Super Buddies

Welcome to the Super Buddies Page! Super Buddies was an organized fun group that Mulder invented to bring his buddies closer. We had adventures, game nights, road trips and so much more! There was a time of great depression when Super Buddies ended because of Alex (the Vice President) and his wrong doings. However, in this hard time of alien colonization, Super Buddies was revived... now it's a mission to find all the members and come together once again with the power of Love and Friendship!

Super Buddies Council

President: Fox William Mulder
Vice-President: Alexander Sergeiovich Krycek II Jr.
Secretary: Dana Katherine Scully Doggett
Treasurer: Knowle Justin Rohrer

Life Members - We Hold Them Close To Our Hearts
Dana Katherine Scully Doggett
Marita Lynn Covarrubias
Walter Sergei Skinner
Johnny "John" Jay Doggett
Monica Isabella de Velázquez Reyes Rohrer
Bradley "Brad" Markus Wesley Follmer
Knowle Justin Rohrer
Jeffrey Frank Spender
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Goofy Tales of Our Super Buddies
We love to embarrass our buddies so we want to share with you some funny tales of our Super Buddies. Just click on the link to read the story!

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