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Welcome to my pad! I'm Alex Krycek and this is the best part of the whole entire website! You know, because I'm DA Man and the Hunky Punk!

Don't you all just love that drunk jumping mouse? It's the best! My favorite image on the web, besides my own photos and Marita's. Oh, but if I catch any guys out there looking at her, you're gonna die because RULE #1!!!! No one but me looks at Marita so I have every right to kick you in the bum (unless you are bigger than me, then I'll find someone else to kick your ass, but I can still do it myself because I'm DA MAN! And don't anyone out there forget it either!!)

So what can you find here at my sexy pad? Everything about me! Like I said, this is the best part of the site. So stay awhile. Oh, and if you are sexy lady, let me assure you, I love sex! Leave me a note on Goofy Spooky and say just how much sexier I am than Mulder. Or how much more cooler I am than him too. You know, because I DA Man!.

Alex Krycek and Dreamboat

Dear Diary,

May 24, 2012

I've ben so super busy in the recordin stoodio lately! And I FINALLY REWLASED my CD single for "Dogg With The Double G (G-Man Yo!).It's about Doggett! And Thanks to Mommy (aka: SCULLY) for the cover picture of her handsome hubby, Johnny Jay Doggett! Mreow!!! Yo!

lyrics written by Albino Rat

He’s a Dogg. Yo!
He’s a Dogg with a double G
G-Man, Yo!
Uh-uh. Yo.
He’s a Dogg, yo
uh – Double G
G-Man Yo!

November 24, 2011

So I surprised everyone on Turkey Day with a bunch of new photoshoots I did this past month! OMG like they are just totally awesome! Check 'em out! I'm just da man!



Track List:
01. My Marita Lynn
02. Bat Poop Eyes
03. The OMG
04. Dogg With A Double G (G-Man Yo)

05. Love Dreams (Liebesträum No. 3)
06. My Marita Lynn (instrumental)
07. Bat Poop Eyes (ballad)

Livin' N Da 21st $entur-e

Track List:
01. There's An App For Clearing Out My Bank Account
02. TXTing Cra$hed My Carr
03. SeXXXting Ruined My Luv Life
04. GPS Told Me The Wrong Waaay
05. iPad Is Not A Frizzbee
06. iTouch Got Me Into Legal Trouble
07. 4G Is Not The Hot Spot I Thought It Waz
08. Twitter Makes A Twat
09. Facebook Is Not For Getting Head
10. My $mart Fone Killed My Brain Cellz

November 6, 2011

Just got back from my annual trip to Portland, OR to stalk Tonya Harding and I found the most incredibly sexy hunk of a man beast ever! OMG! He's so frickin' hot I need him! I don't know his name so I call him Dreamboat and I made a website for him! Check it out and if you find him, lemme know! Alex Krycek and Dreamboat I made it all by myself because the people who make me and Mulder's website agreed with Mulder that stalking is wrong. GEEZ! So isn't the design so super snazzy????

June 3, 2011

Happy Summer everybody! I'm so hot! So I've been to therapy for my texting addiction and I got really inspired! I know! Super totally rad, right? Well, I'm working on a new alblum and I came up with some song titles. Lemme know what ya think:

Tentative CD Title: "Livin' N Da 21st $entur-e"

Tentative Track List
01. "There's An App For Clearing Out My Bank Account"
02. "TXTing Cra$hed My Carr"
03. "SeXXXting Ruined My Luv Life"
04. "GPS Told Me The Wrong Waaay"
05. "iPad Is Not A Frizzbee"
06. "iTouch Got Me Into Legal Trouble"
07. "4G Is Not The Hot Spot I Thought It Waz"
08. "Twitter Makes A Twat"
09. "Facebook Is Not For Getting Head"
10. "My $mart Fone Killed My Brain Cellz"

May 14, 2011
PIMP! Was at *$ just now and saw Marita giving a KOTL to SOMEBODY ELSE!!!!!!! TOTAL KWSTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RTBS! ne14kfc?????

February 27, 2011
Wow! Doesn't this site just look awesome? I came up with it all by myself. I'm so awesome, but that's why they call me DA Man! I chose pink because of Marita. I love her so much. She's so beautiful!

February 23, 2011
Well, Scully's another year older. Haha! Unlike me, she'll age! I never do because I've been given the gift of beauty for eternity.

February 15, 2011
VALENTINE'S DAY SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 14, 2011
Happy V-Day! I'm taking Marita on an uber romantic get away! I'm so getting lucky!

January 13, 2011
Watched "Star Wars" all day today! Man! I just can't get over how drunk and pervy R2-D2 is! Wow! And Leia - ooh boy smokin' hot yo! Padme too! But DON'T LET ANYONE KNOW I WATCHED THE PREQUELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 12, 2010
Ummm... pissed off that no one told me about this show called "Lost" because DAMN! THERE ARE SOME REALLY HOT PEOPLE ON THIS SHOW! That Sawyer is one smokin' hot dude - I mean, for a dude and all - DON'T THINK I'M GAY! And Kate, I'd so do her. I think she should get it on with that Sawyer guy.
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