Got Sexy?

KRYCEK: Of course people are going to click on a link that says "Got Sexy?", its why they came here!

MULDER: Right! We're sexy men!

KRYCEK: I'm sexier than you.

MULDER: It's not a competition, but I've heard that it's what's on the inside that counts, and well Alex... I don't think you can brag that much.

KRYCEK: What ever punk!

MULDER: Rule #8! Don't call me punk!

KRYCEK: Whatever!

MULDER: Anyway... we each have our own separte galleries and then we've combined one of the both of us! We hope you like what we have!

KRYCEK: And ignore that picture you see on the right of your screen. I thought I was the cowboy, not the whore.

MULDER: *giggles*

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