Star Wars

MULDER: May the Force be with you!

KRYCEK: And with you, young Jedi!

MULDER: I can't believe Lucas won't put the original trilogy out on DVD the way it was meant to be seen!

KRYCEK: I know! How dare he!

MULDER: Anyway, this is our page for "Star Wars"!

Mulder as Han Solo!

Krycek as Luke Skywalker!

And now for the rest of our funny manipulations!

MULDER: My favorite of the trilogy is "Star Wars" because I love the Storm Troopers and how funny they are!

KRYCEK: I like "Return of the Jedi". Princess Leia wears that bikini thing and that's hot!

MULDER: Why are you always in the gutter?

KRYCEK: Cuz I like it there! Plus! In "The Empire Strikes Back", R2-D2 is a drunk and pervie droid! He's always zig-zagging around and then plugging into walls!

MULDER: *sighs* I know... he created "cyber sex". *rolls eyes*

I-C-U-P! Where could he be?
Storm Troopers... the stupidest bad guys in all the galaxy!

We love "Star Wars"!

Hot stuff! Mreow!!

R2-D2 is a drunk and pervie droid!

Size matters not!

May the Force be with you... always...