What exactly is this website?
Fox & Alex Build A Website is a spin-off website to the online series, "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series. The characters of Mulder and Krycek are portraid as if they are the FRVS-ized versions of the characters - as you may have figured, are drastically different from the characters from "The X-Files" television series. This website is not to be taken literally. It's for fun. If you can't handle it, then this isn't your cup of tea. But we thank you for stopping by anyway.

Are you guys gay?
No, but our friends often wonder.

So, which one of you is hotter?
MULDER: Inner beauty is what matters.

KRYCEK: He only says that because everyone knows I'm smokin' hot!

How can I become a member of Super Buddies?
MULDER: Oh super! I love this question! All you have to do is believe that love and friendship can conqure all, and join the "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series Forum, and go to this thread in the Goofy Spooky section, and reply to it saying you want to be included on the Super Buddies member list! As soon as I see your reply that you want to be a member, I'll add your name! It's that easy!

MULDER: Sometimes people have questions for us.

KRYCEK: Like, which one of us is hotter?

MULDER: This is the place to find all your answers!