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"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series, the first and the longest running virtual series for "The X-Files". The series began back on Sunday, 5 September 1999 as a silly comedy starring Mulder and Krycek. The series took a turn in a more serious tone later on, but still with the famous FRVS humor. The original series ended with its tenth season in November 2009. The series has a total of 203 episodes and two movies. Future short stories will be added to the episodes (in the section titled "Fox & Alex and..."). Stay tuned for much more "Fox & Rat" for years to come!

"You only spoof the thing you love, there's no fun in ribbing a bad movie. It's too easy. You have to have a target you respect, one that's big enough to stand up to parody." - Mel Brooks

"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series follows the friendly and rivalrous adventures of Fox Mulder, Alex Krycek, and all their Super Buddies. Whether by ground, by sea, or air there's always much fun and games to be had. Though all bright and happy, there's still the dark side lingering when the Cigarette-Smoking Man and his - not so almighty - goons try to disrupt the flow of love and friendship between Mulder and his Super Buddies, with their alien government conspiracies.

"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series is not a procedural comedy or drama. The series does focus on their jobs at the FBI and their personal lives. Off and on throughout a season you can expect to read a good handful of casefile episodes. The same can be said about episodes concerning the personal relationships and friendships within the series. Some episodes are flat-out slapstick comedy and others are heartwrenching, angstful, character driven dramas. At times even action likes to explode on the screen... err... in your mind's eye. We've got a little bit of everything for everyone.

Even if you've never seen an episode of "The X-Files" you will not be lost while reading "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series. We do not rely on the original mythology and character development created by the writers of the show which our series is based.

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Sunday, 5 September 1999 - the very first episode of "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series (FRVS) is posted online to the Diana Fowley Haters Brigade (DFHB) eGroups mailing list. The episode was called "Lucky Charms vs. Cheerios," and it sparked so much positive feedback and encouragement to keep on writing stories about Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek being rivalrous friends that more and more stories were written, and the very first "The X-Files" virtual series was born.

At first the stories of FRVS were on a site called "Fox and Alex Build A Wesbite", which was a site set up as if Mulder and Krycek ran the site themselves. The episodes were in a section called "The Adventures of Fox and Alex". After the first season of stories, we decided that we wanted to do more seasons so FAABAW and "The Adventures of Fox and Alex" transformed into "Fox & Rat" as you know it today.

When we began writing our stories we had no idea how long the series would run. We had no idea how to write (sorry about that! <--- re: the first four seasons of FRVS). We were still teenagers and had no idea what we were starting. We had no idea how to plot an arc. We only knew that we wanted to see the characters of "The X-Files" in silly situations.

Eventually "The X-Files" got rid of Mulder, and brought on a brand new character, John Doggett. We used this as an opportunity to add more characters to FRVS. With the addition of new characters on "The X-Files" TV series characters such as Knowle Rohrer, Brad Follmer, Monica Reyes, Shannon McMahon and Robert Comer became key characters in the episodes of "Fox & Rat".

Unlike "The X-Files" TV series (nine seasons) and movies (two), "Fox & Rat" (ten seasons and two movies) took a head-first leap into developing, following-through with, and finishing the alien mytharc.

FRVS began as FAABAW and has grown to become one of the better known "The X-Files" virtual series on the world wide web. FRVS never catered to majority preferences and views of the X-Files online fandom (despite constant pestering by unloyal FRVS reader wannabes). FRVS earned its loyal readers through the telling of silly stories, dramatic events, and because the writers wrote what they wanted to write, not what fans wanted them to write.

And this is the quick and short version of how "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series came to be.

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1999 - 2000

Though officially we say that "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series began on Sunday, 5 September 1999 - that's not exactly true. Yes, the website for FRVS was launched on that day, but we had been writing silly Mulder/Krycek frenemy fanfic for well over a year by that point, starting the summer of 1998. We didn't share those stories with any X-Files mailing list, we emailed them to our close X-Files friends, and called them "X-Files Yammerings." Those stories, to our knowledge, are long gone (but we assure if if any resurface, saved somewhere, we will archive them on the site). FRVS was inspired by our love of the characters Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek, and the ally/enemy "thing" they had going on in "The X-Files" Season 4 episodes "Tunguska/Terma." If it weren't for Mulder and Krycek working together in those episodes FRVS may never have happened (thank you FX Network reruns!). When we started sharing our stories on the Diana Fowley Haters Brigade (DFHB) mailing list, we were calling the series "The Adventures of Fox & Alex," the final name for our series was solidified as "Fox & Rat" when we launched the website. The "Fox" from Mulder's first name, and the "Rat" from the online nickname X-Files fans gave to Alex Krycek, Ratboy. Originally FRVS was only supposed to be stories about Mulder and Krycek, but later other fan favorites from "The X-Files" series took on larger roles, and despite that FRVS kept its original virtual series name, "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series.

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Season 2 was written without taking a break from writing the episodes of season 1. In this season we tried out guest writers (Nate, Ging, and Jill). Not much important really happens in season 2 until the season finale. Episodes center around the adventures and mishaps of Mulder and Krycek, and include more interaction between them and other characters from "The X-Files." The season finale, "Flight 194," is the first real alien mythology episode of the "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series.

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2000 - 2001

We began writing FRVS Season 3 during the summer of 2000. At the end of July, it was announced that Robert Patrick would be joining "The X-Files" in its eighth season, and immediately we knew that we wanted to have this new character, John Doggett, involved in "Fox & Rat." Little known fact: We began writing for John Doggett almost as soon as it was announced Doggett would be the new X-Files character (this explains why it takes awhile for Doggett to get more involved during FRVS Season 3). We're not sure, but we think we can assume that FRVS contains the first ever fan fiction written for the John Doggett character. With his inclusion in our third season, we knew that his presence would threaten the Skinner/Scully relationship, but we also knew that we didn't want anything Doggett/Scully to happen right away, so we decided to prolong the inevitable, so we continued on with problems with Skinner/Scully, and created a "love triangle" dynamic between those three characters.

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2001 - 2002

Most episodes of this season were written post-9/11, and we found it very difficult to write about "living" in the Afterlife after all the lives lost that day.

Only one episode was discarded from "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series Season 4 that dealt with the deceased FRVS characters haunting an airplane and almost causing it to crash with Doggett and Reyes on board. The episode was written months before 9/11, and we felt that the story was inappropriate post-9/11 to air, so the episode was never typed, and as far as we can remember the hand-written copy was thrown away.

This season is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Rest In Peace.

Never Forget.

FRVS Season 4 is the one season of our series that we wish we could erase completely. Of course readers are welcome to read its episodes, but they are more-or-less unimportant to the story arc that is to come beginning in season 5. We could easily remove this season from the internet completely, but because it is a part of a whole, we do not.

So why do we think FRVS Season 4 is so awful? The fact is that when we were writing the last episodes of Season 3 we had become completely disgruntled with "The X-Files" series. It was the era where Mulder had magically come back from the dead, Scully was weepy, and Scully was completely ok with pawing over someone who had been a rotting corpse... you know, "The X-Files" Season 8 (after Mulder returned). That series, in our opinion, had turned into one hell of a crappy MSR 'shipper fanfic, and we were sick of the series. We were sick of those characters. At that point we only liked John Doggett (and were willing to give Monica Reyes a chance since she wasn't associated with the MSR crap that was going on). At this point in writing FRVS we honestly just wanted to quit our series. But gosh darn it, we are stubborn and couldn't prematurely end our series with then driving into a tornado! We had worked out where our alien mythology was going to go and by George! we wanted to finish our series! So we decided to exact our "revenge" on those sappy/weepy X-Files characters by killing them off in FRVS (and making them walk around aimlessly in the Afterlife). We still liked Krycek, of course, but it made most sense to have him be the moron to aim the van straight at the tornado and drive into it.

Once we finally found the motivation to really attack writing the episodes in this season (remember that this was post-9/11 and writing about death and the Afterlife really was not what we wanted to be doing), we knew that eventually they would all come back to life, and time would rewind itself so that we could pretend FRVS Season 4 never happened. Sure, there are really stupid, and silly moments in the episodes. In our opinion there are only two episodes worth checking out: The Project and Olympic Dreams Can Come True (and the latter simply because we love the Olympic Games).

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2002 - 2003

Coming out of our fourth season, we knew that we absolutely did not want to tackle 9/11 in the world of FRVS. In our heads, 9/11 happened in the world of FRVS, but we just decided not to do an episode about it. Because of this the series goes from March 2001 to 2002/03 very, very quickly. This season is where we finally got a good grip on our series, and had plotted out a direction it would go to head to a conclusive finale. We always say that if we could re-do seasons 1 through 4, that we would approach writing the episodes in the way we handled season 5. Monica Reyes and Brad Follmer join the cast as series regulars.

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JULY 2003

Cassie and Kristi grew up living overseas in the Middle East, and because of this they had traveled through several different European countries coming and going from "repat." A love for European countries, people, and culture inspired this first "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series movie (as well as a love for the Chevy Chase movie, "European Vacation").

Oh and that story about chucking sugar cubes and underwear out a hotel window in Paris... that actually happened (without the German, of course, the kids on the school trip used the French language).

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2003 - 2004

After one heck of a voyage around Europe, the gang is back State-side and unresolved tension from their little European voyage continues to boil over. It's painfully obvious that John Doggett would like to ask Dana Scully out on a date/to be his girlfriend, but he struggles with the courage and confidence to do so. In this season we get to meet Monica Reyes' wild (criminalistic) brothers while the gang is on yet another road trip in Colorado. Later Scully is confronted by a man from her past, someone she had been made to forget, all which leads up to a shocking season finale that leaves us wondering about the safety of Doggett, Reyes, and Scully.

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2004 - 2005

Now that the cat's out of the bag about how Doggett feels about Scully, and she finally knows that he was going to ask her out, what happens? Oh yeah, memories are erased, and Scully and Monica are forced to stay at the Syndicate Facility (Scully as a researcher for an alien vaccine, and Monica the test subject). Outside of this Facility, their friends struggle with their "deaths" and life tries to go on. Old USMC friends of John Doggett join the cast as recurring characters, Knowle Rohrer and Shannon McMahon.

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2005 - 2006


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2006 - 2007


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JULY 2009


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"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series, Season 11, was not supposed to happen. In November of 2009, FRVS concluded its tenth and (at the time) final season. We had done all that we could do in tens years of writing "Fox & Rat." Let us assure you that planning full seasons, and writing all the episodes, is not easy work. Sure, we had plenty of FRVS stories left to tell, but we did not have the motivation, nor the inspiration to continue on. Tens years of FRVS had exhausted us creatively. We needed a break, and did not plan on coming back again. Life went on. We were working, paying bills, and even made a big move to Texas! Back in 2009, the world did not seem like a place we needed to write to escape reality. Then 2016 happened, and it looked like things were not going to continue feeling "safe" much longer. The need to escape the reality of the world we now live in kicked in, and the decision was made to dive in, head first, and write.

Many of the episodes you will read in FRVS Season 11 have been "in the works" for well over a decade. We can honestly say that we had so much fun writing these for you, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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"You only spoof the thing you love, there's no fun
in ribbing a bad movie. It's too easy. You have to
have a target you respect, one that's big
enough to stand up to parody."


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"Fox & Alex and..." are stories that we wrote after the completion of FRVS. They are stories that we wanted to write, and did not have the time to do so originally, or they are stories that popped into our head on a weekend and we just had to write it to share with you guys. The "Fox & Alex and..." stories are canon with "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series, and in 2017 we placed them where they belong in the original seasons of FRVS.

October 2005
From the Virtual Series Awards
Best Series, Best Drama, Best Comedy

November 2004
From the Virtual Series Awards
Best Series, Best Alternate, Best Comedy, Best Producer

Golden Web Awards

24 December 2001
eXcellent fanfic award
Angelic Nights

9 August 2001
X-cellent FanFic Site Award
M&S Shippers Cafe

14 January 2001
Xtraordinary Fanfic Awards for:
"Friends In Low Places" and "The Fish"

This is a scan of the writers' notes while they were developping the story of the second FRVS movie, "Save The Future" during the summer of 2009.

This just one example of where the organizing/plotting process begins with any given FRVS season or movie!

Here are a couple old Goofy Spooky Forum header graphics. Goofy Spooky was (and still is) the part of the FRVS Forum where registered members can interact with the characters from "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series!

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