Mulder Unluck... I saw you many times
at the mall and never even thought that a
geeky brunette, named Samantha, could
possibly be my sister.

Mulder and Samantha laugh, both knowing how true that is.



MAY 5, 2007

Scully can't sleep tonight. Her headache is too much. She quietly walks the corridors of the main research building in her pajamas.

Her arms are wrapped around her waist. Her hair is down, resting on her shoulders, not messy, but disheveled enough to suggest that she's been tossing and turning in bed for awhile.

As she walks the hallways of the research facility she is chilled by her memories of what she had to do here. She stops in front of the doorway to the lab where she spent most of her time, where she discovered Monica's pregnancy, where she discovered her own daughter, Jill, had been admitted into the testing project. The small rectangular slit of glass stares back at her as she stares through it.

She reaches out for the doorknob and takes a moment to feel it, to remember its texture. With most things recently she's felt nostalgic, trying to remember every detail as if knowing it will help her when she reaches her deathbed. Perhaps the memory of all things will bring her comfort. Skinner has done his best to make her comfortable and she appreciates him wanting to be a shoulder for her to lean on, but he doesn't seems to understand that she doesn't want the memory of another man's arms holding her. She wants that memory of John.

She hesitantly turns the knob and she can almost hear the muffled cries and screams of the people who were killed here. Is this a sign from God that she will pay for the sins she has committed? Will she burn in Hell rather than be reunited with John in Heaven? She has betrayed, killed and cheated. All sins in the eyes of God and herself.

She carefully pushes the door open and the smell of the lab is no different than the last time she was here before colonization.

She enters the lab and looks around. It looks like Montgomery has been working down here. She sees blood samples set aside. She wonders if its her blood sample, the one he took to check to see if she was pregnant. She walks to the test tubes and picks on up. Has Montgomery been secretly trying to find a way to combat her cancer? The thought brings tears to her eyes.

She sites down at a table. Even if Montgomery could find a way to fight her cancer, cure it even, would she want him to? Is she really ready to die? Up until she discovered the blood sample in the test tube, she really believed she was ready to die, but if she dies and is sent to Hell for her sins... perhaps she should let Montgomery know that she wants to help him, maybe with her help...

She rests her head in her hands. Why is she thinking these things? She's ready to go, she's prepared, she's accepted this is her fate and that it will happen sooner rather than later because there's nothing anyone can do. But then why keep her blood work? Is eh doing something behind her back?

She puts the test tube back where she found it and takes a deep breath. She wipes the tears from her face with her fingertips.

Scully jumps in her seat when she hears a faint sound behind her. She turns around and sees nothing. Her eyes fixate on a call marked "RT-7915-3"... Monica Reyes's holding cell. She hears the noise again. It sounds like it's coming from Monica's old holding cell.

She stands up and feels weak in her knees. No one, nothing is supposed to be in there. It was empty months ago when she was down here. Have they captured an alien and are holding it to test? Her hands shake gently as she steps towards the holding cell.

She stands in front of the door, her eyes barely able to look into the small square window separating her from whatever is in there. Her hand reaches to the side and slides down the wall, gliding over the light switch to the lights in the holding cell. If she flips the switch she'll be able to see if something is in there, or she'll find out that her brain is playing tricks on her, yet another sign of the cancer that will take her life.

She flips the switch and the light in the holding cell turns on.

Scully jumps back and screams when she sees John Doggett's face through the window. She presses her back up against the wall and covers her mouth. She's hallucinating. She's hallucinating, her heart is racing. She needs to face this visual hallucination to know for sure that seeing John Doggett was all in her head.

She removes her hand from her mouth and stands up straight. She steps away from the wall and looks into the holding cell again. She sees John, his lips are moving as if he's trying to speak to her.

When death is near, the dying will see the dead.

She opens the keypad next to the door and keys in a passcode to unlock the door. The door unlatches and she opens it. She is surprised when she feels John Doggett take her into his arms. She almost doesn't believe that she's feeling him touch her.


John senses immediately that something is wrong.

Scully shakes her head "no" over and over again. This is not happening. She feels him, not just his physical touch, but in her heart and soul she can feel him. Her knees give in and she collapses, lowering herself to the ground in his embrace. She can't keep the tears from streaming down her face, she can't keep the sobs from echoing down the hollow corridor.

She looks into John's eyes and can't think of anything to say. She sees tears in his eyes, she knows that he knows something is not right and she has to tell him. She feels his lips meet hers and his thumb wipes a tear from her face. He kisses her again. She's never felt to alive.

Dana... sweetheart...

He chokes up, his heart feels like it is breaking and he doesn't know why.

Dana can't find the words right now so she wraps her arms around him. She tries to take a deep breath to calm herself, but she's only capable of quick, short breaths.

John wraps his arms around her tightly, he never wants to let her go. He kisses the top of her head, the only thing he can think of to do is to comfort her. He knows in time she'll be able to speak to him. Him being here must be a shock to her.

No one other than John Doggett knows how to help her when she's the only one who knows what is upsetting her. He brings her comfort. His hand carefully caresses her hair and he whispers in her ear that it's really him, and that she's going to be all right. He doesn't know what she's been through since they last saw each other when he left her upset when he was called to duty. He had left her upset and not on the best of terms. All of that is behind them now, none of what was said between them matters anymore.

What he doesn't know is that she's not going to be all right. He doesn't know of her cancer. That it is already weakening her. He doesn't know that now it is death she fears because she knows now that he is alive and not waiting for her in death.

I thought I'd never see you again.

He kisses her on the cheek and holds her as closely as he can.

I love you so much. The thought of
finding you... that kept me alive, Dana...

He cradles her in his arms. He wants nothing more than to hear her voice again. He rests his back up against the wall behind him, Dana readjusts to lean into him, his arms around her. They remain this way for several minutes, neither one of them say anything.

Dana lifts herself off of John and looks at him. She looks him in the eyes and can't read into his emotion. She touches his hair, runs her hands over his face. She touches him as she touched the doorknob, to memorize it for later comfort.


She bites her lower lip, she doesn't want to cry again, it doesn't help her headache, it only makes it worse.


John's eyes widen and he touches his finger under his nose.

Your nose is bleeding.

His voice is that of realization. He knows of her first fight with cancer, of the nosebleeds. He slowly reaches behind her head and touches the back of her neck, he doesn't feel where the chip used to be.

It's back, isn't it?

Scully can only nod her head. She looks away from him as tears fill her eyes.


He lifts her chin up so she can look at him.

You don't have to shut me out, Dana.
I can only imagine you've done so
with the others. (beat) I'm here, and
you know you don't have to worry about
a thing. I'll take care of you...

A tear rolls down his cheek. His heart is overcome with so many emotions, love being the primary emotion he feels. He takes her hand in his and gives it a gentle squeeze.

I'm sorry, Johnny... I had
to remove it, they were tracking us.

Don't apologize, Dana, you've
got nothing to apologize for-

- I'm leaving you... I'm dying.
There's no cure, nothing I can use
to slow it down-

- Shh... Dana...

I don't want to die.
I need to be with you.

Dana collapses back into his arms and cries. The strength she had in facing her death is gone, she has everything to live for now that John Doggett is alive and here with her now. When she dies she will be leaving him behind, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Nothing can save her, not even John's love for her.

John doesn't know what to say, he doesn't want to lose her either.

SUDDENLY Knowle and Skinner enter the room, firing a couple shots on their way in.


Knowle rushes up to Scully and pulls her out of John's arms. She's confused by this action.


Knowle puts the barrel of his gun to John's forehead and clicks back the trigger.

Knowle! What the Hell are you doing?!

Skinner comes up behind her and holds onto her shoulders to keep her from going back to John.

It's not him, Dana.

Scully looks at Skinner, what is he talking about? She looks at Knowle, who's gun is pressed against John's head.

Knowle! Dammit! It's him!

Helmet, get her out of here, now!

Skinner tries to lead Scully out of the lab, but she resists and breaks away from him. She runs up to Knowle, she doesn't touch him for fear that it will make his gun go off. She stands in front of him, blocking his aim at John Doggett.

Knowle. It's Johnny.

John died, he's one of them.

Based on?

Based on the fact that I saw
the barracks explode while he was in it.

But I know him.

You see what you want to see.

If I had it my way he'd have
died to make my impending
death easier for me to accept!

Knowle looks down at John. John's eyes are on Dana this entire time. Knowle blinks and refocuses on Dana. He doesn't like to be wrong.

Listen, Knowle, I feel in my heart
it's him. It'd be like Monica walking
through that door right now, nearly
impossible, but in a heartbeat you'd
know it's her. That's how I know he's John.

He and Shannon tried to kill Montgomery
and I... shot at us.

Did they know it was you when-

- Shan' and I had no idea it was
Knowle. Otherwise we never would-


Knowle redirects his focus on John.


I'm in charge here. I'm
in control. This is not John.

His voice indicates self-doubt. He saw the Marine barracks explode. He never saw John Doggett nor Shannon McMahon run out. He knows aliens can take on a human form. But the sound in Dana's voice is so convincing, he almost believes her, but he doesn't want to be wrong. He doesn't want to say "all right, it's John Doggett, hey buddy, glad you're alive, great to have you" and then turn around and this John Doggett is really another Henry Gibbs. He doesn't want to put Dana, Walter and Montgomery in danger again because of poor judgment, his poor judgment has already hurt Dana.

Knowle... trust her for Heaven's sake.
Don't make this any worse.

Skinner approaches Knowle carefully. Readying himself to disarm him. He trusts Dana's instinct when it comes to John Doggett. If it wasn't really him, she would know it in a heartbeat.

Scully watches on anxiously as Knowle lowers his weapon and steps away from John and Dana. He looks at Skinner.

Unlock Shannon's cell, John will
need to speak to her otherwise she'll kill us all.

Knowle puts his handgun back in its holster and leaves the room. He'll save his apologies to John and Shannon for later. He needs to go now and let Montgomery know that Dana found Doggett and that they are trusting her instinct to know that it is really him.

John stands up and nods appreciatively at Skinner as a gesture of thanks. Skinner unlocks the holding cell that Shannon is in and leaves the room.

John and Dana are alone again. The emotional "homecoming" is over, Scully wants some questions answered. There will be time in the coming days, weeks and hopefully months for her and John to spend time together, to love one another until she passes.

How long have you been here?

Severeal days, I think.

John eyes the holding cell that Shannon is in. Knowing she's waiting by the door. He'll have to be careful when he goes in to speak with her otherwise he's very likely to get hurt. She's a hothead, she'll attack anyone after being held against her will for this long.

Why didn't they tell me?

To protect you, just in case I
wasn't really me. They were doing
exactly what I would have done in
the situation. I don't hold it against them.

Did they hurt you?

I got shot in the arm, nothing
serious. I've had much worse.
The bald guy, the doctor, he patched
me up, said he helped Shan' the best he could.

I don't understand why-

- You can't always trust people you
think you can trust. I think you all
have learned that and I know Shannon and
I have learned that. (beat) We have a lot
to talk about, Dana, and I want to spend
as much time as I can with you-

John approaches Shannon's holding cell.

- John?

He stops and faces her.


You kept me alive this long too.

She walks up to him and hugs him again.

There's so much I need to
say, Johnny. Things have happened
that I need to get off my chest, horrible things...

I can only imagine. I know
I've been through a lot and...

Dana gently presses her lips on his. Her eyes close. The kiss is slow and sweet. Dana wants to memorize everything in this kiss. Their tongues meet and he wraps his arms around her, pulling her against his body. She pulls away and he rests his forehead against hers, he gently rubs his nose against hers.

Semper fi.

John's heart aches and he smiles at her. He kisses her forehead.

Semper fi.

Dana lightly touches his arms and looks out of the lab into the hallway.

You talk to Shannon. I'll
wait in the hallway.

She smiles at him, every bit of her wishing that she wasn't dying so she could spend many more years with this man. The man she loves with all her heart. She turns her back to him and lowers her head as she walks toward the door.

Mulder's alive. Shan' and I made
radio contact. We were on our way
to find him when we got here.

Dana turns around, her eyes wide with happiness.

He's alive?

Yeah, he and his sister
are in Long Island.

He found his sister?

Tears well up in her eyes again, this time out of happiness for Mulder. He searched for so long for his sister and it's great news that he's found her.

John nods his head and touches the door handle to Shannon's cell. He and Dana make eye contact again before she disappears into the hallway. He opens the door to Shannon's cell and enters carefully.

Once in the hallway, Scully leans up against the wall. She rubs her finger under her nose to wipe away spots of blood. She lowers herself to the ground as she breaks down crying. Her sobs echo in the corridor. She was able to accept her coming death because she thought he was dead. Now that she knows that he is alive and well, and with her again, she feels a loss of strength, as if all her strength is leaking slowly out of her mind and body.

She will be facing death alone, and when Death comes to take her she will be swallowed into a dark place she never wanted to face alone.

The darkness swallows the light of the corridor and we are left with the image of Dana Scully more broken now than we've ever seen her before.




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