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May 15, 2017
MULDER: ZOMGOSH! Goofy Spooky Forum has a new home! And I found one of my most adorable pictures to use as my forum profile. Come check it out!

KRYCEK: It SUX dat I cant bring all my super sexy, super ratboy, super amazing-

MULDER: -misbehaving-

KRYCEK: -posts over from the old forum! I was a mutha-frookin' GOD at the ol' school Goofy Spooky taking-you-back-to-da-nineteen-nineties Forum!

MULDER: I have no idea what you're trying to get at, Krycek.

KRYCEK: Dats becuzzzzz you ain't in wit da kool kidz!

MULDER: I don't want to be. Anyway... we should really get our webmasters, Ahchoo and Ahsneeze to update the URL text on our link back banners.

KRYCEK: I have no ideaz whaa you talkin' 'bout.

November 6, 2011
KRYCEK: I made my own website, all by myself!

MULDER: Because me and our web designers all agreed that stalking is wrong.

KRYCEK: And it's all about my new infatuation I found in Portland. I don't know what his name is (YET!) so I call him Dreamboat and that's what my site is about! Check it out and lemme know if you find him so I know who he is and—Wow! He's just everything I wish I could be! Alex Krycek and Dreamboat

MULDER: Really, what am I supposed to do with him? He has serious problems with this kind of thing. The only good thing I see coming out of this is that he's now leaving alone my buddy Knowle (who he used to stalk too).

KRYCEK: It's not stalking, it's lusting. There's a difference.

MULDER: No there isn't. Especially in your case.

KRYCEK: You're just jealous!

MULDER: I'm not arguing with you, Alexander. It's wrong and you know it. Anyway, be sure to *rolls eyes* Check out Sasha's site and visit all of us at the Goofy Spooky Message Boards!

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